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Chapter 170 Beijing storm (subscription and monthly ticket)

Zheng Zhilong's affair has come to an end, and the next thing is to wait for them to return to the capital.

in this half month, there were also quite a few turbulence in the capital.

on the one hand, the emperor wanted to establish the Shaofu institution.

as soon as the name Shaofu came out, it was hard not to let those civil servants imagine. What a huge institution the Shaofu was in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It was absolutely powerful. Now it is under the control of an eunuch and a prince in law. This is simply outrageous.

no one in the government and the opposition wants to see the reappearance of the Shaofu, and most of them oppose it.

however, to Zhu Youjian's surprise, Zhou Yingqiu, Minister of the Ministry of officials, and Guo yunhou, Minister of the Ministry of household affairs, supported him.

I'm afraid Zhou Yingqiu is just trying to curry favor with himself and express his loyalty to the emperor. After all, his relationship with Wei Zhongxian was not far away, but the emperor left him, which made him understand that the emperor who had no confidants in the court probably needed a confidant. And don't you just meet this standard? The position is high enough, and the emperor has his own handle.

as for Guo yunhou, he hopes to take this opportunity to reduce the emperor's demand for silver from the state treasury. After all, the emperors of the Ming Dynasty have proved that when the internal money is spent, it is taken from the state treasury. This is simply a bottomless pit.

if the emperor can make money now, it should be easier.

Zhu Youjian had an exchange with Guo yunhou and indicated that the Shaofu of Daming would not levy taxes on Daming.

with the support of the first two Shang Shu of the six books, many people below are willing to gamble and express their support for the emperor.

as for Wen Tiren, Xu Guangqi and other people promoted by Zhu Yujian, Zhu Yujian specifically called them to Wu YINGDIAN for a talk. In the end, these people still did not support them, just being neutral.

this also made Zhu Youjian feel great resistance for the first time. These people are not the same as themselves.

at his insistence, Huang Liji and sun Chengzong expressed their support. Finally, the people who supported him occupied the upper part.

although the lower level still opposes one after another, Zhu Youjian still forcibly established the Shaofu as an institution.

this incident caused a constant disturbance in the capital, and Zhu Youjian's original brilliant image has been greatly reduced among some literati. Such a large-scale business is not the work of the emperor.

Zhu Yujian sniffed when he learned about it. They didn't think about how their family did business. This is a naked double sign! Double labeling is shameful!

think about the tragic end of emperor Chongzhen in history, but these people are all rich.


on the other hand, Li Banghua, Lu Xiangsheng and others are in full swing for the great rectification of Beijing camp.

in addition, this rectification of the Beijing camp was exchanged for three honourable titles and one honourable life.

the dignitaries in the capital jointly asked the emperor to spare Xue Lian's life for his great contributions to the Ming Dynasty. It's a pity that Zhu Yujian angrily scolded these honourable officials at the meeting. With the power of Wei Zhongxian's party, they trembled and did not dare to oppose.

without the support of civil servants, these honourable officials can't turn over big waves.

however, Zhu Yujian finally looked at the Internet for the sake of Xue Lu, the ancestor of Xue Lian. If Xue Lian's family is not punished, of course, family theft is inevitable.

when Xue Lian, marquis Wu of Dangyang, was executed in public, the whole street was filled with people in the capital.

Xue Lian has done a lot of evil things in the capital in recent years because of his noble status. The people have a bad feeling towards him. In addition, xungui has not been executed in the Ming Dynasty for so many years, so everyone is willing to come and have a good look.

no one noticed that around the execution ground, there were some people with unusual status watching at the scene, all of them with gloomy faces. These people were the great Ming xunqui who had enjoyed happiness for more than 200 years.

but when Xue Lian's head landed, many people vomited on the spot. Fortunately, no one knew their identity. Otherwise, I'm afraid things would be in trouble.

when Zhu Youjian learned the news, he couldn't help smiling sarcastically. It's really a group of moths.

after Xue Lian was executed, Zhu Guobi, the Marquis of Funing, and Liu zuochang, the Marquis of Anyuan, were also deposed. At the request of the nobles, and to show their magnanimity, they were left alive. Of course, the death penalty is avoidable, but the living one is inevitable. The whole family was sent to Qiongzhou Prefecture.

after seeing that the emperor really dealt with the three dignitaries, all the people involved in the interests of the Beijing camp understood that the problem was big this time, and they all took a wait-and-see attitude, not daring to stretch out their hands indiscriminately on the issue of the rectification of the Beijing camp.

those spokesmen for interests also completely let them go, leaving them to fend for themselves. As for those of their families in the Beijing camp, although they wanted to reach out, they were cut off by Li Banghua and Lu Xiangsheng.

in addition to the suppression of the British public, although Zhu Chunchen instigated behind the scenes, he still did not dislike any big waves.

while Li Banghua and Lu Xiangsheng began to rectify the whole Beijing camp from inside out. Nearly 7000 soldiers with good talents in some aspects have been accepted by the Shaofu and the Ministry of industry. They will be able to give better play to their specialties in the future.

more than 6000 old and weak people were removed from the Beijing camp, and the remaining 7000 soldiers were sent out if their physical conditions failed to pass the examination.

only 5000 people were finally able to be considered elite. As many as 80% of the former generals of xungui's family were expelled from the Beijing camp, and only five or six generals met the assessment requirements.

during the half month rectification, Li Banghua and others executed more than 100 soldiers who tried to resist the rectification.

looking at the report on the rectification of the Beijing camp in front of him, Zhu Yujian could not help nodding. This time, it can definitely be regarded as a thorough rectification. I hope that the strength of the Beijing camp can meet my expectations in the future.

'Li Aiqing, Lu Aiqing, Huang Aiqing, you have done a very good job in the Beijing camp rectification. On the whole, I am still very satisfied.

but is that enough? Obviously, it is not enough. The 5000 people are all selected from a group of wastes. Do you think I can safely hand over the safety of this divine capital and millions of people to these 5000 people?

obviously, it is impossible, so we must rectify them.

General Huang, the 1000 people you trained have done very well in this assessment. This time, I will promote you as the commander of the Zuo Xiang army. You will lead 2500 of the 5000 people.

Lu Qing, I really did not mistake you. This time you performed very well. This time, I intend you to serve as the commander of the two 2500 strong left army.

I will give you one month to train these barely available people to at least the level of a world war.

one month later, the two men began to recruit. The quota of the first army was 20000.

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