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Chapter 171 Liaodong will arrive in Beijing

After the Beijing camp, it's enough to leave it to Huang Degong and Lu Xiangsheng. Then Li Banghua had better stop caring about the Beijing camp.

'Li Qing, now that the affairs of the capital camp have come to an end, Yuan Keli, the Minister of the Ministry of military affairs, has gone to Liaodong, and there is no one to deal with all the affairs of the Central Military Department. In addition, Zhu Xieyuan in the Southwest has returned to Chengdu, and the encirclement and suppression of the extravagant Chongming rebellion are about to begin. There are also many affairs in the military department. Many ministers have conveyed their dissatisfaction to me.

What I mean is that I hope you will take up the post of minister of the Ministry of war and deal with all matters in the court. Some things have now reached a critical stage. I don't want any mistakes between the DPRK and China. '

Li Banghua trembled with excitement and said: 'I thank the emperor for his grace. I will certainly die!', What is Bole? This is it.

Zhu Yujian nodded and asked Wang Jiachuan to take Huang Degang and Lu Xiangsheng to see the training of TengXiang four guards. The main purpose was to visit the sharp weapon of the era, the flintlock gun, and discuss the training methods of TengXiang four guards to see if they could continue to improve their training methods. After all, new weapons definitely need new tactics.

Watching them walk out of the Wu Ying hall one after another, Zhu Yujian can't help breathing a sigh of relief. Li Banghua has made great efforts and contributions to the rectification of the Beijing camp.

The effect of this rectification is much stronger than that in history, and it started early. It did not give up halfway because of the opposition of the nobility. It can be said that it has completed its set goal. In the future, Beijing camp will certainly take on a new look.


Ten days later, man GUI, Zu dashou and Cao Wenzhao arrived in the capital with a lot of travel.

Man GUI was quite calm. The emperor had seen him before, and he didn't think it was a big deal. He thought that since the emperor rewarded the generals of Ning Jin again, I'm afraid he would have to put himself in an important position and leave Liaodong this time.

As for Zu dashou, he is also worried. As a Liao native who has lived in Liaodong for generations, he was born in an army family. He still has this very good network in the Liaodong army. He couldn't figure out how the emperor could find his little general.

Cao Wenzhao was worried all the way.

The next day, Zhu Youjian summoned the three men.

The first is Manchurian osmanthus.

'Over the years, Manchu Qing, I have seen your achievements in Liaodong. You have also made great contributions to the great victory of Ningjin.

I have an important position to give you to teach Aiqing back to the capital. '

'I thank the emperor for looking at me!', As expected, the main play began.

Zhu you checked out the nine sided map.

'Minister man, here's the thing. I've got the news that the Chahar department where Lin Danhan works is preparing to march westward to the tumed department.'

'What! I'm afraid Lin Dan Khan wants to run. He can't beat JianNu. He's going west to fight his own people for territory!

I'm afraid that King Shunyi of the tumed Department of the emperor is not Lin Dan Khan's opponent, but if King Shunyi is prepared, Lin Dan Khan may lose a lot. In this way, the Mongolian forces north of Yanshan will certainly decline, and JianNu will not miss such a good opportunity, and will definitely send troops to occupy Lin Dan Khan in the West.

Lindane Khan will surely be defeated!

So the capital is in danger! Emperor, we must defend xifengkou and Gubeikou with heavy troops. '

Looking at man GUI, who is worried and talking loudly, Zhu Yujian is not angry and looks at him with a smile on his face. Sure enough, I did not misjudge anyone. I am worthy of being a person who has been through the Liaodong battlefield for a long time. My strategic vision and keen sense are quite good.

At this time, man GUI realized that he had been impolite in front of the emperor and quickly apologized.

'Aiqing is innocent. Aiqing's analysis is very good and reasonable. The court needs such talents!

At xifengkou and Gubeikou, I have ordered Xu Guangqi, Minister of industry, to send people to repair Guancheng urgently. I'll deal with it. For the time being, I don't need to worry too much.

What I'm really worried about is Datong town! The peace between Daming and King Shunyi has lasted for decades. As far as I know, the troops and horses of Datong are extremely slack. Now they can't stand a war at all. Once the Tumet and Chahar departments fight, it's impossible to say which of the two sides will invade Datong. Millions of residents are afraid of losing their lives.

This is the analysis of all the important officials of the imperial court and the corresponding countermeasures. Take a look. '

Zhu Yujian gives a piece of paper to man GUI. What is written above is some of the reasons why lindan Khan marched westward, including lindan Khan's hope to trade with Daming. The emissary of Daming is already on the way to these two movies, etc.

Looking at all this, man GUI couldn't help admiring the princes of the imperial court. He even considered the coping strategies under different circumstances, and the plans were quite detailed. To complete these, we need an elite team with sufficient combat power, and the number cannot be too small. This is what Daming lacks at present. It seems that the emperor is ready to give it to himself!

'Man Qing, I hope you will serve as the chief soldier of Datong town. Before the slave rebellion, Datong town was the first town on the nine sides. There were many soldiers and there were many generals. Now, it is still an important town of the imperial court. Only the fighting capacity of the soldiers there worries the imperial court.

Look at this again. '

Zhu Youjian handed man GUI the results of the royal guards' spying on Datong town. Man GUI took a breath after reading it. These people are so bold that they should be killed!

The number of soldiers on the list is nearly 100000, and according to investigation, the number of soldiers now does not exceed 50000. What is more frightening is that they have not conducted training for many years. Now they are all a group of ostentatious people. The generals eat empty salaries and even resell military funds. The army in Datong town is completely ostentatious and has no combat power at all.

At that time, I'm afraid the Mongols will destroy the city.

It seems that my position has been almost determined, that is, Datong. It's just right that I, man GUI, in Liaodong, are bored.

'Emperor, these people should be killed! They delay the important affairs of the imperial court and must be dealt with seriously.', Man GUI was filled with righteous indignation.

Zhu Youjian said: 'Manchu Qing, I hope you can go to Datong to be the commander in chief of Datong town and Shanxi town. The situation in these two places is similar.

I hope that after you take office, you will strictly reorganize the army and weed out the old and weak, just as Yuan Keli did in Liaodong. This is Shang Fang's sword. I will also give it to you. If anyone dares to obstruct the important affairs of the imperial court, you can kill first and report later. Aiqing, do you understand? Don't let the imperial court down! '

Datong town and Shanxi town, this position is too heavy. I originally thought that Datong general army would be very good, but I didn't expect it! How dare the emperor value himself so much!

Man GUI fell on his knees and said solemnly: 'I thank the emperor for his grace. I will certainly straighten it out and train a strong army for your majesty.'

'There is no shortage of horses in Datong. Aiqing can train more strong soldiers, and it's better to train a cavalry. I think if Lin Dan Khan and King Shunyi are both defeated, we will have the strength to intervene in their struggle by force. According to my estimation, you should have more than a year.'

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