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Chapter 280 Test Method (subscription required)

In that year, Zhang Juzheng put forward the test method, which is a method of assessing officials. The main principle is to 'set limits to test things' and 'take responsibility for people with things'. It connects the quality of officials' achievements in their posts, whether they are promoted and whether they complete the tasks they should complete, as a judgment standard.

During the reign of Zhang Juzheng, good results were achieved, and good results were achieved in the six-year Jingcha and the three-year 'grand plan' of local officials.

Zhu You checked and read a lot of materials and drew many conclusions.

Zhang Juzheng asked the Six Ministries and the Imperial Court to set a time limit for what their officials should do and record it in three books, one for the Six Ministries and the Imperial Court, the other for the Six Departments, and the last for the Cabinet.

After that, the six ministries and the procuratorate registered according to the account books and checked monthly. For the work undertaken by the subordinate officials, one thing shall be published for each thing completed, otherwise, it must be truthfully reported, otherwise, it will be punished as a crime; The Six Departments shall also register according to the account books, and require the Six Departments to report the implementation every six months. Violators shall be punished according to the unfinished events; Finally, the Cabinet also checked and verified the audit work of the six departments according to the account books.

In this way, Zhang Juzheng strictly controls the central and local officials by virtue of these three accounts. Whenever 'big plans' and 'Jingcha' happen, he will promote the officials who do practical things, dismiss those redundant officials, and promote the officials who are excellent and support reform.

According to Zhu Youjian's estimation, during the ten years of his administration, the examination of the law has achieved excellent results, with only 30% reduction in redundant officials. This is a remarkable achievement. At the same time, he has promoted a large number of bold senior officials, breaking the long-standing evil phenomenon of seniority in the official circles of the Ming Dynasty.

Among them, Zhu Youjian was most shocked and admired by Zhang Juzheng's establishment of a supervision system from top to bottom.

The cabinet manages six departments, supervises six departments, inspects local vassals, standards and other departments, and supervises prefectural and county officials with two departments, which is the framework of Zhang Juzheng's examination system.

This framework was finally discovered by Zhu You after nearly ten days of inspection. With this examination system, Zhang Juzheng connected almost all the officials of the Ming Dynasty. In addition, Zhang Juzheng boldly appointed talents. Therefore, during the ten years of Zhang Juzheng's rule, the atmosphere of the official circles of the Ming Dynasty changed and the efficiency of the official circles was greatly improved.

It can be said that it is the officials after the reform that are the key factors to support Zhang Juzheng to determine the larger reform achievements. In particular, Zhang Juzheng has completed the large-scale land measurement, and these officials have played a great role.

Unfortunately, his implementation of the test law really offended too many people and provoked too much dissatisfaction. So after his death, most of his reform policies were canceled, including the test law, which had played a huge role.

When we found out the cause and effect of the incident, Zhu Youjian was very surprised. This test method was tailored for the Daming officialdom. We only need to give the final power to me, not the cabinet. Daming doesn't need another powerful official like Zhang Juzheng.

The time to implement the test method is too short. If it can last for decades, the current Daming is definitely a different place.

This also made Zhu Youjian make up his mind that he must carry out the test method in the Ming Dynasty. At the same time, Zhu Youjian made some repairs to it. Zhu Youjian felt that today was the day to carry out the test law, and he just used it in this inspection as the standard to judge whether officials were virtuous or not.


Soon, the memorial was passed on in the solemn expression of the people.

After reading, Huang Liji and others were not very good-looking. Just now, the emperor, you said that you should not worry. All changes should be carried out slowly, starting from small things. Why does it take less than a quarter of an hour to directly raise such a difficult question?

Who doesn't know the name of the successful candidate? It is because everyone knows that things are complicated.

It was because of the great resistance that the test method was adopted. Zhang Juzheng's reform was abolished. The test method played a big role in it! At that time, they attacked in groups.

Now the emperor wants to carry out the test, and it was proposed jointly by three important officials of the imperial court. This alone deserves their attention. What's more, just now we have reached a preliminary reform agreement with the emperor. Now it seems not good to directly oppose the emperor's practice, which is really a headache.

This Jingcha is not only a Jingcha, but also a comprehensive assessment of local officials, that is, the 'grand plan'. The two are almost integrated, so the impact is extremely significant. The whole court is paying attention to this matter.

Now this comprehensive assessment has lasted for more than two months, and many Chief Secretaries have been nearly half way through it. I'm afraid that the new standards will be implemented now...

Seeing that no one spoke, Zhou Yingqiu, as the most important performer, stood up and said, 'Your Majesty, my colleagues, this test method has been proved to be useful decades ago, and Zhang Wenzhong also achieved good results that year.

The court also has a lot of experience. Now, as long as the court decides to implement this test method, the local government can immediately implement it, without delay, and can quickly determine the good effect.

We should know that since ancient times, the primary problem of the reform was the problem of the administration of officials, which was also the top priority of the success of the reform, and now this test is aimed at this problem.

This will be the first great achievement after the imperial court has decided to make changes. It can also act as a deterrent.

I ask the emperor for permission! 'Zhou Yingqiu said seriously.

After hearing this, Zhu Youjian found that he was more and more pleased with Zhou Yingqiu. He was an ambitious person. As for whether his goal was ideal or fame, Zhu Youjian did not care. Now Zhu Youjian feels that he must be a great general of the reform party!

'I second your opinion!', Chen Yangmei and Zheng Chongjian agreed one after another.

'I second your opinion!', Li Banghua and Xu Guangqi spoke one after another.

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