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Chapter 120 Angel Galaxy

After I have finished eating.

Kaisha and Hexi have left for something, but lengbing has not left, and still stays here.

'brother, I want to go to heaven.' Liang Bing said to Meng fan.

'you go up.'

'I won't, you take me.'

'OK. Let's go.'

MEng fan looked at Liang Bing, and Liang Bing also looked at Meng fan.


MEng fan flew in the sky with Liang Bing. Fortunately, Lao Zhang didn't find out. After flying for a long time, Liang Bing was finally satisfied and returned home.

after that, Hua Ye also came to the scene. They chatted and drank a little wine together. After that, Meng fan came back to wash the dust.

in the past two years, Meng fan took them at home and played with them from time to time.

made Meng fan feel quite moved. In the last life, I didn't know what to do if I was this age, but now I'm this age, I feel like I and the people around me have not grown up.

but the time of peace will be limited.

on this day, Meng fan received the news. After Meng Fan said goodbye to them, everyone was prepared and understood.

then Meng fan went there.

'recruit Meng fan, report.' Meng fan arrived at the assembly site.

'are you Meng fan?' The team leader looked at Meng fan and said.

'yes, I am Meng fan.'

'OK, go and update your equipment.'

then Meng fan equipped the necessary equipment for an angel warrior.

MEng fan quickly became familiar with the angel's eyes, as if he had opened a new world. At the moment of the angel, everything seemed to become simple. Everything has become very simple.

when Meng fan was feeling strange, a person around said with a smile: 'this is the person who directly joined our team without even taking an examination. He feels like a monkey.'

a man standing there looked at Meng fan and said.

his words caused laughter from the people around him.

at this time, Meng fan walked step by step to the person who laughed at him.

the one who watched Meng fan close to him looked at Meng fan with two eyes.

when Meng fan was about to reach the man, he suddenly turned a corner and directly ignored the man. Passing by him only gave the man a hint of ridicule, and then stood aside.

the man looked at Meng fan and said, 'Captain, is it appropriate for you to come to this regiment without passing the examination? How can we trust him with our backs?'

MEng fan still stands there without changing his face.

'is it your turn to speak? Go back. He was asked by the commander of the regiment. You have the right to speak.' The captain rushed to the man.

the face twitched, then returned to the team, and then glanced at Meng fan angrily.

there are three types of legions: Archangel legion, angel Legion and new angel Legion.

the archangel Legion is the ten legions.

if the angel Legion reaches a certain level, you can join the archangel Legion if you perform well.

the new angel Corps is composed of those recruits who have received special training. However, their training is still not over. Their tasks are relatively easy. Most of them are just collecting resources. Then when the qualification is enough, you can join the angel corps, and the angel Corps is the real beginning.

MEng fan smiled and was even more unhappy in the eyes of that person. However, Meng fan wondered more why he had directly joined the angel army.

I heard them say that they were directly named by the regiment commander. Who was the regiment commander and why they did it? However, Meng fan did not care about it. It was very good.

'well, let's get familiar with him. I'm your captain. Our next task is to attack enemy strongholds.'

then Meng fan contacted them casually. Although several people did not want to talk to Meng fan, they still answered.

their team is a standard Angel team, with a total of 12 people, including 10 Angel soldiers. A captain and a vice captain.

after getting familiar with it, the task will begin soon.

only Meng fan was left in a mess. Everything was very fast. Could you care about the recruits? However, Meng fan only roast in his heart and quickly followed up.

MEng fan and a large group of angels came to a large ship.

there are many people on this ship, at least thousands.

then the captain took Meng fan and them to the position of their team and began to wait.

soon began the countdown.

the ship opened a wormhole and then drove in.

the diameter of the angel galaxy is between 180000 light-years and 250000 light-years. The ship they are on will go through several wormhole jumps to reach the designated location.

with the current technological level of angels, the location marked by wormholes must have wormholes. Otherwise, once the operation is wrong, it may be involved in the space-time crack, and the chance of survival is very slim.

MEng fan has felt the separation of body and spirit for several times. Meng fan knows that he has passed through several insect gates.

after some time, the ship finally stopped.

open the hatch and all the angels will soon get off the ship.

MEng fan came down from the ship, and then came to a new place. The tall chongchong gate was reflected in the eyes, which was very magnificent.

the stronghold is dominated by zephyla, and various defense tools are built around it. This zephyla is built on a small planet. The planet is not very large, only 1% of the mother planet, but it is enough as a stronghold.

while Meng fan was still there, someone suddenly shouted.

'Meng fan, don't look at it, go.'


MEng fan's team left the big army and continued to move forward.

MEng fan looked back at the large army and did not know what they were doing. He asked the people around him.

'with so many people coming, it's impossible that all the tasks are similar to ours.' Meng fan asked.

'of course, there are so many people. There are only a small team like us. Some of them come to alternate positions, and most of them have to guard here. This is almost the border of our angels. Therefore, we have been constantly increasing manpower here to prevent any accidents.'

'OK, I understand. Thank you.' Thank the man.

then they came to the place where the spaceship was parked, and Meng fan and others went to one of the spaceships.

in the spaceship, the vice captain is driving the spaceship.

'well, since some of you are new here, I don't know anything, so I'll tell you about it.' The captain spoke.

then Meng fan heard a lot of knowledge.

although angels call this galaxy the angel galaxy, there are many other civilizations in this galaxy, and they certainly have their names.

therefore, other civilizations have their own names for this galaxy.

although the territory of angels is very large, there are still several civilizations with the same civilization as the angel civilization, and the place they are going to this time is one called the KORUN civilization.

the culture of the Cologne civilization is the same as that of medieval Europe. From that civilization, it has developed continuously, and finally developed into a country with the level of medieval Europe.

just like angels, they are more inclined to the development of civilization like Rome. They are different.

both sides have been in a period of war, and neither side is used to the other.

however, they were defeated many times in the battle with the angels and suffered heavy losses.

in recent years, the situation has improved a lot. They have vigorously developed a lot of works aimed at Angel civilization.

the angel civilization is stronger than other civilizations. Most of them are illuminated by the wings behind the angels.

although other civilizations can also achieve the purpose of flying, they are still weaker than the wings of angels.

after all, it is not as flexible as angel wings.

first of all, they can't fly alone. They must rely on equipment, or the assistance of computers. Even with equipment, they will not have the speed of angel wings.

it is precisely because of these that angels have been able to rise in recent years and once became the overlord of the angel galaxy. However, there is still a long way to go before the angel civilization can truly unify the angel galaxy.

other civilizations are like uniting with angel civilization, which makes it difficult for angel civilization to start and can only wait for the opportunity.

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