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Chapter 121 Inner choice

Angel civilization has several stages for different stages of civilization.

the first stage: in the savage era, this civilization was the beginning of a civilization. People in this period mastered the basic requirements for survival, and took the small clan as the basic. The development of this civilization will take about 10000 years to reach the next stage.

the second stage: Dynasty era, which is similar to the feudal society, and a large Dynasty was formed by the gradual integration of small clans. The civilization needs about 10000 years to develop and enter the next stage.

the third stage: pre nuclear civilization. The symbol of this civilization is that it has changed from the era of cold weapons to the era of firearms, and then from the era of firearms to the era of nuclear weapons. It will take about 10000 years for this civilization to develop into the next one.

the fourth stage: Post nuclear civilization, which is an era after the nuclear war from pre nuclear civilization. The population has been greatly reduced and resources have been distributed.

when reaching this civilization, the basic civilization has been completely unified. This civilization is a transitional period between the space age and the demigod age. The time required for this civilization is unknown, and most of them are thousands of years.

the fifth stage: the space age (the demigod age), the civilization can already live in space, and the territory is not limited to the home star, and can achieve small-distance interstellar crossing.

the space age is different from the demigod age. The demigod age is after the post nuclear war. After the nuclear baptism, a small number of people have changed and their physical quality has been improved.

technology still needs to be developed in the later stage of the demigod era. The aerospace era pays more attention to science and technology. Of course, the strengthening of human genes is also carried out simultaneously. This era needs about 30000 years of development to reach the next era.

the sixth stage: the age of divinity. This era is the era of angels at present. Science and technology are unprecedentedly developed, and long-distance interstellar crossing can be achieved. The life span of the people exceeds 1000 years, and the civilization begins to advance towards eternal life. This civilization probably needs?? Years.

stage 7:??

the above are all processes without the participation of other civilizations.

ninety percent of these civilizations will perish after the third stage of nuclear war, two percent will be caused by natural disasters, five percent by other civilizations, and so on.

only 3% of civilizations can enter the post nuclear civilization, but entering the post nuclear civilization does not mean safety, and there are still various factors leading to their demise.

at this time, Meng fan suddenly found that he had been here for several months. Even with the help of wormholes, the time spent was still very long.

the spacecraft began to move forward at an extremely fast speed. After a few months, the spacecraft stopped.

stay over a planet.

'everybody, get off the ship.' The captain spoke.

the hatch door is opened, and everyone leaves the spacecraft. Of course, there are still people staying on the spacecraft. The vice captain still controls the spacecraft, providing Meng fan with some abilities and the stability of the spacecraft.

MEng fan is floating in space. This is the first time Meng fan is in space. There is no protection. The only protection is a protective film made by the spacecraft.

the voice of the vice captain's communication came suddenly.

'there are still ten minutes to close the protective cover. Please leave for the target planet.'

after receiving the news, Meng fan did not hesitate and began to fly toward the planet below.

in a small tribe on this planet, several people saw Meng fan's figure and thought it was a meteor. They opened their teeth and claws at the people around them, and the people around them also opened their teeth and claws.

speaks their language, but Meng fan can't hear them.

soon Meng fan and they had landed. Meng fan came here and opened his angel's eyes. Then he found that the civilization level of this planet was only the first stage set by angel civilization. It was just a savage age. There was no need to do anything to them.

although Meng fan was puzzled, he still didn't speak. First, just listen to the captain's explanation.

after the captain finished, Meng fan stared at the captain with wide eyes.

angel civilization does not attack low-level people. Of course, it does not disdain to attack them. Of course, unless there are resources on this planet that angels need, they will collect them. Otherwise, they will not contact them.

however, this civilization is a subsidiary civilization of the KORUN civilization. Of course, they do not know what subsidiary civilization is.

the reason why it is a subsidiary civilization is that the Columbian civilization once appeared here and spread their culture. These lower civilizations naturally believe in the Columbian civilization as a God.

was therefore forced to join the battle between higher civilizations.

what their lower civilization can do is to help Meng fan and his new recruits to feel the test of killing the same form as themselves.

in that tribe, the people who just watched the meteor thought it was the god they believed in and were happy to inform others. Although what they said was not the same language as the angels, they could still guess from their expressions.

after that, the tribe got the news that a person dressed more luxuriously than other people was more luxuriously dressed, that is, he only wore a piece of animal skin more than other people, while other people only wore a large pair of underpants in addition to their virginity.

the man dressed luxuriously like a Patriarch led other people to worship in the direction that Meng fan and his family had descended before. I didn't know that a killing was coming.

for these lower civilizations, the intervention of higher civilizations can certainly speed up the progress of their civilization, but it also brings risks.

of course, angel civilization can also make them subsidiary civilizations. It is only necessary to change their beliefs. However, at present, this place is still the territory of the Columbian civilization, so it is completely unnecessary.

'well, recruits, let's go and finish a test.' The captain spoke.

the trial of new recruits is to slaughter those people.

MEng fan was the first to disagree. The last time the invaders slaughtered the people, what is the difference between Meng fan and the invaders? The difference is that the gap between the two is even greater. In other people's eyes, these people of low civilization are not even people, and they are just lambs to be slaughtered.

'Captain, I don't think it will do us any good.' Meng Fan said.

'are you questioning me?' The captain replied.

other people were going to leave. When they heard this, they all stood in the same place and looked at Meng fan with great interest.

and the person who initially hated Meng Fan said: 'haha, is this the special recruitment of the regiment commander? He came without training, that is.'

he was interrupted by the captain before he finished saying: 'you don't have the right to talk. Shut your mouth.'

the man could only turn his face and shut his mouth.

the reason why you should go to the new angel Legion before entering the angel Legion is because of obedience.

it is not because of the fear that the ability is not up to the standard, but because the new angel army will continue to train obedience until the task is completed, and will not have any opinions and completely obey the superiors. This is the role of the new angel army.

and there is obviously a fish that has escaped the net.

'I'll ask you if you're going.' The captain spoke.

MEng fan did not speak for a while. Meng fan knew that he should obey the captain's orders, but he had a rule in his heart that he could not go.

the captain looked at Meng fan and said nothing. Then he opened his mouth to the others and said, 'what are you doing? Go away.'

the others immediately flew out.

'you can think slowly. As long as you can complete the task before they come back, I will count you as passing.' The captain looked at Meng fan and said.

MEng fan breathed deeply.

'by the way, if you don't complete the task, I'll inform you to the top, and you will probably be punished. Oh, no, you are the commander of the army, and you probably won't be punished. You should be called to the new angel army to receive training again.'

'take your time to think about it. It's nothing anyway.' After the captain finished speaking, he stopped looking at Meng fan and quietly looked into the distance.

MEng fan is still making a decision in his heart. Meng fan knows that he is not a good person. He is not a good person, and he does not want to be a good person. Although Meng fan knows what punishment will be imposed if he does not go.

however, I don't care about people who are regimental commanders.

MEng fan does not know what will happen if he completes the task. However, Meng fan knows that if he completes the task, he will regret it. If he does not complete the task, he may regret it, but that will be the future.

MEng fan's eyes gradually become tough.

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