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Chapter 122 Prince KORUN

Meng fan left the cave, then spread his wings, hung in the air, and looked ahead.

the captain looks at the movement behind him. As soon as he turns around, Meng fan has already flown out.

the captain looked at Meng fan's back and said with a smile: 'yes, it's good. I can quickly distinguish them. For those people, it's not worth doing so.'

then Meng fan looked ahead through the eyes of an angel and saw many clans in a thousand miles, and of course, the tribe that was kowtowing in this direction.

the captain watched Meng fan stand in midair without any movement. He frowned first, then spread his wings and flew over.

'why don't you go? If you don't, it will be late.' The captain said to Meng fan.

'I didn't plan to go. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I still don't agree with it.' Meng Fan said.

'OK, OK. You can do it if you want. I've done everything I should.' The captain spoke.

then the captain looked at Meng fan and kept looking at the direction of the tribes and said

'I tell you, it's a small matter that you disagree with my command and disobey the command. But if you stop, you are blatantly disobeying the command. This is a big matter. But even the commander of the army can't save you at that time. You can do it yourself.'

'it's not necessary for you to say that. I'm also clear. I'm sorry to have caused you trouble.' Meng Fan said and bowed to the captain.

the captain looked at Meng fan for a moment and then said: 'OK, please pay attention to yourself, and don't make mistakes.' Then the captain ran for a walk.

at this time, the remaining members of the team had already reached the sky of the tribe.

some tribes watched the angels chattering and talking in the sky, while some saw them and knelt down on the ground and began to kowtow.

'it's noisy.' Only one angel looked at the person below and said. Then he pulled out his long sword. Then a dive, directly linked up the sugar gourd.

before those people could react, several people had been stabbed by him with a sword. Then he rose into the air and put the sword down. With a gentle push of his hand, the people stabbed on the sword slowly fell off the sword, then fell down, and fell heavily on the ground. The blood was very cheap.

there was a scream in the tribe. There were screams everywhere. There were several stronger people who took out their weapons and faced the angel.

'fool who overestimates himself, run away quickly. If you don't run away, I have no motivation.' The angel said.

and the people at the bottom holding weapons at him are shouting at the angel. There is no way to know what they are talking about.

the angel was standing in the air. He saw the sword in his hand shining, and then waved several swords at the tribe below.

several energy waves flew to the lower part. For a short time, the lower part exploded four times, and the dust was flying. Many houses were set on fire.

and the angel drew a circle for himself in his heart. This circle framed the whole tribe. Then, as long as someone crossed the circle he set, he would kill him immediately.

for him, these people can only be called playthings, and they are soon tired of playing with them.

when he felt his chin and looked down, he suddenly saw a bow and arrow, which appeared in his field of vision.

he looked down and saw that it was a man below who was shooting an arrow at himself. Although the shooting distance could not reach the position of the angel, he still did not give up.

he looked at the man and smiled, then fell to the ground.

some of the people around him ran away in a rolling manner, while others saw the flames burning in his eyes and grasped the weapons in their hands.

the angel put away the weapon in his hand and gave a hug.

the man who shot the arrow before roared and then threw the most primitive weapon in his hand at him.

several others also rushed under his leadership.

when I was about to hit this angel, I only saw him turn sideways, dodge and blow out a punch.

the man was stunned and his body was blown out of a big hole. The angel's arm was inserted into the man's body.

at this time, all the people who had come to the front were scared to sit on the ground.

the angel pulled out his hand, and the whole arm was covered with his blood. Then he shook it hard, and half of the blood on the arm was removed. The angel looked at the rest of the blood, and then smiled with satisfaction. The angel enjoyed this feeling.

while he was still enjoying himself, he suddenly got a stick in the back of his head.

although this stick did not hurt him at all, the angel still felt offended and became very angry.

'I am God. Mortals, you should fear me and lead me to death.' The angel looked back and said to the man who had beaten him.

the other party obviously didn't understand what he said, but he was still terrified and at a loss with a stick.

only see that the angel took out his sword again, and the sword in his hand was shining all over. Then he waved it forcefully toward the front. A shock wave centered on the angel, and a half arc shock wave rushed out.

as soon as a person is hit by the shock wave, he is suddenly interrupted by the waist, and there is no sound, while the house is thrown out.

then he turned around and made another strong sword. At that time, there was no movement in this place, but some people still survived.

in the ruins, a mother was holding a child in her arms, but the mother was silent, while the child was covering his mouth and did not dare to speak. Two tears swirled in his eyes.

the angel walked forward with his sword. When he passed, he looked at the little boy in the ruins.

then left.

in other different tribes, some people have the same experience, while others are much simpler and clearer. They were directly bombed, and the whole tribe became ashes.

such scenes are presented in different places, and those who kowtow to the angels at the beginning obviously have no pain.

the whole tribe gathered together and kowtowed to the angels. When an angel came to that place, he shook his head first, then waved a sword toward the center of the group. When they were kowtowing, they had no life.

MEng fan stood there and could not bear to watch any more. Yes, he had no ability and qualification to stop them. All he could do was to be himself. He could only mourn for those who died.

MEng fan stood in the air, his eyes closed, his fists clenched tightly.

at the same time. A spacecraft in outer space is approaching here.

'crook, what are we going to do now?' Said a man in noble clothes.

'Your Highness, let's go to our territory to inspect.' Said a man in full plate armor.

'Oh, yes, who are we in hostile relations with now?' The man continued.

'Your Highness, the prince is the one who calls himself Angel civilization.'

'Oh, it's the one with a pair of bird wings behind it, isn't it?'


'in other words, I heard that the women of angels are very good.' The prince continued.

'Er, yes.'

'by the way, do we have a chance to meet them?' The prince continued.

'Er, we have a chance, but it's a small chance.'

'where are the angels?'

'it's even smaller. Your highness.'

'Hey, I think we should meet.'

the man looked at the prince and did not speak.

'by the way, will our spaceship be discovered when it flies forward?' Said the prince.

'no, this is the latest technology, which can shield the detection of dark energy, so only we can find others, and no one can find us.' The man looked at the prince and thought, 'this product has finally asked a serious question.'

'that's good. My premonition is getting stronger and stronger.' Said the prince.

'I always feel that there is something good that we are about to meet.' Said the prince.

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