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Chapter 160 My father Zhang Erhe

'You, you dare to beat me. Do you know who I am?' The other side covered his face and stood up and looked at Meng fan angrily.

'I don't care who you are. As long as you are my subordinates, you don't obey the rules here, no matter who you are Meng fan looked at the other side and said.

'good, good. It seems that you don't know who I am, but I am.' The other side kept coming to Meng fan and said as he walked.

'you were born to your mother, weren't you?' Meng Fan said this and hit him on the nose.

he covered his nose with one hand and stepped back several steps.

he took away his hand covering his nose and saw the blood on it.

'you, you, hiss, I'll kill you.' He growled and took out a weapon to stab Meng fan.

MEng fan only slightly sideways and dodged.

'I really don't know how you got it. Your attack is weak and your feet are unsteady. Let me teach you.' Meng fan looked at the other side and said.

'what?' He looked at Meng fan in surprise.

'in front of you, which is not weak?' The captains standing there thought.

although the blow in front of them was not very good, it was also regular and became weak when Meng fan arrived.

MEng fan took his sword by the wrist.

first there is a clear click, then there is the sound of metal falling.

MEng fan directly broke his wrist and the sword fell to the ground.

'ah!! you've finished me. I'll tell you I'll kill you.' He knelt on the ground, whining and shouting.

MEng fan smiled softly.

with this smile, everyone around felt a chill. In particular, the deputy commander trembled.

and Meng fan came to the other side of him and grabbed his arm.

'Hey, what are you doing? I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Soldier chief, I dare not.' He looked at Meng fan in panic and begged.

'what about your backbone just now? It's too late.'

the wrist of his other hand was also broken by Meng fan.

'ah!! I'll sue you.'

'go ahead. I want to know what punishment will be imposed on you.'

he knelt on the ground and looked at his two broken wrists. He felt like crying.

what did you meet? Lengtouqing? He is a subordinate of the great prince. Every time he comes, he gives himself a lot of respect. He also serves water and tea.

after all, it takes so much trouble for the vice president to put soy sauce on it. Since the vice president has the right of supervision and he is a subordinate of the Grand Prince, basically all the chief soldiers will give themselves face. Even if they don't give a good face, they will give face to the Grand Prince.

then use the power of the Grand Prince to trip Zheng until Zheng gives in. If he does not give in, it will create difficulties and make him unable to complete the task. Then his ability will be questioned and finally he will go away.

through this means, the people below can be controlled continuously, but not for the soldiers above the commander.

the big prince's hand is not so easy to stretch. The soldier commander is not a deputy, but has real power. Therefore, it is more difficult and the query is more strict.

all the team leaders except the two who were doing push ups stood upright and did not dare to make any rash moves, for fear that the disaster would affect them.

the reason why Meng fan was angry was that he saw the former vice captain in the Deputy soldier commander.

if it wasn't for the vice captain's reason last time, I'm afraid it would not have been like this. Hua Tao and they would not have died.

at the beginning, I did not shoot down the ship in time because I listened to the vice captain's instructions, which led to the final situation.

for what happened at that time, Meng fan was first of all his own fault. Meng fan also fully understood that he was the captain and why he should obey the vice captain. It was because Meng fan followed his advice that he led to this result.

the second Meng fan blames the vice captain for his blind command. But now the vice captain is dead there, so Meng fan can't blame him.

and the third is Feroz, but it's better to say that Meng fan didn't hate him very much from the beginning to the end. After all, the two were hostile, not to mention that he caught Feroz once.

therefore, Meng fan understands what he has done to himself. However, if there is a chance, if Meng fan sees him again, he will certainly solve him and avenge Meng fan's dead team members.

so Meng fan actually resents himself, so Meng fan vowed that he would not let that happen again.

today, seeing this deputy commander is like seeing that deputy commander. Their behaviors are similar and they are not responsible. Therefore, Meng fan can never tolerate such things.

a person can not have a long memory once, but if he does it twice, Meng fan is a pig.

so Meng fan is very angry. No matter who you are, you must abide by the rules when you come here. Otherwise, we will wait and see.

and Meng fan does not know the forces behind the other side, but it depends on what the deputy commander does.

although the deputy chief of a soldier supervises the chief of a soldier, the chief of a soldier does not supervise the deputy chief of a soldier, and he has more power.

irritated his immediate superior, who should finish before telling his power.

'get over there and do push ups.' Meng Fan said to the Deputy soldier.

'what?' He stared at Meng fan, as if he were saying, 'are you a demon?'

'don't let me say it twice, otherwise, if possible, it's not just a matter of two hands.' Meng fan smiled with kindness.

the deputy commander looked at the two men who were hanging there because their wrists were broken. He could only do it.

every time he did one, the pain was unbearable and he could not help humming.

'be quiet.' Meng Fan said faintly, and the voice of the vice captain disappeared immediately.

'well, it's much quieter.' Meng fan nodded and then said, 'OK, let's report your current tasks. I'll start with you.' Meng fan pointed to the first person to do push ups.

then the man reported the task while doing push ups.

'report that the team is completing the surveillance of a civilization in the age of cold weapons in KORUN.' The first man spoke.

'well, come back.' Meng Fan said to the man.

then the man stood up and returned to the team. For them, the push ups were very simple.

'next to.' Meng Fan said again.

then another person doing push ups also said: 'report, patrolling the public area.'

'OK, back to the team.'

'report that we are observing our civilization in the pre nuclear era and trying to guide them.'

then one after another.

'report, tracking down a fugitive angel.' Said the last man.

'well, do you have any clues?' Meng fan asked. This is also the task of Meng fan's inquiry.

the man was stunned for a moment. He didn't expect Meng fan to speak. The first few Meng fan just asked what the task was.

'Oh, oh, at present, there is no trace.' I said quickly.

the last team leader has finished reporting.

'well, the Deputy soldier commander should remember to write down their tasks.' Meng Fan said.

the Deputy soldier looked at Meng fan in surprise with sweat all over his head. The Deputy soldier did not listen to what he said just now, and the pain was unbearable. The wrist is broken, so I can't put any force on it, so I can only hold it with my bones.

'remember?' Meng fan asked.

'yes.' The Deputy soldier said with his teeth clenched.

then Meng fan came to the front of ten captains, and six of them were beaten by Meng fan. In particular, the first one was beaten by Meng fan, and now they dare not look up, especially the Deputy soldiers.

'well, I hope we don't have any conflicts because of the small things before. Although I have some conflicts with some of you, I don't have any grudges. After all, I'm your leader.' Then Meng fan showed his (nuclear) benevolent smile again, and the first one who startled Meng fan shuddered.

'I hope we can grow together in the future, and for those who do not observe discipline, you should not leave him. Well, the meeting is over.' Meng fan then walked outside the house.

with Meng fan's departure, other people seem to be released.

'I'm so young. Why are I so powerful?'

'who knows, it scared me to sweat.'

when the deputy commander saw Meng fan leaving, he turned over and sat there.

'come here and pour me a glass of water.' Said the deputy commander. And the captains seemed not to hear.

'what, your wife gave birth.'

'fart, isn't that your wife?'

'are you two the same wife?'

just leave one of the Deputy soldiers standing there.

'you all wait for me.' The Deputy soldier chief said viciously.

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