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Chapter 215 Fishing ruins one's life. Three generations of poor birds

A thousand years have passed since I passed away.

in this millennium, angels are thriving, and once life becomes idle, people become full of warm thoughts and desires.

seemingly normal angels, in fact, they have become rotten inside.

even a thousand years ago, the mighty God of war has become a salted fish. A thousand years is enough to change many things and make many people forget many things.

'salted fish!' Hua Ye comes over, taps Meng fan and shouts.

'Shh! You're going to scare my fish away.' Meng fan quickly raised his finger and said. Then he stared at the river.

the river surface fluctuates.

'salted fish, it seems that a fish has been hooked.'

'Shh, wait.'

the waves on the water surface suddenly churned up. Meng fan looked at it and felt that it was time. When he lifted the fishing rod, the fish didn't even have a chance to react. He directly threw it into the air and a delicious fish was hooked. It fell into the frame without error.

'I'll eat it this afternoon. I'll cook it later. Let's have it braised.' Meng Fan said.

'OK, master.'

Huaye looks at Meng fan with contempt.

'what's the difference between you and a useless person?' Hua Ye says.

'if I'm a cripple, aren't you worse than a cripple? I've reached the peak of my life. Can't I have a rest, continue to play and dance.'

'what are you talking about?'

'well, what's the matter with you?' Meng Fan said, fiddling with the birds in the cage.

'my father has something to call you.' Hua Ye says.

'why did you come? Nobody else?'

'I don't know. Maybe I'll be closer to you, and I'll go too.'

'that's OK. Let's go.'

MEng fan patted his clothes and then stood up.

then Meng fan and Hua Ye arrive at the main hall of Merlot's heaven.

'I have seen the king.'

'I have met my father.'

'well, get up. I'm calling you here today to tell you something. Our angels have ruled this field for a thousand years. I haven't officially gone to see it. I'm ready to take a good look at the territory of our angels for a while.'

Hua Yu said.

'then, I'm not going to bring so many people. Seven of your brothers can join our God of war and a few guards. Do you have any questions?'

'No.' Meng fan and Hua ye say in one voice.

'well, then you can go and prepare. Huaye can go back first, and Meng fan stays.'

Hua Ye leaves, but Meng fan is still there.

'did you bring that?' Hua Yu said in a low voice.

'of course.'

'bring it quickly.'

'give me happy water.' Meng fan handed out a bottle of water.

'exhale, cool.' Hua Yu unscrewed the bottle cap, took a sip and exhaled.

'this is really a good thing. It's not bad for you, Lao Meng.' Hua Yu patted Meng fan on the shoulder and said.

'there, there.'

'well, I have some things to deal with. You go down first. My safety depends on you.' Hua Qi said.

'rest assured.'

in the past 1000 years, Meng fan and Hua Yu have become good friends. With Hua Yu unifying here, although the Sirius civilization is still there, on the whole, Hua Yu has been completed.

Hua Qi and Meng fan have the same interests and hobbies, but they are all brought to Hua Qi by Meng fan. The relationship between them is almost brotherly.

fortunately, there is no such thing. Otherwise, the seniority will be chaotic.

MEng fan also passed on some of his habits to Hua Yu. In the past, he fed Hua Ye, but now it has become a variety of people who feed Hua Yu. Hua Ye is now doing his business, and Hua Yu is beginning to wave.

'no wonder you like God of war so much. It's good to have a man who can talk.' Then he took a sip of happy water. Then he stood up and watched the birds in the cage release.

'it's obviously not fun. I don't know why I can't put it down so much.' With some rice in Hua Xi's hand, the bird fell into his hand and began to eat. While Hua Yu reached out and stroked.

the preparation time is neither fast nor short.

soon Huayu will start to set out. Although it is said that it will take few people, there are still a lot of people.

the first Prince brought a full legion of people, and the second prince also brought a full legion of people. With all kinds of escorts, the number suddenly increased, and many spacecraft were needed to carry them.

people who didn't show up before have to come out.

'Oh, isn't this brother ye? I haven't seen him for a long time. I thought my brother died in that ditch.' Waller said with a smile.

several princes around laughed.

while Hua Ye goes over with a black face.

Huaye comes to Meng fan's side.

'here, calm down. You can treat it as if the dog is barking at you.' Meng fan says this and hands a plucked banana to Huaye.

'who do you say is a dog?' The third Wang Zihua looked at Meng fan three times and said.

'whoever answers the phone is the one.' Meng Fan said.

'you.' Hua San just wanted to say something, but Waller waved him off.

'God of war is so eloquent.' Waller said with a smile.

'I dare not compare with you. Sorry, I have something else to do. I'll go first.' Meng Fan said this, waved his hand and left with Hua Ye.

'brother, he doesn't take you seriously at all.' The fifth prince, Hua Wu, opened his mouth.

'hum, the grasshopper can't jump for a few days after autumn.' Waller snorted coldly.

Hua Yu has warned Waller before, but Waller can't rest assured about Meng fan. As long as he has a chance, he must get rid of Meng fan. But now, let's wait a little longer. After all, it is still possible.

after a while, the fleet took off, headed for the edge of the angel, and would stop at various strongholds.

each of the seven princes has his own spaceship, while Meng fan and Hua have a spaceship.

'four twos.' Hua Yu shouted

'two kings.' Meng fan shouted.

'Damn, you go on.'

'shunzi. There is one left'

'I can't afford it.'

'one three.' Meng fan finished the last one with a smile.

'Hey, Wang, you lost.' Meng Fan said and stuck a white note on Hua Yu's head. And Hua Yu's head is already white, even the left and right wing kings around him are the same. As for why King Wuyi didn't come, it was said that he was sick, so it was approved and not used.

while the left and right wing kings on the side were trembling. From the beginning, they dared not play any cards at all. It became a battle between Meng fan and Hua Yu.

'Oh, I don't want to play anymore. I'm old. I can't play anymore. You young people and you two know how to go to the theatre, and don't know how to help me.' Hua Qi said to the left and right wing kings.

'I deserve to die.' The king of the left and right wings said quickly.

'if this is the case, we all deserve to die. The king's men should have died long ago. It's boring. You two go down first.' Hua Qi said.

after a period of time.

'Wang, we have arrived at our destination.'

Hua Xi got off the spacecraft, looked at the planet below and said: 'I want to go down for a walk. OK.'

'Wang, of course. This is all yours. Go wherever you want.' Meng Fan said.

then Hua Qi came here with seven princes, Meng fan and the king of the left and right wings.

it's like an ancient emperor's private visit in disguise. Yes, although it has laid such a vast territory, most of the time, Hua Yu spent his time in the Merlot heaven, drinking tea, and then the good news came. He never really went far.

Hua Yu only knows that his territory is becoming wider and wider, but he has no idea what it is like.

I can only know one number, but I have never witnessed it with my own eyes, so Hua Yi also wants to see it very much.

everything here is very novel.

'yes, it's good. It looks like it's not bad here.' Hua Yu coughed a few times and then looked at Meng fan.

MEng fan immediately went over knowingly.

'these things are all inclusive.' Meng Fan said.

'OK, Yeh.' The peddler opened his eyes wide and quickly picked up all the things.

MEng fan had already prepared and took out the currency prepared in advance.

'this is just so.'

'all inclusive.'

'OK, Yeh.'

'this is not so good.'

'hold them all up.'


'Yeh, come and have a look at ours.'

'no, come and have a look at ours.'

'and ours.'

'have you heard that there's a villain here, and I'll embrace everything he likes.'

'really? Is it so much money?'

'Hey, look, here we are.'

'all inclusive.'

'all inclusive.'


'go slowly, sir.'

people in the whole street watched Hua Yu and others leave, and everyone smiled like a profiteer.

threw up the money in his hand and laughed more brightly than anyone else.

MEng fan can't take down anything in his hand, not only Meng fan, the seven princes, the left and right kings.

'cool.' Hua Yu said with a wave of his big hand.

this is the only way to feel good. At first, a few people used dark energy to put it away. Hua Yu looked at it with no energy, and then he was not allowed to put it away. He watched several people holding full things.

Hua Yu feels that he has gained a lot.

'let's go to the next place, ha ha.' Hua Yu laughed loudly.

just a little sadness flashed in my eyes.


ten years later, in these ten years, people have been running around, and Hua Yu has seen a lot of things. Of course, Meng fan has also reaped a lot.

and Huaqi has basically read the whole territory of angels. Of course, not all places are specially selected by angels and let Huaqi go.

it's just that Hua Yu seems to have less and less energy, and he is no longer as energetic as he was at the beginning, no matter where he goes.

then he has returned to Merlot.

but it is still not over, only the last place is left.

that is the whole Angel Star. Hua Yu wants to see the land under his feet. In fact, he rarely looks at the land under his feet.

Hua Yu, Meng fan and others are in a special spacecraft.

'Meng fan, cough.' Hua Yu shouted.

'Wang? What's wrong?' Meng fan asked.

'I may not be able to finish it, but you can only watch it for me.' Hua Yu said slowly

'what does that mean?' Meng fan asked suspiciously.

'it literally means, cough, cough. I have no energy to watch any more, and the angel civilization will be protected by you.'

MEng fan clearly feels that although the dark energy of Hua Yu has become a little scarce, it should be OK to support it for several decades.

'are you kidding? I obviously feel that you should be able to hold on for a long time.' Meng Fan said with a smile.

'ah, it's just a reflection. It's all up to the heavenly palace to take its last breath.' Hua Yu said wearily.

'please, this is something for you.'

'you said.'

they have been together for ten years. In fact, their relationship is quite good.

'don't interfere between them.'

'OK, as long as it doesn't offend me, I won't take action.' Meng Fan said.

'Alas, I'm a dying man, and I can't say anything. That's it. I hope the angels can carry forward in your hands, and I can rest in peace.' Hua Yu said slowly.

MEng fan obviously feels that the last dark energy in Hua Yu's body is drifting away.

as Hua Yu finished his last word, Hua Yu's hair was all white with the naked eye.

'farewell to my king.' The left and right King Wu Yi knelt down and said.

then the three stood up and said to Meng fan, 'it's up to you. Before the new king ascends to the throne, you must protect the civilization of the angels.'

'if others don't need it, they must protect cold ice Kaisha thoroughly.'

'hohee, please.'

King Wu Yiwang picked his eyelids and said that he had nothing to say. He also said that he had no granddaughter. It was difficult to be a daughter. He didn't have such a young daughter.

MEng fan has some doubts. Before waiting for Meng fan to think, the dark energy in the three of them also began to dissipate. Unlike Hua Yu, they did not suddenly have any symptoms.

MEng fan takes a look at Hua Yu, and the answer is obvious. It is obvious that the lives of the three people are tied to Hua Yu. When Hua Yu dies, the three will die together.

looking at the four people now, they have all turned into cold corpses, Meng fan sighed.

'farewell to my king.' Meng fan spoke slowly.

MEng fan stands there, with four corpses lying beside him, and then puts them away. Since Hua Yu said to let Meng fan look at them for him.

now is not the time to make an announcement. When we go back, let's talk about it.

let's go on like this now.

the spacecraft continued to fly forward.

then arrived at a new place.

MEng fan opens the door and looks at it, then retreats.

as a result, some people have come to Meng fan's side before entering.

'God of war, why hasn't my father come out yet?' Hua San opened his mouth and looked at Meng fan.

MEng fan looks at the third prince. It seems that it is Hua Yu's death. They should all know it.

it's true that I'm dead. Is it difficult not to tell my children?

it is true that before Hua Qi died, he had talked to seven princes about some things, but they listened more or less, or did not listen, so no one knew.

'my Lord, I'm sick. Now I'm resting in my room.' Meng Fan said coldly.

MEng fan didn't say anything when he looked at the prince who was making trouble for him.

'really?' Hua San stepped forward, then approached Meng fan, looked into Meng fan's eyes and said.

'yes.' Meng fan just wants to talk.

'OK, Hua San, let's go.' Waller stops Hua San and continues to make trouble for Meng fan. When he leaves, he looks at Meng fan with meaningful eyes.

while Meng fan looks at Waller to stop Hua San, he also looks at Waller.

MEng fan does not feel that Waller's behavior of stopping Hua San is either a gesture of kindness or a threat.

it is also true that Waller's father is dead, and he doesn't want to say anything now.

you think that Waller is sad because of Waller's death. That's impossible. Waller just thinks that his father is dead, and there are no people who have been pressing on him for thousands of years. It's like the shackles on his body have been opened. Waller has a feeling of dreaming for a while.

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