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Chapter 216 The weather has changed

Other people also came to Meng fan and said hello to Meng fan.

'Meng fan, my father.' Hua Ye comes to Meng fan and asks.

'yes.' Meng fan nodded.

'be careful, Huaye. Your father has passed away, which means that the angels are about to change. Protect yourself.' Meng fan says to Hua Ye.

'well, I see. I'll hide and not come out. You should pay attention to yourself at that time.' Hua Ye said with a smile.

Huaye naturally knows the current situation. After Huaye's death, Waller no longer needs to be afraid of his hands and feet. Now, Huaye's strength is like an egg, so Waller's strength is titanium alloy. There is a world-wide gap between the two sides.

fortunately, Hua Yi is still the number one enemy in front of Waller. Although Hua Yi is not as good as Waller, everything is unknown without trying, so Hua Ye can survive in this crack.

and after a circle, the spacecraft returned to Merlot's heaven again.

and the death of Hua Qi and the three kings could not be concealed. Like spreading wings, they immediately flew to all places that had the right to know.

MEng fan looks at the sky. The sky is overcast. Although it doesn't rain, Meng fan also knows that the sky is going to change.

MEng fan quickly told the news to Kaisha and the three of them to make them ready.

soon, the funeral of Hua Yu began. However, Hua Yu did not specify who would become the king, so he had to rely on his own ability to win the king.

the seven princes, all those who can be called and have status, are here now.

we talked to each other, and there was no sadness in the whole funeral.

and it is very obvious that there are more people around Waller than Hua Yi.

obviously, this is the station they chose.

of course, there is another person who is more pitiful, that is Huaye. No one stands beside Huaye. Yes, Huaye stands beside Meng fan.

MEng fan stood there quietly thinking about the future countermeasures.

of course, although there is no one around Huaye, it does not mean that no one is willing to support Huaye.

although many families have no friendship with Huaye, their children have friendship with Huaye and follow him, which is equivalent to a small investment.

after all, the focus of their family is not something that the younger generation can interfere with, so if the younger generation is willing, it will not block it.

but those people are not qualified, and naturally they can't stand here.

of course, there are also people standing alone here, namely Kaizheng, Kaisha's father, he Yan, He Xi's father, and the leader of the Su family.

although the three kings of left and right martial arts died, their throne passed down.

naturally, they are also a thorn in the flesh, the biggest power on the scene except Meng fan.

however, in fact, Hua Xi has already elevated Meng fan's power, especially in this aspect.

Kai Zheng and he Yan both look serious, which is much more natural than the Su family.

soon after the funeral, everyone went home, but the positions between them had been all determined.

'God of war, you should leave here.' The dark Archangel opened his mouth to Meng fan and said.

'Oh, really? Why should I leave?' Meng Fan said with a smile.

'this is a rule since ancient times.' Said the dark Archangel.

'how can I not know that the God of war has not appeared for ten thousand years, and the order given to me by the former king is not to interfere in their affairs.' Meng Fan said.

'God of war, please don't embarrass us.' Said the dark Archangel.

'let me wake up.' Meng Fan said with a smile.

the dark Archangel exhaled a breath, then looked at Meng fan and said: 'God of war, you need to carry the jade Amulet of God of war to prove the identity of God of war and deter the world.'

MEng fan looked at the dark archangel and said, 'OK, I see.'

MEng fan took out the jade amulet and hung it around his waist.

'then I'll leave first.' The dark Archangel smiled and said after seeing Meng fan carry it.

'wait a minute!' Meng fan suddenly stopped the dark Archangel's shoulder.

'please, if you see the big prince Waller, tell him to be careful when doing things, and don't do superfluous things.' Meng fan's words slowly came into his ears.

the dark Archangel suddenly bristles and sweats. He looks at Meng fan.

'only know.' The dark Archangel nodded and left here.

MEng fan also made a special spacecraft to fly toward the boundary of the angel territory, and began to guard this territory. Although Meng fan was reluctant, he did so, but left the guards there to help Meng fan find information at any time.

after a period of time.

'let me be careful, hehe. He still can't tell who says Jun.' Waller said, shaking his glass.

'his strength is very strong, and I have no ability to resist.' The dark Archangel knelt before Waller and said.

'naturally.' Waller nodded.

at this time, Waller is not too anxious, it is not the time.

'by the way, did he really go?' Waller asked.

'it's absolutely true. According to the location of Yufu, he really went, and he passed on the ship with our people on board. Everything is ready.'

MEng fan was also heading to the frontier.

now the name of the whole Angel Star is actually called the Merlot heaven, the people of the whole Merlot heaven.

both nobles, civilians and royalty know that something big is going to happen. Those who have the ability have run out long ago. Those who don't have the ability can only hide at home.

but now everything seems to be very normal, except that there are fewer people. Everything has not happened yet, just like there is a lack of detonators.

'hello.' One group of people walked over and waved to the other group, but the other hand was placed in a position where the knife could be drawn at any time.

'yes, indeed.' The other group of people looked at each other with a smile, but their hands were holding the knife.

at the same time that both sides have staggered, both sides immediately turn back.

'kill me!'

like a horn, we started fighting everywhere.

this is not a battle between kings. It is just a battle between some families without anyone's interference.

whenever the king wants to replace the new king, the families that were intimidated by the king's presence are devouring each other and expanding themselves, trying to get a share of the new king after he appears.

Hua Xi has been in power for ten thousand years, and countless families have been in the hands of Hua Xi for nearly ten thousand years.

and angels are always very belligerent. Many families have long disliked each other. If it wasn't for the previous disputes, they would have fought long ago.

but now the people who can suppress them have left. They naturally have revenge and complaint.

this matter has already been indicated in the book.

black funeral.

means from the day of the funeral to the black period.

during this period, all the laws of angels were abolished, and angels were not bound. Of course, those princes were bound.

'Lord, now the battle has begun, but no one dares to threaten the three families.'

'well, keep watching.'


'King Waller, what can I do for you?'

'Meng fan, he is there now.'

'according to the information given by Yufu and our people, we have reached the border, and we have seen his figure. Moreover, we have damaged the spacecraft.'

'well, that's good. Is he still so honest?'

'King Waller, what are we doing now? Are we waiting for these small families to finish?'

'of course not. Meng fan keeps me uneasy all the time. I have no mood for an enemy who can take your life at any time.' Waller said.

'what should we do now?'

'isn't he related to those two families? Let some families attack them. We won't wait. It's time to attack Hua Yi.'

'what about Meng fan's other good friend, Huaye?'

'Hua Ye? He's a bad guy. After Hua Yi is solved, we can deal with him. Even if Meng fan gets the news and wants to hurry back, it's estimated that it will take several months even if he doesn't stop. When the time comes, it's not impossible to let our people do things secretly. Then it's not impossible to spend a year and a half.'

'so when he comes back, everything should be almost the same, even if it is not over. If he dares to shoot at me, there is a good thing waiting for him.' Waller said with a smile.

'you are worthy of being the king. It's a wonderful plan. I'll do it right away.'

'wait, tell the dark Archangel that those things can be activated.'

'I understand.'

although the three big families, Su, Kai and he, are big families, except for Su, the other two families are very vulnerable. Although they are kings, they are actually weaker than some families.

because they have always been under the surveillance of Huaxi, they can not develop their power in a big way. Of course, their power is much stronger than that of ordinary families.

as for the contention for the throne, there is a hidden rule, that is, they can't leave this planet, that is to say, their scope is only the activity scope of this planet.

it is easy to find each other, and the position is not big. You can start a battle at any time. If you run away, it means that the throne will give way to you.


'what's going on outside now?' Kai Zheng said that since his father died, the whole family has depended on him.

he naturally wants to find a way to help the kais tide over the difficulties.

'there is chaos outside, and families are competing for resources, but they haven't taken action against our Kai family yet.'

because the Kai family is the left-wing king, but if the Kai family still exists after the new king takes office, the identity of the left-wing king will still be the Kai family.

just like the title of God of war, it is a kind of inheritance.

therefore, the Ketai family and the crane family are actually the objects that must be removed.

if it is not eliminated, at that time, the power will be taken away by these three companies too much.

unless the new king directly orders the killing of these three families, Hua Xi has no way to get rid of the original God of war. In the end, other families still want to die. Of course, it is best to help Hua Xi.

you can also save yourself

'well, I feel too uneasy. I immediately call the ruojia and inform the crane family that I have something to talk about.' Kaizheng said, looking at the gloomy space outside.

'sorry, I'm afraid you have no chance.' There was a sudden noise outside.

'who is it?' Kai Zheng left and looked out. There were many angels in black battle clothes in the sky.

'when did you come?' Kaizheng said with wide eyes.

'come on, protect the patriarch.' Immediately, several people approached Kaizheng. With the sound of a gun, a guard fell to the ground.

'Oh, I have to say, this thing is really useful.' The angel in Black said with a gun.

'whoosh.' A flash of light flashed, and the leading angel slowly flew past.

'father, are you all right? How dare you come here to visit your aunt without lifting your skull.' Leng Bing shouted at them.

'whoosh.' Another angel was killed.

Kaisha also appeared here.

'you two, get out of here. It's not for you.' Kaizheng said.

'father forgot that we are not inferior to you now.' Leng Bing turns around and cuts one to death.

the whole Kay family has been in a mess.

and the crane family is the same.

'Lord, they have already taken action. What should we do?' Qin sends a message to Meng fan.

'wait for me.' Meng Fan said.

'waiting for you?' Qin was stunned for a moment. It's estimated that the cauliflower is cold when she comes back.

'principal, we're in trouble again.'

'Hey, who let me think so much of you. '

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