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Chapter 217 incapable of action

'Lord, come on, wait for him.'

'the key is when he comes, and he doesn't give any more orders. Can we just wait here?' Qin frowned at the other seven guards around and said.

and other guards are also very confused.

Qin was first recognized by Meng fan, and Qin's strength is relatively strong among all of them. The most important thing is that Qin is a manager. Meng fan only needs to say half of it to understand it.

can help Meng fan in many aspects.

that's why I like Qin so much. Qin is also the guard chief and has some of Meng fan's power.

the seven of them are also you. Look at me. I look at you. I don't know what to do. Meng fan didn't give orders, so they didn't act rashly.

touch. A noise suddenly came from the second floor of their room.

'who!' Qin and the seven immediately drew their swords and approached.

'me.' Meng fan came down with one hand over his waist.

'Damn it, I almost fell to death.' Meng fan murmured a roast.

'Lord!' The eight of them shouted in unison and were shocked. The LORD was not in the frontier. Here, it was a blatant violation of the order of the last king. If it was found, all Angel soldiers had the right to kill.

but it seems that there are no such regulations.

'well, the eight of you, call trusted people from the Third Army Corps to help Kai's family. Try not to reveal your identity. If things are wrong, take those who can be taken away.' Meng Fan said.

MEng fan did not pay attention to the shocked eyes of several people and said.

MEng fan, as the God of war, can command five regiments, but only three regiments are really under his control.

but even so, the feelings of the third regiment and Meng fan are not so good, but there are still some people who have been following Meng fan, and Meng fan has also been transferred from other regiments.

soon the eight of them disappeared, and Meng fan also went to the crane's house immediately, without any order.

MEng fan soon arrived at the crane's house. There were two corpses in front of the door and the incessant fighting sound inside. Meng fan took a step forward, then thought of something and put on a mask.

'I didn't expect that our wives would fight together one day. Hee, please leave quickly.' Suxi said with a sword in one hand.

'no, I won't. I'll accompany you. I won't leave. We'll go together.' He Xi looked at Su Xi and said.

'Qi, you will all die here.' An angel above said and shot down.

'patriarch!' Aite threw himself at Heyan, but was shot dead.

seeing that one shot killed one, the man opened his mouth with the gun in his hand.

'I have to say that Waller's weapon is really useful.' As he spoke, he started aiming again.

it's just that he hasn't aimed at it yet.

'Aite! Ah.' Heyan came to the shooter at once, and with a sword, he split into two with his gun.

'Huhu.' Heyan gasped and looked at Aite's figure, but he didn't even have time to remember. After all, whether they could live or not was uncertain.

'awesome, chief crane, but how many times can you come again?' The angels above clapped their hands. More and more angels came here, and they also held various weapons in their hands.

'I have to say that the big prince's weapons are really powerful. Chief crane, you should die!'

as for why there are these guns, this is related to the battle between Meng fan and Waller. At that time, Waller was a top-level guard, and Waller was easily knocked over by Meng fan.

on the contrary, Waller took a try with his arms and weapons, which played a great role.

and Waller also saw the great potential of this weapon from there.

since then, Waller has started to make many firearms. These firearms are not simple, they are all kinds of top-notch. Waller has also spent a lot of energy, adding all kinds of hidden gold and silver.

that's why these guns are so powerful.

'boom.' Before shooting, he was attracted by a flash of lightning. A bolt of lightning struck an angel with a gun directly. Before he knew it, he counted the number of lightning and chopped it down for several days.

in an instant, those angels who were chopped died one by one on the spot and fell to the ground stiff.

'what happened!' The leading angel of the other party looks around in fear, and people are constantly being hit

'whoosh.' Three bullets flew to the leader above.

'patriarch.' An angel pulled their patriarch over and blocked him with a shield, but the other two people around the patriarch were not so lucky and shot their heads on the spot.

'yes, it's difficult for those with this strength.' The leader said, remembering what Waller said: 'Beware of God of war.'

'God of war, do you know?' Before he finished speaking, a long silver gun was fired, and the man holding the shield directly stabbed the two.

everyone was scared by a figure in the air, and Meng fan walked in mid air. Every step, an angel will be struck by thunder.

'ha ha, don't be afraid. The patriarch is dead. I'm the patriarch. Pretend. Whoever can kill him is the Deputy patriarch, and whoever meets him is the elder.'

there are still many people who do not know Meng fan's real strength and his original achievements.

'kill me.' There must be brave men under the reward. With this cry, a large group of people rushed to Meng fan.

on the contrary, there are many people who choose to wait and see instead of going forward.

MEng fan did not speak, but looked at each other.

then with one hand, the dark clouds in the sky seemed to resonate, and the thunder was loud. Before other people reacted, the thunder fell.

'ah.' With this cry, angels continued to fall in the sky.

'this, this is the strength of the God of war. There are no people who can meet him. If you keep the green mountains, you won't be afraid of running out of firewood.' The new patriarch had just turned around and had not said a word. A white light passed through the night and directly passed through his body.


'King Waller, Meng fan appears.'

'what? Isn't he at the border? How did he get back? Forget it. Everything goes on as usual.'

it's obvious that Waller now doesn't care how Meng fan came back

'however, he dares to openly disobey Hua Yu's order. That's just right. There's a reason to deal with him. He orders to go on and let those families continue to attack.'

'also, inform the dark angel to let them come.' Waller continued.


'ha ha, Meng Fanzheng is worried that there is nothing you can do about it. I didn't expect you to bring it to my door. Anyone who dares to challenge me will die.'

soon, the people of that family, unable to resist Meng fan for a while, all chose to leave here for the time being.

MEng fan came to He Xi and his wife.

'Hexi, are you all right?' Meng fan came over and said.

'I'm fine, thanks to you. Otherwise, we'd expect heavy casualties.' He Xi said.

'Meng fan, why are you here? Do you know later?' He Yan was interrupted by Meng fan before he finished speaking.

'I have my own discretion, uncle and aunt. We must leave here, otherwise they will come again.'

'how could it be.' He Xi lowered his head and said.

'boy, you're right. You can't stay here and wait for death. Gather the people and leave here immediately.' Crane Yan said.

'go? I'm afraid you can't go today.' Suddenly a voice came from outside.

MEng fan, they look outside. The number of people this time is more than three times that of the last time.

and Meng fan faces so many angels, and doesn't have a rest on the way when Meng fan sits in the wormhole, and now there is not even one that can supplement dark energy. If it is also fully open, maybe it can.

but they will still expose their identity. Although they all know who they are now, they have not really exposed themselves. They know each other well, but if they do not make it clear, there is no way to prove that they are Meng fan, let alone their wings.

there is also Meng Fanna's double gene, which has great side effects and can't be used.

and there are so many people here that Meng fan can't protect the people here at all. For a while, Meng fan has nothing to do.

He Yan also saw Meng fan's expression from the side.

'Meng fan boy.' Crane Yan said.


'Take Hexi and them out of here. The crane family can be destroyed, but the descendants of the crane family can't be destroyed.'

'no, father, I won't go.' He Xi opened his mouth.

'He Xi is obedient.'

'No.' He Xi shook his head and said.

'He Xi.' Suxi shouted.

'mother, please persuade father.'

'you must leave. Meng fan asks you.'

'no, I won't leave if you don't.' He Xi looks at He Yan and Su Xi with tears on his face, but their expressions are expressionless.

MEng fan did not speak.

'listen, the younger generation of the crane family and AI family, leave here. You are the future. The rest of the old men, let's go crazy at the end.' Crane Yan said.

'old thing, you still talk a lot, then you can.' As soon as the gun was aimed at Heyan, his head flew out before he fired.

while Meng fan stood in mid air and looked at them coldly.

for a moment, they were quiet, and no one dared to take any rash action. I can only wait quietly for Heyan to finish the last two sentences.

of course, this is also their intention. They will not attack easily before the God of war leaves. After all, they do not want to die. Although they obey Waller, who wants to die.

so we deliberately put pressure on them to make a choice.

even if the God of war really doesn't leave in the end, it's just a simple feint and a quick retreat.

'no, I'm not here. Where are you? Where am I?' He Xi shook his head and said.

'Meng fan, please.' He Yan put his hand on Meng fan's shoulder and said.

MEng fan didn't say anything but nodded and looked at He Xi.

MEng fan also has no way, and I don't know what's going on with Kaisha, so Meng fan's heart is also very tangled.

but Meng fan took a deep breath and soon cleared all his thoughts.

as the head of the clan, he Yan will live or die with the whole family, and so will Su Xi.

at present, the number of other families is too large to be stopped.

seems to be a foregone conclusion now.

MEng fan looks at He Xi.

when He Xi saw Meng fan looking at him, he immediately took precautions.

'Meng fan, if you dare to shoot me, I will never forgive you in my life.' He Xi looked at Meng fan and said that before Meng fan finished speaking, He Xi disappeared and knocked him unconscious with a hand knife.


'Meng fan, thank you, Alan. You go with He Xi.' Heyan and Suxi said.

they look at Meng fan.

'we will give our daughter to you. If you dare to treat her badly, I will die. I will also get up and screw off your head.' Crane Yan said.

staring at He Xi is full of nostalgia.

'don't worry, uncle, or you and me.' Meng Fan said.

'needless to say, as the leader of the family, I will live or die with the family.' Heyan quickly interrupted Meng fan.

MEng fan had no choice but to nod when he saw that the two were so resolute.

'take care.'

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