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Chapter 81 Come and play

The planet under Meng fan's feet is called Merlot home, also known as Angel Star.

the place where Hua Ye went to Meiluo Tianting is also called Tiangong. Meiluo Tianting is really a place that only princes and nobles can reach.

you can only live in the Meiluo heavenly court when the king of Hua Xie summoned or approved. There is no other possibility, that is to say, the Meiluo heavenly court is actually the Royal Palace of the king of Hua Xie.

the Merleau Tianting area is larger than the noble area and the civilian area here combined.

it has been a week since Huaye left. These days, Meng fan just takes it at home. He usually practices sword and learns some knowledge. Besides, Meng fan has nothing to do.

because Meng fan is very unsociable.

on this day, Meng fan just took a bath after exercising. Meng fan put on his clothes and opened the door.

'Hi. Good morning.' Hexi looked at Meng fan and waved, while Kaisha stood behind Hexi. She didn't speak, but silently looked at Meng fan.

MEng fan looked at the two people outside the door, stunned for a moment, and then said, 'Why are you here?'

'why, can't you come?' Kaisha looked at Meng fan and said.

'ah, of course not. It's too late for me to be happy when you come. Welcome, please come in.' Meng Fan said, making way for a road.

instead of going in immediately, Katha asked, 'is there anyone else in the room?'

'no, I'm the only one. Why do you ask?'

'don't keep a female angel at home. Don't be embarrassed.' Hexi said with a smile.

'I didn't mean that. I just asked.' Kaisha stretched out her hand and nodded Hexi's head. With that, Kaisha and Hexi entered the room.

after they walked in, they began to turn around inside.

'your house is not bad, and there is nothing around. It feels very quiet.' He Xi looked left and right and said.

'yes, I prefer quiet.'

'will we disturb you here so that you can't enjoy your silence?' Kesha walked aside and said.

'ah, no, it's better to be lively occasionally, otherwise I'll be bored here alone.' Meng fan scratched his head and said.

'by the way, have you eaten, or I'll cook it for you.' Meng fan suddenly remembered something and said.

'I thought you forgot my agreement with you.' He Xi walked over and elbowed Meng fan.


and Kaisha passed by Meng fan and glanced at Meng fan with her eyes.

MEng fan thought of something when he saw Kesha's eyes and said, 'I haven't lost your jade. Look here.' With that, Meng fan went to his bedroom. On the bookshelf, in a delicate box, was Kaisha's jade.

Kesha looked at the jade there and wanted to say something, but she still didn't say.

'Meng fan, come on, come on, let me show you.' Hexi looks at Meng fan in the kitchen.

'Oh, Katha, go shopping here by yourself.' With that, Meng fan went to find Hexi. Kaisha looked at Meng fan's back, and then looked at the surrounding scene, looking left and right. Meng fan's bedroom was very monotonous, and there was nothing to see.

however, Kesha still felt a little curious, glanced at it, but there was nothing to see, and then walked to the living room.

Kaisha sat on the seat in the living room and looked at the two people in the kitchen. He Xi was cooking there, while Meng fan stood beside her and gave guidance from time to time. I don't know what to do at once.

'wrong, not that. If you pour it in, the table will be over.'

'Oh, it's lucky to have you by my side, otherwise I'll make dark cuisine again. The family won't eat it after tasting it once.'

'yes, that's a pity.'

'how do I feel you laughing at me?'

'how can I laugh at you?' Meng fan has thought of her family's expression after eating the rice cooked by Hexi.

'Meng fan.'

MEng fan suddenly heard the voice behind him and turned away.

Kaisha looked at Meng fan and said, 'you can practice with me. I want to see how much I have improved.'

MEng fan looked at Kaisha, then looked back at the dishes in the Hexi pot and said, 'OK.'

then he said to He Xi, 'you are almost finished. You can add a little more that later.' Meng fan pointed to a condiment bottle with his finger.

Hexi made an OK gesture to Meng fan.

then Meng fan looked at Kaisha again and said, 'come on, there's a sword here.'

then the two faced each other with a sword, and soon the two fought.

a moment later, Kesha's sword was blown out. Keisha glanced at the flying sword, walked over, picked it up and said, 'come again.'

in the kitchen, He Xi took the condiment bottle and shook it, pouring a little condiment into it.

'is this enough? Add more, um ~ add more.' Then He Xi put the condiment bottle back with satisfaction.

'OK, don't hit it, you can eat.'

here, Kaisha looked at Meng fan's sword pointing to her chest and conceded. Then they heard the voice of He Xi, and they didn't continue.

'you won't have to go, too.' Meng fan took the two swords and inserted them back again, and then said.

'well, what do you mean, what do you want to call, I also want to go?'

'ah, nothing, just ask.'

'no, I have to say.'

'it's nothing, just that Hua Ye came to me and compared with me for a while, and then he left.'

'where did he go?'

'go to Merleau heaven.'

'yes.' Keisha didn't speak anymore and returned to the table with a smile on her mouth.

Kaisha and Meng fan both sat down and looked at the food cooked by Hexi. Hexi looked forward to them.

MEng fan looked at it and then stretched out his chopsticks. When he was about to put it into his mouth, he suddenly felt something uneasy.

'it's this feeling again. It should be an illusion. Gang Hexi's progress is only the last step away. It should be nothing.'

then Meng fan put the dish into his mouth. Then Meng fan took a breath.

'it's too salty. How many bits did she add?'

then when Kaisha and Hexi were about to eat, Meng fan suddenly stopped them.

'don't eat.'

'what's the matter?' The two stopped their chopsticks and looked at Meng fan.

then Kesha seemed to think of something, looked at the dishes, and then put the chopsticks back.

He Xi also looked at it, and then, not believing in evil, took a chopstick and put it into his mouth.


then Meng fan hurriedly handed over the water cup, and then He Xi drank a lot of water.

'why is it so salty?' He Xi looked at Meng fan and asked.

'how much did you add to that thing?' Meng fan asked.

'listen to you, a little.' He Xi blinked at Meng fan.

then Meng fan went to the kitchen and looked at the condiment bottle. A quarter of the condiment bottle was missing.

MEng fan took the condiment bottle and asked, 'what do you call a little?'

'yes, isn't that a little? I want to pour more.'

'who told you this?' Meng fan looked at He Xi and asked.


Kaisha raised her head and looked at Hexi in doubt.

'what's my business?'

'when Kesha and I were having dinner, Kesha asked me to help her with the meal, and then asked her how much she wanted. She said a little, then filled a little, and then she said a little more, and then I.'

'ah!' Kaisha asked this to come forward and cover Hexi's mouth with her hand.

MEng fan looked at the two people, then looked at the food, and then said, 'this must be inedible. I'll cook some more.'

MEng fan began to get busy in the kitchen again.

Kaisha and Hexi pinched each other in the living room.

'let you say, let you say.'

'ah, it is. Ha ha!. I won't let anyone say it yet.'

'I won't let you say, ah, ha ha! Ha.'

two people quarrel in the living room.

MEng fan was hurt by the noise and said, 'two young ladies, can you be quiet? I can't cook well.' Hearing Meng fan's words, the two people were a little quiet.

a moment later. After the three had dinner.

He Xi sat there and said, 'I've decided not to cook in the future. Since I cooked, people in my family, whether servants or anything, hid from me when they saw me, as if I were a demon, for fear that I would catch them to taste the dishes.'

'Pooh, ha ha! Ha.' Keisha couldn't help laughing.

'then don't do it. If you want to eat, you can come to me later and I'll cook it for you.' Meng fan looked at the appearance of Hexi bulging her mouth and looking at Kaisha. She couldn't help laughing and said.

'really?' He Xi asked with wide eyes.

'really.' Then Meng fan looked at Kaisha again and said, 'if you want to come, you can come at any time.'

'yes.' Kesha nodded.

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