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Chapter 97 My heart's broken

'Then watch it. If I'm a pig, you're not even as good as a pig.' Huaye said a game and then rushed to Meng fan.

MEng fan saw that Hua Ye rushed over, and then rushed towards Hua Ye.

the two people soon got together. They punched each other. Hua Ye shouted fiercely, and Meng fan retreated a few steps.

Huaye finds that his strength is actually greater than Meng fan. He is a little lucky, and then wants to pursue the victory.

MEng fan was intentional at the beginning. It's time for Hua Ye to know that people's hearts are dangerous.

Huaye punches again. Meng fan pretends to fight, but in fact he dodges. Huaye misses the blow, and Meng fan turns around and kicks Huaye's ass with a whip.

Hua Ye got a kick on his ass and hurriedly retreated back. He continued to fight against Meng fan, but Meng fan didn't avoid it. The two fought together again. This time Meng fan wasn't discharging water. With one effort, Hua Ye even retreated.

Hua Ye was stunned and found that Meng fan had been teasing himself all the time, and his strength was still inferior to Meng fan. Then he was ready to defeat Meng fan in terms of skills.

Huaye changed his attack method and soon suppressed Meng fan, because Meng fan used the school's set. Meng fan saw that the time was almost right. He took a step back, immediately changed his attack method, and hit Huaye unprepared.

then Meng fan hit Hua Ye with a series of attacks and knelt down directly.

Huaye stood up and looked at Meng fan and said, 'why is it still like this? It's impossible. Come again.'

'how can it be impossible? When you are training, I am sleeping, but I haven't relaxed for a moment.' Meng Fan said, then dodged Hua Ye's attack and gave Hua Ye another punch.

in the past ten years, Meng fan, Kaisha and Hexi have known each other very well, so they will often visit their homes or train.

MEng fan often competes with many people in Kaisha's family, constantly perfecting his skills, and Kaisha's father will help from time to time.

in Hexi's home, Meng fan has learned various experimental methods, which is not inferior to many researchers in Hexi's home. It can be said that Meng fan is now both literate and martial.

'yes.' Huaye still didn't stop.

MEng fan also felt the growth of Huaye's strength, and Huaye didn't just learn skills there, but also the same experiments, military knowledge, etc.

another important thing is to control your expression, which can make people unable to guess the real emotion.

after all, as a prince, in that case, all kinds of expressions should be hidden, and it is not so easy for others to find their lifeblood.

at this time, the door was suddenly opened.

Liang Bing opens the door and comes to play with Meng fan. He sees Meng fan fighting with another person, who he doesn't know at all, and rushes up immediately.

Huaye didn't notice behind him.

'etc.' Meng fan saw Liang Bing and hurriedly shouted.

'a Da!'

but it's too late. Liang Bing directly hit Hua Ye, and Hua Ye was directly kicked out and stopped on the wall.

'sleeping trough, what's sneaking up on me?' Hua Ye leaned against the wall and rubbed his back.

although Liang Bing didn't go to college for training, she also trained from time to time at Kaisha's home, so her combat effectiveness was much higher than that of her peers.

Liang Bing wants to mend his feet in the past. Meng fan catches Liang Bing tightly.

'no, he's my brother.' Meng fan pulls Liang Bing and says.

Liang Bing heard Meng fan's words, then stopped and looked at Hua Ye again, and then looked at Meng fan with a strange look.

'why do you look at me like that, although he is a little obscene.' Meng fan looked at Liang Bing and said.

'who is this? Your girlfriend is so cruel.' Hua Ye rubbed his back and said.

Liang Bing heard Hua Ye's words, blushed, and then secretly looked at Meng fan.

'let me introduce you. This is Liang Bing, Kesha's sister and my sister.' Meng Fan said.

'Oh. You and Katha.' Hua Ye opened his mouth wide and said slowly.

'don't get me wrong, Katha and I are just friends.' Meng fan looked at Hua Ye's obscene expression and said.

'I understand, I understand, men.' Hua Ye laughs he he! Said.

'get out of here.' Meng fan heard that Hua Ye was not serious and said.

'Liang Bing, why are you so impulsive? See clearly.' Meng fan looked back at Liang Bing and said.

'I couldn't help it when I saw him hitting you.' Liang Bing said innocently.

'are you sure he's hitting me?' Meng fan wanted to laugh and said.

'well, you're beating him, but I want to help you.' Liang Bing continued.

'don't be so impulsive in the future.' Meng fan rubbed Liang Bing's head as he spoke.

'yes.' Liang Bing said with a smile.

Huaye looks at them and feels that he shouldn't be here, outside the house, or in the pool.

'cough.' Hua Ye coughed twice to interrupt the scene.

'by the way, Liang Bing, why are you here? Did Kaisha and Hexi not come?' Meng fan asked, and then Meng fan wanted to tell them that Huaye was back.

'Kaisha and Hexi didn't come. They had something to do, but I had nothing to do, so I came to play with you.' Liang Bing said.

after looking at Meng Fanran, Hua Ye heard the conversation between them. Kaisha Hexi and Liang Bing thought of their own training. When training there, it is men who help them practice skills, help you exercise strength, and help you teach some experiments, theories, military affairs, etc.

there is not a woman. Oh, no, the food is delivered by a woman.

'I'm so sour!'

Hua Ye covers his eyes with his hands. Meng fan can be so much better than me in this case. I, i. Hua Ye wants to cry without tears.

it's Huaye who turns around and thinks, hey, maybe Meng fan just practiced his strength and skills, and he can surpass Meng fan in military experiments. On this thought, Huaye feels a little confident again.

when Huaye was crooked, Meng fan had already introduced Huaye to Liang Bing, and there were still some things.

'I can't play with you today. Hua Ye just came back.' Meng fan looked at Liang Bing and said.

'well, OK, I see. Then wait.' Liang Bing said unhappily.

'well, I'll give it to you.' Said Meng fan sent Liang Bing to the door.

Liang Bing stood outside the door, looked at Meng fan and said, 'bye.'

'bye.' Meng fan waved to Liang Bing, and then Liang Bing left.

MEng fan returned to the room again and saw Hua Ye sitting on a chair drinking tea.

Hua Ye drank a mouthful of black tea and then sprayed it directly.

'what's this thing? It's so sweet. How can you like it?' Huaye looks at the cup and says to Meng fan.

'I don't like this stuff either. Try this.' Meng fan brought his usual tea there.

Hua Ye took a sip.

'well, it's good to drink, much better than that.' Huaye sees Meng fan and says.

'you have nothing to do after that.' Meng fan asked.

'well, no, no, one more thing is coming. By the way, my father's birthday is 10100.' Hua Ye said calmly.

MEng fan heard what Huaye said.

'eleven hundred years old, just a fraction is several times mine.'

'take the liberty to ask. How did your father celebrate his birthday, once a year or what?' Meng fan asked

'Oh, it's not once a year. In fact, I don't quite understand. Sometimes it's 100 years, sometimes it's 10 years, sometimes it's longer.' Hua Ye replied.

'Oh, that's OK. By the way, have you met your father?' Meng fan asked again.

'of course, this birthday is my father's birthday on the one hand, and on the other hand, I want to be introduced.' Huaye nodded and said.

'Oh, yes, for your birthday.' Meng Fan said and patted Huaye on the chest.

'what do you think?' Hua Ye said, Meng fan suddenly remembered something, and then said, 'no, are you sure your father didn't introduce you because of your birthday?'

after Meng fan finished speaking, Hua Ye was silent and frowned. Meng fan walked to his side and patted Huaye on the shoulder.

'what a big deal, it doesn't matter.' Huaye waved his hand and said.

'are you sure? I don't think you are.' Meng fan looked at Hua Ye and said.

'well, it's a little uncomfortable, but it's OK.' Hua Ye said.

MEng fan patted his shoulder and said, 'Oh, yes, I've grown up.'

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