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Chapter 140 More good news

In the secret room, Lin Tianming's hands are folded together to perform the martial arts. I don't know how many times he has performed the martial arts. Obviously, he has entered a state of selfless cultivation.

only thin wisps of aura surround him, then slowly submerge from the celestial cover, and finally converge into a fist sized sea of air.

half a month passes as the moon sets and rises.

in the secret room, he spits out a mouthful of turbid air and opens his closed eyes again.

after half a month's cultivation and consolidation, his breath at this time is stable and introverted, not as sharp and vain as when he first broke through.

looking at the spiritual power Zhenyuan after the qualitative change, he was very satisfied with the cultivation effect during this period.

more than 40 days have passed since he entered the chamber of Secrets for adjustment. Lin Tianming stretched his waist, twisted his slightly stiff body, and got up and left the chamber.

in Lin Shikang's small courtyard, Lin Shigong and Lin Shikang chat.

up to now, more than 40 days have passed, and Lin Tianming has successfully built the foundation. However, there has not been any noise in Lin Xingping's courtyard.

at this time, the joy of Lin Tianming's success in building the foundation gradually faded, and the two began to worry about the failure of the older Lin Xingping.

although in recent years, one after another, the family has succeeded in building foundations. There are already seven people who have built foundations. They are the largest family in the Luoyun mountains, but no one would think that there are too many people who have built foundations, right?

seeing that Lin Shikang was worried, Lin Shigong squeezed out a wry smile and advised him:

'third brother, Xingping is only 60 years old, which is similar to the time when Xingrong built the foundation. The child cultivates hard and has accumulated a long time. There is still a good chance of success.'

Lin Shikang smiled bitterly, then looked at Lin Xingping's courtyard and sighed: 'I hope so.'

in a short time, Lin Tianming walked into the courtyard, and Lin Shikang and his face quickly surprised.

'in the morning, you have finally passed the customs.'

Lin Shigong was very happy. He immediately stepped forward and looked at Lin Tianming confidently.

'I have seen three grandfathers in the morning. I have seen grandfathers!'

Lin Tianming smiles and bows to them.

'ha ha, come and sit down!'

Lin Shikang waves his hand. Lin Shigong pulls him over and sits beside them.

before he got hot, he wanted to ask Lin Xingping about the construction of the foundation, but before he opened his mouth, they asked him about the whole process of building the foundation.

Lin Tianming has no choice but to start from entering the chamber of secrets and tell the whole story of his breakthrough.

they were shocked to learn that Lin Tianming took Xiaozhu Jidan and successfully condensed new spiritual power Zhenyuan in only nine days.

such a speed is really unprecedented in the 800 year history of the Lin family. It is hard to say whether there are no future generations.

after calming down, Lin Shikang began to explain his cultivation experience in great detail.

Lin Tianming listened attentively. After a while, after Lin Shikang's careful description, many problems that puzzled him were solved.

this is the advantage of having the guidance of the elders. If it is a casual practice, it will take a lot of time to explore by yourself.

after half an hour, I finally got out of my mouth and asked about Lin Xingping.

mentioning this matter, Lin Shikang's face became a little sad with joy.

when Lin Tianming was trying to comfort himself, there was another wave of pressure from the monks during the foundation building period in the small courtyard not far away, and peace soon returned.

feeling the movement of the foundation, the three people changed their faces at the same time and became excited quickly.

with the success of Lin Xingping's foundation building, the Lin family once again added a foundation building monk. Today, there are eight people in the Lin family.

with such strength, even in the whole region of the state of Wei, in addition to the Jindan force, it can also rank in the forefront of the Zhuji family. Not only that, the Lin family will continue to be strong. In time, it is not impossible to become the Jindan family again.

thinking of this, Lin Shikang and Lin Shigong laughed happily.

more than ten minutes have passed. Lin Shikang and his wife are laughing and crying uncontrollably.

when the Lin family was founded, at least it was also the Jindan family. Although it had been in decline for a while, it was once brilliant for a short time 200 years ago. Unfortunately, the glorious history of the past has passed.

a few years ago, the Lin family could only survive in the cracks when the strong enemy surrounded them. If they did not pay attention to it, they might suffer disaster, and the ancestral foundation that had been inherited for 800 years would be destroyed.

the plight of the family at that time is still vivid in the eyes of Lin Shikang and Lin Shigong. Many people with excellent talents wasted the opportunity to build the foundation, leading to lifelong regret.

fortunately, God blessed the Lin family. It was at this time that the Lin family suddenly rose.

in just five years, through the concerted efforts of the family, the Lin family has reached the height of 200 years ago, and even more powerful.

thinking of this, Lin Shikang once again shed tears. When people were not paying attention, he turned his head and waved his sleeve robe to wipe away the excited tears.

when Lin Tianming saw it, his nose could not help but sour, and the corners of his eyes began to dim.

how much pressure does Lin Shikang have to bear under such a difficult situation? He can fully understand this feeling.

Lin Tianming went directly to the front, grabbed the hands of Lin Shikang and comforted them and said:

'Grandpa three, Grandpa, uncle Xingping's success in building a foundation is also a blessing for the family. In the future, the Lin family will only become stronger and stronger. Maybe in less than a hundred years, we can return to the Jindan family!'

after being comforted by Lin Tianming, Lin Shikang and his tiger body shook and gradually calmed down.

'yes, although the number of building foundation monks in the family has reached the highest in the history of the family, it is still the building foundation family. If you want to return to the Jindan family, you have a long way to go!'

after returning to his mind, Lin Shikang and the three of them sat down again.

'in the morning, you have succeeded in building the foundation. I am extremely happy. This bottle of pill is for you as a congratulatory gift!'

after Lin Shikang finishes talking, he quickly takes out a jade bottle from the storage bag and hands it to Lin Tianming.

seeing Lin Shikang give a congratulatory gift, Lin Shigong said with a smile:

'ha ha, the third brother is really eccentric. Why didn't Shihua and I give a bottle of pills as a congratulatory gift when we first broke through?'

when Lin Shigong complained about me, Lin Shikang smiled bitterly.

this wronged him. When Lin Shigong made a breakthrough, the family was in vain. The pills he cultivated were intermittent. Most of the time, he was only relying on meditation. In such a situation, there was no extra pill for him as a gift.

however, there is nothing wrong. He has high hopes for Lin Tianming and has not prepared a congratulatory gift for Lin Xingping. In this way, he is indeed biased.

'it's morning. Thank you three grandfathers. It's the first time he's so grand!'

hearing grandpa's reminder, Lin Tianming took the jade bottle and thanked him respectfully.

after that, Lin Tianming and several others gathered for a while. Lin Xingping was still in the process of consolidating his cultivation and was unable to leave the Customs for a short time.

as the sky was getting late, Lin Shikang gave some instructions, and then Lin Tianming left his cave and returned to his home.

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