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Chapter 108 None of them are my rivals

If you ask Lin Su which of the 32 combat teams he wants to go to, he may not be able to answer.

after all, he hasn't contacted so many instructors, and he doesn't know which is good or which is bad.

but if you ask him which of the 32 combat teams he doesn't want to go to, Lin Suhui will answer without hesitation.

where Li Hong is, he doesn't want to go.

after all, during the flight just now, the instructor gave him a bad impression.

it's a pity that Lin Su has no chance to choose, and his luck is not good.

so the moment he saw Li Hong raise his hand, Lin Su's mood was really complicated.

however, he still calmed down. Holding his long gun in his hand, he walked quickly towards Li Hong who came out. Finally, he stood in front of him not far away.

two people look at each other and take their eyes back.

Li Hong didn't say a word, which made Lin Su a little relieved.

as Lin Su came up, the other responsible instructors who had not yet turned to him unconsciously looked at him. After their eyes fell on Lin Su's long gun, their faces showed interested expressions.

without him, the only one in the field with a weapon is Lin su. Moreover, the long gun Lin Su is holding looks like that, which makes him stand out from other reserve camp members.

however, they only looked twice more and then focused on other freshmen who were still on the field at the moment, looking for good seedlings.

after all, this reserve battalion member named Lin Su has already determined that he will not be a member of his own combat team.

so there is no need to pay too much attention.

the roll call continues in the field.

those who are named at this moment will undoubtedly be Lin Su's future teammates. Therefore, Lin Su can't help but be concerned.

although most of the names he reads are unfamiliar, if there are one or two people he knows well, his next preparatory camp life will probably be much more interesting.

people are like this. In strange situations, they will subconsciously look for familiar things to help themselves better overcome the difficulties of starting a new life in strange situations.

even Lin Su is no exception.

the names were announced rapidly. Every time one was announced, a freshman quickly stepped out of the crowd and came to this side.

soon, Lin Su's eyes lit up.

'No. 19 combat team, Zhang Xiaoyu!'

I have acquaintances!

he quickly turned his head and saw the familiar figure trotting towards him. He could not help smiling.

Zhang Xiaoyu's strength is very strong, and he is the second in the entrance examination. Although he is weaker than Lin Shu himself, he is already a good teammate. If he is on the same team, it should be easier to complete the task next.

and although he has no advantages in mushroom strength, he has no disadvantages.

among the No. 19 combat team, Zhang Xiaoyu also has no other familiar people. Therefore, when he came, he walked directly to Lin su.

looking around, Zhang Xiaoyu lowered his voice and said, 'boss, why are you still carrying weapons?'

he noticed the long gun in Lin Su's hand a long way away and couldn't help muttering.

'mmm...' Lin Su coughed softly. 'I can shoot well. Maybe I can use it. I'll take it with me.'

'boss, how dare you know how to shoot?' Hearing Lin Su's words, Zhang Xiaoyu's eyes flashed with envy. But soon he scratched his head and smiled. 'But speaking of it, I have prepared a weapon.'

'what weapon?' This time Lin Su became interested.

he knows martial arts because he learned it in the world of Shenwu. Under normal circumstances, blue star's beast guards rarely study this, right?

does the young man in front of me look shy, but actually he has learned some martial arts?

'this.' Zhang Xiaoyu took something out of his arms and showed it to Lin su. 'I heard the salesman say that it seems to be called... Pointing tiger?'

horizontal trough?!

looking at the pointed finger tiger in Zhang Xiaoyu's hand, Lin Su's expression suddenly became wonderful.

the pair of finger tigers is obviously specially made. Each finger hole is very large, and the number of finger holes is only three.

this is obviously not a weapon for Zhang Xiaoyu to use himself. Only his mushroom can be used for this painting.

speaking, fast fist refers to the tiger is really feasible. If it is used well, the threat of mushroom strength can be greatly increased, which is not a small improvement in combat effectiveness.

Zhang Xiaoyu has an idea!

'are you going to customize this?' Lin Su was curious.

'it doesn't matter. I took mushroom strength to the equipment department of the animal Defense Association yesterday to see if there is anything that can improve the combat effectiveness of mushroom strength. After all, it is a fighting department. I saw on the forum that the pet animals of the fighting department are good at physical attacks, and early cooperation with weapons and equipment can improve a lot of strength.' Zhang Xiaoyu has no intention of hiding anything.

'then there happened to develop and transform this weapon for the brand-new fighting race of mushroom force. I asked mushroom head to experiment. It also liked it, so I bought it.' As he spoke, Zhang Xiaoyu showed a toothache expression. 'This thing is very expensive. It is said that it is transformed with a four level resource. It can support the use of the elite level, and it is difficult to destroy the command level.'

'I really couldn't afford it if the reward for the second contribution point in the assessment had not arrived.'

'that's true.' Lin Su nodded approvingly.

the price of a fourth level resource is about 200 to 500 contribution points. If it is transformed into special equipment, the price will be increased. It is not much for Lin Su, but it is really quite a lot for other beast guards.

when Lin Su submitted the evolution route of the rapid lizard, the reward was only 500 contribution points.

Lin Su wants to continue talking when he suddenly hears another familiar name.

'No. 19 combat team, Zhao Tianchen!'

is Zhao Tianchen here?

Lin Su couldn't help picking his eyebrows and looked back.

I'm lucky. There are only a few people I know, and there are two in my team.

Zhao Tianchen's mood at the moment is very complicated.

when he knew that the cooperative reserve camp needed to go to the battlefield on the floating transport vehicle, he knew that he had been killed by his father.

Zhao Tianchen's father used to be a soldier who made great achievements on the battlefield by using the coordinated combat of the imperial beast. Now he is also a researcher at Sun Yat sen University. He knows the situation of the coordinated reserve camp. However, when asked by himself, his father did not reveal anything at all. He only told him that he must participate.

his father keeps saying that the preparatory camp is not difficult, so he can go without worry.

it's not difficult to go to the battlefield?!

when it was further learned that on the border battlefield, the dark system and the ice system were home battles, Zhao Tianchen was even more stupid.

theoretically, the ash Wolves of the dark system and the fire system should be half restrained in such a field, and the other half should fight at home. The two counteract each other, and rounding off means that there is no restraint relationship.

but this is not the case.

the ash wolf evolved from the fire cloud dog. There are three talent skills: the dark fire roar transformed from the fire roar, the original fire cloud dog's talent skill flaming claw, and the newly awakened talent skill burning black fire.

after the evolution, the ash wolf is still dominated by the fire system. By adding the dark system power to the fire system, it can increase the special corrosiveness of the fire system power. The burning black fire is a talent skill that can transform the flames of all fire system skills into special black flames.

in order to further enhance the strength of the ash wolf, Zhao Tianchen also chose the fire department as the main teaching skill, while the dark Department only has a black box that all the pet animals of the dark Department can learn.

in this case, the restraint of the ash wolf in the ice system environment is far less than the enhancement in the dark system environment, and the combination of the two will still be greatly suppressed.

this made him completely unhappy.

at the moment, Lin Su is assigned to the No. 19 combat team, and his mood is more complicated.

he doesn't know that Lin Su has a second pet animal, but he still knows that frost flower dream shadow has ice department.

he is not Lin Su's opponent. Now he is restrained. Lin Su is fighting at home.

according to this situation, he is afraid that he will have to hold Lin Su's thigh before he can hope to complete the task.

how does Zhao Tianchen, who is not inferior to others in his life and believes that he is destined to become an invincible beast envoy, accept this?!

Lin Su didn't feel Zhao Tianchen's entanglement at all. When he saw Zhao Tianchen walking toward this side, he held out a hand and waved it to signal the other side to come.

seeing Lin Su's wave, Zhao Tianchen pinched his nose and finally came reluctantly.

after all, he doesn't know anyone else.

after Zhao Tianchen, the name of the No. 19 combat team was read out quickly, which made Lin Su feel sorry.

Zhong Hao's name has been read before. The other side is in the No. 6 combat team, and it is doomed that it is impossible to join his own team, but Ji Yun's name has not been read.

he even saw the other side in the crowd, but unfortunately he was not on the same team.

otherwise, the team's strength can be further improved with Ji Yun's wind thunder Goshawk.

'No. 20 combat team, Ji Yun!'

when he heard the list of the next team coming next, his expression suddenly became strange.

so... Just one person away, and the other side can join the team?


in the face of Ji Yun, Lin Su can only shrug his shoulders helplessly.

'OK! Let's keep up when we're all together!' Li Hong's expression did not change much until the people of the 19 teams came together, and then he whispered, 'whole team! Divide into five lines and walk together! Shut your mouth!'

the team members who were still chatting in their own low voices quickly silenced and stood up quickly.

although not many of them are sitting on Li Hong's floating transport vehicle, they have been taught by the instructors no matter which floating transport vehicle they are sitting on. At this moment, they quickly straighten up their formation and stand still, and follow Li Hong out of the open field.

following Li Hong, Lin Su keeps quiet, but still carefully observes the surroundings. Along the way, he sees many large-scale training venues, which are even larger than the Lin family's martial arts field.

the Lin family's martial arts training ground is about the size of two football fields. However, each of these large-scale training grounds is about the size of four or five football fields. Among them, there are various kinds of training equipment that Lin Su does not understand very well but thinks are very powerful.

if you look carefully, you can see that the entrance and exit of each large-scale training ground are clearly marked with serial numbers, and some training ground has been trained.

there is one characteristic of these manned training grounds, that is, the serial number of the logo is more advanced. Among them, Lin Su even saw a few familiar figures.

this made him realize something quickly.

are these training venues where they will cooperate with the members of the reserve camp for future training?

the serial number of the mark represents the respective combat team?

and soon, Li Hong's actions verified Lin Su's conjecture.

he led the people of team 19 along the entrance and exit of No. 19 into a training ground similar to the training ground just seen.

after walking into the training ground, Lin Su quickly found that the No. 19 training ground was not completely empty. There were already nine figures standing quietly. They were all wearing combat uniforms with the same shape as Li Hong. It is needless to say their identities.

ten instructors in total?

Lin Xu blinked and quickly remembered what Li Hong had said before.

a team will be divided into ten teams.

each team will be in the charge of one instructor, while other instructors in the same team will rotate teaching during the follow-up training.

if analogy is used, then a team is equivalent to a class, and the instructor in charge is the head teacher. Other instructors are not only the head teacher of other classes, but also the subject teacher of their own class.

according to this analogy, is a combat team roughly equivalent to the sum of all classes in a grade?

while Lin Su was thinking, Li Hong had joined with the other nine instructors and looked at all the members of team 19 again. 'As you can see, we are all instructors of team 19, and the next 19 teams will be divided into ten different teams, and each instructor is responsible for one team.'

'many of you didn't come in my floating transport vehicle, but I believe the instructor on your vehicle must have told you about the general situation.' Li Hong's eyes swept over the crowd, and he stayed a little longer on Lin Xu for a moment, and then withdrew.

'next, our ten instructors will introduce themselves, and then you will be free to choose to join any instructor's team, but if the team is full of ten instructors, you can no longer choose.'

'do you understand?' After the explanation, Li Hongbang gave a shout, and then nodded in satisfaction and turned his eyes to other people around him until the people responded 'I understand'.

'me first?'

the other instructors did not speak, but gestured to Li Hong to 'you go up'.

unlike Li Hong, the nine of them have only met the members of team 19 for the first time, so they naturally intend to observe first.

they quickly noticed that Lin Su, who was standing in the front of the team with a long gun in his hand, showed an unexpected expression one by one, and then turned his eyes to one beside him subconsciously.

the members of team 19 are also very interested in the new nine instructors, but they were drawn back by Li Hong's next actions before they had time to observe.

'the self introduction in the military does not involve those empty ones. Strength is the best self introduction!' Li Hongda drank, and the sky blue light patterns at his feet were intertwined into an array. A tiger pet with a strong body, a length of five meters, a dark color, a single horn at the head and a black flame at the tail suddenly appeared.

the higher leader race of the dark system, the dark tiger.

without waiting, the momentum of the dark awned tiger belonging to the command level was completely blooming. Li Hong shouted again, and the light in the middle of his eyebrows burst out in a moment, and the complex lines were vaguely interwoven.

at the next moment, his body and the body of the dark awn tiger burst out a dazzling sky blue light. The raging energy storm centered on one person and one pet, swept frantically in all directions.

several instructors were all right. The members of team 19 standing in front of them were caught off guard by the sudden explosion. They were blown upside down by the energy storm. While stabilizing their bodies, they looked at Li Hong with shock.

beast control coordination!

Lin Su, who has seen Qin Nan perform once before, is one of the few students who can keep calm. He firmly faces the dazzling sky blue light, and can't help but feel a little more curious in his eyes.

there is no doubt that Qin Nan, who cooperates with the monarch level and the monarch race, is much larger than Li Hongqiang.

but at that time, Lin Su was only looking at it from afar, but now it is in front of him.

according to Qin Nan's explanation of the coordination of the Royal beast, although the light purple light that the Royal beast makes the eyebrows bloom is very similar to the color of the sixth order Royal beast space, it has nothing to do with the Royal beast space. It is the color after the activation of the harmony jade itself. As for the light that the Royal beast makes and the pet beast bloom later, it is called the coordination light. The color of this light is consistent with the color of the Royal beast space.

as the light of coordination dissipates, a new figure appears in front of everyone.

It was a tall figure with a height of 2.5 meters and an iron tower. Li Hong's features can be seen from his facial features. At this moment, his face is covered with mysterious black light lines. A single horn exactly the same as that of the dark awned tiger appears on his forehead, making Li Hong's temperament become fierce.

his originally black hair has not changed much, but it has a slightly deeper sense. On his head, a pair of round black tiger ears emerge, and at the same time, a long black tail like a long whip grows at his tailbone.

the elastic combat suit was not broken due to the change of Li Hong's body shape. Although it was stretched, it still kept its original shape. Li Hong's hands exposed outside the combat suit now have countless black light lines. The palms have become sharp and powerful tiger claws, which makes people feel that these two tiger claws can tear up all enemies.

'good.' The voice of Li Hong in the synergetic state also changed slightly, like the roar of a tiger. After a low voice, he took two steps towards the open field in the distance, then suddenly stretched out a pair of tiger claws and tore them apart in the air.

the sky seemed dim at this moment.

the energy of the huge dark system converged wildly, and a pair of Giant Claw shadows with a length of nearly kilometers covered the sky. Under the fierce and fierce momentum nearby, all the people of team 19 felt a strong sense of suffocation. The two claw shadows finally landed heavily, and with a loud noise, they tore out a series of crisscross deep marks on the ground.

dark tiger talent skill, tear the sky dark claw!

after the demonstration of this shocking blow, Li Hong did not continue to show. When the sky blue light flashed, he returned to his normal state. The shadow of the dark tiger next to him reappeared, and then he took it back into the animal control space.

'my name is Li Hong.' After taking a look at the young men and girls in team 19 who were shocked by their attacks, Li Hong nodded to the other instructors nearby, then stood aside and ended his brief but shocking self introduction.

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