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Chapter 135 Big dog

The operational mission of the reserve battalion has been released, and obviously there is no room for modification.

therefore, even if they are dissatisfied, the members of the No. 19 combat team can only accept this outrageous combat task.

during the half month special training, the news that Lin Su's beast space is level 3, and the second dark pet beast is also a monarch race can not be known only to Xing Yun's team. It has been spread to other people of the No. 19 combat team through dining hall, chatting and other ways.

therefore, they all know that their own team is different from other teams. Including Zhang Xiaoyu's mushroom power, there are three pet animals of the monarch race in the team. Taking advantage of Junwei's large-scale suppression, they will have a great advantage in combat tasks.

after the initial dissatisfaction, the public gradually calmed down.

all the members of Xing Yun's team stand in a row. Beside Lin Su is Zhang Xiaoyu.

as the commotion subsided, Zhang Xiaoyu secretly touched Lin Su with his shoulder. 'Lin Su, can we kill a commander level monster together?'

'not very promising.' Lin Su frowned slightly and lowered his voice.

in the immortality of exotic animals, the vast majority of exotic animals are above the middle command race.

few lower command races or elite races, which can be contracted by human beings to control animals, choose to remain in the immortality of beasts, because in the human alliance, they will be valued. Even the weakest bright light group can become friends with humans, but in the immortality of beasts, the weak races of racial rank have no status.

therefore, the weakest of the command level monsters that the No. 19 combat team needs to kill is also the command level monsters of the command race.

the normal energy value of such monsters is generally between 40000 and 100000 pow, and even if Lin Su's two monsters have broken through the normal energy value limit of the elite class and monarch race, the normal energy value is only more than 10000. After so long training, Zhang Xiaoyu's mushroom power is only more than 9000.

although the energy value of each other is only a few times different, the corresponding relationship between energy value and strength is not a simple multiple relationship.

when a person's strength is twice that of you, another teammate with the same strength as you can't be the opponent of the other party, and they will only be crushed together.

after Qin Nan and the grey feather lion Eagle cooperated to control the beast, the normal energy value was only three times that of the six handed rock demon, but the release could be instantaneous.

once when the ball was still in the juvenile level, it defeated the Ice Armor scorpion of the elite level whose normal energy value was more than ten times higher than its own. It was only because the other side did not have a long-range attack that it could not hit itself. It used frost storm to grind it again and again, and finally drove the other side away.

only relying on the joint efforts of the three monarch races, do you want to kill a commanding level monster in its heyday?

even if many of his two pet animals have reached the level III proficiency that can only be reached at the command level under normal circumstances, Lin Su is not sure.

'OK.' Zhang Xiaoyu sighed lightly. 'I still want to reduce the difficulty of the final assessment.'

'if I can, I certainly want to reduce the difficulty of assessment.' Lin Su nodded slightly.

he still agrees with this.

he looked at other teammates in the team and pondered for a moment. 'For the time being, we are only familiar with our own team, but not with the other nine teams. If we can cooperate with each other and cooperate with dozens of elite pets, we may not be able to have a try.'

'anyway... The ten instructors of the team should all work with us. If we really can't kill them, the instructors will also solve them, so that there won't be any danger.' Lin Su smiled.

'cough.' Xing Yun, standing next to Lin Su, slightly twitched his scar on his face and coughed heavily. 'I'm still here!'

Lin Su: '...

is careless!

'instructor, if we encounter a commander level monster that we can't solve, will the instructor take action?' Lin Su scratched his head somewhat sheepishly. 'I know that the instructor's action will certainly not be included in the task, but is there no problem in ensuring our safety?'

'I can shoot!' Xing Yun said angrily, 'but if you take the initiative to do things and put the whole team in danger, I will solve you first!'

Lin Xun selectively ignored the second half of Xing Yun's sentence.

he pinched his chin, and his eyes flashed thoughtfully.

when the time comes, you can let ghosts and ghosts attract a weaker commander with vicious ridicule to try.

I have to say that with this skill, it is especially convenient to pull monsters on a chaotic battlefield.

of course, Lin Su is not a reckless person.

even if you want to try, it is also at the end of the combat mission. At that time, everyone's mission objectives should be completed, and they should be more familiar with each other. Cooperation will be more tacit. You can try to kill the commander level monster together.

during the time when Lin Suo and Zhang Xiaoyu communicated in a low voice, the tasks of the 32 combat teams had been announced.

except for the 19th, the tasks and goals of other teams are the same.

this also made everyone's eyes on the No. 19 combat team more strange.

'everyone, take the combat team as the unit to get on!' The instructor of the contract Lianxin Luling said again, 'you will be sent to different places on the battlefield. In the next ten days, you will be completely separated from each other and will not interfere with each other to carry out combat tasks!'

the instructors of each team mentioned this in advance, so everyone was not surprised.

soon, they began to board the transport vehicle specially used to transport fighters in an orderly manner and prepare to go to the border battlefield.

'come on, Mr. Lin Su! See you in ten days!'

while Lin Su was waiting in line, there was a voice beside him.

he turned his head and smiled.

although the girl with short hair in front of her has darkened a lot in half a month, Lin Su recognized her at a glance with her iconic smile and the shrunken Green Eagle on her shoulder.

'Ji Yun, come on, see you in ten days!'

watched Ji Yun, who was in the No. 20 team next to him, trot onto the transport vehicle. Lin Su took back his eyes and looked at all the people in Xing Yun's team.

'it's our turn to board the bus. Let's go!'

'yes!' X9


the transport vehicle suddenly vibrated not long after it started.

on the car, the momentum of the people who have been bound up in the safety harness is stopped by the safety harness under the inertia. After they look at each other, they begin to release the safety harness under the leadership of the instructor and get out of the transport vehicle.

on the way, they did not waste time, but introduced themselves in teams.

what they introduced was not the name and pet animal of each member of the team, but the overall situation of the team.

how many commanding races are there, how many monarch races are there, whether the pet animals in the team focus on attack, defense or healing, and whether there are other special skills that are helpful to combat.

these simple situations can enable each team to master the situation of other teams in the team as quickly as possible and improve the efficiency of the next battle.

when they got off the transport vehicle, they simply looked up and easily saw the black-and-white sky. It was desolate and dead all around. They could faintly smell the disgusting smell of blood in the air.

'the transport vehicle can only be delivered here, and the next places are covered by the rules.' As the instructor in charge of the No. 19 combat team, Li Hong stepped out of the crowd and walked in front of the crowd. 'Next, you should first walk one kilometer into the preparation and rest area behind the front. Then, think about how to complete the combat task!'

'after half a month of special training, next, our ten instructors will follow you at any time, but unless we encounter a situation that endangers your life, we will never take action, let alone give you any advice.' Li Hong's eyes swept over the crowd, 'but I need to remind you.'

'if it is because of special circumstances beyond your response, such as the attack of strange animals at the command level, which leads to the instructor's action, you will not be punished, but...

Li Hong sneered, and the iconic sneer made ten people in Li Hong's team tremble, 'If you are useless enough to deal with elite level monsters and need the instructor's help, then the waste that the instructor gives will be immediately removed from the team list. All monsters he kills will not be included in the score, but the total number of kills will not change.'

'that is to say, if you are saved by the instructor because you can't deal with elite level monsters...' Li Hong's eyes swept over the crowd, 'not only will your own preparatory camp assessment end here, but also it will drag other people in the team and make their tasks heavier. Do you understand?!'

'I hear you!'

in the face of Li Hong's sudden rising voice, all the 19 teams responded in unison.

everyone can't help being vigilant in their hearts.

if you want to avoid elimination and attrition, only the strong will help the weak as much as possible, and the weak will give full play to their abilities and try not to drag others down.

'last reminder.' Li Hong glanced at the crowd. 'Anything can happen on the battlefield. Although we will try our best to ensure your safety, if there is really an accident, your life is yours!'

'cheer me up one by one! Don't die here because of carelessness!' Li Hongbang gave a shout, looked at everyone's strong spirits, nodded slightly and retreated to the instructors. 'OK, from now on, you should treat us instructors as air and do what you should!'

after a moment of silence, many members of the team turned their eyes to their instructors for help, but the instructors turned their eyes aside one after another and refused to communicate.

obviously, what Li Hong said is true. From now on, all the instructors they have been getting along with for half a month will remain silent and will not affect any of their decisions.

everything depends on yourself.

gradually, everyone's eyes fell on Lin su.

a group of dragons cannot be without a head in a day.

it is recognized that Lin Su is the strongest in the team.

then he is the only one who can convince others.

noticed the eyes of others, Lin Suo was slightly silent, and then spoke loudly, 'since the instructors will not give us any suggestions on our next tasks, we can only rely on ourselves.'

'if you don't mind, please listen to me in the process of the mission next. I will certainly do my best to lead you to complete the combat mission!'

in order to successfully complete the combat task, the whole team needs to contribute, and naturally needs a person who makes overall planning.

Lin Su does not want to control his own fate in the hands of others.

therefore, he can only do it himself.

in the face of Lin Su's volunteering, others look at me, I look at you, and finally we all nod.

'let's go to the rest camp first.' Lin Su sighed with a slight sigh of relief. 'Go and see what's going on there first, and then discuss the next battle plan together.'

it is not difficult to judge the direction of the rest camp. After all, it is only one kilometer away from the wasteland where everyone lives. From a distance, people can see the buildings on the side near the dark sky and faintly visible in the wind and sand in the distance.

for those who have completed the special training, marching for one kilometer with their own resources and goods on their backs is just a piece of cake.

ten minutes later, the people came to the rear rest camp.

the rear rest camp is not a whole. At this moment, what everyone is arriving at is a large-scale site with all kinds of facilities, which is densely and orderly arranged by low-rise buildings with a height of five or six stories.

such a site will appear at a distance in the area behind the border front, and is specially used for fighters to rest after leaving the battlefield.

when you enter it, a solemn atmosphere and an increasingly strong smell of blood suddenly come to your nostrils. Here, you can rarely see bored people walking around. Only occasionally, the fighters and their pet animals who pass by the group and have just returned from the battlefield with bloodstains prove that this place is not deserted.

on their way, they have summoned their pet animals again.

after all, coming to the battlefield means that they need to be ready to fight at any time.

for the beast envoy, summoning the pet beast is a symbol of readiness for battle.

at this moment, their position is already within the coverage of the dark Lin rule. The rich dark energy makes all dark pets happy, while the ice energy is not rich at this moment because it has not really entered the border battlefield.

therefore, except for a few light pets who are uncomfortable and need to be appeased by their beast envoys, others are in good condition.

after entering the logistics center of the rest camp, Lin Su and others quickly obtained the door cards of their rest rooms by virtue of their status as members of the preparatory camp.

then, under Lin Su's arrangement, everyone went back to their rooms, put away a large number of items they had brought, and then gathered.


'I've checked.' Looking at the members of the 19 teams who had put down their luggage and gathered again in the rest camp, and the instructors who were standing not far away watching the play in silence, Lin Su pondered for a moment and then spoke out one by one the information he had just received after consulting the soldiers in the rest camp.

'the room in the rest camp can be occupied at any time. If you leave and won't return in a short time, you need to hand in the door card and the logistics center will take back the room.'

'the logistics center is also a contribution point exchange center. The contribution points obtained in the battle can be used to exchange various energy blocks and other resources here.'

Lin Su's voice paused slightly, hesitated for a moment, and then said, 'we are going to enter the battlefield soon. There must be many teammates who have no contribution points now and need to kill exotic animals before they can get them. So it will be more dangerous to enter the battlefield a few times ago.'

'if you need to exchange some resources now, you can borrow some contribution points from me and return them to me after killing strange animals.' Lin Su gave a light cough. 'I just found that the contribution points on my personal account can also be used here, and my contribution points... Are still quite a few.'

at this moment, everyone's expression suddenly became strange.

apart from anything else, for the research projects they know, Lin Su's contribution points may be more than hundreds of thousands. Such contribution points are astronomical to them.

the advantages of having Lin Su as a temporary captain have been shown before he went to the battlefield.

although Lin Suzhen was just out of kindness, he didn't mean to pretend to be forced.

but in this wave, he still installed it.

'then, the logistics center can exchange something called the detection stone. This is the one I just changed.' As Lin Su said, he took out a small white stone with a sharp edge at one end and pointed the sharp part at the ball beside him. The small stone turned yellow in an instant.

after the display, Lin Su explained, 'there is no way to use human technology on the border front, so neither the energy detector nor the atlas can be used. This can be seen as a simple version of the energy detector. Its sharp part can detect the recent growth of exotic animals within a straight range of 20 meters.'

'after the test, the color of the test stone is different in different growth stages. It seems that the elite level is yellow, the commander level is blue, the monarch level is purple, and the higher imperial level is impossible to test. However, we will not encounter that kind of powerful monster. The stronger the energy of the test monster, the darker the color will be.'

'Although it is not accurate enough, it is more convenient to use on the battlefield than we rely on the naked eye. The important thing is that it is not expensive.' Lin Su smiled, 'one contribution point can be exchanged for one.'

hearing this, the faces of all the people immediately showed an emotion.

sounds inexpensive.

'then, I also asked about the calculation rules of contribution points of exotic animals.' Lin Su gave a light cough. 'The calculation rules here are similar to those for exterminating exotic animals.'

'elite level · leader race, the calculated contribution point is between 10-50.'

'elite level · monarch race, the calculated contribution point is between 50-200.'

'leader level · leader race, the calculated contribution point is between 100-500.'

'leader level · monarch race, the calculated contribution point is between 500-200.'

'the imperial race will not appear on the battlefield, and we can't deal with it above the monarchy level, so we don't have to deal with it.' Lin Su smiled. 'This is the basic calculation rule. The contribution points we get here will be increased by 50% in addition to the basic contribution points.'

if each person hunts at least five elite level monsters, they can also obtain at least hundreds of contribution points.

looking at the yearning look on the faces of the team members, Lin Su sighed slightly when he was very satisfied with the amount of contribution points awarded.

sure enough, it is more convenient to obtain contribution points from research projects.

as a big dog with millions of contribution points, Lin Su has expanded.

he began to despise this small change.

if such an idea is known to others, the ball can't protect him.

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