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Chapter 157 Let's do a big job?

A blue rainbow streaked through the dark and lonely sky and finally landed on a flat ground.

the blue rainbow dissipates, revealing the human figure wrapped in it.

Qin Nan, in the coordination state of cangyu lion and eagle, has a pair of purple black eyes with endless lightning flashes with anxiety and worry.

according to the situation explored by others, the last place before Lin Su disappeared should be here.

after that, the combatant who searched could no longer find Lin Su's trace.

she looked at the huge explosion pit not far ahead, and her expression became more and more solemn.

on the way over, Qin Nan already knew the whole story.

an instructor of the reserve camp used the means of self explosion in the state of cooperation with the beast, which delayed the beast cult for a moment, and created an opportunity for Lin Su's combat team to escape. This huge hole was left by the self explosion.

look around first.

Qin Nan's wings suddenly vibrated behind him and flew high into the sky.

at this moment, her purple black eyes were covered with a layer of golden light, and her pupils quickly contracted into the tip of a needle, as if they were the abyss that swallowed everything, deep and bottomless.

cangyu lion Eagle talent skill, sharp eye!

however, before she began to search everything around carefully, an abnormal energy wave made her turn around quickly.

it is a seven color light rising from the sky.

light cyan wind system, dark purple thunder system, red fire system, earthy yellow soil system, dark blue water system, golden gold system, and Turquoise wood system.

seven different attributes quietly blend together in an incredible way at this moment, turning into a terrorist force that can melt everything.

where the light passes, even the dark sky seems to be gradually disintegrated. Even the dark system power that covers the world and the rule power that belongs to the dark Lin can't resist the erosion of the colorful light at this moment.

Qin Nan's pupil suddenly contracted, and the next moment she did not hesitate to shoot toward the place where the colorful light was blooming.

she has a feeling that the rising colorful light must have something to do with Lin Su!



dead silence.

in the dark and deep bottomless Canyon, dark Lin is quietly watching the colorful light in the picture, and the sound of Gu Jing wubo quietly adds a bit of vigilance.

'what's that? A new human skill?'

in the dark devil immortal country, everything is shrouded in its rules, everything is under its gaze, so it knows very well what the colorful light is.

there are seven completely different attributes, and each of them has the power to approach the rules infinitely. Its energy level is extremely low, but it is the level of the monarchy. But the existence of this blow seems to be the highest strength of the monarchy.

such a blow is not too strong.

however, the power close to the rules is the source of dark Lin's vigilance.

today, that attack only melts the weakest force of rules that has spread to the whole dark devil immortal country. What about the future?

have humans found a special force against the force of their own rules?

this is not a good thing.

'Lord...' the white haired man's face was a little dimmer. 'Sorry, I don't know at all about this.'

his expression is dark and difficult to understand. Because he is always staring at Han Jue's actions, he knows very well that the place where the colorful light is blooming is the place where Han Jue secretly transferred Lin su.

the picture can't lock the situation inside the cave, so he doesn't know what happened at that moment.

however, this blow is obviously not the act of Han Wannian.

therefore, Han Jue informed him in advance whether his plan could be completed?

his expression suddenly startled, and he noticed a figure approaching the colorful light quickly in the picture. Then he looked surprised and surprised. 'Lord! I've caught a big fish! That's Qin Yunzhang's granddaughter. As long as we catch her, we have a chance to coerce Qin Yunzhang to hand over the information!'

'Qin Yunzhang...' dark Lin's voice calmed down again. 'A few months ago, you carried out a plan to capture her. Was it useful?'

the man was slightly silent, and immediately smiled wryly, 'Lord, it's my subordinates who are not good at doing things.'

dark Lin stared at the woman in the picture and calmly said, 'I don't think that the information can be obtained by grasping Qin Yunzhang's granddaughter. It's very stupid. If your and your subordinates can only come up with such a plan, there is no need for the existence of the monster cult.'

'Lord, calm down!' The man knelt down on one knee and lowered his head. 'Next time, it will not be like this.'

'I hope so.' Dark Lin's eyes swept over the man. 'It's just a palace level imperial beast envoy. I'll let my best offspring do it.'

'I hate Qin Yunzhang, a human being, so I don't mind doing something painful to him, and...' dark Lin's voice paused slightly. 'I also want to know what that light is.'

'exorcism, you need to help me do another thing.'

'Lord, you may speak.' The man stood up again with a compliment smile on his face.

'from now on, go all out to kill human beast envoys who are gifted in multi-dimensional beast coordination.' Dark Lin's eyes flashed an inexplicable light. 'Just a master level beast envoy can kill monarch level and imperial race by three-dimensional beast coordination. I don't want the current twelve battle sequences to become more in the future!'

although he had long known the threat of multi-dimensional beast coordination to himself, seeing that such a weak person could exercise three-dimensional beast coordination, dark Lin's vigilance against multi-dimensional beast coordination was instantly raised to the highest.

you should know that the twelve humans have only mastered the four-dimensional coordination of the beast.

if it goes on like this, there will be more and more royal beasts who master the multi-dimensional coordination of Royal beasts, and they will have trouble sleeping and eating.

'yes, Lord, I'll do it now.' The man's expression was respectful and he quickly disappeared in place.

as the man left, dark Lin's eyes calmly looked at the area that had changed from a cave to a cave with the colorful light rising into the sky.

'an alien beast that can master seven attributes at the same time...' dark Lin thought in his eyes, and then closed his eyes slightly. The invisible rules quickly spread and derived to the endless distance.

when he opened his eyes again, two completely different figures suddenly appeared in the pupil of his eyes.

one of them is an incomparably large towering giant tree that blocks the sky and the sun. Its broad canopy almost forms a continent, in which countless groups of exotic animals live. Under the canopy, there is another world with countless roots, which is very different from the canopy.

on the other hand, there is a huge beast lying on the ground, with a body like a black turtle and a length of 10000 meters. The wide back of the huge beast has a network like a gap in the turtle's shell. The network changes between dark red and bright red, like the breath of the huge beast, and also like lava that is about to gush out.

immortal level, Emperor Xuan! Lord of the immortal kingdom of senro!

immortal level, Yan Rong! Lord of the red flame immortal country!

there are two unspeakable horrors. At this moment, Qi Qi stared at them. At the next moment, two voices came from the regular interlacing.

'dark Lin, what's the matter?'

'among humans, there may be a brand-new alien race.' Dark Lin calmly said, 'that race, which is suspected to master seven different attributes, should be a high imperial race.'

'seven?!' The two monstrous beings uttered their voices at the same time, each frowning.

they all master the rules and have the existence of supreme power. Just because they have crossed that natural moat, they understand more what it means for an alien animal to have seven attributes and the racial rank of the higher imperial race at the same time.

that means that it is difficult to meet an opponent below the immortal level.

not to mention appearing in human beings, even in the immortal country, such a race is enough for them to headache.

'therefore, please pay close attention to the newly born alien race. If you find a similar race that can master a variety of attributes, lock it in at the first time and attach a ban on alien races!'


the two figures quickly dissipated, and dark Lin looked at the deep pit again. He didn't know what he was thinking.



Lin Su silently bowed his head, turned his eyes to Qi Xuan's feather, which had disappeared in his hands and left no trace. He took a sigh of relief and collapsed on the ground.

is over.

just now, he stared and watched Han Jue's expression change from expectation and surprise to fear and fear at the moment when he broke off the seven mysterious feathers and burst out terrible energy fluctuations. He shouted madly in front of himself and used all means to resist. In the end, he still could not escape destruction.

the shadow ghost dragon of instructor Li Hong and commander Nan flashed through his mind. Lin Su's eyes were a little relieved.

I witnessed Han Jue's death for you.

did not blink for a second.

I avenged part of your revenge.

as for the rest, I will not forget it.

on the surface of his body, a colorful light film quietly dissipates. With the colorful light that is sufficient to melt everything, the original cave is also completely penetrated. Looking up, you can see the dark sky in the dark devil immortal country.

and the surrounding area has been completely leveled.

everything has been transformed into nothingness under the feather of seven Xuans.

whether it is Han Jue or his night bewitchment.

although he had known the power of the feather of Qi Xuan for a long time, Lin Su could not help sighing when he really saw the consequences of this terrible blow.

the original form of the colorful cloud crane, the tricolor Finch, mastered three different attributes.

these three attributes are not fixed, but random three of the five attributes of metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

when it evolves into a colorful kite, it will complement the remaining two, with five attributes of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. In this evolutionary process, the core skills will undergo a great transformation.

it will transform from tricolor light, which was originally a mixed attack of three attributes, into five color divine light. In addition to the mixed attack of five attributes, it initially has the special ability to peel off, melt and destroy.

after the colorful kite evolved into the colorful cloud crane, the additional attributes will be two of the three attributes of wind, thunder and ice. The core technology will also be transformed from the five color divine light into the seven color divine light. The original single attribute attack will completely disappear, only the special power of stripping, melting and destruction will be retained, and the power will soar.

in the world of Shenwu, it is said that after breaking through the immortality level, colorful cranes can completely complement the last natural attribute through self evolution and perfection. With the integration of the eight most basic natural attributes, they can erase the incomparable superior attributes of time and space.

what the colorful cloud crane hides among the seven mysterious feathers is a seven color divine light whose power reaches the level of the monarch. If it is exercised with the original strength of the monarch level, the power will certainly be much stronger than that of the normal monarch level.

the method of using such a resource is very simple. All you need to do is destroy the feather of seven Xuans.

it will automatically form a light film to protect the owner, and at the same time stimulate seven colors of divine light to attack everything in the range.

this is also the reason why Lin Su wants to continue to perform before breaking the feather of seven Xuans, so that Han Jue orders him to take the ghosts back to the beast space.

otherwise, ghosts will become targets of seven colors of divine light.

if Han Jue doesn't speak, Lin Su will forcibly take back the ghost before breaking the feather of Qi Xuan.

in order to deal with this madman, Lin Suo and ghosts discussed all day in the world of Shenwu and made rehearsals for dozens of different situations. No matter what kind of reaction Han wanwei made, the final result was the same.

with the death of the night bewitcher, the power that seemed to drag Lin Su into the abyss has completely dissipated.

feeling the stinging pain still coming from time to time in his mind, Lin Su's expression became slightly strange. 'Ball ball, it's over.'

the continuous waking needle stops instantly.

just now, Lin Su's body trembled. In Han Jue's opinion, he was resisting the control of ecstasy. But the reality is that the constant attack of the awakening needle made him tremble slightly.

with a flash of goose yellow light, the two pet animals reappeared in front of Lin su.

stopped the idea that the two pet animals wanted to cheer. Lin Su stood up again from the ground and looked around cautiously.

he is not in the territory of mankind, but in the realm of the dark devil immortal country.

the point is that he doesn't know where he is.

therefore, Han Jue's death does not mean that he is safe.

I'm afraid the seven colors just now are so dazzling that they have attracted the attention of some other exotic animals.

he will try to run away.

'ball ball, you fly up to have a sneak look and see what's going on outside.' Lin Su lowered his voice and said, 'be careful! I'll come back at a glance!'

'Mi!?'? ω??) '(I understand!)

the ball nodded. Just as he was about to take off, his body suddenly stopped.

the expressions of Lin Suhe and Gui Gui were also stunned at the same moment.

a green rainbow suddenly fell with a more powerful force than those of the two imperial races of Han Jue.

if he had not seen the familiar figure wrapped in the green rainbow for the first time, Lin sudu would have liked to change into a feather of seven Xuans.

'sister Nan?!' Lin Xu blinked, looked at the familiar figure falling in front of him, and couldn't help but ask aloud, 'are you here? Aren't you in the research institute?'

'you have been taken away by the cult of strange animals. Can I not come?' Qin Nan stared at Lin Su with eyes as if he had known him for the first time. 'What did you do with the light just now?'

'if there are no other people here, I should have done it?' Lin Su gave a light cough.

finished the calf.

was seen by sister Nan with the feather of Qi Xuan.

Qin Nan: '...

' what about Han wannabe? ' She shook her head, suppressed the confused thoughts in her heart, and quickly asked key questions.

'dead, just now, with his pet animal.'

'yes.' Qin Nan nodded slightly, not surprised.

even she was frightened when she saw the colorful light just now. It's normal to kill Han Jue.

'nothing else?'

'No.' Lin Xu shook his head, 'but I need to report some important situations after I leave the immortal country.'

about night bewitching and its enchantment skills.

Lin Su never believes that there are no other night bewitchers in the dark devil immortal kingdom. Maybe some people in the alliance have been controlled by enchantments and become puppets.

Bluestar doesn't have the teaching skill of awakening needle. Maybe no one has found the problem so far.

'leave first.' Qin Nan nodded, grabbed Lin Su's shoulder, looked at the ghost with strange eyes, which had not been seen for a month and had completely changed its shape, grabbed its back neck, and then patted its wings, coming out of the pit.

as for the ball...

it can fly, Qin Nan is lazy to take care of it.

after leaving the pit where he could only see the dark sky just now, Lin Su felt a little relieved after landing again and looking around.

in this position, he can still see the border front. Obviously, he has not gone deep into the dark devil immortal country too much.

'OK, we...' Qin Nan was about to speak when her expression changed slightly.

a huge black shadow cuts through the sky and comes toward the two at a very fast speed from the immortal domestic direction.

It was a huge creature covered with special black crystals, like crystals stacked together. It had a body of more than 100 meters, absorbing all the light around it like a black hole between the dark world. It had a head like a dragon and four ferocious claws.

'dark Lin?!' Lin Su couldn't help crying in a low voice.

'don't panic, this is not dark Lin.' Qin Nan's expression was a little strange when he felt the terrible energy wave that broke out on the giant beast.

Lin Su responded quickly.

this is really not dark Lin.

dark Lin is the name of the master of the dark devil immortal country, but it is not its ethnic name.

its race, called Dark Crystal Beast, is a high imperial race.

in front of us is a dark crystal beast of imperial rank. Strictly speaking, it is the same family as dark Lin, and maybe there is a blood relationship.

'sister Nan, we...' Lin Suo was about to speak, but Qin Nan's low voice interrupted him.

'how about we do a big job?' Qin Nan's expression is particularly serious, but his low voice is a little eager to try. 'This is a dark crystal beast. Any crystal on its body can start with level 6 resources! It is simply a walking dark system resource bank!'

Lin Su swallowed his saliva. 'Can you fight?'

according to his understanding of Qin Nan's strength, shouldn't he?

'under normal circumstances, it's probably impossible.' Qin Nan glanced at Lin Su and said, 'don't you have your colorful means? Let's go together and split the bill. Otherwise, I'll suffer some losses. June 4th is OK!'

Lin Su: '...

' sister Nan, I can only use that method once. ' He touched his nose and spoke strangely.

Qin Nan: '...

' I really can't use it?! '

'I really can't use it.' Lin Xu nodded. 'Shall we still fight?'

'what a fart!' Looking at the dark crystal beast that was about to come in front of them, Qin Nan rolled her eyes and quickly reached out to catch Lin Su's shoulder. 'Take your pet beast and let's run!'

'... OK.'

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