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Chapter 170 New skills of ball

Lin Su's expression became nervous.

it was his original plan to let ghosts and ghosts approach each other while making vicious mockery of the two pet animals.

the reaction of the other party at this moment was also expected by Lin su.

but the other side's skill effect is so powerful, which is not what he expected.

at the moment of being killed by lacquer night, the ghost's physical strength fell sharply.

it exceeds the normal energy value of fourteen thousand. At this moment, it is absorbed at the rate of more than one hundred per second and fed back to the night soul crow.

this is the third level lacquer night!

if it goes on like this, it only takes two minutes for the ghost's strength to be completely exhausted.

the only good news is that the lock of lacquer night yuzhai is not an attack, so the Black Skull mark on night soul Brucea has not disappeared.

it's time to let the ball go!

if it is later, the ghost who mocks first will be in danger of overturning.

the center of the ball, which had already arrived at the moment when the ghosts and ghosts delayed, thought a moment, and quickly dropped a frost storm in front of the dozen or so fire snakes that were going to kill the ghosts and ghosts.

the frosty storm is like a millstone, but in the blink of an eye, the fire snake will be worn away and broken one by one.

the two level III core skills roll over each other at this moment, causing a terrible energy storm to sweep around, and instantly repelling the night soul crow who originally planned to continue to chase ghosts.

when the chase failed, the night soul crow became angry. It suddenly gave out a strange cry like the roar of a bell.

night soul crow talent skill, night cry!

this terrible skill that should have erupted at the beginning is still here now!

one raging dark ripple surged wildly in the whole black box area, causing terrible momentum and frightening energy fluctuations. Everything except friendly forces and ourselves was ruthlessly swept away at this moment!

however, the black flame above the head of the night soul crow still did not dissipate.

at the moment when the night soul crow sings at night, ball touches a silver Throwing Knife with black flame jumping on the handle.

this is a flying knife handed to the ball by the ghost at the beginning!

at the next moment, the Throwing Knife instantly changed its shape with the ghosts and ghosts who were still running around to avoid being chased by the other's two pet animals. Thirty layers of ice crystal petals quickly wrapped them, like a budding ice crystal hibiscus, surrounding the two pet animals!

the energy ripple triggered by the night cry rages, breaking petals, but it can't hurt ghosts!

the night cry of the night soul crow is level III, but its power is not strong because of its large casting range. At this moment, more than 20 layers of ice crystal petals have been broken, and it is difficult to continue.

as the afterwaves caused by the night cry dissipated, Qiuqiu and ghosts quickly dispersed and attacked song Shen's two pet animals at the same time!

ball's eyes are full of frost, and the invisible and immaterial mental field in the air has become traceable in his eyes. He lifted his hands lightly, and the countless frost flowers formed by the extreme frost storm and snow blowing surged madly, like a heavy gun breaking through layers of mental blockade, shooting away at the sky!

this condensed version of frost silent storm has not been used for a long time!

at this moment, it is used again, and the terrible voice is countless times stronger than it was at the beginning. Before the storm arrived, the energy swept by the storm circled in the air, outlining the radiation like the tail of a comet.

rotation, convergence!

rotate again and converge again!

this blow seemed to break through the dark world that enveloped everything, and that terrible momentum made the whole black box vibrate instantly.

it seems that the black box of the night soul crow can no longer contain this terrible force.

Tianmu Liuhuo roared, countless mental barriers took shape at this moment, and accompanied by a harsh scraping sound, they went to resist the frost storm!

another fierce pillar rose to the sky, quickly converged, quickly deflected in mid air, and met the terrorist attack released by the ball with all its strength.

its head is still facing the vicious ridicule of ghosts and ghosts. At this critical juncture, it broke away from the restrictions of having to attack the caster of vicious ridicule skills by relying on its strong will and high binding synergy index with the beast guards, and launched its strongest blow towards the ball.

the mind seems boundless, and at this moment, the strong Yan column is constantly consolidated.

compress and recompress!

in the end, the golden red pillar of fire with a diameter of ten meters turned into a small arm thick flame gun. The extreme high temperature was like the sun, emitting indescribable light and heat. The black box that had been shaken by the full force of the ball was smashed at the moment.

in a dazzling light, the flame gun was finally nailed into the void, nailed to the front end of the frost silent storm, which also converged to the thickness of the forearm and came surging with hurricanes and frost and snow, like a heavy gun.

after a moment of silence, two terrorist attacks, which are close to commanding the racial power, set off a violent aftershock like an explosion, bringing bursts of sonic booms and turning into endless terrorist waves.

the other side.

the ghost's body is suspended in the air. Suddenly, he raises his hand and brandishes a dozen silver white sharp blades, and then he stabs the night soul crow in the air.


the night soul crow hissed angrily, and a dozen black feather blades broke out between its wings, and went toward the flying knife in the air.

at the same time, the black flame beating in its eyes seemed to become more profound at this moment. A night soul crow phantom exactly the same as its body shape quickly took shape and came to kill the ghosts.

has already landed after raising his hand and throwing his throwing knife. The ghosts that have sneaked into the shadow rush out quickly at this moment and hold tightly with the phantom of the night soul crow.

at the next moment, the silent dark system power erupted, annihilating everything around together with ghosts and ghosts into nothingness.

was the opponent defeated?

the light in the eyes of the night soul crow jumped for a moment, noticed that there were still no skull marks on his head, and quickly realized that things were not good!

this is not the other party's body!

however, it is too late.

at this moment, the black box was broken by the aftershock of the bombardment between the ball and Tianmu Liuhuo.

the frightening energy fluctuation makes the night soul crow flying in the mid air with nowhere to borrow fly quickly.

before he could recover his balance, a flying knife with silver white light cut through the sky, appeared in front of the night soul crow, and shot at it.

in the confusion, he received the instructions of the beast envoy. The night soul crow subconsciously flapped his wings and quickly changed the position to use the throwing knife...

no, it is no longer a throwing knife!

at the moment when the night soul crow just made an action, the Throwing Knife in the air suddenly twisted and replaced the shape of the ghost hidden in the shadow!

the nibble of nothingness, which had already been completed with energy, hit the night soul crow heavily in this way.

night soul crow, defeat!

at the same time, the two terrorist offensives on the other side finally settled down.

with the ball appearing in front of Tianmu Liuhuo lightly, the raging storm tore the last layer of mental barrier, and the paws flashing ice blue light stuck to Tianmu Liuhuo's body. The sudden outbreak of extreme cold completely froze it, and the battle was completely over!

Lin Su vs song Shen.

Lin Susheng!

when Li Qingmei announced the final result of the battle, the field fell into a long silence.

song Shen silently takes the two pet animals back into the space for controlling animals.

at the last moment, Lin Su's two pet animals kept their hands, so his pet animals didn't receive too much damage.

some minor injuries are inevitable in the battle of pet animals. Injuries of this degree can be quickly recovered in the space of guarding animals, which is nothing to him.

what he really can't accept is that his two pet animals haven't dissipated the skeleton flame on their heads until the last moment of the battle, or Lin Su's pet animal has taken the initiative to remove the vicious ridicule skill and take back the dark toxin. The effect of vicious ridicule has completely disappeared.

this means that his two pet animals failed to attack Lin Su's pet animal by half from beginning to end.

it is not harmful but highly insulting.

takes a look at Lin Su coming towards him. Song Shen's face is a bit lost. 'What race is your pet animal?'

'eh?' Lin Su glanced at the ghosts and ghosts behind him, and his face was a little more funny. 'Master of tricks.'

although ghosts and ghosts can be regarded as a brand-new race separated from the magic masters, after all, there is only one brand-new race, so after discussing with ghosts and ghosts, Lin Suo decided to use the magic masters as the racial name of ghosts and ghosts.

anyway, it is doomed not to be the final form of ghosts and ghosts, but only a temporary transitional form.

'are you a master of tricks...' Song Shen nodded silently. 'I hope to fight you again in the next week's pet animal actual combat training class. This time I am very strange to your pet animal skills. I will not make similar mistakes again next time.'

'OK.' Lin Su nodded slightly.

this point to point practice is also very helpful to him.

song Shen's strength is not weak, and the skill proficiency of pet animals is basically at level III.

this time, because of the vicious ridicule of ghosts and ghosts, his battle plan was obviously disrupted. If it was a normal battle, song Shen could show more than this.

thinking of this, Lin Su also has some expectations.

the two pet animals consumed a lot in the fight just now. The ghosts and ghosts fought against the capture of lacquer night and showed the nibbling of nothingness. Their physical strength was almost at the bottom.

the last shot of the ball, the frost storm, was also a shot of all-out effort, and the physical consumption was also not low.

at the end of the fight, Lin Suo sat in the observation area with two pet animals. While recovering their strength, he looked at other students who began to challenge each other after the fight between himself and song Shen.

although the fighting of other students was not as fierce as that of song Shen and himself, the tacit cooperation between the imperial beast envoy and the pet beast, and between the two pet beasts, also made Lin Su's eyes shine.

it is worth learning.

he did not notice that a pair of eyes were looking at him.

Li Qingmei stared at Lin Su for a long time before silently withdrawing her eyes.

I'm sure I'm right. This kid is really good at fighting.

in a short period of one month, he has become much stronger than the strength of the actual combat assessment at the beginning of his entrance. Such a speed of progress is comparable to those demons of the war club.

I really don't know how far he will develop in another year or two.

Unfortunately, Lin Su was targeted by the monster cult. It was said that he had been in danger once before in the preparatory camp, and almost broke the record of zero mortality in the preparatory camp.

I'm afraid I can't let this boy participate in the college joint training after more than three months.

thinking of this, Li Qingmei's eyes suddenly look a little regretful.


after the pet animal actual combat training class, Lin Suo and Zhang Xiaoyu went to the canteen for lunch together.

in the actual training class, Zhang Xiaoyu and his mushroom power also gained a lot.

because he only has one pet animal, the fight with the elders and sisters can only be conducted in the form of one-on-one.

the competition with other imperial beast envoys made his cooperation with mushroom power more tacit.

after lunch, Lin Su plans to take the two pet animals for a walk and eat. He returns to the research institute to see how the group of silly little brains are making progress in learning evolutionary technology.

while Zhang Xiaoyu lives on campus, he plans to take advantage of noon to go back to his dormitory for a lunch break.

the two of them agreed to go to class together in the afternoon, and then went back to their homes.

the course in the afternoon is also very superficial knowledge for Lin Su, so he chose to continue meditation.

it seems that ghosts have learned with great interest. Sitting on the steps beside them, they write and draw pictures in front of the classroom content issued by the teacher, which seems to be rewarding.

Qiuqiu continued to brush the forum, studying the anti younger brother strategy, and looking for various special combat methods that can break the skills of dark pet animals.

as the normal energy value of ghosts and ghosts gets closer and closer to it, more and more skills reach level III, and the ball also has a sense of urgency.

it has agreed with ghosts and ghosts that when all the skills of ghosts and ghosts reach level III, it will be the day for the team to compete for the position of eldest brother.

for that day, it must prepare early.

I must not let my younger brother succeed!

the eldest brother in this team must be his own!

in a twinkling of an eye, it was evening.

busy late at night, Lin Su, who returned home from the Research Institute, quickly lay on his bed, took the two pet animals back into the space of the imperial beast, immediately closed his eyes, and quickly fell asleep under the hypnosis of Qiuqiu.

next, he will conduct the second round knockout of the preliminary contest in Shenwu world.



'Ding ~'

a crisp sound, and the dream crystal pasted on the forehead of the ball is quietly broken.

under the nervous gaze of Lin Suhe and ghosts, the ball that reopened his eyes waved his paws and cheered.

'Mi!? (≥ ω ≦)?? '(the frost repellent wish is level III!)

'great!' Lin Shu couldn't help smiling.

'Jie!? ⊙? ⊙)' (my nibble of nothingness should break through in three days!)

the ghost lifted a paw and couldn't help speaking.

'in that case, Qiuqiu, let me plan the training tasks for you in the next stage.' Looking at the eyes of the two pet animals, Lin Su smiled. 'The next stage of training plan for ghosts and ghosts will wait until the bite of nothingness has broken through. The urgent task is to break through the bite of Nothingness as soon as possible.'

'Mi' (?) ω ó??) '(I'm first, I'm first!)

'Jie! ~?) (I understand!)

the ghost nodded to show no opinion.

he listened attentively to brother's new training plan and intended to find out what he needed to be vigilant about.

'now, there are nine skills to reach level III.' Lin Su said with a slight pause, 'five gifted skills, frost silent storm, snow trace, cold frost dream area, snow blast, Regal, four teaching skills, snow blowing, ice palm, frost rejection, and frost pupil.'

'among them, the four skills with the highest proficiency in level III should be frost silent storm, snow trace, snow blowing and frost pupil, because these four skills have always been the most frequently used skills.' Lin Su smiled, 'but even so, it is not possible to break through to level IV in a short time, so we have to keep training.'

'Mi ~ (?)?? ω??) '(OK ~)

smart ball quickly heard what Lin Su meant.

even the most proficient skills are still a long way from level IV, and other skills can not break through level IV in a short time.

after all, this is the end of non core skills, which can not be so easy to achieve.

' your teaching skills have not been added since evolution, During this period, we have been improving the proficiency of past teaching skills and newly awakened gifted skills. 'Lin Su paused a little and looked at the ball whose eyes were shining quickly.' next, you should learn a new teaching skill. '

' Mi! (?? ω??) '(new skill!)

'for the new teaching skills this time, we can focus on the spiritual department.' Lin Su smiled. 'First of all, arrange the heart talk. After you learn this skill, you can communicate with other people and pet animals without obstacles. Like hypnosis and awakening needles, you don't need to improve your proficiency for the time being. You just need to master it.'

'Mi' (?) ω ó??) '(got it!)

ball nods quickly.

After learning the heart language, it can let me tell Qin nan to lower her hand when she ejaculates herself!

although Qin Nan may not necessarily listen to...

'in addition to this skill, I intend to let you master two more skills, namely, shaking the spirit and screaming and weaving dreams. These two skills are a supplement to your current output of the spiritual department.' Seeing the surprised look on Qiuqiu's face, Lin Su smiled, 'it seems that you have done your homework in advance.'

teaching skills of the Department of spirit, shaking the spirit.

this is a spiritual skill with a threshold, which can only be learned and applied by the sovereign race's spiritual pet animals who master the Regal power.

this skill can transform the supernatural power of the spiritual system into sound waves, spread in all directions with the Regal, and cause deep shocks and blows to the spirit of the enemy.

even plugging the ears is useless, because it directly affects the spiritual level.

at present, there are only two mental skills in the ball. One is the frost storm with mental power, and the other is the cold frost dream field that can cause great mental damage.

this skill is very strong, but it has great limitations.

just having to look at this one makes it more likely to be prevented by the opponent in advance.

even now, there are few opportunities for ball to use this skill.

but with the first hand of shaking the spirit to attack the enemy, there will be more opportunities to release the cold frost dream domain.

if you can't shake the spirit, there is another skill.

teaching skills of the Department of spirit, dream weaving.

this skill is a large-scale fantasy skill. It does not cause any damage, but it can bring the advantages of the spirit department to the extreme.

with it, the ball stands opposite the opponent, and the opponent may not notice it at all.

eye to eye?


'OK, that's all your training plan.' Lin Su touched the head of the ball, rubbed the ghosts who were facing the enemy after hearing the two skills, and smiled in silence. 'It's getting late. We should go to the second round of knockout matches.'

he specially came to the tower with two pet animals after lunch.

after running through the tower, go directly to the competition.

complete in one go.

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