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Chapter 174 War! Imperial race!

When Qin Nan left, Lin Su sat in his seat and was deep in thought.

'Mi, MI ~ (?) ω ó??) (don't worry, it's OK)

I was listening to the conversation between the two just now. The ball rubbed Lin Su's hand and comforted him.

'Jie! (~? ~) '(sister Nan said she had turned the page!)

ghost grabbed Lin Su's other hand with his claws and shook it slightly.

'I'm fine.' Lin Su touched the two little ones with a warm smile on his face.

what he was meditating on just now was thinking about the cooperative pledge.

sister Nan doesn't need to deceive herself. The disability rate of the cooperative pledge should be true.

and Lin Su can feel that this time, it will not be like the collaborative preparatory camp. It is others who are disabled.

this disability rate is the disability rate of those imperial beast envoys who have made a cooperative pledge and are about to contact the imperial beast.

it's a pity that sister Nan refuses to disclose the reasons for these imperial beasts' disability.

is the individual's physical quality not good?

or some other reason?

Lin Su squeezed his fist.

at least one's own physical quality is the physical quality of physical training. Whether it's due to physical factors or other reasons, it shouldn't be his turn to be disabled...

forget it, I'll know tomorrow.

after thinking about the cooperative pledge, Lin Suo couldn't help thinking about the three doubts mentioned by sister Nan.

after mastering the ability of shuttling between the two worlds, I was too cautious, but because of my lack of experience, I didn't cover everything. This is the fundamental reason why I almost failed the audit.

fortunately, everything he did was of great help to the alliance. What's more, the body warming liquid and bone quenching liquid inadvertently gave a good impression to the military management department of the alliance, which made them support themselves at this time.

Lin Su looks at his hand and is lost in thought.


do you still need to hide your research?

being able to shuttle between the two worlds is his biggest secret. Naturally, he still maintains the principle of not telling anyone except pet animals.

but others...

he is in a complicated mood now, and even has some broken cans.

anyway, the alliance has found that it is not normal for me to produce so many research results.

how about not covering up the abnormality?

after all, if you really want to help Bluestar with the evolution route and various teaching skills of Shenwu world, the speed of producing experimental results will only be faster and faster in the future.

this is impossible to hide.

sister Nan has a sentence that reminds him.

as long as his research results can help the alliance, the alliance will not care how he researched them.

from the beginning to the present, no one has come to me to ask why I can take out the spiritual evolution technology of sleeping and dreaming in a week, and why I can take out the evolution type of frost dream shadow in a few days.


if his concealment is to make his situation safer, then now he has been taught by strange animals to stare at.

he and the cult of strange beasts have never died.

when he becomes strong, even if the strange beast sect doesn't come to him, he will go to the trouble of the strange beast sect.

so, can it be more dangerous?

Lin Su slowly clenched his fist, with a light smile on his face.


don't hide it.

'Qiuqiu, ghosts, let's help those snow striped black tigers evolve!'

in the past week, this group of silly little guys have mastered the evolutionary techniques of two evolutionary routes and can start to try evolution.

after evolution, he submitted the evolution route, and when the review was completed, he could start the research on the evolution route of the next pet race.

for those pet animal races covered in the front pet animal cultivation agreement, he can come up with at least 20 new evolutionary routes. It will take more than half a year for these research projects to be reviewed from application to start to submission.

after that, he is going to move something new!

for example, what are the unique teaching skills of Shenwu world?

'Jie! Jie! ≥? ≤)' (come! Arrange evolution for my little brothers!)

ghosts and ghosts mean that the world is a family.

these cerebellar axes are all his little brothers.

'Mi! Mi!?' ω ó??) '(come on! Arrange evolution for my little brothers!)

ball means that all cats in the world belong to one family.

these cerebellar axes are also its little brothers.


is night.

after a busy day, Lin Suo returns home with Qiuqiu and ghosts.

the cerebellar axes in the laboratory have finally completed their evolution.

about half of them have evolved into the night frost tiger, a low monarch race of the dark and ice systems, and the other half has evolved into the dark awn tiger, a higher leader race of the dark system.

the route from snow striped black tiger to eternal night frost tiger is over. Lin Su has submitted the specific evolution route.

as for those dark tigers...

they will undergo a period of cultivation, stabilize their current state, carry out secondary evolution, evolve from dark tigers to dark holy tigers of medium monarch race, and then submit the evolution route by Lin Su, which can not be solved in a short time.

if a pet animal continuously evolves in a short period of time, its potential consumption will be relatively large, and the upper limit will be reduced in the future.

although they are experimental pet animals, after these pet animals have completed their evolution, they can also give contracts to the fighters on the border front and become partners to fight side by side with them. Lin Su still needs to train them well.

as long as he has completed the evolution of the night frost tiger, he can start the next research goal. As for these dark awned tigers, let them stay in the research room.

anyway, as a research volunteer, the feeding and accommodation of pet animals are the responsibility of the alliance. It is not necessary for Lin Suhui to pay for this nest of cerebellar axes...

um... Now it is the brain axe.

after a busy day, Lin Su is also a little tired. After taking the two pet animals back into the animal space, he quickly washes and lies on the bed.

after returning to the world of Shenwu this time, he will fight with the beast envoy named Ji chuheng, who is contracted to be the favorite beast of the emperor's race.

this made Lin Su unable to help himself.

he can complete the collaborative pledge tomorrow, and has the qualification to customize his own homologous jade.

after having the qualification, customization also takes a period of time, which is not available on the spot.


I don't know if I can catch up in the final.

but the current round robin is definitely behind schedule.

just look at the gap between ghosts and balls and the real imperial race pet animals!

close your eyes and cross!


round robin, divided into more than 60 groups.

there are more than 60 groups with their own numbers.

every day, on the battle field of the preselected big match, each group will carry out a battle within the group according to the sequence number.

and Lin Su's group is group 6.

therefore, every day their group's competition is held in the morning.

early in the morning, Lin Xu and his two pet animals quickly came to the waiting area next to the battle field.

not far from them, there stood a man with high hair tied behind him, wearing a robe and a rather proud expression.

feeling Lin Su's gaze towards him, the man looked at Lin Su and immediately withdrew his gaze.

Ji chuheng.

a disciple of the president of the Federation of imperial beasts of Dayan state.

is also the only imperial race pet animal contractor pre selected by the elite beast envoy.

Lin Su's expression is slightly solemn.

in the previous knockout match, he was not clear about the performance of Ji chuheng, but he also made one shot in the first three days of the round robin.

that time, he sent only one imperial race pet animal.

with the strength of a pet animal, he forcefully crushed another beast envoy and his two pet animals in the same group, and ended a battle without effort.

Lin Su looks at ghosts and balls silently.

in the past few days, they have been training hard, and ghosts and balls have mastered many new skills.

in addition, there is malicious ridicule of this skill, which is used as a bottom card to press the bottom of the box.

even so, Lin Su still does not have much confidence to defeat the other side.

'Mi!?'? ω??) (let's cheer together!)

perceives Lin Su's concern in his eyes. The ball standing quietly in the air rubs against Lin Su and waves a small paw to encourage him.

'refueling together!' Lin Su smiled and put his hand under the claws of the ball with the back of his hand facing up.

'Jie!? ⊙? ⊙)' (and me!)

the ghost extends a claw to cover the meat claws of the ball.

one person and two favourites quickly pressed down, adding a little more confidence to their faces.

in the anxious waiting, the fighting of the first five groups ended one after another.

finally, the referee on the battle field spoke loudly.

'group 6, Ji chuheng vs. Lin Suo!'

this cry actually made many people in the audience cheer up from their bored state.

has nothing to do with Lin su.

they got up their spirits purely because Ji chuheng, the beast envoy of the contract emperor race.

the name of a person is the shadow of a tree.

as a disciple of the president of the Royal beast Federation of trade unions, Ji chuheng has a very famous reputation.

Lin Suo made an 'please' gesture toward Ji chuheng not far away, but saw that Ji chuheng never looked at him.

so crazy?

Lin Su shook his head helplessly.

hold the long gun in hand and step on the battle field at a fast pace.

with one foot on the field, Ji chuheng has goose yellow veins under his feet interwoven into an array. With the sweeping energy storm, a figure quickly walks out of the void.

Lin Su's eyes narrowed slightly. There was no surprise on his face.

this guy.

I'm really crazy.

facing himself, Ji chuheng only summoned a pet animal.

also, it is the pet beast that fought with another player in the same group before.

it was a four legged animal landing on the ground, with obvious sharp barbs at the joints, no hair on its whole body, flashing black scales, and a body like an alpaca. It was a special pet with a dragon like head and a long whip tail. Its body was two meters high. As soon as it appeared, it looked at ghosts and balls with its cold and deep black eyes.

lower imperial races of the dark system and the fighting system, Yinyuan envoy!

among the imperial races, the race with the fighting system seems to be quite popular with the beast envoys. Whether it is Yan Sushen before or Ji chuheng now, the choice of the imperial race is related to the fighting system.

after all, this is the attribute that is said to be the best at fighting at the same level.

'Mi!? _?) (younger brother, he despises us!)

seeing that the beast envoy in front of him summoned only one pet beast, Qiu Qiu bared his teeth and showed a fierce expression.


how great is the imperial field?

it's just a royal race. Do you want to play two with one?

'Jie!?)' (give them a lesson!)

the ghost rolled his eyes and stared at Ji chuheng, who had his hands behind his back and showed his master's demeanor.

I'll give you a vicious mockery gift bag later!

let you know that we are not easy to mess with!

compared with the dissatisfaction of the two pet animals, Lin Suo is much calmer.

he takes a quiet look at Ji chuheng standing in the distance and silently holds the soul gun in his hand.

the first thing to do next.

drive Ji chuheng's second pet out.

the second thing...

poke two holes in this pretending criminal!

'I'll count down to three, and the game starts.' The referee quickly said, 'three... Two... One!'

as the referee's voice fell, Yin yuan took the lead.

in just a moment, its strong and powerful four hooves burst out quickly, and under the terrible force, its body was like a shell coming out of the bore. It quickly approached the ball and ghosts at a speed that could not capture its shape.

fighting department teaching skills, instant steps!

in the face of the attack first launched by Yin Yuanshi, Qiuqiu and ghosts move at the same time.

the ghosts quickly gave out 'Jie Jie' funny laughter, then pressed their claws on the ground, quickly created a dark world that could cover the whole battle field, and then merged into the shadows on the ground, and quickly disappeared.

at the same time, the ball turned into a white shadow and rocked up to the sky.

by the way, lock the opponent with frost pupil, leaving a raging frost silent storm on the only way of Yinyuan envoy's instant step!


the figure of Yin yuan envoy tore open the frost silent storm. When it reappeared, it had already appeared in the place where the ghosts and balls had been. The sonic boom and boundless gale were raging. The strength of the pause left a hole in the battle field.

a layer of red halo loomed in its black eyes. Above its head, a strange Black Skull Flame quickly emerged.

at the same time, Ji chuheng, who was standing calmly in the same place with his hands behind his back as if he were holding the winning ticket, suddenly changed his expression.

on his head, there was also a Black Skull Flame pattern.

at this moment, Ji chuheng's heart was filled with indescribable anger. It seemed that only his shadow was left in his world.

attack it!

attack it!!

the voice from somewhere echoed in Ji chuheng's heart again and again. At the same time, Ji chuheng suddenly had a faint black line on his body.

the black lines seemed to have life, and they were spreading toward Ji chuheng's body, wantonly absorbing Ji chuheng's strength, which made him feel a pang of pain and powerlessness.

what is this skill?!

forcibly suppressed the idea that he wanted to attack the pet beast himself, which was constantly emerging in his heart. Ji chuheng's heart was shocked.

he has never seen such strange skills.

without hesitation, a goose yellow light pattern appeared under his feet. In the storm, the second pet animal appeared for the first time!

it is a female human pet animal, wrapped in a long skirt woven of huge rose petals, with a blooming bright red rose on its head. Every move will bring a light red mist.

standing on the other side of the battle field, Lin Su, who always pays attention to Ji chuheng's situation, can't help taking a breath.

medium imperial race of wood, Rose Queen!

he successfully forced Ji chuheng's second pet out, but this time, the situation seemed to get worse.

as soon as the rosy Queen walked out, she raised her hand and waved a green red vine around Ji chuheng's arm.

the dark toxin originally spreading in Ji chuheng's body surged uncontrollably toward the Rose Queen at a rapid speed at this moment, and slowly merged into the body of the Rose Queen along the vine.

Rose Queen's talent skill, wound compensation!

'ghosts, mocking the Rose Queen!' Lin Su quickly gave instructions through telepathy.

in the dark world, ghosts and ghosts who use shadow hiding to evade the imperial power field locked on themselves quickly give out strange laughter after receiving instructions.

Ji chuheng's expression slightly changed. He clearly felt that the Queen's action of absorbing the dark poison from her body stopped in a moment.

at the same time, the black flame in the shape of a skull also appeared on the head of the Rose Queen.

damn it!

A flash of anger flashed in Ji chuheng's eyes. He lost his previous composure and quickly gave instructions through telepathy, signaling the two pet animals to stop holding their hands and try their best to release them.


being repeatedly cast dark traps by ghosts and ghosts led to the failure of instant step launch. Yinyuan, who was dragged by the frost storm by balls and balls in the air, suddenly gave a strange roar.

the roar is like the sound of a dragon and an ancient chant. It seems to be coming from the abyss. With an indescribable power, it spreads rapidly in all directions.

everything that comes into contact with the tangible sound wave will be pulverized, broken and dissipated in a very short time.

with the sound wave surging, everything around was rapidly destroyed. Even the extremely strong fighting ground under the foot of Yin yuan was broken like a ground dragon turning over.

deep chanting is a talent skill, deep chanting!

and this is not the end!

the Rose Queen gave a scream, and countless cyan vines wrapped with sharp and poisonous thorns quickly emerged from the earth and came from the ground. The sharp sound of breaking wind caused bursts of sonic booms, and a thread of almost substantive prestige was wrapped around it.

that is the imperial force field entangled in the attack. It is a unique means that can be exercised only after the imperial force field reaches level III. everything that comes into contact with Nawei light will suddenly fall into a standstill, and then be eliminated invisibly in the beating of vines and the terrible poison on stingers.

Rose Queen's talent skill, thorny vein!

two consecutive terror skills covering the whole field were quickly released, covering Lin Suo and two pet animals at the same time, without sparing any one.

Lin Su's expression changed wildly, and his face became more dignified.

is the imperial race really so strong?

only one full shot of the other side gave him a sense of powerlessness.

a white shadow is coming at him quickly at this moment. It is the ball that quickly pounced on him, and the ball also has a flying knife in his hand.

the Throwing Knife quickly replaced the body shape with the ghosts and ghosts. The ghosts and ghosts growled fiercely, and pushed out two black eddies with both hands at the same time, hitting the sound waves and vines raging ahead.

however, the bite of nothingness, which had never been unfavorable in the past, collapsed at a very fast speed after encountering the attack of two imperial species' pet animals with the imperial power field.

next to the collapse, there are 36 layers of ice crystal petals covering the side of the ball.

at the moment when the last layer of the ball was broken, an extremely powerful force quickly took Lin Suo and the two pet animals away from the battle field.

'Ji chuheng, win!'

hearing the referee announce that the other side won, Lin Su, standing outside the court, was full of frustration.

you lose?!

although the thorn vein and the abyss chant are the core skills of the Rose Queen and the Yin yuan envoy respectively, they also carry a level III imperial power field, which is the strongest blow of the two pet animals.

however, such an easy rout still exceeded Lin Su's expectations.

he silently holds the long gun in his hand and takes a deep look at Ji chuheng in the distance.

come again in the final!

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