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Chapter 202 Joint experience of alliance Universities

'Miss Li?'

looking at the visitor, Lin Su's face was a little surprised.

Li Qingmei, this is the teacher of his practical training class.

the first time I went to audit Mr. Li's class, Lin Su found that her course content covered a wide range of subjects, which inspired me a lot.

therefore, he would attend this class every week, and naturally he would not be unfamiliar with Mr. Li.

but as far as he knows, it seems that Mr. Li is not a researcher. How can he appear in the research institute?

'Oh, Qin Nan, are you there?' Walking into the research room, Li Qingmei noticed Qin Nan sitting beside her at the first glance, and her eyes looked a little surprised. Then she turned her eyes to Lin su. 'I'm here to see you this time. Next, there is an experience activity that all colleges and universities in the League will participate in. I wonder if you will be interested in it.'

'Li Qingmei!' Qin Nan could not help but frown.

hearing what Li Qingmei said, she had guessed the other party's purpose.

if it had been before, Qin Nan would probably have directly interrupted the other party and wouldn't let her continue.

but now...

thinking of what I just learned about Lin Su's fourth level beast space, Qin Nan was a little silent for a while.

'Oh, oh, don't worry, I have a sense of propriety.' Li Qingmei waved her hand and turned to look at Lin su. 'This training is called the joint training of the alliance universities. Each university sends 20 people to participate. The place is very close to the border front.'

joint training of the alliance Universities...

each university sends 20 people...

near the border front...

Lin Su's heart moves slightly.

during this period, he has studied so many evolutionary routes for the fighters on the border front, and the dark demon body has been proposed for almost two months.

the body boiling liquid and bone quenching liquid that were brought out at the beginning must have been promoted.

Lin Su did think about going back to the border front to see if the things he took out were helpful to the fighters on the border front.

and now there is such an opportunity.

it would be nice if I could go to the border front on the way during my training.

it may be dangerous for him to go to the border front alone, but with so many people together, the teachers in the school will certainly lead the team, which is much safer.

'Mr. Li, can you elaborate on this experience?' Lin Su asked earnestly.

'no problem.' Li Qingmei smiled and sat down in a chair. 'In fact, at the beginning, the name of the joint experience of the League colleges and universities is the League college joint exhibition competition. The best college students are selected to compete for ranking, showing the strength of the college students of the beast. It is broadcast live across the league.'

Lin Su listened carefully and nodded slightly when he heard this.

this is similar to the nature of various competitions in the Shenwu world.

but in that case, why should we go near the border front?

wouldn't it be better to be directly in the safety zone?

before he asked about her doubts, Li Qingmei explained her next words.

'however, only two sessions have been held, and the league's senior management has raised objections to the exhibition match.' She shook her head helplessly. 'They think that this is not an era of peace. The best beast guards of the alliance should not only show themselves on the battle platform through painless competitions, but better come up with something practical.'

'to be practical, it is natural to go up to the border front to kill the enemy.' Li Qingmei shrugged her shoulders. 'But on the one hand, the border front is changing rapidly. If the immortal country knows the situation and deliberately pits and kills these beast envoys, we can't bear the loss.'

'on the other hand, the original intention of the exhibition competition is to show the strength of excellent beast guards in Colleges and universities. It needs to broadcast the whole process live, and the situation of the front is not suitable to be open to the whole league, otherwise it will be detrimental to the stability of the league.'

'therefore, in the end, we decided to carry out the elimination of the exotic animals gathering area in the area behind the front line, and compete for the ranking of universities by the number of exotic animals eliminated. In this way, we can not only broadcast live to the public, but also have higher security, and help the border front alleviate the pressure on the rear, so as to kill three birds with one stone.'

'more than half of the colleges and universities agreed to this proposal, and the joint exhibition competition of colleges and universities has been changed to joint training since then.' Li Qingmei looked at Lin Su, who agreed with her, and smiled. 'It seems that you think the change is good.'

'yes.' Lin Su nodded.

blue star is different from Shenwu world. Shenwu world is more common than fighting, but in the case of blue star, human beings and foreign enemies, experience is obviously more suitable than exhibition competition.

therefore, the so-called joint training of the alliance universities is actually to eliminate the gathering area of exotic animals behind the front?

the border front is an extremely vast belt shaped area.

in this area, in addition to the vast battlefield, there are many strange animal gathering areas. At that time, most of the extermination tasks carried out by the preparatory battalion during the final assessment were to exterminate the strange animal gathering areas in this area.

the rear of the front refers to the part of the area that has escaped from the influence of dark Lin's rules but has not yet reached the alliance's security zone.

there is actually a long distance between the front and the location where the security zone is concentrated.

this distance is to prevent the tide of exotic animals from invading the safety zone in a moment when problems arise on the front, and to give human beings a chance to breathe and react.

if you are training in such a place, is it similar to going out of the safety zone to eliminate exotic animals?

when Lin Su said his doubts, Li Qingmei quickly responded.

'it's OK for you to understand this.' She smiled. 'In fact, you have experienced similar situations. Before, the actual part of the entrance examination of Shancheng University was conducted in the wild. However, our teachers had cleaned up the examination area in advance, driving out and killing all the leaders and monarchs, so there was not much danger.'

'this time, there will be no preparation in advance.' Li Qingmei coughed softly. 'What the experience is going to enter is a strange animal activity area randomly selected by the central brain. Before the experience starts, we can't even determine where the specific area is.'

'I see.' Lin Su nodded.

except inside the safety zone, no other place is absolutely safe.

there are wild animals hostile to human beings in those places.

in the early days, the alliance had organized several large-scale campaigns, but no matter how the campaign was carried out, even if there was no trace of wild exotic animals, exotic animals from other regions would still come to breed here after a period of time, and it would not be long before the scale would be restored.

for a long time, the alliance simply gave up large-scale organization and suppression. Only when the presence of imperial rank outside the security zone was monitored, would it kill the other side.

for wild monsters of the monarch rank and below, the Royal beast Association will directly issue the task of eliminating them, so that the Royal beast envoys can eliminate them according to the situation. On the one hand, they can sharpen the Royal beast envoys, and on the other hand, they can serve as a stable source of exotic animal resources.

therefore, there may be monarchy in the wild animal activity area that the alliance universities will enter for joint training.

'I want to try.' Lin Su pondered for a moment and began to speak seriously.

there will certainly be teachers from the school to accompany me, so even if there is a monarchy, it is not dangerous. I can still go to the border front on my way.

kill two birds with one stone.

'OK.' Li Qingmei nodded. 'Let me register for you. You are the substitute for the joint training of Yamaguchi University this time.'

'substitute?' Lin Su blinked.

he thought that Mr. Li came here to let him directly participate in training.

it turned out that I was only a substitute!

'there are 21 master level beast guards who can participate in this experience. Twenty of them have been selected. According to the rules, five substitute players are required. Except for the last master, the other four are selected from the elite.'

'I have heard of the special situation of your Youneng coherence rate. In addition, your two pet animals are very powerful.' Li Qingmei spread out her hand, 'so I naturally came to her.'

in the past three months, Lin Su has thoroughly gained fame through practical training courses.

in the absence of the imperial race, his peers rarely failed.

in this case, it is understandable for Li Qingmei to find a substitute and find Lin Su at the first time.

however, when hearing Li Qingmei's words, both Lin Su and Qin Nan looked a little strange.

'well, Mr. Li, I'm already a master.' Lin Su gave a light cough.

'what?!' Li Qingmei blinked, 'are you... Master?'

she suddenly recovered and took a look at the ball beside her.

it seems that something is wrong.

without hesitation, Li Qingmei took out the communicator and swept it. Then her pupil contracted violently. The communicator fell to the ground with a 'clanking' sound. 'What's the normal energy value of more than 300000 POW?!'

is this normal energy value available to the pet animals of the normal command level and monarch race?

'you... Have your frost dream evolved into an imperial race?' Li Qingmei could not help taking a breath.

'No.' Lin Su scratched his head. 'It's still the race of monarchs.'

command level · monarch race, more than 300000 normal energy values.

this kind of situation is not absent, but it usually occurs to those imperial beast envoys who have stopped working for several years at the stage of master level imperial beast envoys, and who are rich and generous and spend a lot of precious resources to cultivate pet beasts.

Lin Su is so excellent in research that Li Qingmei can understand that he can give a lot of contribution points to pet animals to exchange resources.

but it's a bit outrageous to reach this level soon after the advanced stage.

this kind of pet animal strength has been able to suppress the vast majority of people in the battle society!

at this moment, Li Qingmei's eyes lit up instantly. 'I suddenly feel that it's really inferior to let you be a substitute. Let's go! I'll find a classmate to exchange places with you.'

Lin Su: '...

' this is not very good. ' He gave a light cough. 'The quota has been determined. If we change it now...

' it's OK! ' Li Qingmei waved her hand. 'It's a small problem.'

after that, she took Lin Su's hand and walked out quickly. 'Come on, let's go to the battle club.'

watching the figures of Li Qingmei and Lin Su disappear in the research room, Qin Nan shakes her head and also walks out of the research room.

accompanied by the teachers of the Department of warfare, Lin Su's safety should not be too worried.

after all, all the teachers of the Department of warfare are palace level beast envoys.

go home, go home, have a sleep, and then start meditating.

dozed off, and Qin Nan felt the heart of space in her pocket, with a smile of anticipation on her face.

'Teacher Li, why do we go to the battle club?' Lin Su blinked.

although he doesn't pay much attention to many things in the campus, Zhang Xiaoyu, a know it all, can understand many things from his mouth.

there are societies in the imperial beast mission University.

these associations are established and managed by students with the same interests and hobbies.

most of them have a scale of more than 100 people, and some societies are crouching tigers, hidden dragons, which also have a great reputation outside the school.

among them, the largest is the battle club.

in the battle Club of Yamashiro University, the threshold for joining is to master the coordinated combat of imperial beasts, among which even master level imperial beast envoys are not few.

not long after the start of school, Zhang Xiaoyu joined the battle club at the invitation of the seniors he met in the actual combat training class.

at that time, the senior also invited Lin Su, but he resolutely refused.

at that time, Lin Su had begun to study the evolution of various races on the border front, but he had no spare time to participate in any community activities.

'other students participating in the training are all in the duel club now, so it's more convenient to go directly to the duel club to find them.' Li Qingmei glanced at Lin Su and suddenly smiled. 'Speaking of that, you don't seem to have joined the battle club, have you?'

'not yet.' Lin Xu shook his head. 'I'm busy these days. I don't have time to participate in any club activities.'

'it doesn't matter. Just put your name on it.' Li Qingmei waved her hand. 'Just now, I'm the consultant teacher of the battle club. I'll deal with it directly later.'

Lin Su: '...

you gave me a chance to refuse?

well, that's what Mr. Li said. Let's hang up our names.

it's not a big deal anyway.

'Teacher Li, when did this experience begin?'

suddenly he thought of something. Lin Su asked.

'one week later.' Li Qingmei smiled. 'You should be OK then?'

'No.' Lin Su shook his head.

he asked this mainly because he was worried that the experience here would clash with the other countries.

now it seems that the experience should be completed before the big match.

then you don't have to worry.

'don't worry, experience won't take too long.' Thinking that Lin Su is worried about the impact of too long on normal study and life, Li Qingmei explained with a smile, 'the joint training of the alliance universities lasts for two days. On the first day, choose a place, and then repair it at the nearest battle sequence command headquarters. On the second day, the whole day is training, and...

' when the time comes, artificial supernatural intelligence will broadcast your experience live across the alliance. '

Lin Su couldn't help being shocked.

live broadcast across the League...

'OK, here we are.' While talking, Li Qingmei has brought Lin Su to the battle club.

as the largest student association of Shancheng University, the duel club occupies the whole venue. The internal furnishings are almost the same as the top duel venues outside the University.

highlight one word, professional!

as soon as he entered it, Lin Su felt the warm atmosphere of fierce fighting among pets on the battle platforms around him. On the edge of each battle platform, there were many members who did not fight. These members communicated with each other, as if they were analyzing and summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of both sides of the battle.


a loud noise suddenly came, and Lin Suxun's reputation went away.

that was a young man with grass green hair and tight combat clothes. His body was a little thin, and his beautiful face was covered with green lines. Every time he punched his legs, his thin body would burst into a flash of powerful force like a mountain torrent, and his fists and feet seemed to break the battle platform.

at this moment, he blows the opponent in front of him out of the field with one punch, then cancels the coordination state, revealing Lin Su's familiar face, and there is an extra mushroom force beside him that waves several punches from time to time across the air.

who is not Zhang Xiaoyu?

'Zhang Xiaoyu!' Lin Su shouted with a smile and waved to Zhang Xiaoyu.

hearing the sound, Zhang Xiaoyu turned his head and saw Lin su. After seeing Lin Su, he quickly jumped down from the combat platform and walked quickly toward Lin su. 'Lin Su, how did you come?'

others also noticed the situation here because of Lin Su's voice.

'Pa Pa!'

Li Qingmei clapped her hands, and her voice echoed in the battle venue. 'Those who participate in joint training, come and gather!'

when the voice falls, some of the members who are fighting and watching outside the field quickly stop what they are doing and quickly gather towards Li Qingmei.

other members who were not named also came up curiously at the moment.

although they were not selected to participate in this training, they were all against the war society, and naturally they were clear about the joint training of colleges and universities.

they even made an appointment to watch the live broadcast of their college students' experience that day.

at this moment, seeing Li Qingmei summon all the students who participated in the joint training of colleges and universities, they immediately became curious.

Soon, in front of Lin Suo and Li Qingmei, there appeared 24 male and female beast envoys.

their faces are relatively mature. At a glance, they are senior students and senior students.

among these people, Lin Su only knew song Shen.

song Shen quickly notices Lin Su next to Li Qingmei and nods slightly at him. His expression is not unexpected.

Lin Su can beat him, and it is natural that he should be selected as the last substitute.


it seems that it is not necessary to call everyone together for such a thing, right?

song Shen had more doubts in his eyes, and then he felt a little confused.

there are probably other things to be announced together.

should be like this.

while song Shen was thinking, she looked at the people who had arrived in front of her. Li Qingmei smiled and patted Lin Su on the shoulder. 'Lin Su, don't you need me to introduce you?'

everyone shook their heads.

most of those who participate in the training are senior students, who will not participate in the actual combat training class.

so it's normal that Lin Su doesn't know many people.

but they are familiar with Lin su.

after all, this younger student is already a famous researcher in the league.

'then I'd like to announce two things.' Li Qingmei coughed softly. 'The first thing is that there is a place for the last substitute.'

people's faces are more obvious.

depending on the situation, the last substitute should be this junior Lin su.

even if they haven't met Lin Su, they have heard some rumors. The young student in front of them is very strong. It's hard to meet an opponent in the elite level. Even song Shen has lost.

such strength should be enough as the last substitute for experience.

'the last substitute is... Qi Hong!'

while they were thinking, Li Qingmei's voice came into their ears.


everyone was stunned.

Qi Hong...

this is one of the 20 people selected to participate in the training.

although he is the one with the weakest comprehensive strength, he is also a regular member. How did

become a substitute?

'the second thing is to add Lin Su to the number of players selected.' Li Qingmei patted Lin Su, who was helpless, and smiled.

after a moment of silence, the field suddenly exploded.

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