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Chapter 211 The day of Lin Su's deification


accompanied by a violent roar and explosion, the sweeping storm was torn and broken in an instant.

exposed the wild bear whose body was completely broken in the storm.

no matter how strong its defense and tenacious its vitality are, it is obviously impossible for it to continue to survive when half of it has been smashed.

the wild bear of the monarch rank perished!

looking at the heavily fallen debris in front of him, Lin Su's body slowly fell to the ground, and he was slightly relieved.

behind him, other students of Yamashiro University quickly fell down and nervously surrounded the remains of the wild bear.

after a long time, one of the female students woke up and said, 'we... Killed the wild bear of the monarchy?!'

other people also recovered, and the tension and worry in their eyes disappeared in a moment.

instead, excitement.

'we won!'

'one thousand points!'


'all right, all right, calm down.' Wen Gu gave a light cough, but his face also had an indistinguishable smile. 'The competition has just begun. Other colleges and universities certainly have not killed monarch level monsters like us, so I'm afraid our points now are the first. Don't relax! Keep the first!'


people's eyes are shining with excitement, and they nod heavily.

Wen Gu stepped forward and patted Lin Su on the shoulder. 'Thanks for you, brother.'

'yes.' Lin Suo nodded. 'Then I'll go to clean it up.'

he looked at other teammates and said, 'if you meet the monarch again, please call me at any time.'

'that's necessary. Hold your legs well!'

'the first thing to see the monarch is to turn on the contact meter, haha!'


nodded to his teammates, and Lin Xu walked with ghosts and ghosts in the air and flew toward the distance.

his light of erosion and robbery has been cultivated to the level of perfection. He can send and receive light freely. The more he urges, the stronger the power of light of erosion and robbery is.

in order to deal with that wild bear whose strength is far greater than his own, Lin Su has no reservations about this erosion.

so now, he works with the ball first and waits for the ghosts to recover their strength.


in the live broadcasting room.

after a long silence, the barrage exploded in an instant.

[Panguan: lying in the trough! What was Lin Suo's strike just now? I think it's awesome across the screen!]

[Siam cat: sure enough, you can always trust Lin Su!]

[Butterfly Kite: Lin Su! You are my God!]


countless bullets are surging, and I am shocked by what has just happened.

more than 100 million viewers were shocked by this.

'what did Lin Su use just now?' After a moment's stagnation, Zhao LAN couldn't help turning her head to song Luo. 'Teacher song, what is that black light, teaching skills?'

'I don't know.' Song Luo shook his head oddly. 'Although I'm not a researcher, I know a lot about teaching skills because I've hosted many programs. The kind of ability Lin Sugang has just demonstrated is by no means any known hidden teaching skill.'

'is that a gifted skill of a master magician?' Zhao LAN asked.

'there is no such one among the gifted skills of magicians given in the League atlas.' Song Luo paused slightly. 'There's one thing I didn't say, that is, the evolution of the master magician was also proposed by Lin su.'

'so like his frost dream shadow, it's possible that his magic master has some additional talent skills.'

'of course, it may also be a new teaching skill.' Song Luo coughed softly. 'As far as I know, Lin Su also has some experience in studying teaching skills. He once developed an ice teaching skill called ice palm, and later developed a dark system collaboration skill called dark demon body.'

[fishing and raising books: at the same age, Lin Su has become a God, and I can only lie on the bright light group to fish and watch the live broadcast.]

[North orange never sleeps: Lin Shen! Tell me that Lin Shen is omnipotent!]

[grandma white rabbit: am I the only one curious about what synergy technology is?]

[the night is very quiet: and me, I can control beast coordination, but I have never heard of coordination technology!]


'it seems that many netizens are curious about what synergy technology is. I am also puzzled about this. Can Mr. Song give us an answer?' Zhao LAN opened her mouth with a smile when she noticed someone asking questions on the screen.

'no problem.' Song Luo nodded. 'Synergy technology is a concept proposed by Lin Su two months ago. Under normal circumstances, the use of imperial beast synergy is dominated by the idea of the imperial beast envoy and assisted by the pet beast. But in the process of releasing skills, the main control is actually the pet beast.'

'this can also explain why the skill proficiency of pet animals will not be affected in the process of beast control coordination. How high the original proficiency is, how high the proficiency of releasing skills is.'

'Lin Su believes that through his own training, the imperial beast envoy can actively control the strength provided by the pet beast to exercise his skills, which is similar to the process of the pet beast learning teaching skills. Through his own learning and training, the imperial beast envoy can master a brand-new skill called collaborative technology.'

'very interesting idea!' Zhao Lan's eyes lit up slightly. 'How many synergy technologies have appeared so far? I want to try.'

[Lihua with orange: I want to! I want to practice synergy skills!]

[Xiang Yu, l: upstairs, I live next door to your house. Why didn't I know you could cooperate with the beast?]

[grateful heart: probably in a dream, wake up quickly!]


'up to now, there is only one dark coordination skill called dark demon body.' Song Luo laughed, 'this is also the biggest difficulty of collaborative technology at present. Unlike the teaching skills that have developed to a certain scale, collaborative technology is still a blank at present, and it can not even be used for reference.'

'however, Lin Su is still young. I believe he will continue to study this aspect in the future and bring us more surprises.'

'Mr. Song, I think of another disadvantage of collaborative technology.' Zhao LAN turned her eyes and smiled.

'Oh?' Song Luo smiled. 'Tell me?'

'pet animals continue to train, which originates from their own supernatural power.' Zhao Lan said slightly, 'if the imperial beast emissary wants to train coordination skills, it needs to keep the state of coordination between the imperial beast and the beast for continuous practice. In this state, the imperial beast emissary's physical strength is very exhausted, I'm afraid it's difficult to continue, and his efficiency will be reduced.'

[Huo Huo: I also want to say that I will be completely exhausted if the coordinated combat with the beast lasts for at most one hour. If I train the coordinated skills, the efficiency is certainly not as high as the training skills of the pet beast.]

[three feet three: I think you are weak upstairs!]



'you are right.' Song Luo nodded approvingly. 'The coordination of the imperial beast will also consume the physical strength of the imperial beast emissary. Although it is not much, it is relative to the supernatural strength of the pet beast, so under normal circumstances, the physical strength of the imperial beast emissary will be exhausted if it can last for at most one or two hours. But...

song Luo's voice changed, 'There is already a solution to this problem, and the initiator of this solution is also Lin su.'

'what?!' Zhao LAN exclaimed, 'teacher song, can you tell me what to do?'

'measures are related to supernatural resources.' Song Luo smiled. 'As we all know, human beings cannot absorb and use supernatural resources.'

'but Lin Su has subverted.'

'he has developed two special medicinal solutions, which add specific supernatural resources to them. After being treated in a specific way, human beings can also enhance their physique by absorbing supernatural resources. Although they can't have supernatural power like other animals, they can improve their physique to a terrible level.'

'with that kind of physical strengthening, it is possible to exercise the coordination of animal control for a long time.'

[Lu Xiang: don't say anything, where can I buy it!]

[my world has been occupied by you: beg together! Kneel down!]

[dream exhausted: same quest + 1!]


'my God!' Zhao LAN took a deep breath, but it was difficult to hide the shock on her face. 'Are there any supernatural resources that can act on the human body?'

'I didn't think so before, but isn't it the charm of scientific research to make the impossible possible?' Song Luo smiled. 'I saw some netizens say that they want the liquid medicine developed by Lin Su, which is temporarily unavailable.'

'those two kinds of medicinal liquids, called body boiling liquid and bone quenching liquid, are currently giving priority to the supply of fighters on the border front. When the front-line personnel are satisfied, they will probably appear in our lives in the form of contribution points exchange.' Song Luo smiled and said, 'please look forward to it.'

'Mr. Song is very familiar with Lin su.' Zhao LAN opened her mouth with a smile.

'of course, I didn't say anything about it.' Song Luo changed his usual serious appearance and gave a funny squeeze of eyes to the live studio. 'I'm also a fan of Lin su.'

'so it is.' Zhao LAN smiled happily. 'Does Mr. Song still know some of Lin Su's research results?'

'of course.' Song Luo laughed and continued to talk.

in the process of chatting between the two hosts, there was no special situation in any university. Therefore, the picture in the main live broadcasting room has always stayed in Lin Su's perspective.

every time song Luo talked about a certain research result of Lin Su, the shocking words on the bullet screen in the live studio churned up.

therefore, this league wide live broadcast called 'joint experience of League colleges and universities' seems to have changed its taste unconsciously.

became a live broadcast of Lin's personal commendation meeting...


'good boy!'

sitting on the edge of the experience area, Li Qingmei is holding a communicator and laughing at the live broadcast.

she didn't think of this situation at all.

'Mr. Li, what is the situation of your Shancheng university?' Not far away, a teacher from another school said with an unsightly expression, 'how did the live broadcast of joint experience become a personal commendation meeting? Is this bias too obvious?'

'have you killed the monarch rank? Or are your students so excellent?' Li Qingmei put her hands on her hips and snorted, 'it's only natural that we Lin Su should be treated like this!'

'you...' the teacher pointed at Li Qingmei, gave her a hard look at the end, and continued to watch the live broadcast unhappily.


why are there no such excellent students in our school?

'hum.' Seeing that the other party was speechless, Li Qingmei happily continued to watch the live broadcast. When she saw Lin Su on the light screen, it was more pleasant to her eyes.

this time, Yamaguchi University brushed a wave of sense of existence in front of the league.

'Yo, how about watching the live broadcast?' A voice appeared behind Li Qingmei.

'yes, i...' Li Qingmei quickly turned her head, looked at her face and said, 'Qin Nan, how did you come?'

'I don't want to, but Lin Su seems to have done another big thing yesterday.' Qin Nan sighed lightly. 'I came to the second combat sequence to see the situation. I just thought that Lin Su was training. I stopped by to have a look.'

'ha, what's Lin Suo doing?' Li Qingmei's expression brightened up.

Lin Suo left the transport truck yesterday and came back at night when he had a rest.

she thought that this kid's preparatory camp was here, probably to remember the instructor, so she didn't take it seriously.

listen to what Qin Nan means. On such a day, what's Lin Su doing again?

'this is a big deal. I can't tell you the details. After all, the results haven't come out yet, but...' Qin Nan said with a smile. 'If everything goes well, maybe there will be more competitive professions for the beast envoy in the future.'

Li Qingmei: '?'

sounds like a big deal.

'OK.' Li Qingmei sighed. 'Do you know what's going on in the live studio?'

frankly speaking, the whole live studio is promoting Lin Su's deeds, which makes Li Qingmei feel inexplicable.

although she was very happy, it was obviously a little unusual.

'please, this is the union central broadcasting room.' Qin Nan glanced at the light curtain and was not surprised. 'What they are doing now must have the above meaning. Lin Su's contributions have not been hidden. It's just that not many people knew about him before. Now the alliance helps him publicize it. It's known to all. Although I don't know why it should be so, I can probably guess.'

Qin Nan smiled a little more. 'Heroes should not be unknown. If you know what Lin Su's research results have brought to the border front in recent months, you will understand that what the alliance has done now is nothing to Lin su.'

'no problem.' Li Qingmei smiled. 'With Lin Su's appearance, we won't have to worry about the enrollment of Shancheng university next year.'

'when the time comes, I will escort Lin Su to shoot an enrollment brochure!' Qin Nan patted her chest.

'it's OK to be a horse, but it's OK to be a camera.' Li Qingmei laughed, 'don't make the enrollment brochure into a reduced enrollment chapter.'

Qin Nan: '?'

'I think you're itching. When you go back to school, find a place to have a competition?' Qin Nan opened her mouth with a smile.

'cough, not, not.' Li Qingmei smiled. Just as she was about to say something, her expression suddenly changed.

Qin Nan's expression also changed at the same time.

both of them look at a place outside the boundary, and other beast guards guarding the edge of the experience area quickly enter the state of beast coordination one by one.

'strange...' Li Qingmei's expression became dignified. She looked at the black tide of strange animals in front of her, and her eyes flashed cold and murderous. 'Isn't the situation right? Is it for Lin Su?'

'I think too much.' Qin Nan's expression was calm. 'If it was for Lin Su, it wouldn't be these miscellaneous fish. They were all strange animals at the command level. Don't kill them indiscriminately?'

'in short, you are here at the right time.' Li Qingmei laughed, 'who killed more than me?'

'happy to accompany!'


in the training area.

Lin Su was completely unaware of the sudden animal tide at the edge of the experience area.

at this moment, GuiGui has recovered his strength and cooperates with Lin Su again, while Qiuqiu acts alone and is responsible for finding the target.

in such a vast area, it is too inefficient to kill scattered exotic animals in twos and threes.

soon, they thought of the strategy they had adopted in the actual assessment of Shancheng University.

follow the vine and feel the melon.

socket end!

at that time, in the process of actual combat assessment, only Lin Suohe was there, and the efficiency was not too high.

but it's different now.

with the help of ghosts and ghosts' shadow magic, their ability to track exotic animals and find each other's nests has soared.

once someone Lin finds his nest, he will shake the eggs for you.

as long as you don't encounter any monster of monarch level.

he walked sideways in the training area.

time passes by.

under Lin Su's reckless killing all the way, the experience is gradually coming to an end.



facing the blue pengbird with a wingspan of 20 meters coming from the fierce shooting in front of him, Lin Su's expression is slightly cold. While his companion tries to restrain the other, his hands are bound!

The supernatural energy around suddenly fell into a frenzy at this moment, and countless energies surged wantonly, converging toward the void behind Lin Su like being absorbed by a black hole.


in the astonishment of countless people, Lin Su gave a slight scold and pointed one hand at the pengniao in the air.

the black ice dragon, which is 100 meters long, condenses a huge body in the void, roars wantonly and quickly kills the pengniao. Its terrible reputation is even more powerful than the pengniao in the air.

at last, the pengniao, who was already black and had large corrosion marks on its feathers, was defeated by the Dragon raging in the air, whistling blood into the sky and landing heavily.

seeing this scene, Lin Su breathed a little sigh of relief. After landing, he also released the cooperation with the beast.

beside him, Qiuqiu and ghosts are tired of pouring energy liquid into their mouths.

in order to kill the opponent in front of them, both little guys are exhausted.

this wind eagle is the second monarch level monster encountered by Yamashiro University.

compared with the previous wild bear, this guy is much more difficult to deal with because he can fly.

in the case that 20 people from Yamashiro University shot together, Lin Su used the last seal of the erosive plundering light and the Xuanxuan seal method one after another, which was the only way to kill the other.

fortunately, there were no casualties at Yamashiro University.

thinking of this, Lin Su quickly went to the wind eagle that fell to the ground.


the wind sculpture hissed for the last time, and the light in its eyes completely dissipated.

'finally kill this guy!'


'brother Lin Su is the eternal God!'

seeing this scene, the people of Shancheng University cheered one after another.

before the end of the experience, it is obviously a happy thing to kill another monarch level monster.

only Lin Su's expression changed slightly at this moment.

with the help of Qiuqiu, he understood the last words of the life of the Wind Eagle.

it is calling for its imperial beast envoy...

this Wind Eagle has an imperial beast envoy!

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