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Chapter 212 A blood case caused by a Wind Eagle


in a quiet underground palace, a man in a black robe suddenly gave a stuffy hum, bleeding his nose and mouth, and his expression appeared painful and ferocious.

seeing this scene, the expressions of other people around him became gloomy for a moment.

'helmsman Zhang, your pet...' a black robed man beside opened his mouth and spoke with difficulty.

'killed.' The man in black with a ferocious expression nodded with difficulty, and his eyes were full of shadows. 'I have told him not to attack humans, but those little animals took the initiative after they found it! It's Lin Su again. I can't wait to tear him apart!'

so the people became more and more silent.

'don't send pet animals to test, be patient and wait.' Another man in Black said bitterly, 'it should be a coincidence that the venue for the joint training of the League colleges and universities is just above the secret base here. When they leave, we should evacuate quickly and hide in another place.'

'what bad luck!' The other helmsman scolded angrily, took a careful look at the top, and quickly lowered his voice. 'Shouldn't we be found? Our base is wrapped by a special outer wall, and even the fourth order seismic wave can't be found.'

'No.' At the forefront of the crowd, the leader calmly opened his mouth. 'Think better. The other side is still training, and there is nothing unusual. At least it proves that this base has not been known by the spies of the alliance. You are all your own people.'

'there are too few exotic animals around here.' A person nearby sighed softly, 'the neighborhood has been wiped out many times. There are only one or two monarchs in the hierarchy. We use secret methods to drive away the strange animals in the neighborhood, lure away the strong ones of the other side, and create opportunities for ourselves to transfer. It simply has no effect.'

everyone is silent again.

a moment later, one of them sighed.

'I'm fed up with hiding in the ground like a mouse without seeing the sun.'

'speak with caution!' The leader gave a low shout, and then his tone slowed down a little. 'Wait a minute, Lord dark Lin is already in contact with another immortal. If it can be achieved this time, the two immortals will surely destroy the alliance. By then, we will have the key technology of congruent jade, and naturally we can walk in the sun.'

'the one under the Arctic sea?' The other man lit up a little and whispered.

'yes, it is the newly born immortality of the Arctic ice sea. Unlike the one in the Arctic permafrost before, this immortality of the ice sea is also hostile to the human alliance. If the Lord can unite with it...' the leader's face was a little colder with a smile. 'The Royal beast association is easy to get!'

'can we really cooperate with beasts after we... Have homologous jade?' One of them couldn't help saying, 'it's said that the Royal beast coordination needs a binding coordination index of more than 30. Our binding coordination index...

' hum! It's easy. ' The leader sneered, 'the fetter synergy index is nothing more than the unity of ideas. Our intention is to destroy the human alliance, and so is the intention of pet animals. Is it also the unity of ideas? This fetter synergy is not difficult for us.'

the voice dropped, and the people no longer questioned.

'sit down, don't stand.' The leader sighed softly, 'wait another hour. I will personally send the pet beast to explore. The eight hour period is almost over. After one hour, they should leave completely.'



with the same voice appearing in everyone's contact meter, this joint experience of colleges and universities ends.

'we killed two monarchs!' Wen Gu looked at the assembled crowd and shouted, 'in the past, universities that killed a monarch were rare. This time, the first one must be stable!'

hearing Wen Gu's words, everyone's faces were full of smiles.

the eight hour training has already exhausted them. Fortunately, they have persevered.

a guardian teacher quickly appeared and looked at the students of Yamashiro University in front of him. 'The transport vehicle responsible for picking up and sending off will arrive soon. Just wait for five minutes.'

'thank you, teacher!' In the face of this teacher from other universities, everyone spoke gratefully.

although the other party has never appeared, he has been quietly guarding himself and others.

'you're welcome.' The teacher smiled and was about to leave when a hand grabbed his sleeve.

the teacher was slightly stunned and turned to look at Lin Su, who grabbed his sleeve.

the teacher naturally knows this young man who has made great achievements in his training.

he smiled and said, 'classmate Lin Su, what can I do for you?'

Lin Su's expression was a little calm. 'Teacher, I have found the trace of the strange animal sect. Can you help me report it?'

'traces of exorcism?' The teacher's expression quickly became serious. 'Can you tell me more about it?'

'the high wind Eagle we killed before should have a beast envoy.' Lin Su lowered his voice and opened his mouth.

'what?!' The teacher's expression changed rapidly.

hearing Lin Su's words, the people on the side were a little surprised.

the Wind Eagle is a medium monarch of the wind family.

it is restricted by the ban on exotic animals.

if this Wind Eagle really has a beast envoy, then the identity of the other party will be revealed.

'classmate Lin Su, are you sure?' The teacher hurried to ask.

'my pet beast has mastered the heart language skill. I'm sure that at the last moment, the other party is calling its own beast envoy.' Lin Su opened his mouth with a serious expression.

'I think of a detail, and I don't know if it works!' Another girl raised her hand. 'When we first found this Wind Eagle, it seemed that the other party didn't want to attack us. Later, Lin Su arrived and we began to encircle. It was only after that that the wind eagle was forced to fight back. The wind eagle was brutal, so it was unusual that it was not aggressive.'

'this situation is indeed abnormal.' The teacher frowned. 'Wait a minute. I'll contact the rear to see where the Wind Eagle came from in the monitoring record.'

after that, he walked a few steps away and began to contact the rear quickly with the communicator.

after he went far, the people of Shancheng University were not in the mood to be happy for the smooth end of the experience.

'it's a close call. Did we miss the monster sect?' A boy muttered in a low voice, 'it's true that the monster cult is more active in the monster activity area outside the safety zone than in the safety zone.'

'but it seems that the action of the Wind Eagle can't be explained.' Wen Gu frowned. 'If it is really the pet of the pagans, shouldn't it attack us at the first time?'

'I'm not sure. All the information we found has been reported. Let's see if the league can find anything.' Lin Su sighed softly, and a trace of hatred flashed in his eyes.

the haunting monster sect.

you can see them everywhere.

when you reach the palace level, it's time to pay your blood debt.

'Mi ~ (?) ω ó?) '(I'm with Lin Su ~)

perceives Lin Su's thoughts. The ball jumps onto Lin Su's shoulder and gently rubs his cheek.

' Jie! (?⊙?⊙?) '(and me!)

the ghost on the side pulled lalinshu's sleeve, and his big eyes were shining with eager light.

'good!' Lin Su smiled and reached out to touch the two little ones.

'got the information.'

soon, the teacher's communication ended and he walked quickly over. 'There is something wrong with the Wind Eagle. After comparison with artificial supernatural intelligence, it flew out of a very hidden cave.'

everyone's expression became strange.

it is common sense that birds and other animals cannot inhabit caves.

so there must be someone in the cave, and this person summoned the Wind Eagle.

'your transporter is coming. Hurry up.' The teacher laughed, 'you have done a good job in reporting the situation, and you should be rewarded at that time. But don't get involved in the next thing. It may be dangerous. Just leave it to us.'

everyone nodded slightly.

the pet beast of the monarch level means that the other party has a palace level Royal beast envoy. I don't know how many.

this kind of battle is not something that we and others can join in.

'can I add points?' The eyes of a female student on the side lit up.

'what am I thinking?' The teacher was so angry and funny that he immediately pointed to the transport vehicle that was flying quickly from the horizon. 'All right, get on the bus! You should be rewarded for your contributions.'

the transport vehicle landed quickly, the cabin door opened, and a figure came out quickly.

'everybody get on the bus!' Li Qingmei smiled. 'I have good news for you. We are the first!'

although the public had psychological expectations before, they still had a smile on their faces after being confirmed by Li Qingmei.

'well, let's not talk about this. Go back to the border front first. Take a rest tonight. Don't run around. You can relax. Tomorrow we will go back to school together.' Li Qingmei waved her hand, and immediately looked serious. As the people got on the bus, she went down.

'Miss Li, won't you come with us?' One student asked curiously.

'don't worry, there is another teacher on the bus, who can protect you more than enough.' Li Qingmei smiled. 'I have to be busy first.'

the crowd nodded and guessed that Li Qingmei was supposed to take part in the battle to exterminate the monster cult, so they obediently got on the bus.

soon, they saw a cross legged figure in the car.

Lin Su recognized the other party for the first time and said with a little surprise, 'sister Nan?'

he thought that Li Qingmei's teacher meant one of the other five leading teachers of Shancheng University. Unexpectedly, it was Qin Nan.

isn't she staying in the research institute?

'come on!' Qin Nan beckoned to Lin Suo, then glanced at the other students. 'Find a seat. We're about to start.'

other students are not familiar with Qin Nan, but they sit down quickly at the moment.

soon, the transport vehicle soared into the sky.

'sister Nan, why are you here?' Lin Su asked in a low voice.

this experience doesn't seem to have much to do with Qin Nan, does it?

'how are you interested in asking me?' Qin Nan couldn't help rolling her eyes. 'What did you do yesterday?'


Lin Su thought carefully, and then his expression became strange.

yesterday, he brought out the martial arts skills.

Qin Nan came here for this.

this is very reasonable.

'you've surprised me time and again.' Qin Nan smiled and opened the skill submitted by Lin su. 'I've read it. There are a few questions. Please explain them to me.'

'no problem.' Lin Su nodded.

the two of them soon discussed in a low voice on the transport vehicle.


'this is it?'

hundreds of imperial beast envoys with different shapes appeared in the air and locked their eyes on a hidden cave.

each of these hundreds of people has the strength of a palace level beast envoy. Even if they don't deliberately display their own prestige at this moment, the pressure brought by the horrible normal energy value still makes the strange animals around disappear.

'this is the position. Everyone is scattered and surrounded here.' The first person calmly opened his mouth, and his voice was heard by all the people present through the liaison instrument.

then, he took the lead to fly in a certain direction.

other people looked at each other and quickly flew in different directions to surround the three floors inside and outside the cave, leaving a large open space centered on the cave.

'prepare for the battle. After zhurong's bombardment, always keep an eye on the surrounding movements. Don't let any pagan escape from here.' The leader gave a low shout.

soon, the harmony of others came from the contact instrument.

there was a sense of awe in the field.

the leader takes a look at the cave, and his eyes are flashing with Mori Leng's murderous intention. He calmly counts down.




'congratulations to Yamaguchi University for winning the first place in this alliance college joint training!'

in the general live broadcast room of the joint training of colleges and universities, the two hosts smiled and spoke in unison.

at this moment, the barrage of bullets in the live broadcasting room turned up and became dense one after another.

[headache tofu: congratulations to Shancheng University! Lin Shen is awesome!]

[Yin Feng Xue: I've watched many joint training sessions. It's the first time that I see a college student kill two monarchs in succession. It's worthy of being Lin Shen!]

[whale 9: Xue long, from Jinghua university next door, and his teammates also killed a monarch, but it was still much worse than Lin Shen.]

[disorderly inaction: Lin Shen! Is there an exclusive interview with Lin Shen's players after the training? I want to see!]

[ten thousand year test animal: + 1 I also want to see Lin Shen's interview!]

[correction band: + 10086!]


glanced at the surging barrage of bullets and song Luo smiled. 'I saw some netizens mention the exclusive interview of contestants after the game. Rest assured, there will be an interview.'

'this interview will not appear in the live room, but will be released on our official website in the form of video after the training. Please look forward to it.'

'at the end of this live broadcast, we will publish the ranking of points obtained by individuals in this experience. This ranking will not be included in the ranking of colleges and universities, and will not have any impact on the ranking of colleges and universities. It will only serve as a reference for the strength of college students participating in the experience.' Zhao LAN opened her mouth with a smile.

hearing Zhao Lan's words, the curtain of bullets surged again.

[destruction thunder: Lin Shen is the first! Lin Shen is not the first. I wash my hair upside down!]

[laughing cold noodles: Lin Shen is not the first one. I ate my keyboard!]

[phantom8828: Lin Shen is not the first. I ate my mouse!]

[I want to be quiet: there are always people who cheat on eating and drinking under the banner of swearing poison.]


song Luo's expression is not unexpected when he looks at the word 'Lin Shen' constantly brushing on the screen.

'let's announce the ranking results now...' he was about to go on, but something seemed to come from his earphone, which slightly changed his expression.

however, his strong professional qualities quickly restored his expression to normal.

'OK, now that the experience is over, we turn off the live broadcast signal and start publishing the ranking results!' Song Luo opened his mouth with a smile, quickly cut off the live broadcast signal, and switched the screen to the personal score ranking table. 'Let's congratulate Lin Su for winning the first place in personal experience points! Xue long from Jinghua university is the second!'

in the live broadcast room, the barrage of bullets became more and more turbulent.

no one noticed song Luo's abnormality.




the leader of hundreds of palace level beast envoys gave a low shout.

in an instant, the world was enveloped by a terrible energy wave. The red light stained a large area of the sky with a red halo. The white clouds seemed to be burned by flames, and at this moment they turned into layers of burning clouds.

just like the end of the world, a scarlet ray of terror quickly shrouded down from the air, accurately telling the location of Zhongshan cave.

without any sound, the cave was completely annihilated and dissipated in invisibility at the moment of contact with that terrible light.

the light dissipated, and a bottomless pit appeared on the earth without knowing the depth geometry.

this is an artificial supernatural intelligent weapon equipped with a weapon system. With level 8 resources as the core and multiple level 7 resources as the fuel, this terrorist attack has strong power to annihilate imperial level monsters.

If it were not for the special rules of the border front, which made artificial supernatural intelligence unable to play its role, the war situation between humans and exotic animals would still have a greater advantage.

under this gun, the extreme high temperature vaporizes everything, and smoke rises continuously from the inside of the pit.

faintly, it seems that we can still hear the wailing sound emerging from the inside of the pit.

'I really have a stronghold!' With a cold hum, the leader of the alliance side flashed senleng's murderous intention and a trace of fear in his eyes. 'If the other side attacks the students during training, the consequences will be unimaginable. Let's go!'

'kill me!' Hundreds of palace level beast envoys shouted in unison, quickly fell down the bottomless pit, stepped into the interior of the beast cult stronghold, and tried their best to kill every beast believer they saw.

this is the rear of the border front.

here, heretics, there is no mercy for killing!

today, knife, I want to see blood!


'is this... The weapon system carried on the artificial supernatural intelligence?' Lin Su's eyes were full of shock when he looked at the terrible blow that could be clearly seen from such a long distance outside the transport vehicle.

such an attack is beyond imagination.

it is almost the strongest blow that Lin Su can imagine under the immortal level.

'artificial supernatural weapon, zhurong.' Qin Nan slowly took his eyes back, and his expression was quite calm. 'This is one of the artificial supernatural weapons on the border front. The existence of these artificial supernatural weapons is the second line of defense to deter dark Lin.'

'Why are such weapons used?' Lin Shu couldn't help asking, 'I'm just chasing down the pagans, so I'm not so excited about it?'

'that's not one or two pagans.' Qin Nan's expression became strange. 'I don't know if I should praise you for your good luck. This is a key underground stronghold hidden behind the border front by the cult of strange beasts. This time, it happened that the place Nuwa randomly selected was above their stronghold, and then... You found it.'

Lin Su: '...


is this a blood case caused by a wind eagle?

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