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Chapter 213 The third favorite!

For Lin Su, what happened just now is just an episode.

So he quickly recovered and continued to explain to Qin Nan some concepts of martial arts that were different from blue star's cognition.

It was not until the transport vehicle landed that Qin Nan turned off the communicator.

'When you get there, you can rest at the rest camp yesterday. Don't run around.' After turning back and telling other students of Shancheng University, Qin Nan pulled Lin Su out of the car and said, 'let's go and see the instructor who has entered the territory of Kaimai.'

Lin Su gave a wry smile. Knowing that sister Nan had entered the research state, he simply let her pull him, waved to other companions, and quickly left with two pet animals.

A moment later.

In the office of the commander in chief of the second combat sequence.

Qin Nanxing inquired about Xing Yun and conducted some simple tests.

On the other hand, Lin Suo and commander Nan sat quietly drinking tea.

'Instructor Xing, can you let your black cloud staff cooperate with me to do an experiment?' Looking at Xing Yun waving the black cloud staff aside, Lin Su suddenly felt a move in his heart.

'Eh?' Xing Yun paused slightly and looked at Lin su. 'Of course.'

He reached out a hand and gently rubbed the body of the black cloud staff, as if communicating with it and soothing it.

Soon, Xing Yun nodded, 'OK, it agrees.'

Lin Su smiled and said, 'ghost, try it.'

With the same heart, the ghost quickly understood Lin Su's meaning and went forward to touch the dark cloud staff.

Then, with a flash of black light, the black cloud staff disappeared in place.

Seeing this scene, Lin Su's smile deepened.

'Are you testing whether weapons can be put into magic pockets?' Nan Yueran saw Lin Su's intention and asked curiously.

'Yes, because normal living creatures can't be put into magic pockets, and the existence form of weapons is very special, so I want to have a try.' Lin Su motioned the ghost to take out the black cloud staff and return it to Xing Yun. He immediately said, 'commander, how do you apply for weapons?'

'Eh?' Nan Yueran glanced at Lin Su and said, 'do you also want to contract weapons?'

'I want to try.' Lin Su smiled. 'After all, my imperial beast space has reached the fourth level. It's time to prepare for the third pet beast.'

When his beast space is level 5, he can contract a third pet beast.

At his level, it is naturally impossible to wait until there is a contract before looking for the favorite beast.

Looking for pet animals in advance can not only start the training and cultivation of pet animals in advance, but also enhance the feelings with pet animals.

He wanted to make a contract with a weapon like monster, not an impulsive plan.

Xing Yun had this idea when he first learned about weapons and strange animals from his mouth.

Now, after determining that weapons like monsters do not need contracts, they can also travel between the two worlds with the help of ghosts and ghosts, this idea has become more firm.

He is about to enter the Tianjiao battlefield.

Although under the coordination of the beast, the current strength is enough to give Lin Su a great advantage in the early stage.

But who thinks he's too strong?

With weapons like strange beasts, his strength can be further enhanced under the coordination of the beast.

What's more, after training with Lin Fu for less than half a year, he has developed the habit of using weapons, and all the defects of weapons and strange animals are nothing to him.

Weapons like monsters can't awaken their natural skills and learn teaching skills?

The vast array of martial arts in the world of Shenwu is enough to make up for this disadvantage completely.

Weapons like monsters have weak self-awareness and can't communicate normally?

Compared with weapons that can't communicate at all, it's a great advantage for weapons like monsters to have self-awareness.

Can't the weapon type monster cooperate with the beast?

Although it is impossible to coordinate with the beast, it can be used in the state of coordination with the beast, so as to gain blessings and give play to stronger strength. It is less than the upper limit of the same level of beast, but in return, every one-dimensional coordination with the beast is stronger than that of the same level.

As for the initial race of weapons like monsters, it is only a low elite race, which needs to constantly devour resources for evolution. It is a real gold gobbler

Lin Su says that he has few other things, that is, he has many resources.

It's just a weapon like monster, and I can totally afford it.

On the contrary, it is strange weapons that devour resources and can evolve infinitely, which makes Lin Su particularly excited.

This means that if he wants to let weapons have any attributes and abilities, he only needs to let them devour the corresponding resources, not even the evolutionary technology.

'There is no large-scale publicity of weapons like monsters. The application channel is our military management department.' Nan Yueran took a sip of tea. 'Its application requirements are not difficult. It only needs 10000 contribution points. After application, you can get it within three days.'

'So fast?' Lin Su's eyes lit up slightly.

'Yes.' Nan Yueran nodded, opened the communicator and operated it for a few times. He soon sent an email to Lin su. 'Just fill in the application form according to the link above.'

'All right.' Lin Su nodded nervously.

At this time, the ball and the ghost on the side could not help coming up.

If there was no accident, the weapon like strange animals Lin Su acquired would probably be their third brother or third sister.

But speaking of

Do weapons have gender?

Forget it, just call it Lao San.

Open the link, and a form appears on the light curtain in front of Lin su.

He glanced at the whole table at the first time, and then his face was a little surprised. 'Can I provide the awakening weapons of weapons like strange animals?'

'Yes.' Nan Yueran nodded, 'the weapon like monster is actually the result of the transformation of ordinary weapons under the contact of high-purity Youneng stone, so the birth of the weapon like monster needs an awakening weapon.'

'Under normal circumstances, awakening weapons are standard weapons built with the help of the alliance. However, some applicants already have weapons and have deep feelings for their weapons and are unwilling to give them up easily. In view of this situation, the alliance can transform the applicants' own weapons into weapons like exotic animals.'

Hearing this, Lin Su looked at the ghosts and ghosts on the side, and quickly pulled out the soul gun from the magic pocket on the side with the help of the ghosts and ghosts. 'Then I'll use it!'

This weapon was made by Lin Fu and given to him. For Lin Su, the soul gun is not only of good quality, but also of special commemorative significance.

He originally thought that the weapons were sent to him directly by the alliance.

I didn't expect such a choice.

'But in this case, the waiting time will be longer.' Nan Yueran took a look at Lin su. 'If you choose the alliance to provide standard weapons, the alliance can call the weapons in stock to give you directly. The time is even shorter. If you want to provide awakening weapons yourself, you need to wait half a month.'

Half a month?

Lin Su thought a little.

Half a month later, he will enter the Tianjiao battlefield.

At that time, it was the right time to get their own weapons.

'No problem!' Lin Su nodded heavily.

'Then I'll send this weapon to you. You fill in the form first.' Nan Yueran took the soul gun from Lin Su, and his expression was slightly frozen.

What a heavy gun.

If he hadn't tried the effects of body boiling liquid and bone quenching liquid, I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to hold one of them without paying attention.

Lin Su quickly filled in the form, looked up at Nan Yueran and said, 'commander, I've filled it out.'

Nan Yueran nodded slightly and asked people to bring a box containing weapons, put the soul gun in it and transport it away.

The awakening technology of weapons like exotic animals is located in zone 1. In the next half month, the soul gun will undergo transformation there, and eventually become a living thing from a dead thing.

After completing the application, Lin Su didn't stay long. He looked at Qin Nan, who was recording something excitedly. He smiled and quickly left.

He fought for a whole day in the training, and even he who has completed the body hardening also feels tired.

Fortunately, such tiredness is rewarding.

The joint experience of colleges and universities brings glory and subsequent resource inclination to all colleges and universities.

For every student who takes part in the training, they get not only a bright resume, but also real benefits.

All the contribution points of the animals killed in the joint training process belong to the trainees themselves.

Of course, this is only a small head.

The real big head is the extra reward given by the school.

Lin Su, who played the largest role in killing the monarch level twice and won the first total personal points in joint training, can get 100000 contribution points.

Although it is not very much for him, it is already very good.

This is equivalent to ten six level resources.

Time changed, and soon it was half a month later.

Lin Su, who returned to the University from his joint experience in Colleges and universities, continued his research projects.

However, what is different from before is that every time he walks inside and outside the school, someone recognizes him, takes a photo with him or asks for his signature.

He also learned later that in the general live broadcast room of the joint experience of colleges and universities, he was praised by two hosts in front of hundreds of millions of netizens.

My background has been lifted, and I can't keep a low profile if I want to keep a low profile.

Even the title 'Lin Shen', which was only circulated in his alma mater Qingying high school, has been well known in the league.

However, Lin Su had no choice but to go out with a mask every day to reduce unnecessary trouble.

no way out.

Being too famous is also a kind of trouble.

In Shenwu, in this half month, Lin Su spent all his time on the configuration of energy liquid except for daily meditation and accompanying pet animal training.

And his efforts have also reaped considerable rewards.

All advanced energy liquids can be configured to a higher level now.

Although it is still far from the perfect level, the higher level is enough for the time being.

After tasting the energy liquid He configured, the two pet animals said it tasted good.

Blue star.

Lin Su is at home.

Lin Su sat cross legged on the sofa in the living room with a solemn expression.

Beside him, the expressions of ghosts and balls were also very serious.

One person and two favourites stared at the tea table in front of them.

The tea table in the living room has now been emptied, and there is a long metal box on it.

This is a weapon type monster just delivered.

It will also be Lin Su's third favorite.

'Are you ready to welcome your new partner?' Lin Su took a deep breath and inquired.

'Jie! ≥? ≤)' (ready!)

Ghosts brandished their claws, and their faces were a little nervous and expectant.

With the third man, he is not the lowest in the team!

'Mi! ≥ ω ≤) '(I'm ready too!)

Ball's eyes are shining bright, and his face is full of anticipation.

It's going to have a second brother!

It's said that this little brother has a weak self-consciousness. He will certainly not stab himself like a ghost!


'Then I'll open it!' Lin Su spits out a little turbid air and slowly moves forward. After iris recognition, he opens the metal box.

A sharp light burst out of the metal box.

WOW! Golden Legend!

The metal box was opened, and the long gun lying quietly inside appeared in front of Lin Su and the two pet animals.

One person and two favourites can't help but step forward and carefully look at yousoul gun.

The dark silver blade, the black and dark blue interwoven barrel are all the same as before, but in addition, the soul gun has some other changes.

The connection between the gun blade and the gun shaft, which was originally only used as decoration and stability, sparkles with bright light, with dark blue and black interwoven flames, dragging out a shape like a long tassel in the void.

[sequence: None

Race Name: weapon type monster

Racial hierarchy: lower elite race

Attribute: Gold Series

Growth grade: juvenile grade

Normal energy value: 100p

Talent skill: none]

'Hum ~'

It seems to feel the difference around. The soul gun lying in the box excites one shallow energy ripple after another. The gun shaft vibrates slightly and makes a slight vibration sound.

Lin Su blinked and subconsciously extended a hand, holding the barrel of yousoul gun as before.

The vibration of the barrel of the gun became gentle, but the hum became higher and higher, which seemed very happy.

At this moment, Lin Su, holding a long gun, felt the idea from the soul gun.

Joy and closeness.

His eyes were a little more surprised.

He has not made a contract with yousoul gun. It is the first time for yousoul gun, who has just born self-consciousness, to meet him.

But the feeling of closeness is so clear.

Is it because you used your soul gun to practice your shooting skills a few months ago?

Thinking of this, Lin Su couldn't help reaching out his other hand and rubbing the barrel of yousoul gun.

The light flame interwoven with blue and black was floating in the void as light as nothing. At this moment, it seemed to be controlled by the soul gun and slowly wound around Lin Su's arm rubbing the gun body.

'Hum ~'

The hum became more and more cheerful.

'Mi, MI!?' ω ó?) '(little brother, little brother, call me big brother!)

The ball couldn't help coming forward. A paw was gently pressed on the tip of the soul gun. His eyes turned and he quickly expressed his heart.

The heart language skill can be applied to any self-conscious existence. Even if the wisdom of the soul gun is not high at the moment, you can also feel the goodwill of the ball.

The soul gun buzzed softly close to the position of the ball's claw palm. The flame wrapped around Lin Su's arm loosened for a few minutes and gently stroked the ball's body, indicating his closeness to the ball.

'Jie! ⊙ Д '⊙' (big brother, you actually say something in your heart!)

The ghost spoke angrily.

It has no such means.

But even so, it quickly came forward, stretched out a paw and gently rubbed the soul gun.

'Jie, Jie!? ⊙?' (if we are so similar in color, we must be a family!)

Although he could not understand the words of ghosts, the soul gun also separated the flame and gently brushed the claws of ghosts to show his recognition and closeness to ghosts.

'Well, well, it's time to get down to business.' Lin Su gave a light cough and took out a gold shuttle shaped metal the size of a knuckle from a small box beside him.

First class gold resources, suojin.

For weapons like monsters, other attributes can be added day after tomorrow by absorbing supernatural resources with different attributes, but there is one attribute that is incidental to the birth.

That's gold.

After all, the weapons that can awaken into weapons can only be cold weapons, and cold weapons are basically made of metal.

Therefore, when you don't know what kind of resources to choose for weapons and other animals to devour and cultivate, gold is the best choice.

However, how to make soul gun absorb?

Looking at its slender body, Lin Su was puzzled.

While Lin Su was still struggling, yousoul gun had already started to move.

It seemed that something beneficial to him appeared around him. His light jumped slightly, and then he slowly probed Lin Su's hand.

Lin Su blinked and tentatively handed Suo Jin in his hand.

As soon as the flame rolled up slightly, the shuttle gold was quickly shrouded, wrapped around the shining jewel that was closely connected with the barrel and the barrel, and melted and swallowed up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It's like holding food in your mouth with one hand.

With the absorption of soul gun, its normal energy value gradually increases.

All the way 11

In the blink of an eye, the detection result on the scanner has increased from 100p to more than 110p.

The effect is immediate.

This is how it was swallowed.

Lin Su suddenly realized.

At the next moment, a claw silently approached the soul gun.

Before Lin Su could react, ghost had already taken out a black crystal like jade and pasted it on the gem of soul gun.

Secondary dark resources, ink chalcedony.

Lin Su: '?'

Ball ball: '?'

'Jie! /?) (my gift to my younger brother!)

Ghosts cover their faces and whisper.

Before Lin Suhu and Qiuqiu could react, a sharp light of evolution burst out.

[sequence: None

Race Name: weapon type monster

Race class: medium elite race

Attribute: gold and dark series

Growth grade: juvenile grade

Normal energy value: 182p

Talent skill: none]

Lin Su: '

'Mi!? _?) (damn it!)

The ball blinked and reacted quickly.

This new younger brother will cooperate with Lin Suo when he cooperates with the beast in the future.

So under what circumstances can we make the two more tacit?

Of course, it's time for the younger brother to have the same attributes as himself!

'Mi? ω?) (take out my gift to my little brother quickly!)

… A moment later

[sequence: None

Race Name: weapon type monster

Race class: Elite Race

Attributes: gold, dark, ice and spirit

Growth level: elite level

Normal energy value: 2467p

Talent skill: none]

Looking at the soul gun that evolves one after another in front of his eyes and directly forces him to advance to the elite level, Lin suru is numb.

Fortunately, the two little guys know how to be measured, and the resources they put out are within three levels.

He quickly stopped the balls and ghosts that would continue to feed yousoul gun. 'Stop! Yousoul gun will not adapt if its strength increases too fast!'

'Mi!?'? ω??) '(I'll talk about it next time!)

The ball nodded quickly, with a clever and proud expression.

'Jie... (~?)' (OK, ok...)

The ghost's face was a little distressed.

Damn, it only has one attribute. It can only be fed once if the eldest brother feeds it twice.

I lost this wave!

Lin Su shook his head helplessly.

Before he had figured out how to arrange the training plan for the new members, the two kids arranged a lot of meeting gifts directly for yousoul gun.

But speaking of

Since it is already a living creature and no longer a weapon, it seems inappropriate to call it a ghost gun as before.

'Let's give the new members a name?' Lin Su gave a light cough and suggested.

'Jie!??' (name!)

'Mi' (?)?? ω??) (what's the name of little brother number two?)

'Let me think...' Lin Su pinched his chin.

Ball ball and ghost are named by reduplication.

Lin Su felt that it was necessary for the subsequent pet animals to maintain their formation.

So this third pet animal

He smiled softly. 'How about youyou?'

'Hum ~'

The hum is soft and cheerful.

Obviously, yousoul gun is quite satisfied with his new name.

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