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Chapter 276 Three major league delegations (two in one,!)

With Youyou's completion of the promotion, Lin Su's trip to the Wanjianlin came to an end.

Because of his limited staff skills, he was unable to pull out any staff shaped weapons, and other weapons were even more difficult to obtain.

Fortunately, the Youyou promotion reached the leader level when the elite level was near the limit. This is the best news for Lin Suo.

Even if there is no other harvest, he is satisfied.

After observing the whole process of secluded advancement, Lu Ziye left contentedly, leaving room for one person, three pets.

An hour later, Yan Sushen and Lu Ziye also ended one after another.

Although the Silver White Warrior is only good at halberd technique, his fighting talent makes him master halberd technique to a very high degree, so he successively pulled out 30 halberd weapons.

Lu Ziye's swordsmanship is also more advanced than Lin Suo imagined. With his own strength, he has won thirty-five wars.

So far, the three people met, exchanged their income, and returned satisfied.

When the three returned to the ancient house, the sky had gradually darkened and there was a touch of redness in the sky.

Blood Moon Night is coming.

The ferocious power that Lin Suo killed in Tianjiao battlefield, unless there are powerful regular creatures that can't be solved by everyone, no one will bother him to fight against the regular creatures attacking the city on the night of blood moon.

After the separation of Yan Sushen and Lin Su, Lin Su returned to his old house with a happy look on his face.

This time Youyou's strength was promoted to the leader's level, which greatly improved his peak combat power.

In addition, he is confident to kill Zhou Xiran when he meets another opponent of Zhou Xiran's strength.

'Mi ω ó?) '(Is it possible to get to the extremely cold ladder tomorrow?)

Lie on Lin Su's head, the ball twists its body and asks with expectation.

The extremely cold ladder is the name of the place where the ice system rules.

'Yes, it's very smooth to enter the Ten Thousand Sword Forest today, so once the Bloody Moon Night is over, we can start tomorrow morning for the extremely cold ladder!' Lin Su rubbed the head of the ball and looked forward to it.

From the time he first learned of the existence of such a place of ice system rules, to the time when Rongzun gave him the key to enter it, and then to the time when he, Yan Sushen and Lu Ziye walked through ancient cities to the place of ice system rules. It took him a full month and many things along the way.

I hope that the place where the ice rules are located, called the Extreme Cold Ladder, can live up to my expectations for a month, and it is better to let the ball become the emperor race directly.

'But before that, we have to conserve our strength.' Lin Su smiled, 'Let's sleep first.'

'Mi!? (≥ ω ≦)? '(Good!)

'Jie! (≥? ≤)' (Good!)

'Buzz~' (Happy~)

The three pet animals were quickly put away. Then he lay on the bed and closed his eyes quickly with a sense of sleepiness.

[Sequence None

Race name: weapon alien

Race level: the race of the high commander

Attribute: Gold, Dark, Ice, Spirit

Growth level: Leader level

Normal energy value: 197988P

Talent Skill: None]

Looking at the data fed back by the energy detector, Lin Su could not help smiling.

It is almost the same as his estimate. At the moment, the quiet normal energy value is only a little short of 200000.

Not only that, it was originally the racial rank of the higher elite race, but also because it absorbed too many financial resources at one time, it was promoted to the level of the higher commanding race.

For weapons, the promotion of race level and growth level is synchronous.

So it only needs to evolve once more to reach the lower monarch race, and Youyou will directly break through and become the existence of the monarch rank.

However, Lin Su did not worry that it somehow broke through the monarchy one day, leading to the inability to contract in a short time.

Although it is only a small step, it is not easy to move from the leader race to the monarch race. Youyou needs to absorb several times more resources than the previous training resources to have hope.

'Ding Lingling~'

Just after testing the Youyou energy value, a communication request has appeared on the light screen before he turns off the communicator.

Listening to the familiar bell, Lin Su blinked and quickly clicked to connect.

'Sister Nan, what's wrong?'

'The follow-up arrangements for the teaching achievement contest have been made.' Qin Nan's voice came from the other end of the communicator.

Hearing this, Lin Su felt a little moved.

In the past three days, many things have happened to Blue Star.

By using the special array he provided, the Alliance has moved the most conspicuous hole in the sky to a secret place. It claims that the secret place has been completely mastered by the Alliance, and officially announces through the official statement that reporting to the Alliance after discovering similar entrances can obtain high contribution point rewards.

Without the hole that can be seen when looking up, normal order has been restored in Zone 1, and people who left Zone 1 in a hurry have returned to their homes.

Although the discussion about the secret place on the Internet did not mean to cool down in three days, it became more and more intense.

But in reality, everything has recovered the appearance before the appearance of the secret realm.

After confirming that there are no unstable factors in the secret world and that it will not cause harm to the league, the league's previous vigilance has been gradually lifted, and the teaching achievement competition that stopped midway because of the secret world will naturally be put on the agenda again.

'Sister Nan, how did you arrange it?' Lin Su couldn't help asking, 'Am I going to make another speech?'

'Of course not.' Qin Nan said with a smile, 'The competition will continue in three days. Colleges and universities that have already made presentations do not need to do so. When the competition is completely over, the organizer will rank according to the previous scores and announce the final ranking.'

'The seniors and sisters left behind should be able to go back, right?' Lin Su blinked.

Other students of Shancheng University have not left Zone 1 yet because of the teaching achievement competition, but stay here like Lin Su and others.

'Theoretically, it is OK, but Li Qingmei has asked. These guys are not going to leave yet. They are going to wait until they are ranked.' Qin Nan smiled. 'After all, this is the first time that Shancheng University has achieved such good results in the teaching achievement contest. They hope to be present when the results are announced.'

'I see.' Lin Su nodded with understanding. Then he seemed to think of something and suddenly said, 'By the way, what was the score of Shancheng University at that time? It seems that it was not announced.'

'I asked.' Qin Nan's voice was a little strange, 'One hundred.'

'Huh?' Lin Su couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. 'Didn't he say that only 99 points could be given at most, and that colleges and universities participating in the competition should be given a chance to surpass?'

'It's interesting to say that.' Qin Nan smiled and said, 'The judge gave us a score of 99, which is the highest score in theory. But guess what? After dozens of colleges and universities knew your score, they had another opinion!'

'What opinion?' Lin Su raised her eyebrows.

In the last feeding and breeding achievement contest, the scoring rules were adjusted in this teaching achievement contest because dozens of colleges and universities behind them had opinions on their full scores.

He would like to see what those colleges and universities are doing.

'A researcher from a university thought that the research results you produced were not comparable to their research results, so he insisted on giving full marks to the research results of our school.' Qin Nan's voice was a little more strange. 'He also said that he would give you a hundred because the full score was only one hundred.'

'Later, all the colleges and universities that had not been announced agreed. They had no opinions, and the sponsor naturally had no opinions, so we naturally changed the score of Shancheng University to 100 points.'

'Although the competition is not over yet, we are already the first.'

Lin Su: '...'

A moment later, he asked carefully, 'What's the relationship between the researcher who helped me talk... and Shancheng University?'

'Cough.' Qin Nan coughed softly and quickly lowered his voice. 'It has nothing to do with Shancheng University, but he has found two evolutionary types of monarch race level according to the evolutionary technology of the spiritual department you proposed, so he has publicly expressed his appreciation and admiration for you several times.'

good heavens.

Lin Suo opened his mouth, but for a moment he was speechless.

'All right, someone calls me, I'll hang up first.' At the other end of the phone, Qin Nan, who said he was finished, quickly hung up.

Hearing the busy tone of the communicator, Lin Su silently put down the communicator.

However, before long, he heard a sharp knock on the door from the hotel room.

The frequency of knocking at the door was so familiar that Lin Su was slightly shocked.

Jie (I'll do it!)

The ghost suddenly came to the door, opened the door with familiarity, and then returned to Lin Su with a satisfied smile on his face.

The consciousness of tool ghost.

Lin Su rubbed the ghost's head and looked at Qin Nan who walked into the room quickly. His expression was strange. 'Sister Nan, didn't you answer the phone?'

'Something important has happened!' Qin Nan hurried to Lin Su and pulled him up from the sofa. 'Take your pet and follow me.'


Lin Su looks at Qin Nan, who is pulling himself and about to jump out when he opens the window. He is lost in thought.

A moment later, Lin Su sat in the central conference room of the Royal Beast Association with a group of big men, and his expression was slightly strange.

On the way, he asked Qin Nan for a long time, but Qin Nan did not know what had happened.

The phone call she received came from Qin Yunzhang, who said that Lin Su must be brought to the meeting room.

What event is so urgent?

Is there a second secret in the alliance?

Sitting in his seat, Lin Su couldn't help thinking when he watched other big men take their seats.

Soon, the meeting began as everyone sat down orderly.

Shen Yunshan and Qin Yunzhang walked side by side, carrying a stack of materials into the meeting room.

Without any complicated opening remarks, Shen Yunshan glanced at the people in the meeting room, confirmed that everyone was here, and then said directly, 'The exploration of Time Zero has ended. Except for the special functions of the core of the secret, we have completed the exploration of other parts.'

The crowd nodded, beaming.

The time zero secret realm is the name of the time system land level secret realm that blooms over Zone 1.

The reason why it is so named is that this secret place is a time system and the first secret place where blue stars are discovered. In addition, the time system resources that have been discovered inside are all related to the static time.

Now, after three days, a large number of exploration members have been sent to explore the situation in the secret place from all directions, and finally the vast secret place has been completely explored.

After the exploration, it's time to consider how to use it, which is exactly what everyone is looking forward to.

'The first content of this meeting is the follow-up development of Time Zero.' Shen Yunshan stretched out his hand in the void, and a huge projection soon floated over the conference room, presenting the whole time zero secret terrain as complete and specific as a sand table.

'First of all, the core of the secret place and its nearby areas affected by abnormal supernatural forces will be explored by the research assistant led by Qin Yunzhang, the chief researcher, until the specific effects are clear, and will not be opened to the public temporarily.' As Shen Yunshan finished, an area in the projection was quickly marked red. 'After determining the purpose of the effect, we will discuss this problem.'

'Ho ho, I can finally enter the secret realm.' Qin Yunzhang on one side smiled and looked forward to it.

Before the exploration of the secret land is completed, others dare not let him enter it easily. After all, he is too important to the league.

Now that the exploration is completed, it means that he can finally see the mysterious place with his own eyes.

'Except for this area, other areas can be opened to the outside world.' Shen Yunshan said with a slight pause, 'One third of the area is vacant, and when the time is ripe, it will be used as a cultivation area open to the outside world for the imperial envoys who need to speed up their meditation and practice, and collect contributions on time.'

While talking, another area was marked with green.

Although it is only one third of the whole secret place, it is a secret place at the ground level. It covers a large area and can easily accommodate tens of thousands of imperial envoys.

When we mentioned the core of the secret realm, no one made a sound. Now, as Shen Yunshan told us the purpose of the second division, the senior leaders in the meeting room soon began to talk quietly.

'President, it's a good idea to collect contribution points on a regular basis. It can prevent the Imperial Beast Envoy, who has a lot of wealth but has not made contributions to the Alliance, from seizing cultivation opportunities, but... how much is the right amount?' A pale haired senior officer stood up trembling and asked.

'Based on the actual time, what do you think of 200 contribution points per hour?' Shen Yunshan said calmly, 'If there is a secret realm of the Yellow or the Xuan steps later, the contribution points will be lower, but the zero secret realm is special, and it is not too high to accept it.'

The crowd was silent and quickly estimated.

According to this standard, a Royal Beast Envoy needs 144000 contribution points if he wants to stay in Time Zero for a month.

With such a high contribution point expenditure, there may not be many affordable animal envoys. Most of the animal envoys can only accumulate contribution points for a period of time and then enter into cultivation for a period of time.

This can avoid the situation that the imperial beast envoys gather together to enter the secret realm, and ensure the order in the secret realm to a certain extent.

With a conclusion in mind, everyone nodded slightly and said that they had no objection to the plan.

Lin Su held his head and looked strange.

More than 100000 contributions are a drop in the bucket for him now.

By taking out synergy skills to exchange for the Alliance Royal Beast Envoy, Lin Suo now earns millions of contributions every day.

Even after that, the demand is gradually saturated, and there is absolutely no problem in the income of more than 100000 contribution points every day.

One day, you can earn a month's rent.

That is to say, as long as he wants, he can stay in a precious secret place of the time system every day, and even make a home in it...

This makes Lin Su feel dreamy.

Previously, only the Shenwu World had a secret state, so he improved himself in the Shenwu World much faster than the Blue Star. Now, with the emergence of the secret state of the Blue Star, everything is in reverse.

In the world of Shenwu, Lin Su has never seen what the secret land looks like, but he experienced it first in Blue Star.

'The remaining two thirds of the area will be used by the border fighters in turn from tomorrow.' Shen Yunshan spoke calmly.

No one contradicted or doubted this point.

After all, the soldiers on the border front have made great contributions in guarding the alliance. They will enjoy the benefits of accepting the case first, and the sooner the better.

If we improve our strength a little more, we can give more strength to the front line fighters.

'This is the use of time zero secrets and the open plan for the time being. After the implementation, we will find problems and make some detailed adjustments.' After the introduction, Shen Yunshan waved his hand to let the projection in the air dissipate, and then his expression gradually became dignified. 'Now, let's talk about the second content of this meeting.'

Seeing Shen Yunshan's solemn expression, everyone in the meeting room changed their faces.

The president of the Royal Society of Animals will only show such an expression when something extremely important happens.

The last time, it was when the Zero Secret just appeared.

It seems that the next meeting content must be very important.

'This morning, after confirming the relevant situation of Time Zero, considering that similar secret places may appear in the world, I held a teleconference with the presidents of the Royal Beast Association of the other three security alliances.'

Shen Yunshan's voice fell, instantly arousing countless voices in the conference room.

After the holocaust, the human alliance of Blue Star was divided into safety zones one after another by the raging animal tide. These safety zones, large and small, could only stay where they were, and even it was difficult to get out of the city.

After the birth of the imperial and immortal beasts, the communication satellites in outer space and other auxiliary means of communication were also destroyed by the beasts whose intelligence was no less than that of human beings.

This has led to further isolation of the security zones from each other.

Without communication transit satellites and signal towers, long-distance communication becomes extremely difficult.

In the end, human beings can only be cautious to explore, constantly looking for safe areas closer to each other, and communicating across areas where foreign animals are active.

This is also an important reason why the security zone finally went the same way, integrating with each other for warmth and becoming a security alliance.

Under the threat of foreign animals in the sea, all coastal areas in Asia have become dangerous, and human beings have to migrate inland. Finally, numerous large and small security zones in Central Asia have been migrated and integrated, forming the Yanhuang security alliance.

The Yanhuang Alliance is not the only beacon in the dark.

Similarly, the Sacred Security Alliance in Europe, the Desert Security Alliance in Southern Africa and the Freedom Security Alliance in North America have formed the security alliance in a similar way.

They have become the four solitary lamps of the human world and all the hopes of mankind.

All lands except for the four security alliances were devoured by foreign animals.

Australia and Antarctica, which are located on the vast ocean, have never been lost. After the catastrophe, they lost contact completely. Now, things are very bad.

After the formation of the four security alliances, each of them achieved the restoration of communication and network within the alliance through technical means.

However, it still requires a lot of supernatural resources to realize the connection between different security alliances.

Therefore, except for contacting once a year at a fixed time, the four major leagues rarely hold teleconferences.

Now, in order to let the other three security alliances know the information of the secret place in advance and make preparations in advance, Shen Yunshan has made such a choice.

Even for the senior level of the alliance, the situation of the other three security alliances is rarely known. Hearing Shen Yunshan's words at the moment, people were immediately curious about the three allies.

Shen Yunshan was not surprised to see people's reaction, but his face was not much better. Instead, he became more serious. 'I got bad news in the conference call.'

'The second known secret state appeared two days ago!'


'Two days ago?'


A group of senior executives were stunned at first, and then suddenly burst into flames.

Through Time Zero, they have realized how helpful the secret world is to human beings, so the existence of each new secret world can touch their hearts.

If the human side can gain another secret place...

'That secret place appeared in the territory of the Senro Immortal State, close to the frontier between the Senro Immortal State and the Alliance for Freedom and Security.' Shen Yunshan spoke in a deep voice.

All of us lost their composure in an instant.

Open in the territory of Immortal Kingdom?

Although it is close to the border, the Free Security Alliance has no such advantage as Yanhuang Security Alliance on the border, and it is impossible to get a piece of the cake.

At this moment, everyone's heart sank quickly.

Although the secret realm does not appear in the territory of the Dark Devil Immortal Kingdom.

But in the face of a great enemy, we should share the same hatred.

The Immortal Forest Country is also not easy to get into trouble.

'After the secret place was opened, Emperor Xuan was shocked. He personally blocked the entrance. At that time, the Freedom and Security Alliance did not know about the secret place, so it did not respond immediately.' Shen Yunshan sighed a little, 'I don't know what level that secret place is, but it's not good to be taken by the Immortal Kingdom.'

'But it's not without good news.' He turned his voice and said, 'The sea forces also focused on that secret place and wanted to explore it. Because of this, the relationship between the sea side and the immortal Senro State was unprecedented tense. The confrontation between the two sides gave the Freedom and Security Alliance time to breathe.'

The situation of the Yanhuang Security Alliance is different. The Senro Immortal State is located in South America and the Freedom and Security Alliance is located in North America. There are a large number of offshore areas at the border between the two, so the border front there is a three-way battlefield.

In addition to these two sides, the nearby ocean alien forces also joined the war.

This also makes the situation there more complicated.

The forces of foreign animals in the sea and the immortal countries on the land are not united, and they will not work together against the Freedom and Security Alliance. This gives the Freedom and Security Alliance a chance to survive in the crevice, which is also an important reason why they can persist for decades.

'On the one hand, the reason for this is to tell you that since there is a second secret state, the third and fourth are also fast.' Shen Yunshan sighed slightly, 'So you must keep in mind the search for a new secret place. This is a new battle, and the secret place battle is invisible!'


Everyone spoke in unison, and their faces were solemn.

When Lin Su proposed that this secret place would never be the last one, people were still lucky.

They felt that it might take a while before a second or more secret realm appeared.

I didn't expect it to be so fast.

Counting the time, the secret realm in the immortal kingdom of Senluo appeared the next day when the secret realm of Shiling appeared.

It is not known whether there are other mysteries that have not been discovered by human beings.

After all, there are more areas of the blue star, which is an ocean that humans can't step into now.

'On the other hand...' Shen Yunshan looked at the crowd. 'Originally, I only planned to inform the other three security alliances, but in this case, a simple notification might not be enough.'

'The Freedom League side proposed that it would like to send a delegation to our Yanhuang League to investigate the situation of Zero Secret, and the desert and sacred sides also showed the same willingness.' Shen Yunshan said calmly, 'Today at noon, they will arrive in Zone 1 one after another.'

The whole meeting room became quiet for a moment.

The other three security alliances will send a delegation to visit the Yanhuang Alliance?!

And will it arrive at noon today?

Although there are supernatural forces, it does not take several hours to span this distance.

But it is still surprising that they have such action power.

'Although this is not the first time that the four security alliances have visited each other...' Shen Yun Shan subconsciously looked at Qin Yunzhang, who was sitting by and didn't speak, and then said, 'But this is the first time that the other three security alliances have come to Yanhuang. We should be prepared for reception and don't lose our manners.'

'The main purpose of their coming here is to investigate the zero secret territory on the spot, but it is not easy to come across the ocean, and there must be some other tasks, which is also a good opportunity for Yanhuang Alliance to learn about the other three leagues.'

'President, I will prepare now.' A senior official in charge of etiquette reception changed his face and wished he could fly out of the meeting room.

'Go!' Shen Yunshan quickly nodded, 'There is only so much content in the meeting. Everybody, get ready. We will go to meet the people of the delegation in a few hours.'

'President, am I going too?' Hearing this, Lin Su couldn't help talking.

All the people present are the senior leaders of the league. They can just go to welcome the delegation. Isn't it appropriate to go alone?

'Of course, and I have to.' If Shen Yunshan takes a deep look at Lin Suo, 'the party of the Sacred Security Alliance specifically proposed to let the young and excellent Imperial Beast Envoy of the Alliance come together at the meeting, which has been approved by the other two parties, so we can't lose the chain.'

Hearing Shen Yunshan's words, Lin Su's expression became strange.

The other three security leagues will send excellent young beast envoys to join the delegation, so the Yan Huang alliance will let him join in the reception?

There seems to be nothing wrong with it.

After all, there are few masters of Yanhuang Alliance who are stronger than him.

Lin Su does not contradict such an arrangement.

After all, he was equally curious about the three security alliances.

This curiosity stems from Lin Su's understanding of the other three alliances in the process of using his authority to access data.

In the years when it was difficult to communicate with each other, the four security alliances took resisting foreign animals as their first goal, but developed a different path.

For example, the Freedom and Security Alliance has developed a biologically modified Royal Beast that uses genetic engineering and cloning technology to transform foreign animals. Because pet animals are all new pet animals generated by transgenic or gene editing, they have directly taken a different approach to exempt the ban on foreign animals.

Although it may not be humane, it has its merits.

The Desert Land Security Alliance and the Holy Security Alliance also have the same animal defense system that is worth learning and understanding, which are called Belief Evolution Path and Mechanical Armed Animal Defense respectively.

Although the animal defense system developed by the other three leagues cannot completely suppress foreign animals like the coordinated operation of the beasts, they have their own characteristics, which interests Lin Suo very much.

He once wondered whether he could go to other security alliances to visit when he became stronger and reached the level of epic level beast envoy and was not afraid of any threat as long as he did not attack the immortal level.

Now, it seems that we don't need to wait until we become stronger.

He now has the opportunity to communicate with the Beastguard of other security alliances.

A few hours later, the senior management of Yanhuang Alliance gathered in a space specially set aside outside Zone 1.

For the people standing here, the threats from strange animals outside the security zone are obviously negligible.

There were not only high-level officials, but also journalists from various media.

Although it will not be broadcast live, such a historic moment is destined to be recorded.

Shen Yunshan, the leader, put his hands behind him, looked at the horizon and suddenly opened his mouth.

'Here they are.'

With Shen Yunshan's voice falling, a black spot appeared in the sky soon.

This black spot is coming here at a very fast speed, and the shape is gradually enlarged in the line of sight.

'In that direction, it should be the Freedom and Security Alliance.' Qin Yunzhang looked at his position and squinted. 'They are very fast.'

Freedom and Security Alliance...

The people behind didn't speak, but their expressions were solemn.

In the crowd, Lin Suo stood on tiptoe and looked curiously at the giant animals that were gradually enlarging in the sky.

As the dark shadow magnified, he also saw the shape of the pet animal more clearly.

It was a strange creature with a long dragon like shape, but no scales on its body. Instead, it gave birth to white feathers, and a dozen pairs of wings from head to tail.

Its slender body is a hundred meters long. Although its shape is strange, it does not look ferocious, but rather elegant and has a high face value.

After looking at it, Lin Su guessed that it was a pet created by biological transformation.

Because there has never been a similar pet animal race in the Shenwu world.

The back of the strange pet animal is wider than other positions, and a dozen shadows can be vaguely seen on the wide back.

It raised its head and sang like a song. Then it landed slowly. The huge body of one hundred meters only brought a little breeze. When people came to their senses, it had landed.

With a flash of black light, the strange pet disappeared, leaving only a dozen guests from the Freedom and Security Alliance.

The leader was an old man with green eyes and deep sockets. First, he shook hands with Shen Yunshan, the leader of the Yanhuang Alliance. Then his eyes swept over the crowd and soon fell on Qin Yunzhang.

'Qin, I finally came to the magical land of Yanhuang Alliance and saw you again!' He came forward with a smile in the burning yellow language and gave Qin Yunzhang a friendly hug. 'I have many questions to ask you about the cooperation between the imperial beasts. Please be sure to sleep with me tonight.'

After a sentence, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly became strange.

All of them looked at Qin Yunzhang with blank expressions.

'That's sleeping with one's feet...' Qin Yunzhang's face darkened. 'Watson, I suggest you learn more Yanhuang dialect and not use idioms indiscriminately.'

'All right.' Watson shrugged his shoulders and looked at the crowd with a close smile. 'Hello, everyone of Yanhuang Alliance. My name is Watson. I am the president of the chief research institute of the Freedom Alliance and the representative of this visit.'

As Watson's voice dropped, the expressions of the people changed slightly.

The situation of the Freedom Alliance is slightly different from that of the Yanhuang Alliance. The chief research institute is the highest palace for researchers there. As the president of the chief research institute, Watson's position in the Freedom Alliance is the same as Qin Yunzhang, the chief researcher of the Alliance.

At present, the old man who is not very good at burning yellow language has an unusual status.

This also shows how much the Liberal Alliance values this trip.

The people's eyes crossed Watson and looked at his rear.

The composition of the delegation of the Free Security Alliance is not complicated, which can be seen at a glance.

In addition to Watson, there were seven or eight members of the delegation who were obviously researchers.

Then there were five guards. Each of them was an epic strong man. One of them was the one who just took back the pet animal. Only such a strong man could escort people to cross the terrible and dangerous area of alien activity and come here.

At the end of the team, there were three young boys and girls who were looking at something young. They happened to look around strangely, and they were obviously curious about the Yanhuang League that had been in the future.

But soon, the three noticed that following the reception team of the Yanhuang Alliance was like a small transparent Lin.

After all, he was the only one who appeared to be the same age as the three boys and girls from the Freedom League.

So the three men peeked at Lin Su and whispered together.

Feeling the eyes of the three, Lin Su touched his nose uneasily.

Did you hide in the back, or was you noticed?

Sure enough, handsome people always shine.

But soon he had no time to lament.

Halfway through the process of welcoming the Freedom League delegation, everyone in the audience suddenly looked up to the horizon.

On the other side, which is completely different from the direction of the Liberal Alliance just now, there are two black spots on the horizon.

The two black spots also flew straight here at an extremely fast speed.

'It seems that desert and holy security alliance come together.' Qin Yunzhang picked his eyebrows, looked at the two figures that were gradually clear, and spoke quickly.

'They both fought against the Red Flame Immortal Kingdom, and exchanged more with each other than we did.' Watson smiled and said, 'Besides, there are too many sea areas to cross directly from Desert Land Security Alliance. They can only choose a detour, and it is normal for them to travel with the Holy Security Alliance.'

Hearing the exchange between the two big men, everyone nodded in agreement.

Desert Land Security Alliance and Holy Security Alliance jointly resist the Red Flame Immortal Country.

It seems easier than Yanhuang and Liberty, but it is not.

First of all, the Immortal Stage of the Red Flame Immortal Kingdom exists - Yan Rong is the first Immortal Stage of the Blue Star, so the Red Flame Immortal Kingdom was first established in the world, and its strength is stronger than the other two Immortal Countries.

Secondly, while the Holy Security Alliance is fighting against the Red Flame Immortal Country, due to the special terrain of the European region, it also has to face the forces of foreign animals in the sea, which makes life difficult.

While talking, the two giants are getting closer and closer to here, so that everyone can see their shape.

Lin Su's attention was attracted by one of them at the first time.

It was a pet animal in the shape of a pterosaur. It was more powerful than a pterosaur. The middle part of a pair of wings had sharp huge claws and deep black scales.

Lin Suo knows this pet race.

The dark system is a lower imperial race, with wind evil pterosaurs.

However, this wind evil pterosaur is very different from Lin Su's impression of it.

It has an armored metal exoskeleton all over its body, and even its light wings are completely covered. Only some parts that can move show their original bodies.

These special structures, like exoskeletons, give people a very similar impression to artificial supernatural intelligence.

This is a special armor made by combining scientific and technological means with supernatural resources.

Under the attachment of these armors, the prestige of the Wind Evil Pterosaur seems to have been blessed. It is much stronger than the strange pet of the Free Alliance just now, and even vaguely exceeds the level of the imperial order.

This is the animal defense system of the Sacred Security Alliance, which is armed with machines!

Lin Su took a deep breath and turned his eyes to the other side.

It was a big beast with a wolf head and a cow body. It had four hoofs and walked in the air. It had two long fiery red tails, red stripes on its body, and a ferocious single horn on its forehead.

Lin Su has never seen such a pet.

What made him even more concerned was that there was something strange about the power of the pet animal.

There are supernatural forces like normal pet animals in that force, but there is a trace of other forces mixed in.

When staring at the huge beast and feeling its strange power, Lin Su's pupils will reflect the picture of countless people praying piously.

That is the power of faith.

It is a special force that countless people worship foreign animals as totems, and serve and pray for their birth all day long.

It is also the source of the evolutionary path of belief.

The two beasts landed at the same time and were recovered by the Imperial Beast Envoy at the same time.

The delegation of Desert Land Security Alliance and Holy Security Alliance is coming!

(Lin Su's collaboration with ghosts is drawn in the egg chapter.)

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