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Chapter 295 Immortal confrontation across time and space

With Neymar's exclamation, all the people present were not calm.

'Your Excellency Neymar, in the Holy Security Alliance...' Shen Yunshan couldn't help asking.

'Yes! Yes!' Neymar quickly shut down the communication, with a look of ecstasy on his face, 'There is a secret place in the Holy Security Alliance!'

Because cross-border communication is not easy, he does not know the specific situation of that secret place for the time being.

But that was enough for him.

After seeing the magic of the secret realm in the Yan Huang alliance, Neymar hopes that his alliance can have a similar secret realm at the moment.

I never expected that this wish would come true so quickly.

'That's great.' Shen Yunshan nodded and smiled, also happy for the Holy Security Alliance.

In the delegation, other people from the holy side also showed a happy face, while people from desert and freedom could not help showing envy.

Now there are secrets for both Yanhuang and Holy, and I don't know when there will be secrets for my alliance

When people began to think about this problem, Flora's communicator suddenly rang.

Flora was stunned at first, then flashed a strong look of expectation in her eyes and quickly connected with the communication.

A moment later, her face also appeared ecstatic, 'Just half an hour ago, our desert security alliance also appeared a secret!'

The desert land security alliance also has a secret place

At first, people were slightly shocked, and then they all turned their eyes to the Freedom and Security Alliance.

When three of the four alliances have new secrets at the same time, the free alliance without new secrets will become particularly prominent.

The wrinkles on Watson's face could not help shaking in the face of the people's eyes.

'Don't worry. Maybe the Freedom League also has it?' He gave a gentle cough, took out the communicator and spoke calmly.

At the same time, his mind began to think.

Hot yellow, sacred, desert soil.

A few days ago, there was no news of a new secret place. Now, it is no coincidence that new secret places have appeared in the three security alliances in a short period of time.

When we explored the Zero Secret together, researchers from the four security alliances had some guesses about the form of the new secret.

Some of them think that they will appear irregularly, while others think that new mysteries may be born one by one.

Today's situation has verified the latter conjecture.

Therefore, just in this period of time, there should be a batch of new secrets born.

Although the territory of the Freedom and Security Alliance is not comparable to that of the Yanhuang Security Alliance, it is still larger than that of the Desert and Sacred Security Alliance.

Therefore, from the perspective of probability, if the secret realm randomly appears in any corner of the blue star, the probability of the Free Security Alliance having a new secret realm should be greater than that of desert and sacred.

But probability is just probability after all, if the Free Security Alliance really does not have a new secret

Watson's eyes flashed with tension.

God, don't play with me.

In the eyes of everyone, his communicator soon lit up.

'Look! I said that our Freedom and Security Alliance also has secrets!' Watson quickly breathed a sigh of relief. He laughed and quickly connected the communication.

Behind him, there were smiles on the faces of other people from the Freedom and Security Alliance.

But soon, they couldn't laugh.

'What did you say?!' After hearing the voice from the other end of the communication, Watson's face showed a look of surprise and anger. 'There is a secret entrance over Greenland?!'

People look at me and I look at you, and I can't help feeling sorry.

Greenland is close to the actual control of the Freedom and Security Alliance.

But if you remember correctly, it is the forces of ocean monsters that occupy there now.

'No! We can't just forget it!' Watson was worried. 'Let some strong men negotiate with those guys in the water, at least for cooperative development and utilization... Don't worry! I'll bring the information back now, listen! The secret place is very important!'

When the communicator hung up, Watson took a deep breath and said quickly, 'Please forgive my rudeness, but I can't stay any longer. Now I have to leave here with others.'

People naturally understood Watson's reaction.

If the secret realm appears at a lower level, it is OK. But if the secret realm appears at the earth level or heaven level, the free side really needs to strive for cooperation with the ocean alien forces, and cannot give up easily.

The hostility of ocean alien forces to human beings is not as strong as that of terrestrial alien forces. The Freedom and Security Alliance has been operating for many years, and there is still hope for cooperation between them.

A moment later, the white dragon shaped pet with a length of 100 meters rose in the air amid the exclamations of countless people outside, started from the 32nd District of the Yanhuang Alliance and headed straight for the direction of the Free Alliance.

Although Desert and the Holy Security Alliance are not as urgent as the Freedom and Security Alliance, they also need to leave when there are secret places in the territory.

'Let's part here!' Ms. Fura said calmly, 'Next, the Desert Land Security Alliance will have closer contact with you. We need to share secret intelligence.'

'No problem.' Shen Yunshan nodded slightly, as did Neymar.

The opening of secret places is random, and it is a probability question whether there is something that each security alliance needs. Therefore, the four security alliances need to be integrated together to exchange resources and secret places regularly.

The agreement was reached yesterday.

Fula stopped talking nonsense. The pet beast when she was summoned rose to the sky with all the people in the desert, disappeared in the same place, and returned at the fastest speed.

As a result, Neymar and the Holy Security Alliance were left in the field.

'Sir Neymar, you don't look worried?' Shen Yunshan couldn't help talking.

'It's natural to go back, but I'm not as anxious as they are.' Neymar smiled and said, 'When I was communicating, I passed on the information I had compiled.'

Shen Yunshan nodded clearly.

The Holy Alliance has got the relevant information of the secret place, so Neymar's role in returning is much less.

Even without him, the Holy Alliance can make correct judgments at the first time according to the data and take proper measures against the secret place.

'Don't say that.' Neymar suddenly turned his head to look at Lin Su, who was always standing by. 'I wonder if Researcher Lin is interested in going to our Sacred Security Alliance?'

'Huh?' Lin Su blinked and pointed out a finger to himself. 'Me?'

At the moment, he was shocked that the second wave of secret places broke out so quickly, and he did not expect that he would be suddenly named as a person eating melons.

'Yes.' Neymar laughed, 'I heard that you have developed a new system called Synergy, which our Holy Alliance wants to introduce, so we want to invite you to go back to the Holy Alliance with our delegation for a technical exchange. What do you think?'

'This...' Lin Su blinked.

It turns out that the other party is interested in their collaborative skills.

This is normal.

After all, collaborative technology can be regarded as an advanced means of coordinated combat against beasts, and the strength improvement of coordinated combat against beasts is obvious to all.

But leave Yanhuang Alliance and go to other security alliances

Lin Su has never experienced such a thing.

He subconsciously looked at Shen Yunshan beside him.

'The four security alliances are closely linked allies, so technical exchanges will not violate the oath of cooperation.' Shen Yunshan smiled, 'It depends on you whether you want to go. If you want to go, the Alliance will arrange enough security personnel to accompany you.'

Hearing what Shen Yunshan said, Lin Su nodded and lost in thought.

Holy Security Alliance

Frankly, I'm very interested in it.

On the one hand, since he was born, he has never been to other security alliances, so he is naturally curious.

On the other hand, it seems that the mechanical weapon of the Holy Security Alliance can also be used by itself.

In particular, the coordinated external forces we have seen today are highly compatible with the coordinated operation of the beasts.

'Chief Neymar, can I use the relevant information of synergetic technology to exchange for your synergetic external armed technology?' Lin Su coughed softly.

'Cooperate with external forces?' Neymar patted his chest. 'No problem!'

The so-called technical exchange is the exchange of technologies.

Use the existing technology to exchange for new technology, so as to let the thinking collide with sparks.

As for whether the two technologies are of equal value, this is actually not so important.

'That should not be delayed. Shall we start now?' Seeing Lin Su's agreement, Neymar smiled more and more brightly.

The young man in front of him can make the pet leader understand the power of rules and easily defeat Connor. His talent is unimaginable.

When he grows up, he will certainly become an important figure in the Yanhuang security alliance.

This invitation can take the opportunity to release the goodwill of the Holy Alliance to Lin Suo, so that when Lin Suo becomes the senior leader of Yanhuang Alliance, he will be more friendly to the Holy Alliance, and will think of the neighbor of the Holy Alliance if there is anything good.

On the other hand, it can also stimulate the younger generation in the alliance.

With Lin Su's strength, it is possible to defeat the current first place in the master level battle force sequence of the Holy Alliance and become a new first place.

A guest of the Yanhuang Alliance overshadowed the master level Imperial Beast Envoy of the whole Holy Alliance. It seems that once such a thing happens, the Imperial Beast Envoy of the Holy Alliance will not dare to slack off.

In addition, as Neymar just said, the technologies related to collaborative technology proposed by Lin Su are also needed by the Holy Security Alliance.

Finally, Lin Su knows the secret place very well.

Yan Huang Alliance did not show Lin Su's uniqueness to other alliances, but said that Lin Su had unique features in the exploration and research of secret places, and many secret places were obtained by him.

But it was enough to make Neymar's heart beat.

The Holy Alliance has a secret place. This is the right time to take an expert to study the secret place back.

Therefore, this can be said to kill four birds with one stone.

He is worthy of being able to come up with such a good idea.

'Cough.' At this time, Shen Yunshan had to say, 'Lin Su is a first-class researcher of Yanhuang. He needs to be accompanied when he travels. There are also a series of related arrangements. He will leave tomorrow at the earliest. I can't let you take him away like this.'

'I may not be able to go today.' Lin Su nodded and said apologetically, 'I still have some things to deal with.'

He promised Tong Tong to go back to the welfare home.

'I was too hasty. Let's wait here for one night and start tomorrow.' Neymar smiled understandably.

Anyway, the information has been given to the Alliance, and he is not worried.

After the exploration of the source secret place ended, the group stayed in Zone 32.

After settling down the delegation of the Holy Security Alliance, Shen Yunshan disappeared.

The emergence of the source secret is of great significance to the Yanhuang Alliance.

As the president of the Royal Beast Association, he will not only convene a meeting of the league leaders, but also arrange Lin Su's entourage to the Holy Alliance.

As for Lin Su, he took the initiative to leave after he had nothing to do with himself. He followed the familiar streets of the old city step by step and returned to the Qiuye Welfare Home, which he had not come for a long time.

'Jie? (⊙?? ⊙)' (Where is this?)

Standing in front of the new iron gate of the welfare home, the ghost looked around curiously.

For it, it is very strange here.

'This is where I grew up.' Lin Su chuckled and explained.

Hearing this, the ghost's eyes lit up.

The place where the Imperial Beast Envoy lived when he was young!

This time, it looked at it more carefully for four weeks, and wished to remember every tree and grass here.

'Mi ω ó??) '(I also lived here at the beginning~)

Seeing my younger brother's novel appearance, the ball suddenly became a little more superior. He raised his head proudly and hummed.

Even if you are an imperial race, I will come first!

Then again, I now understand the power of rules. Although the normal energy value is still much lower, I should be able to beat my younger brother, right?

Thinking of this, the ball looked at the ghost and suddenly had some evil intentions.

But soon, the war in his eyes gradually died out.

It can continue to climb the extremely cold ladder.

This is the first level.

When it reaches the seventh level, it will abuse my younger brother like vegetables!

The ghost shivered and looked around.

What seems to have happened just now?

However, as Lin Su pushed open the iron door and walked into it, he immediately pressed down his mind and followed in curiously.

In the small yard in front of the welfare home, all the children in the welfare home have arrived.

It is obvious that Tong Tong, who came back early, has told others about Lin Suo's news.

Seeing Lin Su again, the children's faces looked a little nervous and expectant.

After all, we haven't seen each other for several months. Lin Su, who used to live with them day and night, has become a well-known figure in the league.

'What are you doing?' Seeing the embarrassment of the outstanding person, Lin Su smiled dumbly, then extended his hand and took a large bag of colored cloud candy taken out of the trick pocket by the ghost. 'Try it? It's a new taste.'

After the children in the welfare home were surprised by this familiar action, they all cheered.

Sure enough, brother Lin Suo is still the same brother Lin Suo used to be.

Brother Lin Su, who will save money and buy colored cloud candy for them.

This colored cloud candy is made from the pulp secreted by a wooden pet called colored cloud weaving. It belongs to a supernatural product and is more than 10 times more expensive than ordinary candy.

They all rushed forward after they had sorted out the colored cloud candy. They ate the candy and asked Lin Su about his situation. They soon stopped seeing the outside world.

While answering the questions of his childhood friends one by one, Lin Su also slowly learned about the changes in the Qiuye Welfare Home in recent months from them.

When he came, he noticed that the creeper on the iron door of the Qiuye Welfare Home was still there, dense and beautiful, but the rusty iron door was replaced with a new one.

In addition, the interior of the welfare home has also undergone considerable changes.

Originally, some desolate courtyards were planted with neatly trimmed flowers and plants, and a swing was also installed.

The exterior walls of the building also seem to have been painted. The original faded and cracked wall has no change in color, but it is as smooth as new.

Even the glass windows of each room are much cleaner, and the window edges have been replaced with stronger alloy materials.

Such changes can be found at a glance for Lin Su, who has lived here for more than ten years and is familiar with every tree and grass here.

These changes, strictly speaking, have something to do with him.

As Lin Su's reputation in the Yanhuang Alliance grows, his past cannot be completely hidden.

Whether it is the school where he went to school from childhood to college, or the Qiuye Welfare Home where he lived since childhood, people with a mind can find some clues.

Although not everyone who knows Lin Su will deliberately understand these things, a small part of them are interested in Qiuye Welfare Home.

With more people's attention, Qiuye Welfare Home has received more donations from all parts of the Alliance. In addition to the better situation of children living in welfare homes, they also have money to renovate welfare homes that have not been renovated for decades.

After understanding the situation, Lin Su felt warm.

He was still thinking about how to improve the life of the people in the welfare home. Unexpectedly, someone had already done this for him.

After chatting in the small courtyard for a while, the children couldn't wait to pull Lin Su into the welfare home to see their new room.

If the exterior is simply renovated, the interior of the welfare home for large families will be completely renovated.

The new furniture, cleaner kitchen and dining room, and even the kitchen is equipped with a professional cooking robot, which is specially responsible for everyone's three meals a day.

In the former Qiuye Welfare Home, I dare not think about it.

For a while, Lin Su felt more warm, but at the same time, he felt helpless.

It seems that people have already done what they want to do.

What can he do for the welfare home?

Leave a sum of money for children so that they can afford the initial pet when they are 18 years old?

It was a good idea, but he always felt that something was missing.

While thinking about it, Lin Su accidentally noticed that he was surrounding the ball and ghosts, caressing their children carefully.

It goes without saying that Qiuqiu was the most popular child when Lin Su was still living in the welfare home.

Although the ghost is the first time to come, its unique shape also attracted many children to watch.

Although it doesn't look kind, the iconic shark teeth are a little fierce, but after touching out a black smoke to make various shapes for the children, ghosts are also welcomed by them.

In this era of animal control, few people do not like pets with high intelligence and close to human beings.

Looking at it, Lin Su suddenly felt moved.

It is better to teach fish than to teach fish.

It's better to give them money directly than to give them the means to make money, so that they can have a good life even if they can't become excellent animal guards.

Although Qiuye Welfare Home is remote, it has the advantage of being remote. The cheap land price in the old city has divided it into a large area.

It is more than enough to transform such a large land into a small feeding and breeding base.

The breeding base needs a certain amount of early investment, but in general, it can be profitable.

To apply for a feeding base requires certain qualifications and procedures, as well as hiring professionals. But in Linsu, these do not seem to be a problem.


'Why don't I set up a feeding base here to feed Snow Trace Light?' Lin Su suddenly said, 'It's called the autumn leaf feeding base.'

The children became quiet.

Although they are still under age, they have already understood what it means to establish a breeding base.

Lin Su's proposal was obviously something they had never thought about.

And the stronger reaction than them is the ball.

'Mi!? (≥ ω ≦)?? '(That's it!)

The ball broke free from the children's arms and jumped excitedly in mid air.

Feeding base with light snow trace!

In this way, I can have many kindred!

When the time comes, I will come here to have a look. Do these people all want to call me brother?

No, it doesn't want so many little brothers!

Only those who are also Lin Su's pet can call themselves Brother!

So those snow marks should call themselves 'leaders'!

At this moment, the ball can't help dreaming.

The ghosts on the other side could not help showing their envy.

Damn it!

Why is there only a feeding base with light snow traces, and no feeding base for trick clowns?

Wait... It seems that there is no group of trick clowns in blue stars

Besides, most of his family members are not easy to get along with because they know their own affairs.

After all, the nature of trick clowns is mischievous.

That's all right. We'd better build a snow trace light feeding base.

The ghost sighed.

It also wants to fly with the same family, but it can't move.

'Brother Lin Su, here has become a breeding base. What should we do? What should we do in the welfare home?' The boy could not help but open his mouth. He was worried in his eyes. 'Is it necessary to dismantle this place?'

As Tong Tong asked this question, other children also showed concern.


It's a good thing to build a breeding base here, but then there will be no Qiuye Welfare Home. This is where everyone lives. Where should they go without Qiuye Welfare Home?

'No, keep this building.' Lin Su smiled and said, 'It's OK to transform the small yard and the surrounding land belonging to the welfare home. If we only feed a single pet animal race on a small scale, we don't need the scale of the breeding park. It's enough here.'

Snow Trace Light is not like other pet animals. They have a high and cold personality, so they do not need to be mixed with other pet animals. It is no problem to feed them alone.

The key point is that as he proposed the evolutionary type of 'light snow trace', the market price of young children with 'light snow trace' has now exceeded 100000 union coins. Even if they were purchased through the initial distribution of beasts, they also need 30000 union coins, which is several times higher than the previous value.

Therefore, small-scale feeding and breeding can also generate considerable income.

'As for you...' Lin Su said with worried eyes to the children, 'naturally, you will become the staff of the feeding base. I will hire professional feeding staff to help, but you should also participate in it after completing your lessons. You can't be lazy.'

'Good!' The boy jumped up excitedly, with the light in his eyes.


Does not exist!

How can you be lazy if you can feed such lovely snow?

The other children's faces also showed joy.

The welfare home will be transformed into a feeding and breeding base, and they will have a better future.

Seeing that the children had no problem, Lin Su smiled and asked Nuwa for the contact information of the branch president of the Royal Beast Association of the 32nd District without saying anything.

The establishment procedures and qualifications of the feeding and breeding base need to be approved by the Royal Veterinary Association, so it is correct to directly find the chairman of the Association in Area 32.

After some communication, it was late at night.

Although Lin Su is only a first-class researcher, anyone can see that it is sooner or later that he will be rated as a super researcher based on his ability.

Such a genius in the research field will not be lightly treated by the branch head of the 32nd District.

In addition, Lin Su's requirements are not excessive. It is just to set up a small-scale breeding base, and all expenses are paid by contribution points at one time, so the approval process is particularly smooth.

In this way, Xuegen Light Feeding Base, named as 'Autumn Leaf Feeding Base', was qualified and approved.

The specific infrastructure construction will be completed in the next month, and the corresponding professional recruitment has begun.

After that, just wait until a batch of snow tracks purchased from other parks arrive, and then after a period of basic cultivation, this breeding base can be opened to the outside world.

At that time, all children in the welfare home will have a busy and happy future.

After putting down the burden in his heart, Lin Su took back the pet animals and fell asleep slowly.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already in the midst of ice and snow.

The towering ladder in the sky always reminded him that he had returned to the world of divine force and was now in the place of ice rules and the extremely cold ladder.

The day at Blue Star was too full, and many things happened, so that Lin Su sat up for a long time, and then reflected what to do next.

There is a feeling of isolation.

Light blue light intertwined, ball and ghost figure quickly emerged.

'Mi?? ω??) '(Next, I will continue to understand the rule of extreme cold in the ladder!)

After a day off, the ball did not become lazy, but made it more energetic.

Defeat an opponent whose normal energy value is much higher than his own in one stroke, which makes him feel the qualitative change of strength brought by the power of rules more intuitively.

After tasting the sweetness, it naturally wants to continue to understand the power of rules.

Almost at the first time of appearance, the ball turned into a white shadow and flew high into the sky, easily crossing the first ladder and stepping on the second ladder.

'Jie! (⊙ Д ⊙) '(I also need to continue to understand the dark system rules!)

Seeing Brother Juan Wang, who has already comprehended the rules of the ice system and is still comprehending them, the ghost is worried.

When he saw the big brother solve Connor with a storm today, he knew he was no longer the big brother's opponent.

The power of rules is too great for strength improvement!

So it must understand the power of rules as soon as possible to deal with Big Brother.

Otherwise, when the next big game is held in the team, its attempt to overthrow Big Brother's position will be futile.

Fortunately, it has advantages.

As long as you understand the rules of the dark system, its core skills can be directly transformed into Level V.

In terms of strength improvement, it is bigger than brother!

This is the extremely cold ladder. No matter how deeply you understand the rules of the ice system, you don't have the understanding of the rules of the spirit system, do you?

Thinking of this, the ghost felt the dark crystal of Dark Lin with confidence and fell into meditation.


What is darkness?

He stared at each face in front of him, which was as smooth as a mirror, but could not reflect a ray of bright crystal.

The ball has already told itself the general process of its understanding of the ice system rules.

He played a role in the thermodynamic knowledge he explained to the ball, and made the ball understand the rules of the ice system. The ghost felt very happy, but more unconvinced.

The elder brother understood the rules of the ice system when he understood something.

I know more, I should feel more quickly.

However, the fact is that, until now, ghosts have not been able to understand the dark system rules.

Of course, this is not without reason.

It silently looked at the dark Lin crystal clenched in its claws.

It was not long before this level 8 resource with a hint of dark forest was in its hands, only about ten days.

During this period of time, ghosts and ghosts could not even seriously comprehend the rules contained in it once. They were exhausted just because they tried to fight against the fear brought by Dark Lin.

Fortunately, ten days later, it has gradually become accustomed to the fear and suppression that comes from the heart and cannot be offset by the imperial power field, and has become numb.

And it is finally able to devote itself to the realization of this crystal.

The ghost carefully extended his perception to feel this crystal.

It does not have the spiritual convenience like a ball, so in order to do this better, ghosts need to paste crystals on their forehead.

With the penetration of perception, it seems that there is endless darkness towards ghosts.

As a pet of the dark system, ghosts are born with night vision ability. They can normally see everything around them at night and in the dark.

But at this moment, its night vision ability seems to have no effect.

For the first time, he experienced the feeling of blindness.

With the loss of the ability to see things, an unprecedented sense of fear suddenly emerged in the minds of ghosts.

Subconsciously, the ghost directly removed the crystal pasted on the forehead.

As he saw everything around him again, his face was haunted.

It's like the first time that the ball of an ice pet felt what cold was like. At this moment, the first time it felt that the dark ghost was confused.

After a long time, he came back to himself, looked at the crystal tightly held, hesitated for a moment, and then stuck his forehead again.

The familiar absolute darkness shrouded again, and the ghost had already been prepared. The ghost tried to restrain the impulse to take down the crystal again, and began to feel around.

Unfortunately, no matter how it feels, there is a dead silence around it.

It is as empty as nothing, and it can feel nothing.

This kind of feeling makes ghosts fall into meditation.

Darkness is nothingness?

But the 'nihility' here is not the same as the nibbling of nihility.

It is more like a concept similar to vacuum.

Darkness is the opposite of light, a state of no light.

And what is light?

The ghost's mind began to diverge.

The basic knowledge of the ball is taught by it, and it can naturally do better.

It took only a moment for ghosts to remember the essence of light.

It is innumerable particles smaller than molecules and atoms, called photons.

When a beam of light is blocked and cannot be cast to a certain place, a shadow will be formed there.

The shadow is the dark side.

But that is the darkness in the natural state, not the supernatural force of the dark system.

Dark supernatural forces can actively create shadows, even under direct sunlight.

The black box of dark teaching skills is a clear proof.

It creates shadows, not by blocking light.

But from the micro level, directly devour photons.

The dark supernatural force is a special force that can silently swallow photons.

This is the conclusion reached by blue stars after innumerable observations of dark system supernatural forces and micro level experiments.

The essence of the black box is to spread the dark force in the surrounding space and keep it for a period of time.

In the process of projection, photons will be naturally consumed by the dark supernatural forces along the way, thus forming the darkness and shadows of the entire black box shrouded area.

I have seen a series of materials about the dark system flash in the minds of ghosts.

In fact, the darkness in nature is not completely without light, but without visible light.

In addition to the light that can be seen by the naked eye, there are also infrared light and ultraviolet light.

These lights cannot be captured by the naked eye, so in the eyes of ordinary people, there is only darkness.

But in fact, there is light in the darkness!

Any non absolute zero object radiates energy in the form of light at all times.

So theoretically, as long as there are objects, there must be light.

But under normal circumstances, the object radiates infrared light.

The nature of the dark pet makes ghosts have the ability to see infrared light.

So in the dark, it can still see everything.

But at the moment, it can't see anything, and the night vision ability fails for the first time, because

Infrared light is also consumed by dark supernatural forces.

Infrared light is also light, but the wavelength is different.

So... is this the essence of the power of the dark system rules?

From being able to swallow visible light only, it becomes to be swallowed together with invisible light.

The essence of the dark system is to devour light?

The ghost was still thinking carefully, but at this moment, a terrible momentum suddenly emerged, came with strong hostility in an instant, and ran towards it.

This made the ghost's eyes wide open.

This is the familiar smell.

This is the smell of Dark Forest!

At this moment, the darkness that could not see things gradually emerged.

However, the fear in the ghost's heart did not get any relief, but reached the extreme after seeing the existence in front of them.

The body is ten thousand meters long. There are crystal like objects that are the same as the crystals it holds. The body is like a unicorn, with ferocious horns, and the pupils of one eye are as cold as the abyss.

That's Amlin!

Dark Lin... looking at it!

Crystallization problem?

The ghost quickly flashed this idea, but it had no time to make any response.

In front of Dark Lin, his consciousness seemed so small.

As long as there is an idea of the terror in front of us, ghosts and ghosts can disappear in a moment.

Dark Lin's eyes flashed a trace of contempt, calmly extended a paw, and slapped at the ghost!

At this moment, the ghost felt that death was in front of them.



The ghost wanted to roar, but found that he could not even make a sound.

At this moment, with a crisp sound of 'tearing', the eternal darkness around was easily torn open like a piece of broken paper, revealing endless light.

Then, the ghost saw a scene that he would never forget.

That is a branch.

A branch is ten thousand meters long, as if it can continue to extend to an endless number of branches.

But the branch did not have the appearance it should have.

It is invisible and colorless.

It seems to stretch out from the infinite dimensions. Every branch, every leaf, and every grain are depicted by space cracks.

Under the appearance of a tree branch, there is an indescribable thing composed of countless sub spaces that are curled, compressed and overlapped!

What's that?

The pupils of ghosts suddenly contracted.

At this moment, its surprise even exceeded its fear.

'The four poles of heaven and earth are the universe!'

'I, Cangyu Gurong, sit here!'

'Where are you immortal? Dare to enter Tianjiao's battlefield!'

With the branches piercing into the darkness and bringing endless light, a deep and dignified voice suddenly rang out.

The ghost was shocked.

This voice, it has heard!

That is the immortal rank of Xianhuang Sect guarding Tianjiao battlefield, Rongzun!

So it is!

When the ghost was surprised, Dark Lin, who had waved his claws at the ghost, roared at the same time.

It was a hoarse, gloomy voice, but equally majestic.

'Tianjiao Battlefield? Never heard of it!'

'How immortal is Yan Huang?!'

'Despicable human beings, damn it!'

The huge claw that once waved to the ghost, in the blink of an eye, grabbed the branches out of the void.

Dark Lin's eyes were filled with coldness and extreme anger.

Hiding a trace of consciousness in the crystal and pretending to be invincible to inquire about the situation in Yanhuang Alliance, this move is indeed right!

Unexpectedly, there is an immortal rank hidden in the Yanhuang Alliance!

And look at the strength, it is even stronger than yourself!

He who has a little consciousness will not be the opponent of the other party.

But with a single blow, convenience will be tainted with its own flavor.

At that time, the ontology will be easy to find!

Sure enough, my idea is right.

It is unforgivable that human beings have immortality as their trump card!


With a fight between the two sides, the world roared at the moment, and countless cracks suddenly emerged in the void, as if the world would be broken under the confrontation between the two.

The overlapping spaces bloom, leaving Cangyu ancient banyan intact, while the dark forest consciousness on the other side has gradually blurred.

'Cangyu Gurong, I remember you.'

Dark Lin calmly opened his mouth, then his consciousness flashed, and he was about to return to the body.

However, at the next moment, its eyes suddenly opened, and its face was shocked as never before.

'Where is this?!'

It can't even feel the existence of noumenon.

Even, it feels that it is not in the blue star.

This made Dark Lin suddenly lose his composure.

'What and where are they? They all talk about Tianjiao's battlefield, and they clearly ask.' Rongzun snorted, 'Do you remember me? I'm afraid of you?'

While talking, a branch waved towards Dark Lin fiercely, bringing up layers of dimensions, smashing countless spaces, and instantly smashing Dark Lin's consciousness.

'The pearl of rice also shines?'

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