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Chapter 299 The existence of doing experiments (two in one,)

It is difficult to hinder the improvement of synergy index.

And this kind of difficulty is also enhanced with the increase of the constraint synergy index.

The most conventional and common way for the Imperial Beast Envoy to cultivate and pet animals is to fight and train with the coordination of Imperial Beasts.

It has been a long time to maintain the coordination with the pet animals. The pet animals and the pet animals are more and more adapted to this special state, and the tacit understanding is naturally improved.

A faster method than this is the space method created by Qin Yunzhang, the chief researcher of the Alliance, based on the particularity of the collaboration jade, which combines the space of the beast with the collaboration jade to form a method state between the normal state and the collaboration state of the beast.

Although the pet animals of the dharma can't go out of the space of the imperial animals, and the coordination of the imperial animals can't be performed during the dharma cultivation, compared with the first method, the fetters of the dharma can be improved faster, and the improvement speed will be faster and faster with the continuous increase of the time of single cultivation.

If you ask a person who is familiar with the coordination of the beasts, is the Yunfa the fastest way to improve the chain synergy index, the other person will answer without hesitation.


The fastest way to improve the fetter synergy index is to experience emotional fluctuations with pet animals.

The war of life and death, mutual heart to heart, untie the knot, have a common goal...

All kinds of different experiences are likely to increase the bond synergy index between the pet animal and the pet animal.

Such a way is mysterious and has no rules, but it is really the fastest way.

Because once such a situation occurs, the binding synergy index may increase by several points in an instant.

This cannot be done by other means.

Obviously, Lin Suo and ghosts are like this.

With Lin Su's enlightenment, the fear in the ghost's heart disappeared.

The influence of the past on it dissipated, which also made it closer to Lin Shu from the heart, leading to an unexpected significant increase in the fetter synergy index.

This is a happy thing, but there was an unhappy animal.

'Obviously, I came first...'

The body of the ball is frozen, but its heart is broken.

Little brother opened his heart knot, and he was very happy.

But if you open your mind knot, you will open it well. Why do you want to improve the fetter synergy index?

The proudest thing about Qiuqiu is that its synergy index with Lin Su is higher than that of ghosts.

It is Lin Su's first pet. As the earliest one in the team, it should be the most fettered by Lin Su.

Therefore, when testing the synergy index, the ball should show off in front of the younger brother to show its position as the leader of the team.

But now, I can't help but overtake you at the corner...

Damn it!

'After returning to the blue star, measure the fetter synergy index again.' Lin Su smiled and spoke telepathically.

'No problem!' Ghosts are excited.

'I'm in trouble!' The ball burst into tears.

The whimpering of the beast makes you heartless.

After a while, the two pet animals continued to understand each other.

The ball continued to try to build the second layer of rule structure, while the ghost, in Lin Su's worried eyes, summoned the courage to stick the crystal to his forehead again.

The familiar darkness came again. When the smell of Dark Forest came out again, the ghost silently recited the words 'future defeated generals' and 'Dark Forest is nothing to mention', and stared around at the place where nothing could be seen.

After a long time, his heart hummed.

Dark Lin, but so!

On the day when it breaks through immortality, the first thing to do is to find the other party and kill the guy who scared him!

The ghost suddenly felt that there was no fear around him.

After confirming nothing, it was immersed in the perception of the dark system rules again.

Although the chain synergy index unexpectedly surpassed Brother, it would be better if the power of rules could also be perceived and core skills could be improved faster than Brother.

When the time comes, let Big Brother call himself Big Brother!

This is his lifelong dream!

After that, one person and three pets did not appear abnormal again.

The ball and ghosts are feeling the power of the rules, while Lin Suo is racing against the clock to meditate, sometimes feeding Youyou some resources that are not too high as snacks.

He didn't carry much of this resource when he entered the Tianjiao battlefield.

However, in the Tianjiao battlefield, there are often Tianjiao who don't mix very well dumping a large number of low level resources in the trading area of the ancient city. You just need to select the attributes that are suitable for seclusion.

Whether it's Lin Su's space ring or ghost's trick pocket, there are many in it.

The former is the exclusive snack bag of Youyou, and the latter is used in Bluestar.

As time passed, Lin Su finally felt sleepy again.

At the critical moment of understanding the rules in the second step, the ball chose to stay again and let the ghost accompany Lin Suo back to Blue Star.

Of course, only it knows whether there is any suspicion of escaping the shackles of the synergy index test.

Then, after the ghost took Youyou back into the magic pocket and took the ghost back into the daily set of dolls in the imperial animal space, Lin Su skillfully made the mattress and slept in clothes again under Lu Ziye's strange and envious gaze.

Close your eyes and cross!


With a slight sound of wind breaking, a slender flying knife pierced one test target after another in the air, and finally broke into a black fog. Lin Su slowly recovered his hands full of purple and black lines.

Soon, the test results of his fetter synergy index appeared on the light curtain.


As expected, the fetter synergy index of Lin Su and ghosts has officially entered the integration zone.

Different from before, after entering the Oneness Zone, he obviously felt a wonderful feeling of integration with ghosts and spirits. In the past, there was more or less a dull feeling when he used to use the cooperation of the beasts, but now it is completely gone.

At the same time, a sense of bottleneck that had never existed before also appeared.

It seems that it is difficult to further tap the potential of collaboration.

The synergy strength of 'one person, one pet' has reached the acme of theory.

If you want to continue to improve, you can only increase the Restraint Synergy Index to 100, opening a new world of 2D collaboration with beasts.

Of course, it can not be completed in a short time.

After the integration zone, it is extremely difficult to improve the synergy index at each point.

The light blue light flashed. The ghost appeared next to Lin Su, and one by one went out of the test room. Shen Yunshan was waiting outside the door.

Lin Suo slept in the welfare home last night, and this test room was temporarily provided by the Royal Veterinary Association of District 32.

'I have sent someone to verify the information you reported to me.' Shen Yunshan's expression was not very good-looking. 'We are still careless. We don't know enough about the Immortal Stage.'

'Xie Zun also has a similar ability to separate part of consciousness.' He explained, 'But we, including Xie Zun himself, thought that it was his unique ability. Unexpectedly, Dark Lin had similar ability. It seems that other immortals are similar.'

There are too few immortal levels of blue stars, and each immortal level is their own exploration power.

In particular, Xie Zun, who must be hidden and unable to communicate with other immortals.

Therefore, the Alliance has some misconceptions about the Immortal Order.

'Fortunately, every dark crystal captured at the beginning has a registration and detailed exchange record. Those crystals that have been exchanged are now visiting users one by one to see if there is any problem.'

Hearing the words, Lin Su nodded slightly.

There was something wrong with the crystal that Dark Lin had fallen. He naturally reported it to the Royal Beast Association the first time he returned to the Blue Star.

After all, there were more than one crystal in that batch.

Lin Su got the only crystal of Grade 8, and the other crystals of Grade 7 and Grade 6.

It is possible that Amlin will only leave his consciousness on his own piece, but there is no need to gamble. It is better to be cautious and explore everything.

'What about those that haven't been used yet?' Lin Su couldn't help asking, 'How is the Association going to deal with it?'

'This is not difficult.' Shen Yunshan smiled, 'Xie Zun tried once before, and his separated consciousness will completely lose contact after entering the time zero secret, so we just need to use the same method to bring all crystals into the secret.'

Do you separate the connection between consciousness and God with a secret realm?

Seeing that the Alliance had proper measures, Lin Su was relieved.

After a few words, Shen Yunshan received a communication application.

After the communication, he breathed a sigh of relief.

'The return visit came out. There were 8 people who exchanged Level 6 and Level 7 Dark Forest Crystals and used them. These eight people haven't found any abnormalities yet, and there are 3 people who have exchanged but haven't used them. Their resources have been temporarily recovered, and they will be dealt with centrally at that time.'

After saying that, Shen Yunshan looked at Lin Su subtly.

Although it has not been verified yet, the current situation is enough to speculate that only the crystal that Lin Su got is likely to be hidden in the consciousness of Dark Lin.

It can be said that Lin Su was shot while lying down.

But the problem is...

How did he solve the consciousness of Dark Lin without causing any casualties as a master level beast envoy with several pet animals of the leader level?

That is a wisp of consciousness of the immortal stage, and a pet animal of the emperor stage may be lost.

If it weren't for seeing Lin Su's character yesterday, Shen Yunshan would like to catch him and ask him how he did it.

Well, the boy is good, and he has a little secret...

Well, not at all.

Shen Yunshan shook his head and said, 'If you don't mention this, the delegation of the Holy Alliance will come in a few minutes, and the fellow travelers arranged for you by the Alliance have arrived.'

He took a look at Lin Su, coughed a little and then slowly said, 'Although you personally accepted the invitation to visit the Holy Security Alliance for exchange, you represent the Yanhuang Alliance...'

'I understand that I will use non military means to solve problems.' Lin Suo nodded, 'If you can bear it, you can bear it. It will not bring negative effects to the alliance.'

As in the Tianjiao battlefield, it is definitely impossible for Blue Star to kill anyone who provokes him.

'Who told you this?' Shen Yunshan knocked Lin Su's head, 'I mean, be tough. No matter what happens, you can't lose in momentum!'

Lin Su: '?'

This is a little different from what you think?

'I see.' Lin Su nodded heavily.

He is good at this.

'Well, I'll take you to meet your fellow travelers arranged by the Alliance.'

Lin Su quickly follows Shen Yunshan expectantly.

I don't know that all my fellow travelers are...

what the fuck?!

A few steps later, they arrived at an empty place.

Seeing several figures standing on the ground, Lin Su was completely dumbfounded.

'Sister Nan? Commander Nan?!'

Even if Sister Nan comes, she is also a researcher, and her strength is not weak. I think she is also interested in the sacred technology system.

But why is Commander Nan here?!

Do you want the second battle sequence?

'I'm not the commander in chief now.' Seeing Lin Su, Nan suddenly smiled. 'It's just a idle vice president of the Royal Society of Beasts.'

Is the idle vice president OK?

However, compared with the border front, the affairs within the Association are really idle.

'But the second battle sequence...' Lin Su was still confused.

'Just yesterday, I stepped down as the commander in chief of the second battle sequence.' Nan Yueran smiled, 'My fifth pet has fallen. It takes a lot of time and energy to cultivate another pet with the same strength. I have no chance to try to cooperate with the five dimensional beasts in a short time, and this position should be given to a better beast envoy.'

'Don't worry. There are so many talents in the alliance. My departure will not affect the stability and order of the second battle sequence, let alone the border front.'

'Personally, I am used to seeing the battlefield of life and death, and I should enjoy peace and happiness.'

Nan Yueran's smile seemed quite relaxed, obviously he really put it down, but Lin Su felt uncomfortable.

'Uncle Nan, I'm sorry. It's because of me that the ghost dragon...'

'It's all over.' Nan Yueran raised his hand to stop Lin Su from talking. Then he smiled and looked at the ghost behind Lin Su. 'Besides, when I saw it, I thought Ah Ying was still ordinary.'

Lin Su's expression changed slightly and suddenly remembered another resource of ghosts.

That is the claw bone of the Emperor's Shadow Ghost Dragon.

Uncle Nan can't be mistaken for that resource...

'Uncle Nan, the claw bones of ghosts and...'

'I know.' Nan smiled and patted Lin Suo on the shoulder. 'As the Beast Envoy of A Ying, I can't tell the smell of my pet animals? I just miss people when I see things. Don't be paranoid, kid.'

Lin Su scratched his head in embarrassment.

'Let me introduce it.' Shen Yunshan didn't open his mouth until now with a smile, 'You have known Vice President Nan and Xiao Nan.'

He pointed to Guide Yueran and Qin Nan, who was holding his chest while watching the opera and eating melons, 'Vice President Nan's job is to follow you all the way to ensure your safety. After all, you are going to the Holy Safety Alliance, and there are some dangers on the way.'

'As for Xiao Nan, it was Lao Qin who asked her to participate in the exchange, so they set out together.'


Grandpa Qin asked Sister Nan to come?

Lin Su couldn't help turning around to look at Qin Nan.

'Grandpa is very interested in cooperating with foreign forces.' Qin Nan stood out and said, 'He is busy studying the core of the zero secret place. He has no skills, so he let me go with him. If you have any interesting research results, tell him about them. I will be on my way and have the right to travel.'

Lin Su knows it clearly.

So it is.

Qin Yunzhang can do it.

Shen Yunshan coughed softly, then turned his hand to the other side, 'This is Jin Xiaoxiao from the Secretariat of the Royal Beast Association.'

It was a young woman in her twenties with round glasses. She was now wearing a professional dress and her face was very serious, which gave people a different contrast.

'Hello, just call me Secretary Jin. Next, I will accompany you all the way and be responsible for all kinds of affairs, including scheduling and business negotiation.' Jin Xiaoxiao pushed his eyes and said solemnly, 'By the way, my English is very good, so I am also responsible for the translation work of this trip.'

Although most of the members of the delegation can speak Yanhuang, English is the most used language in the Holy Security League.

After introducing himself, Jin Xiaoxiao offers Lin Su a hand.

The Secretariat of the Royal Society of Animals is not a simple place. Those who can enter there may not have strong strength, but they must have excellent ability to handle various affairs.

The present Secretary Jin, who has several positions but seems to be skilled, is a clear proof.

Lin Suo will not despise the other party because he looks young. He must be a mature and steady assistant.

So he also extended his hand, gently shook the other side and then loosened it, with a polite smile, 'Hello, the next journey will be hard for you.'

'The responsibility lies.' Secretary Jin nodded slightly, took his hand back and held his glasses. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and soon returned to normal.

Not only saw the living God of Lin, but also held hands with him... Oh no, shook hands!!

It is not useless for me to win this accompanying job by brushing down the goblins in the Secretariat through layer upon layer competition.

I've earned a lot!

No, calm down!

Jin Xiaoxiao, calm down!

It's important to do business and pursue stars moderately!

Damn... He is so handsome and can't help it...

He didn't know that Secretary Jin, who thought he was mature and steady, was fighting with two villains in his head. Lin Su turned his eyes to the last person on this trip.

There are not many members who arranged to travel with Lin Su. There are only four people in total. This is the last one.

He was a middle-aged scholar with glasses. When introducing other members, he didn't say a word, which seemed a little silent. At the moment, Lin Su looked at him, smiled slightly, and introduced himself succinctly, 'Tang Cui, a researcher at the league level.'

'Hello, Researcher Tang.' Lin Su nodded slightly, and then couldn't help asking, 'You are also interested in coordinating external forces, so are you with us?'

'No.' Tang Cui smiled gently, 'I'm here to help you as well.'

When Lin Su was at a loss, Shen Yun Mountain beside him opened his mouth.

'Lin Su, the Holy Alliance is different from our Yanhuang Alliance.'

'At present, our Yanhuang Alliance actually controls inland areas, but the Holy Alliance has many places near the sea, so they will often contact with the forces of foreign animals in the sea. This time, you are likely to encounter foreign animals in the sea.'

'Our Yanhuang Alliance's foreign animal atlas, which is open to the public, has never included the forces of foreign animals in the sea. However, the researcher Tang in front of you is one of the few researchers in the alliance who specializes in the race of foreign animals in the sea. If you encounter any foreign animals in the sea, you can ask him for information.'

With Shen Yunshan's introduction, Lin Su's expression gradually became solemn.

Will the Holy Security Alliance directly contact with the forces of foreign animals in the sea?

The general map of the location of the Holy Alliance flashed in his mind, and he felt a bit more surprised.

Holy Security Alliance, located in what used to be Europe.

Where the continental plates are fragmented, the oceans will be separated from each other.

So the situation there is totally different from that of Yanhuang Alliance.

In this way, Lin Suo and his colleagues need to know something about foreign animals in the sea.

It is no wonder that President Shen will specially arrange a researcher to study ocean monsters.

'Researcher Tang, it's nice to meet you. I'll trouble you next.' Lin Suo reached out and shook hands with the other party. 'I will ask you any questions about ocean monsters later.'

'You're welcome.' Tang Cui smiled, 'I just studied for a long time and had some experience.'

He is self aware that both of them are first-class researchers, but his research is incomparable with that of Lin Suo. Lin Suo may become a super researcher in the next evaluation. If he is not surprised, he will only be a first-class researcher in his life.

So Tang Cui kept a low attitude.

On this trip, his task is to serve as a consultant.

Lin Su nodded slightly, and looked forward to the trip.

The force of foreign animals in the sea can not be underestimated.

As a first-class researcher, he can learn more than ordinary people.

Dark Devil Immortality, Red Flame Immortality and Senluo Immortality.

This is a force on the land, which is formed by countless foreign animals under the command of the Immortal Order.

But is this all about the beast?

Obviously not.

Because 71% of the surface of blue stars is occupied by oceans.

Among them, there are also countless ocean monsters, whose development is no less than that on land, and they have also formed various forces.

The ocean is different from the land. It has a longitudinal depth. Different depths below the sea level are separated layer by layer, and the upper and lower parts can accommodate foreign animals. Therefore, the living space of foreign animals in the ocean is many times that of foreign animals on the land.

The ocean is vast, and ocean monsters have a wider living space, and many of them are difficult to survive on land.

Human beings have not squeezed their living space, so they do not have too much hatred for human beings.

On the other hand, they do not care about disputes on land.

Because there are too many ocean monsters.

They are not like monsters on the land. Only the Immortal Stage can form a force.

The king level, even the king level beasts can occupy a small area of the sea, gather a group of small partners to form their own forces, and occupy water as the king.

The basis for the formation of various forces is also different. Some only accept the same race, some only accept the race with the same attributes, and some do not refuse to come.

In this way, the relationship between so many forces will become very complex and intertwined.

It's enough trouble to fight with each other. Who cares about human beings?

Therefore, for most people, ocean monsters are just a concept, and no one knows the specific situation.

The relationship between Yan Huang Alliance and ocean monsters is not close, so Lin Su has never had the opportunity to contact each other before.

Now, there is.

After getting familiar with the colleagues arranged by Yanhuang Alliance, the Holy Alliance delegation led by Neymar arrived here without waiting too long.

'Your Excellency Neymar, how was your rest last night?' Shen Yunshan smiled.

'Very good!' After one night, Neymar looked refreshed. 'I have to say that the hot and yellow food really satisfied me.'

'Just be satisfied.' Shen Yunshan nodded slightly, and then his face slowly became serious. 'All the accompanying personnel we arranged are here. Researcher Lin Suo is very important to the Alliance. He hopes that the Holy Party will also do a good job in security when making communication arrangements.'

'This is natural.' Neymar's expression was also solemn.

If Lin Suo is invited to the Holy Alliance, and he has an accident in the Holy Alliance, Neymark will be blamed.

However, he is confident in protecting Linsu.

If such a large alliance cannot even protect one person, how can it face the threat of the immortal country?

After roughly glancing at the four people accompanying Lin Su and finding that they were all strangers, he stopped talking and just smiled at Lin Su. 'If there is no problem, let's start now?'

'All right.' Lin Suo nodded.

With a burst of energy storm raging, soon, a wind evil pterosaur armed with external weapons swung up, flew high into the sky, and quickly headed for the direction of the Holy Alliance.

Seeing Lin Suo and his delegation leave together with the delegation of the Holy Alliance, Shen Yunshan smiled and quickly disappeared.

As the president of the Royal Society of Animals, he needs to deal with more things than the outside world imagined.

Now that the other three security alliance missions have returned, it is time to start the follow-up planning.

In his eyes, the appearance of the secret realm was a golden opportunity for human beings to fight back against foreign animals.

So you can't slack off for half a moment.

In the high air, Lin Su felt that the wind evil pterosaur was flying at a terrifying speed at the imperial level, and he could not help but feel a little more disappointed when he saw the land receding rapidly below.

He could no longer see the safe zone.

At this moment, people have left the area where Yanhuang Alliance is located.

'During the flight, we need to detour a little.'

Under the influence of the calming wind, Neymar did not feel uncomfortable sitting behind the wind evil pterosaur at such a high speed. At the moment, he looked at Lin Suo and his entourage and explained with a smile, 'If you return to the Holy Alliance along a straight line, there will be a section of the road that needs to cross the range of the Dark Devil Immortal Kingdom.'

'So we need to go around to avoid being besieged by the other side.'

This was the case with the delegation when they came here. Now that Lin Suo and his colleagues are back, Neymar will give an additional explanation.

'No problem, be careful.' Lin Suo nodded and had no opinion on Neymar's return route planning.

With the ability of Dark Forest, it is enough to sense the existence of any rule coverage.

If it finds that people are returning to the Holy Security Alliance, it will certainly lead to unknown dangers.

'If all goes well, it will take about an hour to reach the Holy Alliance.' Neymar smiled, 'If you are idle, why don't I tell you about our Holy Alliance?'

'I would like to hear more about it.' Lin Su smiled.

It happened that he was also very interested in it.

After opening the conversation box, Neymar became more talkative.

'Your Yan Huang alliance is divided into seventy-two security zones.' His voice paused slightly. 'The security zone of our Holy Alliance is relatively less divided, and it is only nine zones in total.'

'But the scale of each of our districts is no worse than that of your first district!' Neymar added with some pride.

Lin Suo nodded to show that he understood.

The Holy Alliance occupies fewer regions, has fewer regional divisions, and is more densely populated, which is conducive to resisting external dangers.

'In fact, these nine districts are not all safe areas.' Neymar held a stand. 'This is also different from Yanhuang.'

'Apart from the safety zone, what other zones are there?' Lin Su couldn't help asking.

This was something he had never known before.

'Of the nine districts, seven are security zones and the remaining two are neutral special zones.' Neymar sighed, 'This neutral special zone is a last resort.'

'As you know, many places in the area where our Holy Alliance is located are close to the sea. If we strictly calculate, most of the areas are near the sea.'

'And that would create a very serious problem.' Neymar held a stand. 'Ocean monsters can appear at any time, threatening the Holy Alliance.'

Hearing this, Yanhuang people's expressions became serious.

At the beginning of the catastrophe, Yanhuang region, which has a broad coastline, faced the same problem. After several resolutions, it was difficult to make a decision to return to the inland and not provoke foreign animals in the sea for the time being, lest the difficult situation against foreign animals on the land become more difficult.

But the Holy Alliance cannot retreat.

They are simply surrounded by the sea.

'Because they do not hate human beings, the alien animals of the sea have no intention of destroying us.' Neymar smiled bitterly. 'But on the one hand, this is a hidden danger after all. On the other hand, it is easy to cause panic among the masses when ocean monsters occasionally step on the land because of curiosity or other reasons.'

'Therefore, after the Holy Alliance invited the nearby marine alien forces to discuss, it was decided to jointly build two major neutral special zones. The marine alien forces can enter the neutral special zones at will. The same is true for the human side. Both sides should build together and conduct trade exchanges to a certain extent.'

'An area jointly built by humans and foreign animals?' Lin Su couldn't help making a noise.

It was the first time he heard of it, so he was very surprised.

This kind of thing sounds very strange. Even if it is supernatural, no similar situation can be found.

For a while, he became very interested in those two neutral special zones.

'Not bad.' Neymar smiled and said, 'We are not allies with the ocean monsters, but they have demand for some goods made by humans, and we are also very interested in the supernatural resources produced by the ocean monsters, so it is not difficult to achieve cooperation to a certain extent.'

'In the neutral special zone, human beings and ocean alien forces cannot kill each other. They are restricted by laws signed by both sides, so they are harmonious. This is also a way for us to understand ocean alien forces.'

'These two neutral special zones were established in the two largest areas of the Holy Alliance, Liangya Peninsula and Yingge Island, named Liangya Special Zone and Yingge Special Zone respectively.'

Lin Su nodded, and then his heart moved. 'Chief Neymar, can humans contract with foreign animals in the sea? If so, will they not be restricted by the ban on foreign animals?'

'Of course we have thought about this problem.' Neymar shook his head helplessly. 'If we can ignore the ban on foreign animals and contract with foreign animals in the sea, we will have enough confidence to fight against Red Flame Immortal Country. After all, foreign animals in the sea basically have water systems, while Yan Rong is immortal in fire systems, and there are many fire systems in Red Flame Immortal Country.'

'But the three immortal countries have already passed the Qi and forced the ocean alien forces to join the ban while carrying out the ban on alien animals.'

'There are many forces of foreign animals in the sea, but none of them can compete with the three immortals, and the complex hatred and contradiction between them make them unable to share their strength.'

'For human beings, the ocean beasts are very important, but for the ocean beasts, the human beasts are not so important. They will not fight against the immortals because of the question of whether they can make a contract with the human beasts.'

Hearing this, Lin Su's eyes flashed a shade of gloom.

If the sea monsters can unite against the three immortal countries on the land, there is no doubt that the sea monsters will dominate, and there is a great probability that the ban on foreign animals can be lifted.

But this is just an ideal situation.

Why do ocean monsters do such things for humans?

Unless human beings can make conditions that can not be refused by ocean monsters.

It is obviously not enough to speed up the growth of pet animals in the space for controlling animals.

But at present, human beings can't give away the things that attract foreign animals in the sea.

'Don't think so much.' It seems that Lin Su guessed what he thought. Neymar laughed, 'In fact, I always think that the existence of the ban on alien animals is not necessarily a bad thing.'

'How can I see it?' Lin Su was stunned.

'Researcher Lin, you are still young, and you don't know the situation of the original human Beastguard.' Neymar's expression was filled with emotion, 'At that time, under the leadership of Dr. Bowa, human beings had just discovered the existence of the space for the imperial beast, and everything about the imperial beast envoy was in the exploratory stage.'

'It didn't take long for human beings to find that the space of the imperial beast can contract with pet animals, and can also improve the rank of the space of the imperial beast through fixed meditation methods.'

'There are different levels in the space for controlling animals. The number and strength of pet animals that can be contracted are different.'

Neymar smiled, 'Don't underestimate these common sense that can be said by any child on the street now. At that time, in order to verify it, a large number of pioneers tried to contract a powerful alien animal, which led to backbiting.'

'After finding out this rule, the number of human animal defense envoys has increased rapidly, but all the research efforts focus on how to more effectively meditate and accelerate the improvement of animal defense space and other levels, and how to more quickly improve the strength of pet animals.'

'Now the meditation methods of the four security alliances are the same, and this meditation idea is the best solution finally obtained after countless updates and lots of simulation tests.'

'In terms of improving strength, the research project mainly focuses on how to effectively improve the pet's natural skill proficiency.'

'No research projects on evolution and teaching?' Lin Su was a little shocked.

Did no one study these most important research projects in those days?

'Yes, there isn't.' Neymar shook his head. 'A long time ago, human beings discovered a small amount of evolution of foreign animals under natural conditions, but they didn't take this seriously at that time. After all, at the beginning of the catastrophe, all foreign animals evolved crazily under the effect of the dark energy radiation.'

'It was not until the ban on foreign animals appeared and the fault of the Cenozoic Imperial Beast Envoy emerged that people began to pay attention to the evolution of this special phenomenon of foreign animals and further study it.'

'Today's evolution route and countless teaching skills started at that stage, which was out of control.'

'Later, by virtue of the evolutionary route and teaching skills developed by ourselves, the human Beastguard finally regained the advantage in the process of fighting with foreign animals. But at this time, Yan Rong was born.' Neymar shook his head.

'Yan Rong is the first immortal step, and Dark Lin and Emperor Xuan are behind it.'

'These three immortal steps suddenly brought the human side back to the initial crisis, forcing human beings to think about how to solve their own crisis.'

'The four alliances were forced to have the mechanical armed beast defense, the coordinated operation of the beast defense, the belief in the evolutionary path and the biological transformation of the beast defense.' Neymar said, 'Researcher Lin, do you think that if there is no ban on foreign animals, humans will find these?'

Lin Su is silent.

He never thought of such a causal relationship.

Because of the ban on foreign animals, human beings have to discover the secrets of evolution.

Because of the immortal stage, human beings embarked on the path of exploring a new animal defense system.

It seems absurd at first, but on reflection, it makes people feel that it is really reasonable.

Neymar stopped, then suddenly asked, 'Researcher Lin, do you have religious beliefs?'

'No.' Lin Su shook his head decisively.

'Religious belief does not make people believe in the so-called God. The immortals really exist.' Neymar rubbed the position of his heart with his palm, 'It is just to make the human heart more ruler, more comfort and no longer empty.'

'But...' Neymar smiled, 'I feel more and more that God exists.'

'No, it's not necessarily God. Maybe it's someone with power we can't imagine.' Neymar laughed, 'That guy didn't think of how to solve the problem himself, so he left the same problem to us, so that he could copy his homework.'

'If there is such a guy, I must catch him and kick his ass!'

Lin Su smiled dumbly.

How could there be such a thing?

Chief Neymar's speculation is somewhat absurd.

Gradually, however, he was unable to laugh.

Is there really no such existence?

Then why can the same alien race be born no matter where the Youneng Stone appears?

Why is it that the distance between the blue star and the Shenwu world is unknown, even though it may not be in the same universe, it has a history so similar to that of the blue star?

Wudao, isn't it forced by the ban on foreign animals?

All this is like an experiment to control variables.

So what kind of existence is there in the experiment?

Lin Su is silent.

An unprecedented chill came to his mind.

What kind of existence is he?

'It seems a little far fetched.' Neymar scratched his head. 'It's just my guess. I don't understand the research, so it's just nonsense. Researcher Lin doesn't need to pay attention to it.'

'Hmm.' Lin Su nodded, but seemed silent.

How could he not take it to heart?

Seeing Lin Su like this, Neymar coughed and said nothing more.

In silence, the wind evil pterosaur led the crowd to the Holy Alliance quickly.

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