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Chapter 367 One year is up!

The light of light purple synergy dissipated, and Lin Shuo relieved his collaboration with the ball and turned to collaboration with ghosts again.

For nothing but a bowl of water!

After the ghost and Lin Shuo cooperated, the highest normal energy value displayed was several hundred thousand lower than the ball, but it also made the detector appear a question mark.

At the moment, the three small enterprises have just been promoted to the monarchy, and there is still a lot of room for growth in the future. Therefore, Lin Shuo's combat power can be improved in the future.

If it can be two-dimensional, let ghosts and balls coordinate with themselves at the same time, and add the ghosts and ghosts that attach to their bodies, to achieve the pseudo three-dimensional coordination of the beasts...

Lin Shuo felt terrible when he thought about it.

But it is not so easy for him to want two-dimensional.

Ghosts put great pressure on the ball, so the ball worked hard and refused Yunfa to fish.

However, the rules of ghost space system need the guidance of Rongzun from time to time. It has just evolved and is in the stage of rapid growth of strength, so there is no time to accumulate methods.

Therefore, the synergy index of the two little guys has not increased much.

The fetter synergy index of ghosts was increased from 80 to 84.

Among them, the evolution towards the space system has played a great role.

This is just like the fulfillment of a wish will improve the perception.

And the fetter synergy index of the ball increased from 85 to 87.

At this speed, two-dimensional is far away.

Therefore, we should find opportunities to carry out the Dharma practice.

After testing the normal energy value of the two cooperations, Lin Shuo cancels the combination state and leads the three small children to the exit of Yingsen secret place.

One step out, Lin Shuo runs into Qin Nan who is about to enter the secret place.

Qin Nan has been staying here since the secret land of the wooden hierarchy appeared in Zone 11.

Her strength of the third pet is the weakest among the three pets, so she just took this opportunity to improve.

Therefore, Sister Nan's appearance rate is not high during this period.

At this moment, Lin Shuo blinked when he saw Qin Nan's expression about to laugh.

What's the good news?

Is the research project making progress?

What is Sister Nan studying recently...

Oh, it seems to be the evolutionary type of the Cang feather lion eagle.

There is no such magic weapon. Lin Shuoai can't help.

However, according to Qin Nan, she is very confident.

Is evolutionary research complete?

'Sister Nan, what are you?' He asked curiously.

'Hey hey, sister, I made a breakthrough!' Qin Nan's face was smiling, 'Seven steps of animal space! How awesome!'

'... great.' Lin Shuo blinked.

I still remember when I first met Sister Nan, I was a second level beast space, and she was a sixth level beast space.

Now, she has broken through the sixth level of animal control space, and Sister Nan has finally broken through the seventh level.

It's not easy.

Hearing what Lin Shuo said, Qin Nan became more and more happy.

This demon's boy breaks through the beast space too fast.

Like a rocket, it has already had a fifth level of animal defense space, which is close to its own level of animal defense space.

With such a breakthrough, I finally opened the gap with this guy.

It is not so easy to break through the sixth level of the fifth level of animal control space!

It doesn't waste my time to meditate.

'Sister Nan, is your fourth pet ready?' Lin Shuo couldn't help asking.

Now that Sister Nan has seven levels of animal space, if she has the fourth contract position, she can also contract the fourth pet animal.

I don't know what she will choose.

'I have an idea!' Hearing Lin Shuo mention this, Qin Nan smiled more and waved the communicator in his hand. 'It has just been approved. I will go to the Eucalyptus Bear Tribe tomorrow.'

'My fourth favorite, I'm going to choose one to fight against the eucalyptus bear!'

Aggressive eucalyptus bear?

Lin Shuo nodded slightly.

Now, as before, there are several immortal level allies on the human side, which can partially lift the ban on foreign animals. Although not all of them, they can also make excellent animal guards have the qualification of contracting with high-level pet animals.

This excellence is based on both strength and talent as well as alliance contribution.

However, no matter how you think about it, Sister Nan must be qualified.

The aggressive eucalyptus bear is a high imperial race. No one can be choosy.


'Solitary force and aggressive eucalyptus bear are both wood and fighting.' Lin Shuo raised his eyebrows.

Although Gu Guli can still milk people, does the positioning in the team still repeat?

'What is there?' Qin Nan waved his hand. 'Many pet animals in the contract are of the same attribute. The two pet animals with the same attribute in my contract are nothing, but they can stabilize the coordination of multi-dimensional pet animals.'

Lin Shuo nodded slightly.

In theory, multi-dimensional animal defense coordination can be achieved as long as the constraint coordination index reaches.

But in practice, there are still some problems.

For example, if the Royal Beast makes a contract between a light system and a dark system, and the attributes conflict, it is difficult to control the two-dimensional Royal Beast collaboration.

Of course, Lin Shuo doesn't need to consider this issue.

Because he has Youyou, even if there are pet animals with conflicting attributes in the future, the existence of Youyou is equivalent to adding a stabilizer to the conflicting attributes.

'Moreover, with the addition of a pet animal of the wood system, the advantages of Yingsen Secret can be better played.' Qin Nan pointed to the entrance of the secret place in front of him. He smiled, 'Besides, isn't the' Dry Glory Seal Method 'you gave me also a wooden system?'

Lin Shuo nodded clearly.

This is also reasonable.

'Of course, the most important reason is...' Qin Nan's face is more smiling. 'The ethnic character of me and the aggressive eucalyptus bear is so consistent, and the future constraint synergy index will surely increase quickly!'

Does your personality fit?

Lin Shuo began to think seriously.

The ethnic character of the aggressive eucalyptus bear is aggressive and sleepy.

And the character of Sister Nan...

Lin Shuo takes a look at Qin Nan.

It's really over fitting.

It's noon now. I'm afraid Sister Nan has just woken up.

'All right, I have to prepare some gifts for my fourth pet. Yingsenguo is good.' Qin Nan smiled.

Before stepping into the secret place, she suddenly raised her eyebrows and patted Lin Shuo on the shoulder, 'Xiao Lin Shuo, I want to cheer up! You must keep up with your strength. How can you stay at the master level?'

Lin Shuo: '...'

Sister Nan, you bumped into it yourself.

'Sister Nan is right, so I am now a palace level beast envoy.' Lin Shuo smiles.

Qin Nan's hand stopped in mid air.

Her eyes were wide, and she looked at Lin Shuo.

Hall level...

Without saying a word, she picked up the energy detector and began to scan at Sanxiao.

After seeing the normal energy value of the three small animals, Qin Nan couldn't help but take a cold breath.

This is just a breakthrough, and the normal energy value has completely exceeded your pet animal?!

No, that's not the point.

'What is your meditation speed?!'

Qin Nan felt numb.

It was not easy for her to meditate hard, and the animal space broke through seven levels.

As a result, Lin Shuo has already reached the sixth level of his animal control space?!

This boy is too evil, isn't he?

Don't let him break through the eighth level earlier than himself...

Thinking of this, Qin Nan's face twitched slightly.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was still quite possible.

'Good, come on, keep working hard.'

His words were perfunctory and his back was very sad.

Qin Nan did not hesitate to enter the entrance of the secret place.

It would be rude to stay any longer.

Seeing Qin Nan leave, Lin Shuo can't help laughing.

He has just broken through the palace level Imperial Beast Envoy, and he is in a very good mood at the moment.

To meditate for so long is to break through the sixth level as soon as possible.

So, to celebrate, he decided to take a vacation for himself.

'Balls, ghosts, and secluded people. Today, we don't train. Let's go shopping! Eat delicious food!'

'Mi ω O) '(Good!)

'Jie ϟ。) '(No problem!)

'Hmm! (❁ ◡ ❁)' (Go shopping!)

Three little ones cheered.

Lin Shuo couldn't help laughing.

The decisive battle between the human side and the alien side is getting closer and closer.

But both sides fell silent, just like the calm before the storm.

In the past three months, the human side did not take any action to contact other immortals except for continuing to send people to contact the snow bottom in the Arctic.

The people who contact the snow bottom have changed from one wave to another, but the result is that there is not much change.

Snow is still deliberately hiding from human beings and does not want to meet them.

Contact with the immortality of the possible alliance between Taiping Ocean and the Four Priests in Western Ocean has been suspended.

The reason for this is to delay the decisive battle.

If human beings have more immortal allies, they may touch the bottom line of the alien side at any time, leading to the coming of the decisive battle ahead of time. At this moment, Chenyun Mountain has not yet been cleared.

Of course, suspending contact does not mean doing nothing.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also guarding against the alliance between the four immortals and the alien side.

However, these four immortals have not yet made public statements, which can also explain their attitudes to a certain extent.

After all, the immortal battle that affects the whole blue star has been carried out for two rounds. If they still pretend to be deaf and dumb, it is not appropriate.

Obviously, these four immortals do not want to stand in the team.

Maybe it is neutral, or it wants to wait for the outcome of the decisive battle.

In such a tense situation, Lin Shuo is in a good mood.

After all, by this time, he had done everything he could.

Even the new coordinated external armed technology has been shared with the four security alliances.

As for letting the ball predict the outcome of this war...

It involves many enemies and immortals, and its strength is not enough to make predictions of this degree, even if it is far from breaking through the monarchy.

And Lin Shuo doesn't think it's necessary.

If you see that you have lost, do you have more mentality?

'Ball, help me change my face. Don't be recognized when shopping.'

'Mi ω ó) '(Small problem!)

The ball represents the dream of weaving. Is it easy to change your appearance?


Tianjiao battlefield.

After wandering for half a day, Lin Shuo collected three small animals and fell asleep.

He woke up again and was already in the Holy City of Light.

Sitting up in the old house, Lin Shuo rubbed his cheeks and gradually became serious.

Today is a very important day for all Tianjiao on the battlefield.

Tianjiao battlefield actually has five regions.

In addition to four regions in the east, west, north and south, there is also a central region.

This central region is much smaller than other regions, but it also has many opportunities, and it is better than the other four regions.

Among them, there is no lack of the existence of the core of the secret land.

However, this central area is not always open.

During the first year of Tianjiao Battlefield, the central area will only open on the last day.

At other times, it will be banned and blocked, and no one can enter.

In addition to organic affinity, the central region is also the ultimate goal of many Tianjiao's trip - the battlefield of many countries.

Today, the central region is open, in which opportunities are left to Tianjiao's battle.

And tomorrow, all opportunities will be closed, and all countries will officially open in the central region!

Tianjiao, who has not yet entered the central region, will be eliminated directly.

Walking out of the old house, Lin Shuo saw countless figures waiting for him.

That is all the strong members of Tianmeng.

Holy Light City is not far from the central area.

As early as two days ago, people gathered here.

Today, Tianmeng will start from here and enter the central area of Tianjiao battlefield to compete for opportunities!

There is another important reason why it is here, not elsewhere.

Today is the last activation of the Qiyun Blessing Pool.

In the past three months, the Qiyun Blessing Pool has been activated twice.

Lin Shuo used the power of these two qi transports on the ball and Youyou respectively.

The power of Qi of the ball corresponds to the time of Fanghua Moment, which is a teaching skill.

With this skill effect exceeding the standard, Qin Yunzhang and his wife may not be able to research it so smoothly under normal circumstances, but they have to rely on the strength of qi.

The Youyou Qi is used for Youyou evolution.

With those two resources, Youyou has successfully evolved the remaining four attributes. There is no danger in the process, but the conflicts and instability caused by too many attributes still exist.

It is the force of qi, which makes the 14 attributes of it, except for the fighting system, completely integrate into one, without any conflict.

Now, it is the last time that Lin Shuo gets the light of fortune.

'Take the light of qi and get ready to go!'

Lin Shuo has the most powerful qi, and the rest will be taken by all members of Tianmeng depending on their abilities.

However, since the central region is open, Tianmeng should be united with the outside world, so the competition for qi is only limited.

Finally, Lu Ziye, Lin Ye and Xue Jiao all got one, and the remaining six were taken away by the six strong men in the Tianmeng who did not deserve their names.

With the expiration of one year of Tianjiao Battlefield, the number of the twelfth tier of Tianmeng and Nayuan has reached double digits.

Perhaps it is because such a powerful force as Tianmeng has never appeared, and there has been no such efficient resource integration in the past, so the strength of Tianjiao in this session of Tianjiao Battlefield is generally higher than that of previous sessions.

The 12th level of Nayuan state is no longer the ceiling.

Xue Jiao has stepped into the sky and become the first person under Tianmeng Linshuo.

When he just stepped into the sky, he felt that he was ready again, so he excitedly planned to challenge Lin Shuo, but he was repaired by Lin Shuo, so he became honest.

However, he managed to get a tie with one of the guarding disciples of the Blood Sea Building, which was impressive.

Zhou Qing of Hunyuan League also made a breakthrough and was faster than Xue Jiao.

Lin Shuo thought that the guy would recklessly find trouble with Tianjiao after breaking through. Unexpectedly, after Zhou Qing broke through, he just took the northern Tianjiao battlefield, collected the whole northern Tianjiao battlefield, occupied half of Tianjiao battlefield as Tianmeng, and then stopped fighting.

Even Zhou Qing did not feel embarrassed when the Xianhuang Clan in the northern Tianjiao battlefield was directly under the empire, but expelled it to the Tianmeng area.

The other party is so smart. Lin Shuo is really hard to start.

In addition, Lin Ye is now half empty.

After the light of fortune was taken, the Tianmeng people gathered around Lin Shuo again.

'Brother Yan hasn't heard about the whereabouts yet.' As he was about to leave, Lu Ziye spoke in a deep voice.

Lin Shuo nodded slightly, and his expression was a little more gloomy.

Yan Sushen's whereabouts have not been heard yet.

With the improvement of the perception of the rules of the time system, the prediction of the time of the ball became more accurate. Lin Shuo also asked the ball to predict Yan Sushen's whereabouts several times.

Every time the result is the same, Yan Sushen will appear and meet with others.

But the time is uncertain.

Now, it is the last time for Tianjiao battlefield to open.

If Yan Sushen doesn't come back, Tianjiao battlefield will be closed.

'I believe in the prophecy of the ball.' Lin Shuo patted Lu Ziye on the shoulder, 'Maybe brother Yan will appear in the next two days.'

'I hope so.' Lu Ziye sighed.

'Don't say that.' Lin Shuo looked at the crowd behind him and said, 'Let's go!'

The ghost understood and raised his hand to kidnap thousands of people on the court.

Dimension shift!

In a flash, people have stepped into a new area.

Tianmeng has already thoroughly explored the south and west of Tianjiao battlefield.

But this place is so strange to Tianmeng people.

The supernatural energy, which is nearly twice as strong as the outside world, shows the truth here.

Here is the central area of Tianjiao battlefield just opened!

'Jie( ϟ)! '(Any information?)

As soon as they set foot here, the ghost quickly took out a token from the magic space.

This token is full of strong dark power, and now Mengran is blooming with dark light.

That was the last chance Rongzun gave Lin Shuo when he entered the Tianjiao battlefield!

Lin Shuo raised his eyebrows slightly.

Rongzun does not deceive me.

This last opportunity is in the central area of Tianjiao battlefield.

Therefore, it has not been found before. As soon as it enters the central area, the token immediately responds.

Although ghosts have successfully evolved into the space system, Lin Shuo and ghosts themselves have reduced their attention to this opportunity.

But how can we avoid the opportunity that is brought to our lips?

'On the last day, we will look for opportunities.' Lin Shuo took a deep breath and turned to look at the crowd.

'Tianmeng, disband today!'

He put his hands together and bowed to the crowd.

'I wish you all a prosperous future!'

'I wish the alliance leader a prosperous military career!'

Everyone answered the promise in unison, and all the Taoist forces rose to the sky, and the sound shook the whole world.

In the past six months, Lin Shuo has not only conquered people with his strength, but also with his personality charm. At this moment, tens of thousands of people are holding hands in Lin Shuo's direction, and the scene is particularly spectacular.

After the ceremony, everyone dispersed and looked for opportunities.

Only three people remained in front of Lin Shuo.

'I don't need to call you the Alliance Leader at last.' Lu Ziye smiled, 'Brother Lin, how can you miss this last day?'

'Thank you, Brother Lu.' Lin Shuo nodded and smiled.

'Brother Shuo, I will certainly follow you.' Lin Ye scratches his head and laughs.

Lin Shuo nodded slightly.

My family, no need to be polite.


Lin Shuo's eyes turned to Xue Jiao, and his expression became strange. 'You...'

'Tianmeng is gone. I'm afraid Zhou Qing will kill me.' Xue Jiao speaks loudly.

In the past six months, he has harassed the Hunyuan League not once or twice.

Lin Shuo was dumb.

'Yes, let's go together.'

The ghosts quickly moved and the four figures disappeared.

Goal, the last chance given by Rongzun!

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