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Chapter 374 The Adventures of Yan Sushen (two in one, 1/2 more for the ally leader Ming Jun, double)

Yan Sushen is very excited, excited and arrogant at the moment.

At the moment, he just wants to shout, the light of luck is awesome!

The jade pendant that he obtained through the light of fortune really made his wish come true.

Where is the blessing pool?

Today, the Heavenly King Lao Tzu is here. It must also be the Wishing Pool!

It had to start from that day, when he was seriously injured by Zhao Wuhen in Tongxin Valley and crushed the big shift sign to escape.

After escaping that day, he fainted directly, but accidentally destroyed the jade pendant, thus activating the power in the jade pendant and opening a place of opportunity.

That place of chance is called the Hall of Reincarnation!

This reincarnation hall is actually a rather inconspicuous opportunity in Tianjiao battlefield.

For a long time, it was considered that the Emperor Shangzong had put it into Tianjiao's battlefield.

So that gradually no one knows the existence of such an opportunity.

And its function is just like its name.

Tianjiao, who enters the Hall of Reincarnation, will experience a new life from the beginning!

It was a dream like experience.

In transmigration, Tianjiao will experience everything from birth to death with the original memory.

As for how long it will take, it depends on luck.

Bad luck. He died young at birth.

If you are lucky, you may live for hundreds of years.

If the person who enters the reincarnation hall of the first generation is a strong martial artist, then the reincarnation person is himself.

If the one who enters the reincarnation hall of the first generation is the Imperial Beast Envoy, then he and the pet animals can reincarnate.

In fact, it sounds very important.

The reason why it has not been noticed is that Tianjiao cannot bring back anything from the reincarnation.

You can't take away the treasures and accomplishments obtained by reincarnation.

Even from the reincarnation I, the secret methods that I have memorized in my mind are useless, because those secret methods are fabricated by the reincarnation hall of this life, and can't be cultivated actually.

The only thing that can be taken away is some experience.

For example, you have a martial art that is extremely difficult to master. You can continuously train this martial art in the process of reincarnation, so as to make it perfect.

Compared with other opportunities in Tianjiao battlefield, this role is extremely weak.

There are still many limitations to the effect of chicken ribs.

For example, the key to the Hall of Reincarnation I is much more difficult to find than the key to other opportunities. It looks like a mundane thing with nothing special.

For example, everyone has only one chance to enter it, and cannot be reincarnated many times.

Moreover, in the process of life experience, the reality will also take a long time, not a moment to complete, which will also delay the acquisition of other opportunities.

So when this opportunity first appeared, there were many Tianjiao people who were interested in it, but as time goes by, nobody cares about it now.

But for Yan Sushen, this opportunity is really wonderful.

After entering the Hall of Reincarnation I, Yan Sushen became a rich childe of an unknown empire.

Without brothers of the royal family fighting each other, he lived an ideal life of being respectful and happy. Although he was not a real family member, he also realized a dream.

Of course, this is not his main gain, but only incidental.

As a beast envoy, Yan Sushen can take the two pet animals into reincarnation together, and the two pet animals will accompany him in some coincidence way during the reincarnation.

In reincarnation I, Yan Sushen still chose to be a beast envoy. The first and second pet animals are the reincarnation bodies of Yunxia and Silver.

And he, who mastered the method of coordination between the two beasts, spent decades in reincarnation to cultivate feelings with the two pets!

Even if there is no space and method, even if there are no shortcuts to improve the fetter synergy index, he has successfully achieved the beast defense synergy!

Only one thing was slightly different from his prediction.

It was not silver but clouds that cooperated with him first.

Then, in the year when he was 47 years old, his empire was destroyed by another empire, and he was also affected and fell.

The end of the first life.

This made Yan Sushen very sorry.

Because his fetters with silver have also entered the Heyi District that Lin Su told him before.

With the experience of Yunxia, Yan Sushen is sure that if he can live five more years in his reincarnation life, he can also cooperate with silver to control animals!

But people should be satisfied. He is very satisfied with the progress he has made.

After the end of reincarnation, he and the two pet animals returned, and the fetters between them did not disappear.

So he successfully completed the collaboration with Yunxia.

As for silver, the last five years that have not been spent in reincarnation can be completed in almost the same time.

Yan Sushen, who had stepped out of the secret, seemed to be frozen in his body. The injuries left by Zhao Wuhen were still there.

So he fell out.

With the cooperation of Yunxia, Yan Sushen immediately thought of telling Lu Ziye and Lin Su the good news.

After a message was sent, Yan Sushen couldn't help laughing.

I don't know how long the Tianjiao Battlefield has passed, and how Lin Su and Lu Ziye are now.

Lin Suo is here. He believes that the two people will not get along badly.

Before, his strength had gradually failed to keep up with Lin Suo's pace, but now he can also resist beasts and cooperate with them. His strength is comparable to that of the 12th tier of Nayuan, at least the same as that of the 11th tier of Nayuan.

With such strength, it is no problem to walk horizontally in Tianjiao battlefield?

Moreover, since we can fight against beasts, we must be able to be recruited directly by the Xianhuang Clan, right?

At the thought of this, he was immediately bubbling with beauty.

At the moment of his fantasies, the token suddenly vibrated.

Lu Ziye's voice came from the token with anxiety.

'Brother Yan, save me!'

Yan Sushen: '??'

Lu Ziye is in danger?

What about Lin Su?

Their strength, can they still encounter danger?!

Although I don't know the specific situation, Yan Sushen's expression at this moment has quickly become dignified.



The light of light blue collaboration erupted instantly. Yan Sushen and Yunxia merged into one and turned into a light, shooting away in the direction of the token!

Golden Mist Eyebrow Pointing talent skill, the rainbow turns into a trace!

There is no one of the fastest moving skills in the light system!

'Brother Lu, what's the situation?'

Hurrying to resist Wang Zhao's fierce attack, Lin can't help looking at Lu Ziye and secretly using Yuanli to deliver the message.

Just now, Lu Ziye seemed to have summoned someone, and then it was as if he had beaten chicken blood.

'Yan Sushen is back!' Lu Ziye also responded with Yuanli's voice.

Yan Sushen?

Lin Ye raises his eyebrows.

He and Yan Sushen are not completely strangers.

Before entering the Tianjiao battlefield, he followed Lin Su to practice in the mysterious secret realm borrowed by the royal family. Yan Sushen, the prince, often came to visit Lin Su.

They didn't know much about each other, but at least they knew each other well.

Lin also knows about Yan Sushen's disappearance in Tianjiao battlefield.

At this moment, Yan Sushen finally appeared?

But with his strength, such a fight can't help, can it?

'He can defend the beast!' Seeing Lin Ye's concern, Lu Ziye added another sentence.

Lin Lin's eyebrows lit up in an instant.

Yan Sushen can also resist beasts?

That's stable!

The two have never seen other Imperial Beasts make use of the collaboration of Imperial Beasts except Lin Suo.

So they estimated Yan Sushen's strength after cooperating with the beasts, and directly compared Lin Su before.

Obviously, they didn't realize that not every beast envoy was Lin Suo.

At the moment, because Yan Sushen is coming, their morale suddenly rises!

Wang Zhao's expression was slightly clouded when he saw the happy faces of the two men.

He saw Lu Ziye's message vaguely just now. Do they have other helpers?

He looked at the dark hall like an abyss that swallowed everything, and his eyes flashed a little anxious.

There is not much time for him.

But these two guys kept stopping themselves and didn't give themselves any chance to enter.

Although their strength is at the level of half a step, they are really difficult to deal with under the joint efforts and with the strength of qi.

Now, if the possible helper comes, it will be more difficult for him to enter the place of opportunity.

At the thought of this, Wang Zhao's eyeground suddenly flashed with blood, and black lines like cobwebs suddenly appeared on his face.

This is a secret method that he has mastered. It has a great sequela. He has been hesitating to use it before. After all, once used, he will endure extremely painful backbiting.

At this moment, seeing that he could not win the two this time, he was determined.

With the emergence of the black lines, Wang Zhao's momentum has been rising, becoming more and more frightening.

Terrible yuan force fluctuations rise to the sky!

The next moment, Wang Zhao turned into a shadow and rushed to Lu Ziye.


At this moment, a shout suddenly came from a distance.

In the horizon, a golden rainbow swept in at an extremely fast speed!

Hearing the familiar voice, Lu Ziye and Lin Ye's faces were full of surprises, while Wang Zhao's face became gloomy.

He thought that he could win Lu Ziye and Lu Ziye with his secret skills before the help came.

But why does this helper come so quickly!

Since there is such a close helper, why didn't you show up before?

He could not understand, but his heart was also quickly dignified.

The rainbow came to the court in a twinkling of an eye.

'Who dares to hurt my brother? I...'

Yan fell to the ground cautiously and immediately shouted. Then she felt the terror surrounding her. Her voice suddenly stopped and her eyes couldn't help staring.

I should still be in the Tianjiao battlefield, right?

What kind of strength are these?

Why did Tengkong come out?!

Look at Lu Ziye, he is also much stronger than himself!

And that is...

Isn't that Lin Su's cousin Lin Ye?

Why is he so much better than himself?

Yan Sushen suddenly became silent.

When Samsara I returned, he thought he was the son of the version.

It turns out that he seems to be an outcast of the version.

And until now, the three who are fighting feel the specific strength of the arrivals.

For a moment, the court became quiet.

The happy faces of Lu Ziye and Lin Ye froze.

This smell... It seems that there are only eleven levels of Nayuan, right?

It seems that Yan Sushen has overestimated...

And Wang Zhao on the other side, her face twitched, and her eyes flashed a trace of disdain.

'Is this your helper?' He sneered, and at the next moment, the cold blade had already forced Lu Ziye's face, 'Kill me!'

'You look down on me?'

Yan Sushen, who has not yet found out the situation, is angry when he hears Wang Zhao's words.

Although the other side did look down upon his strength, he couldn't swallow it!

In a flash, several golden lights rise up and appear on Lu Ziye and Lin Ye.

The body surfaces of Lu Ziye and Lin Ye suddenly showed countless golden spots, and their prestige rose to the peak at the moment Yan Sushen struck!

The golden glow eyebrow point talent skill is shining!

And this is not the end!

In the face of Wang Zhao's terrible attack, Lu Ziye held a long sword to greet him. A moment before the two spirit soldiers met, the golden flame suddenly floated on Lu Ziye's sword!

The brilliant golden light added a very rich and pure light power to Lu Ziye's offensive.

The counterattack that should have been suppressed by Wang Zhao in an instant, but now, with the benefit of attributes, it has consumed most of the mysterious power of the dark color on Wang Zhao's long knife!

The golden glow eyebrow pointing talent skill is brilliant!

It's not over yet!

At the moment when Lu Ziye used his strength to fly back, a third light appeared all over his body, bursting from every wound!

From a distance, Lu Ziye looks like a broken lampshade at the moment, with endless light shooting out of his body!

Under the pure power of light, the mysterious element force of dark attribute, which was like the gangrene of tarsal bone and could not be dispelled, quickly dissipated now!

Along with that, the light power also has powerful healing power. In just a moment, Lu Ziye's injury was improved by half!

Golden Mist Eyebrow Pointing talent skill, bright prayer!

Wang Zhao was shocked for a moment by the sudden change. The next moment, she turned her eyes directly to Yan Sushen.

This person can help others!

You must kill him first!

However, Yan Sushen had expected that he would have retreated far away at the same time.

He went up to be beaten with his help?

Yan Sushen's move also shocked Lu Ziye and Lin Ye.

They both thought that Yan Sushen's strength could not help them.

Now it seems that it may not be!

Yan Sushen makes a move, and the two are direct and fragrant!

Xue Jiao on the other side was beaten to death at the moment. He noticed the situation here and quickly shouted, 'Brother Lu, where can I get foreign help? Let him help me too!'

Yan Sushen noticed that Xue Jiao was being beaten on the other side.

However, he didn't know Xue Jiao. Now he asked, 'Brother Lu, is that guy our gang?'

'That's it!' Lu Ziye shouted, 'Brother Yan, thank you!'

While talking, he and Lin Ye join hands to stop Wang from killing Yan Sushen.

The two players who have recovered a lot are much sharper than before. They are in a state of rapid return, without the torture of weird elements.

However, Wang Zhao's own dark attribute element force has been greatly affected by the suppression of light system forces.

One ebbs and the other grows.

For a time, the original absolute disadvantage turned into a stalemate!

On the other hand, with the help of Yan Sushen, Xue Jiao also recovered.

He was just like Xiaoqiang, who was alive and kicking when he could not fight to death. Now with the blessing of Yan Sushen, Zhou Qing's moves have made him feel more comfortable.

Zhou Qing's face became more gloomy.

What a Xue Jiao! If I can't kill you today, I will lose face!

Tao Yuanli rose up like a raging sea. Zhou Qing snorted, and a little blood spilled from his mouth, but his voice became even more terrible.

Take off... two turns!

Although under the influence of Xue Jiao's energy, the one turn soaring pill failed to make Zhou Qing break through the two turns in the sky directly, but it also made him reach the peak of one turn in the sky.

At this moment, in order to solve Xue Jiao quickly, he set his heart to break through the realm by force, and reached the level of two turns in the air.

Although this will cause the foundation to be illusory, and we need to find ways to make up for it after this war, the gap between the second turn in the air and the first turn in the air cannot be accounted for rationally.

What's more, at this moment, there are hundreds of Tianjiao who belong to the empire directly under the Hunyuan Taoist Sect. They form an array to bless Zhou Qing!

Originally, under this blessing, Zhou Qing's momentum has been comparable to that of an old brand of two turn strong man in the sky. Now, with Zhou Qing's own breakthrough, Zhou Qing has become more powerful!

In Xue Jiao's changeable face, his reputation under this blessing has reached the peak of flying twice and touched the threshold of flying three times!

'Xue Jiao, I said you would die today, so you can't live!' Zhou Qing's voice reverberated slowly in the field with boundless murderous intent. The next moment, the long spear rolled up its terrible power and fell down on Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao's pupils suddenly shrank. Under the terrible influence, even with Yan Shushen's help, he felt that he could not resist.

At the same time, that attack also had the momentum of locking the world, which made it extremely difficult for him to crush the big move symbol!

'It's really...' Xue Jiao smiled and said, 'It's hard to deal with.'

The scarlet lines suddenly covered his face, like a creeper. Each line seemed to swallow his flesh and blood quickly, which made Xue Jiao's body wither and thin in an instant.

But his breath is climbing crazily!

With Xue Jiao's body getting thinner and weaker, he became as skinny as a bone, and his reputation reached its peak!

In a flash, there was enough momentum to compete with Zhou Qing!

Zhou Qing's face changed slightly, but his eyes soon became disdainful.

He saw that Xue Jiao was using some kind of trump card at the moment.

This means obviously has only one blow.

Although he barely made a breakthrough, it was a breakthrough after all. This strength is more than a blow!

It's just the end of the crossbow. Even if you take this attack, you can't take my second one!

Zhou Qing's eyes sparkled with cold light.


With a loud roar, Zhou Qing's long spear and Xue Jiao's twin sabres collided violently. The mighty Yuan Li turned into an endless energy storm, and spread crazily towards the distance, even affecting Lu Ziye, the three men in the fierce battle on the other side.


With a light noise, Zhou Qing's black robe and the sleeve on the side with the gun were cut off, revealing his arms like jade.

On that arm, one blood stain after another quietly splashed blood stains, gradually merging into a large stream of blood.

Blood flowed from Zhou Qing's arm, soaked in the barrel of the long gun, and then dropped down along the edge of the gun.

This blow hurt Zhou Qing!

At the end of the attack, Xue Jiao's body was extremely thin, as if there was only a layer of skin film wrapped around the bones. His breath was rapidly fading, and he lost his peak momentum.

As Zhou Qing had expected, Xue Jiao's method was really only one hit.

'Zhou Qing, wait!'

Xue Jiao smiled, and the next moment the silver light flashed!

Zhou Qing's face changed quickly. He stepped forward suddenly, but he was still a little slow. He could only watch Xue Jiao being sent away by a big move sign.

The big move sign was not crushed at the moment, but in the moment Xue Jiao and Zhou Qing fought, it had already been crushed in the dark!

I don't know what means Xue Jiao used, but he suppressed the fluctuation of the great movement charm. It was only at the last moment of the transmission that it broke out suddenly, which caught Zhou Qing off guard.

Let that guy run away.

He stood in the same place with an uncertain face. A moment later, Zhou Qingcai turned to look at Lu Ziye and others who were fighting on the other side.

Zhou Qingteng came out, but Wang Zhao was not half happy.

If he is right, Zhou Qing should not help himself and offend Lin Suo.

And that's exactly what happened.

After looking at Wang Zhao in silence, Zhou Qing bows his hand and says, 'Brother Wang, I spent a lot of money fighting Xue Jiao. I can't help you now. Sorry!'

Wang Zhao's heart suddenly crossed.

'No harm.'

He stares at Lu Ziye and Lin Ye with cold eyes like a wolf. Yu Guang sweeps Yan Sushen, who is assisted by a dark poke in the distance. Then he quickly takes out a small bottle and pours out one of the pills with a strange dark color.

'I am enough alone.'

Lu Ziye and his three men are about to stop him, but the speed is obviously no faster than Wang Zhao's taking pills.

Nobody knows the details of the pill, but after taking it, Wang Zhao's momentum has really improved.

In Lu Ziye's changing faces, Wang Zhao bursts out with a knife and once again takes the upper hand!

In his eyes, there was pain and anxiety hidden in the cold divine light.

Pain comes from the side effects of the pill, while anxiety comes from the sense of urgency in the heart.

It seems like a long fight, but only half an hour has passed since the first fight between the two sides.

Now we enter the place of opportunity, which must still be there.

Although some people are unwise and offend Lin Suo, he will face many crises himself, but he doesn't want to give up the chance, so naturally he has to pay some price.

Thinking of this, Wang Zhao's sabre technique becomes more and more crazy.


'Is this the Dark Altar?'

In the Dark Temple, Lin Suo and San Xiao have entered the deepest place.

Feeling the ghost's eagerness, Lin Su pinched his chin and looked carefully at the existence in front of him.

It is an altar densely covered with countless dark veins. It looks similar to the time altar in the time zero secret, but it is smaller than the time altar in scale.

I think so. The Time Altar is the core of the secret realm of the earth level secret realm. No matter how powerful the Dark Altar is, it should be less powerful.

At the bottom of the altar, there is a pool of liquid that looks like water. The liquid volume is not much, and it occupies a depression of two meters in the center of the altar.

It contains extreme darkness, as if to swallow all the light. Even Lin Suo, who has been possessed by darkness and has night vision ability, can't really see how deep it is.

It doesn't need too much introduction. It can be understood at a glance that the core of this so-called dark altar is the black liquid.

'Ghost, go and try.' Lin Su took a picture of the ghost who was ready to try. He smiled a little more. 'Be careful, be careful.'

'Jie!' (Understood!)

The ghost nodded heavily and remembered Lin Su's advice. Then his figure flashed, and he appeared above the liquid. He controlled his figure and fell down slowly!

That Wang looked at the liquid with a thin layer, but it had a depth far beyond Lin Su's expectation, or it connected to another space. The ghost's figure had no obstacles, so it melted into it and disappeared.

Even the contract between Lin Su and ghosts to fight against beasts fell silent at this moment.

Then, the whole altar trembled slightly, and the dark forces began to tremble, causing shallow ripples in the liquid at the center of the altar.

'How comfortable!'

Feeling the stronger dark power here, Lin Su's mind heard a quiet voice, 'I want to go in and have a look!'

'Go ahead.' Lin Su smiled, relieved his attachment, and let Youyou fly to the altar cheering, then picked up the ball.

Just wait here for them.

Different from ghosts, Youyou did not directly put it into the liquid. It was more interested in the liquid itself.

Suspended in the air above the liquid, Youyou carefully put out a hand, touched the liquid, felt that there was no big problem, carefully took it up and sent it into the mouth.

It was intended to drink the liquid full of pure dark power!

After taking a sip, the expression of Youyou wrinkled, as if in aftertaste, and soon there was a surprised look on his face, and he did not hesitate to take another round.

I don't know what the taste of this liquid is in the quiet taste, but judging from its performance, it is probably not difficult to drink.

The liquid seemed limitless. You drank some, but did not see any change in the liquid level.

So Youyou put down her mind.

It should not affect my second brother...

It condenses an invisible small cup in the air with its mind, holding one cup after another to scoop up the dark liquid.

Drink today!

Unlimited refills!

Immersed in the liquid, the ghost soon felt the extremely rich dark energy filled in the liquid, as well as the power of the majestic dark rules.

An invisible force penetrates all parts of the body with the energy that will fill the liquid.

It should be the power of the altar. The ghost had some insight in his heart, and then he controlled his body to no longer resist, allowing the dark power to merge into his body.

Since its evolution, it has absorbed more of the power of the space system, and even the perception of rules has paid more attention to the direction of the space system.

This strong dark power can only be matched by the power of the nine level resource overflow of Dark Forest.

Just because of the continuous influx of dark forces, its normal energy value starts to rise.

Fortunately, it has now broken through the monarchy level. If it is still in the command level, its normal energy value will reach the limit, and it may not be able to continue to accommodate such a powerful force.

And the power of the dark rules is a big surprise to ghosts.

For a long time, the power of the dark system rules of ghosts and ghosts comes from the dark Lin.

It certainly knows that this is not good, but it can rarely find a better understanding of the dark system rules.

Now, there is.

The dark system rules in this liquid seem to be all inclusive.

It seems that no matter what aspect of the dark system rules you perceive, you can get inspiration and improvement from them.

Such special dark system rules can't help immersing ghosts.

At the same time, it is also thinking about its own way of following the rules.

Although Big Brother's perception of time system is only the fourth level, its essence has changed from static time to accelerated time, and it does not want to simply perceive pure darkness.

Darkness, there should be more aspects and changes.

At this moment, it is a good opportunity.

This all embracing dark power can gain a lot no matter which direction it wants to understand the rules of the dark system.

Then... let's begin.

Its mind is immersed in the changes in the body, and carefully feels the power of rules incorporated in the body.

With the constant change of its ideas, the power of the all inclusive dark system rules is also changing, showing the rules of various roads.

Until a moment, a pair of scarlet eyes appeared in its mind.

The ghost's body suddenly trembled and quickly returned to reality.

Is it the mental shadow brought by the Holy One that has not disappeared?

It seems not.

Ghosts can't help thinking.

Just now, it seemed to think of something in its mind. The next moment, in the all inclusive dark system rules, there was the pupil of the Holy Master.

It just thought about the darkness of the mind.

Light and darkness are not just physical.

They can also be more abstract and idealistic.

Everything has two sides, and generally, the good side will be considered as bright, and the bad side will be considered as dark.

As for the definition of good or bad, it is idealistic.

The dark side of the soul...

The Wheel of Seven Sins suddenly appeared in the ghost's mind.

It seems that the existence that scares it so much is the best interpretation of the dark side of the soul.

Can I change the rules of the dark system towards this?

It couldn't help thinking.

And with the change of its ideas, the power of the all inclusive dark system rules has gradually changed into the dark side rules of the mind as it thinks.

The spirits of ghosts are completely immersed in it, allowing the dark supernatural energy to flow into their own bodies under the power of the altar, constantly improving their normal energy value, and focusing on the new direction of dark rules.

'Hiss... Rongzun is really cruel.'

In a bloody space, the Holy One is languidly paralyzing in it, absorbing the power of the internal bloody pool, and slowly filling up the blood mist that is much thinner than before.

At this moment, it also recalled that Rongzun was trying to vent his anger to ghosts.

'I'm not to blame.' Lingzun murmured, and then 'hee hee' smiled, 'but it's worth it.'

Let the shadow transform into a living creature smoothly. What is it to be beaten?

In its scarlet pupils, there was less cruelty and more expectation.

I don't know what the little guy will look like when he hatches from the egg.

'Please condemn the wrong disciple.'

A voice with some respect and fear came from a blood red crystal bead embedded in the corner of the blood color space.

Then the Holy One's eyes turned slightly and looked through the crystal bead to some place.

In its eyes, there is a colorful light flow, as if reflecting the wheel of seven sins of a party, corresponding to seven kinds of sins.

Immortal rule skill, the pupil of judgment!

In its view, the detained disciple of the sect is now covered with a thin layer of green light, and countless illusory pictures emerge around him, showing his crimes.

The Spiritual Master grunted angrily, his voice was cold and hoarse, like the howling of a demon crawling out of hell

The blood red crystal bead quickly faded, and the Holy One also recovered the appearance of lying lazily in the space.

This is its daily life as a law enforcer of the sect.

Mastering the seven sins, it can see at a glance what mistakes have been made by the disciples who made mistakes in the sect and the severity of their mistakes, so as to make an extremely fair judgment.

Such a small punishment only requires a trial and conviction.

The specific punishment shall be carried out by the disciples in charge of execution.

In some serious cases, it needs to take action personally.

Because of this, among the immortality in the sect, it is the one that most frightens the disciples in the sect.

Thinking of the trial after trial in the past, Lingzun's pair of ferocious vertical eyes were much more sighed.

Seven kinds of sins, each of which breeds in the heart, are likely to cause the behavior of all living beings to deviate and do things that violate the rules.

If only we could uproot the seven sins of all living beings and make the world free of final sins.

It's a pity that we can only think about it. It's too far away from that level with the power of the spiritual reverence.

I'm afraid that only when there is no other animal above immortality, can such a fantastic thing be achieved.

Just as there is light, there will be shadows. As long as there is soul and wisdom, there will be seven kinds of sins. The only thing we can do is to suppress them so that they do not affect us.

The Holy One who masters the seven sins has the most say in this regard.

Even its own cannot escape the breeding of evil, and it is almost completely swallowed up by seven kinds of evil, becoming a existence driven and enslaved by evil.

At the thought of this, Lingzun's eyes flashed a little complacency.

Where is this evil rule so easy to understand?

It is also unique in talent. It came up with a genius method to turn its own sin into the wheel of seven sins and transfer the power of sin to the instrument of rules, which successfully controlled such rules.

The evil is transferred and does not breed in the heart. Naturally, the heart will not be affected by the evil again.

Just when Lingzun Meizizi thought about this, a voice with faint anger suddenly appeared, echoing in this space, 'Lingzun, what a good thing you have done!'

Lingzun trembled unconsciously, and his face was somewhat confused. 'Rongzun, why are you here again?'

Heaven and earth conscience, it has just been beaten by Rongzun, and has done nothing now?

'Cut the crap and follow me!'

In a flash of silver, Rongzun appeared in a dark place with the Spirit Zun forcibly.

It is the dark altar in the center of the dark temple.

'Master Ling? Master Rong?' Lin Su, who was waiting for ghosts and Youyou to absorb opportunities, soon noticed the immortal breath of the two, and his face was somewhat confused, 'Why did you come?'

Ignoring Lin Su's explanation, Rongzun looked at Lingzun angrily and said, 'Look at what you have done.'

The Holy Master looked at the dark altar with his scarlet eyes. Through the endless darkness, he saw the ghosts trapped in the darkness at the moment, and then his eyes flashed with amazement, 'No...'

'Two predecessors, is there something wrong with ghosts?' Seeing Lingzun and Rongzun like this, Lin Su's expression changed slightly.

Youyou can't go wrong.

It did not enter the liquid inside the altar, but just sat and drank the liquid in the altar. Except for the normal energy value, everything was normal.

Therefore, it can only be that something has happened to the ghosts.

Looking at the Lingzun who is still in a sluggish state at the moment, Rongzun said helplessly, 'The liquid in the dark altar is called the true source of darkness. Although the level is not high, it is all inclusive. No matter what kind of dark system rules you perceive, you can use it to improve your rule perception.'

Lin Su's face became more confused.

This doesn't sound like a dangerous thing?

'That ghost...' he said nervously. 'How is the ghost now?'

Because of the silence of the beast contract, he could not feel the situation of ghosts at the moment.

He wasn't worried, but now he can't help worrying.

'This opportunity is not dangerous, and it is very helpful to any dark creatures.' Rongzun's voice was somewhat helpless, 'but the ghost gave up to continue to understand its own dark system rules, and began to understand the dark rules of the spiritual level.'

Speaking of this, Rongzun's voice was a little bit more unkind, 'Lingzun, if it wasn't for your influence, ghosts would not have made such a choice!'

'But it can't all depend on me.' Spiritual reverence slowly returned to God, but could not speak.

It has seen the evil light of seven colors flashing crazily on the ghost, and now it can't help roast in its heart.

Young animals now... dare to try anything.

Lin Su seems to understand something at the moment.

It sounds like the ghost is going to choose another dark rule to realize, and the dark rule chosen has something to do with the soul.


'Rongzun, is it dangerous to understand the rules?' Lin Su spoke anxiously.

This has touched his blind area of knowledge. Bluestar has no record of this situation.

'The normal rules will not, but the rules of the mind type will easily affect the perceivers themselves.' Rongzun said in a deep voice, 'What's more, it's the dark side of the soul, and ghosts don't even have a spiritual system, so the resistance of the spiritual level is not strong!'

'That's all right. There are still residual forces in the previous Wheel of Seven Sins, which have not been completely dissipated!' Rongzun snorted angrily, 'Those residual forces are also attracted now.'

Lin Su's face changed slightly. From Rongzun's explanation, he probably understood the seriousness of the matter.

Youyou stopped absorbing the two immortals and returned to Lin Su.

At this moment, Lin Suo, together with Youyou and Qiuqiu, looked at the deep dark source anxiously.

The next moment, the dark source suddenly set off waves, and a figure quickly rushed out of it.

It was a ghost.

At this moment, the state of ghosts is very strange, full of crazy ideas, as if they have completely lost their sense.

The next moment, it unexpectedly rushed towards Lin Su's direction crazily.


A cage is built in the void to imprison ghosts in an instant.

It was Rongzun who did it.

It looked angrily at the Holy One aside.

'Do something!'

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