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Chapter 49 The secret of the secret land (seeking investment and pursuing reading)

After pushing the door in, Lin Su soon found a strange middle-aged man standing in Mu Yuxing's office.

Master Mu has guests?

looking at the man who was looking at him with great interest, Lin Su murmured in his heart.

who is this? Do you want to avoid it?

while he was still thinking, the middle-aged man said in a steady and gentle voice, 'are you brother Zhennan's child?'


hearing that the other party mentioned Lin's father's name, Lin Xuwei was stunned, and then responded, 'President?'

'just call me Qibo.' The middle-aged man smiled and confirmed Lin Su's guess.

it's really the trade union leader I knew from my father.

speaking of it, Lin Su never saw the president during this period of time. Because his mother told him, he also thought about whether to visit him as a younger generation. Unexpectedly, the reply was that the president had left and had not returned yet.

so, is this a new comer?

'Qi Bohao.'

the middle-aged man nodded, smiled and said, 'you've come to see vice president Mu. Let's talk first.'

'OK.' Lin nodded and looked at Mu Yuxing. 'Master mu, should we go to the nirvana pool the day after tomorrow? I don't know much about the nirvana pool. What should I pay attention to?'

'Nirvana pool.' Mu Yuxing's face was more clear, and he turned to look at qiyunhan. 'Since President Qi is here, he should take you there the day after tomorrow, so let him tell you.'

as he said this, Mu Yuxing winked at Qi Yunhan.

Qi Yunhan smiled helplessly at Mu Yuxing's appearance of throwing away the burden. 'Let me tell you about the nirvana pool. After all, that secret place is one of the two secret places controlled by the Royal beast Union in the southern region. I know more about it.'

'secret place?' Lin Su asked curiously. He had seen this word sporadically from the materials provided by the Royal beast trade union, but there seemed to be no detailed introduction about the secret place in those materials.

'yes, Nirvana pool is located in a secret place.' Qiyunhan saw at a glance that Lin Su didn't know what the secret place was. He simply introduced it, 'the so-called secret place is an independent small space that depends on the existence of divine weapons for some reasons. You can understand it as a small world.'

'what?!' Lin Su's expression glazed over.

is there such a thing in Shenwu world?

aren't the changes of the two worlds caused by the Youneng stone?

what is the situation in this secret place? Why doesn't Bluestar?

is the secret place created by the Shenwu world itself for some reason?

'the birth of the secret place can be traced back to twothousand years ago.' Qiyunhan didn't notice the change of Lin Su's expression, but he was surprised. He continued to explain, 'about twoorthree years after the Youneng stone appeared in various places of Shenwu, a secret place of different sizes appeared randomly and irregularly in various places.'

'the newly born secret place has no biological existence, but it can naturally produce supernatural resources. Moreover, the inner part of the secret place can accelerate the growth of exotic animals as well as the beast control space. Moreover, the environment in the secret place can also help to improve the beast control space of the beast control envoy, and even speed up the cultivation of the strong martial arts.'

'whether it's a place for exotic animals, animal guards or martial arts strongmen, such places are treasure lands. Therefore, at the beginning, the competition for each secret place will cause a large number of strong men to fight.' Qiyunhan smiled. 'Now, twothousand years later, the secret places around the world have their own masters. They will not change easily. Only when new secret places appear occasionally can they be explored and contested.'

can both animals and humans accelerate their strength?

Lin Su couldn't help but be shocked. This alone made him envious.

not to mention the natural birth of supernatural resources in this secret place.

unexpectedly, there is such a good place in Shenwu world. If only there were blue star...


his expression moved slightly.

'Qi Bo, the first secret place appeared twoorthree years after the emergence of the Youneng stone?!'

'yes.' Qiyunhan nodded, 'what's the matter?'

'no... nothing.' Lin Su forced his expression to calm down, but the storm surged up in his heart.

twoorthree years!

the catastrophe of blue star has only occurred for 200 years.

does this mean that in the next 100 years, blue star may also have the same secret place?

if you are lucky, maybe tomorrow. If you are unlucky, maybe a hundred years later.

it seems that I can find the secret place and the historical data of that period 2000 years ago in the Shenwu world. In this way, whenever the secret place of blue star appears, I can seize the opportunity.

at this moment, Lin Su can't continue to ponder the bottom of the matter. He can only keep this idea in his heart, and then he says, 'Qibo, what should we pay attention to when entering the secret place where the nirvana pool is located?'

'that secret place is called Nirvana secret place by us. The most important resource is the nirvana pool located in the most central area of the secret place.' Qiyunhan said, 'in addition to the nirvana pool, there are different environments suitable for pet animals with various attributes in the nirvana secret land. These environments can accelerate the growth of pet animals, and also occasionally breed supernatural resources.'

'Nirvana is open for two days at a time. When you leave, you can take away any supernatural resources you find.'

all the supernatural resources found belong to you?!

is there such a good thing?

in an instant, Lin Su's face was full of surprise.

looking at the happy look on Lin Su's face, qiyunhan coughed softly, 'many juvenile and elite level monsters have been placed in this secret place. Generally, supernatural resources are guarded by elite level monsters, which is not so easy to take.'

so it is.

elite level?

Lin Su's face lightened.

that's a little difficult.

the ball is almost invincible in the juvenile level, but it has never been faced with the elite level.

according to Qi Bo's introduction, it's best to find Nirvana pool evolution at the first time after you enter it. After the ball reaches the elite level through evolution, you can search for supernatural resources guarded by elite level monsters.

after entering the secret place for two days, Lin Su didn't plan to go to sleep. As time is pressing, he naturally spent all his time where he should be. If there are strange animals in the secret place, he probably won't have a chance to sleep peacefully.

in this case, he was thinking about whether the pet animal technique to try to recover his spirit could recover the sequelae of card crossing bugs. He could take this opportunity to try.

with an idea in mind, Lin Su quickly asked, 'Qibo, will you directly appear at a fixed place after you enter it? Is that place far from Nirvana pool?'

'not a fixed place.' Qi Yunhan shook his head. 'This is another feature of the secret territory. If you enter it, you will be randomly transferred to any position in the secret territory. Even if you enter it at the same time, the position may be very far away. If you have bad luck, you may even be directly transferred to the nest of elite level monsters.'

'however, after entering the secret place, there will be a special transfer card. Crushing the transfer card can instantly transfer out of the secret place to ensure life safety.'

'so... Can I go in after being transmitted?'

'no, there is only one chance.' Qiyunhan's expression was strange. 'Don't worry. Generally, it's not so unlucky. It may only happen once in decades.'

Lin Su is lost in thought.


in the worst case, you may enter the secret place and directly fall into the nest of elite pet animals?

should not should not.

you can only meet them once in decades. You can't meet them by yourself, can you?

Yes, definitely not!

mo'an consoled himself, and Lin nodded back. 'Elder, I understand.'

after a few simple words with the two elders, Lin Su got up and left.

he has to break into the beast tower once, and then go back to use the heart of space to practice.


'good younger generation.' When Lin Su left, Qi Yunhan nodded with satisfaction, 'he's going to break into the imperial beast tower? I forgot to ask him what his pet beast is.'

'his pet animal is light with snow marks. It is still young.' Mu Yuxing took a sip of tea and spoke lightly.

'light snow marks? It's still very good after evolution in the nirvana pool. If you are young, you should be able to go to the third level in a month. If you try to reach the fourth level, there is also hope. This level still has certain advantages in breaking through the beast tower.' Qiyunhan glanced at Mu Yuxing, who was sitting on that indifferent face. 'People are gone. Don't pretend.'

'Oh...' Mu Yuxing's expression was strange. He put down his tea cup. 'Well, Lin Su seems to have been on the fourth floor for several days. Now he is on the fifth floor.'

'huh?' Now it was qiyunhan's turn to be surprised. 'The fourth floor? So fast?'

he hurried to the window, opened the curtain and looked in the direction of the beast tower.

Mu Yuxing smiled and stood up to look at the beast tower.

under the gaze of the two people, Lin Su, who had just reached the foot of the beast tower, stepped into it.

after a few moments, his name appeared on the light curtain.


'm! (✪) ω ✪ (Frost repellent level II!)

the first four layers of rapid customs clearance. After absorbing the crystal stones of the fourth layer, good news came from the ball.

only a few hundred times of training are left for its frost repellent wish distance breakthrough. The total training times of the four layers of dream crystal can reach threehundred times. The breakthrough is expected.

after reaching level II, the number of petal layers of jushuangzhu will reach 12. With the training, it will continue to increase. This will make it more confident to deal with the fire cloud dog on level 5.

after the ball recovers its strength by taking energy liquid, one person and one pet will step down the stairs to the fifth floor without hesitation.

at the moment when it appears on the fifth floor, a heat wave comes directly to my face. It seems like a sea of fire around me. On the ground paved with igneous rocks, there are bright red emerging from countless chapped rock cracks.

standing still, Lin Su's forehead was covered with sweat.

there is obvious disgust on the ball's face, but the fighting spirit in his eyes is particularly high.

almost at the moment of entering the fifth floor, it jumped out of Lin Su's arms after having been here for several times.

however, different from the previous times, this time the ball did not fall on the hot earth, but walked lightly at a height of ten meters, overlooking the flaming dog, treading on the ice and snow that could barely maintain a few breaths in the fire environment.

'frost storm! Cluster!' Lin Xufei quickly gave instructions when his mind moved.

at the moment when Lin Su gave the order, an icy blue storm erupted from the mouth of the ball that was already ready to go. The icy blue storm was bundled to the mouth of the bowl with countless frosts and snow, and it was like heavy artillery bombardment towards the fire cloud dog on the ground.

if you observe carefully, you can also find that this frost storm is slightly different from the frost storm that erupted before the ball.

in the past frost storms, ice blue and white blend with each other. Ice blue is a storm formed by the cold, and white is the frost and snow trapped in the storm. In this frost storm, the ice blue cold is like a protective film, which closely protects the frost and snow trapped in it.

whether it is to bring the frost storm to the extreme or to protect the internal frost and snow with cold, it is a skill developed by Lin xuheqiu after several times of breaking through the fifth layer to resist the fire attribute environment, so as to retain the power of frost storm as much as possible.

without them, a frost storm has not yet landed. I'm afraid most of its power has dissipated in this extremely hot environment.

the flaming cloud dog, who had just shown his body and was looking around for his opponent, moved his ears and instantly sensed the movement above his head. However, his movement was still a step slow. When he looked up, his vision was white.

its pupils shrink slightly, and without hesitation, it spits out a roar of inflammation.

the reddish gold column of light carries countless flowing flames. At the moment it appears, it seems to attract the fire elements in the surrounding environment. Even its power needs to be strengthened.

after all, it was a step too slow. As soon as Yan Xiao emerged, he was bombarded by the frost storm that had come in front of him in mid air.

the reddish gold and ice blue lights rolled over each other in the mid air, bringing countless energy storms surging madly. The ball above the sky was hardly affected, and the fire cloud dog, who was almost face to face with the collision position of the two attacks, could not help but step back under the crazy surging storm.


Lin Su, standing on the side, clearly saw the action of the fire cloud dog, while standing high in the air, he could see the frost under his eyes, and the ball with the frost pupils fully open!

'frost storm!'

another frost storm smashed down like a pillar of heaven. It accurately hit the fire cloud dog whose vision was blocked by the storm and could not see the surrounding conditions.

at the next moment, everything around us will quietly come to naught.

the difficulty of the fifth layer beast tower, which had plagued Lin xuheqiu for a long time, was greatly reduced after the snow track broke through level III. only two frost storms were easily solved.

the fifth floor, pass!



the words 'Lin Su, the fifth floor' on the light curtain have already caused a cry of surprise under the beast tower.

through the fourth and fifth floors of the beast tower, that is a completely different concept.

how easy is it to fight against attributes in an adverse environment?

therefore, there are many beast envoys in the beast guild who can pass through the fourth layer of the beast tower, but none of them can pass through the fifth layer.

'such a fighting talent...' one of his subordinates pressed the window hard, and Qi Yunhan murmured, 'has he only been an imperial beast envoy for a month?'

'yes.' Mu Yuxing opened his mouth without hesitation. Now he is used to being shocked.

'you said...' Qi Yunhan's eyes flashed with hope. 'Let him take part in the primary contest. Is there any hope of competing for those two positions?'

'in Yongnan City, no one is qualified to participate in the national competitions for a long time.'

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