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Chapter 72 Five elements are short of electricity (Sanjiang PK asks for follow-up reading)


after hearing Qin Nan's words, Lin Xuwei nodded.

the cold frost dream domain belongs to the spiritual skill of illusion + spiritual attack. Unlike the spiritual skill that will not affect you after the release of frost storm, once the opponent who bears the cold frost dream domain is stronger than yourself, it is easy to cause skill backfire.

although the thunder horn leopard is not a spirit beast, it is the existence of the command level after all. After the release of the frost dream domain, it is almost 100% backfired. This is also the reason why Lin Xu didn't think about letting the ball use the frost dream domain against the thunder horn leopard until the last moment.

unexpectedly, the ball did this to save himself.

the backfire it received belongs to mental damage. After recuperating in the beast space for twoorthree hours, it has recovered a lot.

it still takes some time to recover completely, but it's no problem for Qin nan to see it.

and Qin Nan's mushroom treasure has the skill of exhilarating breath, which can boost the mental state to a certain extent and is also good for the recovery of the ball.

the light yellow light flashed, and the ball appeared in Lin Su's arms.

seeing the ball's dispirited appearance, Qin Nan also guessed that the little guy should be injured. Painfully, he took it from Lin Su's arms and hurriedly summoned mushroom treasure out. While letting mushroom treasure heal the ball, he carefully observed the new shape of the ball.

after a while, Qin Nan gently put the ball on the wide and soft umbrella cover of mushroom treasure, and let it continue to receive mushroom treasure's treatment, looking at Lin Su, 'it is indeed a new evolutionary type, judging from the normal energy value, it should be the monarch race.'

if it weren't for the poor state of the ball and the inconvenient transportation on the passenger plane, Qin Nan would like to let the ball show his skills immediately.

her eyes were a little more curious, 'what attribute? This is probably the first evolutionary type that spans more than three small orders of evolution. If the research results are published, it is estimated that you will be famous again.'

'I don't want to be famous anymore.' Lin Su shook his head with a wry smile, 'spirit department.'

'sleep in a dream?' Qin Nan was surprised at first, and then suddenly, 'yes, the ball has mastered this evolutionary technology by the way, and it's normal for you to try in this regard, but...

her voice was a meal, and her expression became strange,' even so, it's a little too outrageous to explore a new evolutionary type in three days! '

'is there a possibility...' seeing that the ball is getting better and better under the treatment of mushroom treasure, Lin Su's mood is also slowly relaxed. At this moment, he sniffed, 'is it my good luck?'

Qin Nan: '...

God is lucky!

but there seems to be no other explanation.

she shook her head helplessly, 'no wonder the evolution type with light snow marks has not been found. It seems that the evolution type of this little guy is spiritual. How can we find the evolution type without discovering the evolution technology of spiritual department?'

'indeed.' Lin Su nodded approvingly.

even in the Shenwu world, there is only this evolutionary type of light snow trace.

'next, you are going to start studying a stable evolutionary route?'

'yes, the evolution of the ball is an accident, and the research on the stable evolution route should also be put on the agenda.' Lin nodded, 'I have submitted the project application report this morning.'

'that's no problem.' Qin Nan stretched. 'Duke was still praising you for earning a face for our Shanda Institute of evolution yesterday. It's not easy to pass your research project?'

the two chatted one by one. Soon, the passenger plane landed in zone 1.

during the chat between the two, the ball also regained his spirit with the help of mushroom treasure. Although the frost pattern road in the vertical pupil is still a little dim, it has not affected normal activities.

take the ball back into the beast space and continue to cultivate. Lin Su followed Qin Nan out of the airliner.

after returning to the Research Institute, he put his luggage back in the dormitory and simply cleaned it up. He was preparing to have lunch when the prompt tone of the communicator suddenly rang.

open it and see that the approval application submitted by yourself has passed, and the corresponding research resources and snow trace light samples will be sent in succession from tomorrow.


after reading the notice of passing the application, Lin Su fell into meditation.

seems to have forgotten something?

what is it...

Oh, yes, the student who offered a reward of onemillion union dollars!

onemillion. I haven't seen so many union coins in such a long time.

contribution points are not counted.

without any hesitation, Lin Su opened his social platform, ignored a lot of notices of likes and comments, and went straight to the account that replied to him that day and sent a private message.

[Lin Su: sister, my snow trace light has evolved, and the stable evolution route of snow trace light is under study. Is what you said before still valid?]

the student named Gu Shumo returns in seconds.

[Gu Shumo:?]

pinched his chin, and Lin Su sent the 3D photo of the ball he had taken before.

[Lin Su: [picture]]

this time, Gu Shumo gave a reply after waiting for a long time.

[Gu Shumo: boss! Are you in zone 1 now? Please have a meal and let's talk about it in detail?]


Lin Xu blinked.

he's just hungry. If someone invites him to dinner, he won't refuse.

[Lin Su: OK.]


after learning that Lin Xuren was in the Research Institute, Gu Shumo chose a restaurant near yamacheng university with a very good score. Lin Xuren, who was already hungry, received the positioning and was ready to start.

not active in cooking, brain problems.

as for casually earning him a million union coins, that's by the way.

follow the positioning all the way to the restaurant, and Lin Su soon saw a girl standing at the door of the restaurant.

it was a girl with slender black straight hair like a girl next door. A strand of highlights of silver hair made her temperament look smart and lively. The white shirt and short plaid skirt highlighted her beautiful figure. A pair of black silk under the skirt made her straight and slender legs more radiant. Her delicate facial features were a little young, but her bright makeup on her face was more inclined to the style of a royal sister.

just standing at the door and waiting, the girl welcomed the look back of many passers-by.

however, Lin Su's attention was mainly focused on the snow mark lying on the girl's head.

compared with the ball before evolution, this light snow mark is larger and more mature, less cute and more light and elegant.

obviously, this is an elite level snow trace light.

this should be the student sister?

although I haven't seen the photo, the light snow mark is enough to indicate the identity of the other party.

he soon noticed Lin Su coming towards him. Gu Shumo's bright eyes lit up instantly. With a slight effort, he leaned against the small man's waist on the guardrail, and the whole person ejected from the guardrail and started, trotting towards Lin Su, 'big brother! Let's go to eat first! Talk while eating.'

'Hello, sister.'

Lin nodded back and looked at the snow mark on Gu Shumo's head. When it was light, he couldn't help smiling, 'Hello, little guy.'

while greeting the snow mark gently, he stretched out a hand and touched the snow mark light head.

'Mi? (≖) ω ≖) '(who are you?)

for Lin Su's intimacy, snow trace light does not appreciate it.

it hid its head back and stretched out a small claw to pat Lin Su's hand away.

Lin Su: '...

Gu Shumo:'...

'that...' Gu Shumo coughed softly, and his expression became wonderful, 'let's eat first?'

'good.' Lin sumo withdrew his hand, and Quan Dang just now walked towards the restaurant in front of him.

after walking behind Lin Su for two steps, Gu Shumo took out a mirror from his bag and looked at his face.

didn't I spend my makeup?

no, isn't it good?

just now, the boss didn't look at me at all?!

Gu Shumo grinded his teeth and felt his carefully made-up whitened.

not as good as a cat!

Lin Su walked in front. Naturally, he didn't know what Gu Shumo was thinking behind him. He pinched his chin and fell into meditation.

after staying with the ball for a long time, he almost forgot that the people with light snow marks are afraid of strangers and are high and cold.

so that he subconsciously stretched out his hand to the snow mark, thinking that the other party would rub his hand like the ball...

thinking of this, Lin Su couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

sure enough, the ball is unique.

after taking a few steps, Lin Su paused slightly, turned his head and looked at Gu Shumo, 'then... Where do we sit, sister?'

the restaurant was set by Gu Shumo. Naturally, only she knew the location. She patronized and thought about things. She walked to the store and almost got lost.

'Oh, it's at the end of the front, and then the first private room on the left.' Gu Shumo also recovered, looked around, and hurriedly took Lin Su into the private room.

the atmosphere between the two didn't begin to normalize until they entered the private room and closed the door.

'big brother...'

'just call me a younger brother.' Lin Su coughed softly, 'I should be a freshman at Yamaguchi University soon.'

the young lady three years older than him called him one by one, which made him a little uncomfortable.

'that's good, junior.' Gu Shumo's eyes lit up and immediately laughed he he he! 'The food will be served later. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Gu Shumo! Do you think this name sounds good?'

Lin Su: '...

introduce yourself. Is it OK to ask others about your name?

'nice?' He tried to open his mouth.

'it sounds good! I knew it!' When he got the answer he wanted, Gu Shumo's smile suddenly became stronger, 'before the catastrophe, I had the tradition of naming according to the eight character and five element of my birthday. Until now, my family still uses it. When I was born, the five elements were short of gold and water, so my father named me Gu Shumo.'

Lin Su nodded to show understanding, followed by a slight stagnation in his expression.

there seems to be something wrong.

five elements are short of gold and water...

named Gu Shumo?

'that...' Lin Su coughed softly, 'sister, there is a lack of water, so I can understand the word 'mo' in the name, but what is the relationship between the lack of gold and the word 'book'?'

'e-book!' Gu Shumo took out his communicator and shook it in front of Lin su. 'Isn't the communicator metal?'

Lin Su: '

shentemo e-book, I don't think you are short of gold in five elements, but you are short of electricity in five elements, right?

'well, this is not important.' Gu Shumo waved his hand and his eyes were full of expectation. 'This is the light snow mark of my family. It's called xuetuanzi. Can I see your light snow mark, younger brother?'

thinking of the evolutionary type that is different from the light snow mark in the picture sent by Lin Su to himself, but with the same high appearance value, Gu Shumo, who has a heavy face control, can't help his burning soul of the cat!

'no problem.' Lin nodded, light yellow light intertwined at his feet, and soon the shape of the ball appeared at his feet.

skillfully sneaked into Lin Xu's arms in three or two steps, and the ball rubbed his face.

'Mi' ( ω ó) '(is dinner ready?)

before coming, Lin Su told the ball in the Royal beast space in advance that he would take it out to eat delicious food at noon, so once called out, the ball thought it could eat delicious food.

'Zhi ~'

Gu Shumo suddenly stood up from his seat and quickly approached Lin su. His big eyes were bright and his face was full of surprise.

'brother, will the light snow trace become sticky after evolution?'

God knows how shocked Gu Shumo's world view, who is also a cat keeper, was in the short seconds when the ball took the initiative to get into Lin Suo's arms and rubbed Lin Suo's cheek.

did you tell me it was light snow?

how can light snow marks be so sticky!

on the table not far away, when Gu Shumo entered the private room, she jumped down from her head and squatted lazily waiting for dinner. Xuetuanzi raised his head and looked confused.

'Mi?! (≖ ω ≖) '(what are you talking about?!)

Lin Su's expression became a little strange, 'sister, evolution is not a pet animal, the pet animal is still the original one, how can the character change?'

'but your snow marks are light...' Gu Shumo suddenly stretched out a hand and gently touched the ball.

and xuetuanzi's attitude towards Lin Su is quite different. Facing Gu Shumo who met for the first time, the ball blinked, actively leaned out his head and rubbed the palm of Gu Shumo.

feeling the soft and supple hair rubbing gently in the palm of the hand, bringing a slightly crisp and itchy feeling, Gu Shumo fell into a dull.

is this snow light?

what's your home?

subconsciously, she looked back at xuetuanzi. Her pet beast, which was originally the meat of her heart, suddenly became fragrant.

love will not deteriorate, but it will transfer.

'Mi! (≖ ω ≖) '(damn!)

looking at the strange expression of his own Chan, Shi and Guan, xuetuanzi was secretly aware of the coming crisis and couldn't help walking towards the ball.

it wants to settle accounts with the guy who seduced its own beast envoy!

also aware of the smell of the same clan, the ball came out of Lin Su's arms, jumped lightly onto the table, and rubbed against the snow ball.

'Mi! () ω '(Hello!)

xuetuanzi originally wanted to question why the ball abducted his own beast envoy, and his words got stuck in his throat. Looking at the ball, which was a circle larger than his own size, even if it did not display Regal power, it still had a sense of superior racial oppression. It opened its mouth and choked out for a long time.

'mi... Mi? (≖ ω ≖) '(you... Why do you have three eyes?)

'Mi! (≥ ω ≤) '(I have evolved!)

then, the ball began to tell its evolution in MI language. Of course, in the process of telling, it did not forget to omit the secret of the Shenwu world.

while the snow ball on the other side couldn't help nodding, his eyes became brighter and brighter, and the previous hostility had already been thrown away.

two pet beasts whispered aside, and the two beast envoys also chatted.

'so it is. No wonder your pet beast is naturally sticky.' After listening to the ball's life experience, Gu Shumo had a bit of envy in his eyes.

why didn't she encounter such a special light snow mark?

after calming down, Gu Shumo remembered his purpose of inviting Lin Su to dinner.

she coughed softly and looked at Lin Su, 'that... Brother, your research project has just begun, right?'

'to be exact, it is only after the project has just passed the review that the research on resources and pet animals will be slow to arrive at the account tomorrow.' Lin nodded.

'can I be a volunteer?' Gu Shumo's eyes lit up.

'ha?' Lin Su showed a blank expression, 'what volunteer?'

'it's...' Gu Shumo coughed softly, 'I really can't wait. I want to let xuetuanzi evolve now, rather than wait until the research results are released.'

'so it is.' Lin Suran clearly, 'it should be no problem.'

'wait, brother. I'll fund our project with 2 million alliance dollars for R & D!' Gu Shumo patted his chest, took out his communicator and began to transfer money.

looking at the choppy waves in front of him, Lin Su quickly glanced aside.

I have to say that the rich woman is really fragrant...


looking at the ball chatting with xuetuanzi's head not far away, Lin Su smiled.

the ball is more fragrant.

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