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Chapter 89 Assessment starts (subscription required!)

The huge floating transporter landed slowly in an open space, and finally fell to the ground with a slight shock. As the alloy cabin door was slowly knocked down to form a step, the internal candidates filed out, looking curiously at the safety zone that had never been reached.

before Lin Su got off the transporter, one of the candidates who had gone out in front suddenly bent down and dug twice in the wet soil, followed by an excited roar.

'I found the jade for customs clearance!'

as he spoke, the examinee straightened up and waved the customs clearance jade with a little soil in his hand excitedly. In the envious eyes of all the examinees, he summoned his pet beast, chose a direction and left quickly. Looking at him like that, it was obvious that he was going to start first to see if he could find more customs clearance jade.

I found the jade for customs clearance on the ground. This is the emperor of Europe!

looking at the back of the candidate who left, Lin Su smiled.

being able to be found so easily proves that these customs clearance jade are indeed not hidden deep.

for myself, this is also good news.

'ball, let's go too.' Touched the ball on his head, which changed from lazy lying to squatting. As the actual battle assessment began, his expression gradually became serious, Lin Su smiled.

after briefly analyzing the rules of actual combat assessment on the way over, he has thought about what to do next.

first of all, you must find a piece of customs clearance jade to ensure that it will not be eliminated.

then, I will try to save as many points as possible.

although the rules of the second stage are indeed a bit flawed, which is particularly unfriendly to him, who wants to win the first place, Lin Xun thought about it and found that he had no other way.

unless he keeps his score beyond 100 in the second stage, and then surpasses everyone in the last half hour to become the first.

you can't do it if you want to.

even if the time to travel in the middle is removed, it is impossible to get so many points in half an hour.

there are three ways to accumulate points. The first is to collect clearance jade, the second is to kill monsters, and the third is to fight with other candidates. The winner can get half of the loser's hunting points.

the first two kinds of points are fixed. You can get as many points as you collect and kill, and the last one depends on how many points the loser has. If the loser has few points, the income of this method is not high, but if the loser has many points, defeating the other party is blood.

therefore, at the beginning of the actual combat assessment, there is no need to waste time fighting with other candidates. It is more convenient to harvest by using the way of combat until each candidate has accumulated a certain amount of hunting points.

commonly known as cutting leeks.

Lin Su's action plan is very clear. In the first stage, which lasts for six hours, he only needs to accumulate points as much as possible. After the second stage, the top 100 with the highest points will be marked without him looking for them.

these people are his goals.

refused the team invitation initiated by the candidates in the same car. Lin Su simply judged his position through the direction of sunrise and walked straight to the East.

the boundaries of this area are marked with range marks. He doesn't need to worry about the unknown risk of going out of the scope of actual combat assessment. He can always find something by walking in a fixed direction.

even if you can't find it, there's still a ball.

'Mi! (? ω?) '(there is one over there!)

not long after walking, the ball with frost in his eyes motioned towards a distance, indicating that he had found a clearance jade.

the direction pointed by the ball is only a tree fourorfive meters high. It seems that the tree age is not long, but the crown is quite dense.

is the clearance jade hidden in the canopy?

Lin Su's face was a little more interested, and he walked towards the tree step by step with the ball. Until he got closer, he found a shimmering white jade sandwiched in the differential position of a branch in the crown of the tree. It looked particularly inconspicuous through the sparse mottled sunlight of the leaves. If it weren't for the ball's reminder, he would not have noticed it.

suddenly, Lin Su's expression moved slightly, as if he found something, but he didn't show it. His expression soon returned to calm, smiling and saying, 'ball, it's up to you!'

'Mi! (?) ω ó?) '(little fun!)

the ball rises lightly in the air, quickly comes to the canopy with frost and snow, and holds the clearance jade in its mouth.

after getting the pass jade, the ball didn't leave immediately, but shook his head and stopped in midair, as if he were showing off to Lin su.

at the next moment, on the brown trunk, a snake beast with the same color as the bark, which was almost imperceptible to the naked eye, rushed out and bit hard at the ball.

medium leader race, quasi Sen snake.

Lin Su's expression was not nervous because of the sudden attack of the beast, but relieved.


under the frost pupil with the ball reaching level III, the beast lurking between the branches can no longer be obvious. As Lin Su approached the tree, it soon found the other party and reminded Lin Su with telepathy.

just now, Lin Xuhe's action is just to reduce this guy's vigilance. One person and one pet have already secretly made a battle plan.

however, after seeing the body shape of the snake pet, Lin Su's expression was slightly broken.

juvenile stage?

he thought he was an elite, so he was happy.

you can only get 20 points for the leader race at the juvenile level. If you are at the elite level, you can get 10 points.

more importantly, if you are just a juvenile beast, you don't need to be so careful just now. With the current strength of the ball, you can't run away directly from the other side.

in the face of the clumsy attack of quasi Sen snake, the ball seemed particularly relaxed. Under the gaze of frost pupil, the other party's fast lightning action was like a snail crawling. Every move was so clear that even the details of the ferocious open mouth and two sharp fangs could be seen clearly.

soon, the ball moved.

it stretched out a claw palm with ice blue and pressed it accurately on the seven inches of the quasi Sen snake. Under the instant chill of the ice palm, the fierce quasi Sen snake directly turned into an ice sculpture, with its curved body and ferocious open mouth permanently fixed.

add this piece of clearance jade, and you will get 30 points.

Lin Xu looked at the sky with a little worry. He didn't know whether the 20 points that killed the quasi Sen snake had been seen by the artificial supernatural intelligence device.


he picked up the body of the Masen snake that fell on the ground, raised it above his head and shook it.

it should be clear.


in Yamaguchi University, tens of thousands of pictures are transmitted in real time through artificial supernatural intelligence devices, and every move of each candidate is watched by the teachers in the assessment monitoring room.

once a candidate in a certain area is in danger of life, but it is too late to call the security teacher, the teachers who are responsible for checking and monitoring can send a signal in time to ask the teachers who are guarding the order of the examination room to rush to the rescue in time.


at one moment, a female teacher couldn't help laughing, 'is Lin Su too underestimating artificial supernatural intelligence? This is for fear that we don't know, we have to shake twice to kill the beast.'

the teacher's surname is Li, and Lin Su happens to be one of the hundreds of screens she is responsible for supervising. For this student who helped Shancheng university to be proud in the breeding achievement competition before he entered school, many faculty members in Shancheng university know him. Therefore, compared with other candidates, Lin Su's picture is naturally paid more attention to by teacher Li.

at this moment, she just witnessed Lin Su's funny move.

'Miss Li, is Lin Su's picture here?'

a voice suddenly appeared behind Mr. Li. Mr. Li turned his head and looked at the short haired woman with both hands hugging her chest who appeared behind him. She smiled and said, 'Mr. Qin, when Lin xuru entered the college, he applied for the research department? Grade III snow tracks. I couldn't help but want to rob people.'

'I'm afraid not.' Qin Nan looked at the guy wandering around on the screen with a smile, 'Lin Su has been decided by our research department, and he also wants to apply to the research department.'

'OK.' Teacher Li sighed lightly, 'but can this boy use the joint experience of colleges and universities in a few months? After all, his pet beast has mastered level III skills at the elite level, and he is still a monarch race. Such strength is rare even in the actual combat Department of Peking University. It's a pity for him to stay in the research institute all day.'

'let's see then.' Qin Nan frowned. 'He was attacked by the beast sect a while ago. At this stage, the area near the immortal country is easy to be targeted by the beast and the beast believers. After all, the beast sect in the immortal country is far more active than the alliance.'

'don't mention the joint training in Colleges and universities. If it weren't for the fact that participating in the military training in Colleges and universities is a necessary requirement for learning the cooperative combat of Royal beasts, I even planned to persuade him to give up the military training in three days.' Qin Nan shrugged, 'I can't be his master, so you can tell him at that time.'

'strange animals teach...' when talking about this topic, teacher Li couldn't help gritting his teeth, 'these damn things.'

'let's talk about it then.' She shook her head and stopped talking about letting Lin Su participate in the so-called joint college experience.

with that group of crazy people, we really need to pay attention to safety issues.

if Lin Su's attention decreases after a few months, maybe you can consider talking to him about it. If Lin Su is still stared at by the exorcism as he is now, it's better not to let him participate in the joint experience of colleges and universities

'eh?' His eyes fell back to the screen again, and teacher Li's expression was a little more strange, 'Lin Su's luck... Is no one.'

'Hmm...' Qin Nan glanced at Lin Su in the picture and smiled, 'it's not a big problem.'


'frost dream field!'

looking at the strange beast sprinting from a distance, Lin Su uses telepathy to signal the ball to attack.

it was a huge beast covered with extremely solid rock exoskeleton, with huge horns close to the length of the body, ferocious forks and spikes, and four hooves as thick as a stone column, running with rumble! The loud noise, which is still 100 meters away, has made Lin Su feel the violent shaking of the earth.

earth is a medium monarch race, trampling on rock rhinoceros.

looking at the roaring momentum and the other party's body shape, the beast in front of him has obviously broken away from the juvenile level and reached the elite level.

trampling on the rock rhinoceros has extremely strong physical defense and strength. Its core technology, the power of the earth, allows it to constantly draw on the power of the earth to fight, provide itself with a continuous source of physical strength, maintain a long-term battle, and its attack and defense are particularly strong. On the side of Shenwu, trampling on the rock rhinoceros is even the favorite pet of many royal beasts.

in most cases, it is not easy to face such a beast.

but if you encounter the spiritual department, it's another story.

'Mi, MI! (\\\\\\\\

with instructions, the ball raised its head, the frost and snow lines in the vertical pupil between the forehead were burning, and the ice blue flame suddenly lit up, and the deep pupil slowly narrowed, just like the abyss slowly devouring the behemoth reflected in the pupil.

irritated by the words of the ball, the little eye that was blocked by the eyebrow bone was raised without hesitation because of the low head charge, and the angry eyes stared at the ball fiercely.

the next second, trample on the rock rhinoceros and kneel directly.


as soon as his hooves were soft, this giant beast, which was enough to hit thousands of troops and horses, flew out for several meters under the inertia of the collision, landed heavily on the ground after a loud noise, and then collapsed to the ground and twitched weakly.

its pure black pupils are lax and dull, blood constantly flows out of its eyes, slowly flows down the edge of the cheek, and the corners of its mouth continue to tremble, and the sound of painful breathing gradually becomes weak.

'you said you didn't come to the door?' Looking at the tragedy of trampling on Yan Xi, Lin Xu shook his head and sighed softly.

the biggest problem of this race is that its IQ is a little low and its mental strength is also very weak. Therefore, it has no defense ability in the face of mental attacks.

after walking in the direction just chosen for a few minutes, the second piece of customs clearance jade has not been found yet, but such a big guy has come to the door.

Lin Su swore that he didn't deviate from the direction even one step. It was him who touched the porcelain.

'go and give it the last blow.' Lin Xu shook his head. The ball jumped lightly from his head and walked in the air. He carefully approached the trampling rock rhinoceros who collapsed in front of him and pulled out in pain. Until he came close, the trampling rock rhinoceros had no response, and it was relieved.

its paws glittered with ice blue light, gently pressed on the eyes of the rock rhinoceros, and the extreme chill broke out instantly. Through the penetration of the eyes, it reached the brain of the rock rhinoceros, which had been severely damaged, ending its unlucky life.

another 20 points.



seeing the picture of the ball's crisp solution to trampling on the rock rhino on the screen, the teacher Li couldn't help but exclaim, 'this should be the skill of frost flower dream shadow, which is called frost dream domain?'

the artificial supernatural intelligence device will naturally be equipped with pet graphics and energy scanning devices. Under the operation of Teacher Li, the scanning results of the ball will soon appear on the screen.

'this energy value is not ordinary.' Teacher Li sighed with admiration, and his idea of turning Lin Su into the actual combat Department became stronger.

but I can only think about it. The other party is so talented in research that the research department is definitely not willing to let people go.

'why don't you talk?' After a few words, her eyes turned to Qin Nan, who pinched her chin and said nothing, and she couldn't help being curious.

'I'm thinking...' Qin Nan's expression suddenly became strange, 'what was the last skill used by the ball just now?'

just half an hour ago, the application for a new research project submitted by Lin Su was approved. His new research project is not the evolutionary research of a pet beast, but the research of teaching skills that he has never been involved in before.

Qin Nan just noticed this and planned to find out about Lin Suo. However, he searched all over the Institute and didn't see Lin Suo.

then she remembered that Lin Su was still in the actual assessment today. If nothing unexpected, he might have been on the assessment site.

thinking of this, Qin Nan immediately became interested. Nothing happened, so he went to the assessment monitoring room to see how Lin Su performed in the actual assessment.

unexpectedly, there was such an extra gain.

'Oh, you say that skill.' Teacher Li's face was a little more suddenly, 'that frost flower dream shadow was also used once just now. This should be an ice claw?'

'ice claw...' Qin Nan's expression was a little strange, 'don't make trouble.'

'but it seems that this is the only melee skill of the ice department?' Teacher Li's face was a little confused and uncertain. 'Look at this action, it's obviously a melee skill?'

'maybe it's a new ice teaching skill.' Qin Nan whispered, but his heart was already determined.

this guy Lin Su!

in the past, Lin Su applied for the evolutionary research of light snow marks after secretly poking the ball to evolve. Now it's no surprise to say that Lin Su has developed an ice teaching skill and then applied for the teaching skill research project.

'New ice department teaching skills?' Teacher Li's eyes lit up, 'is it true or false? This boy is also good at studying teaching skills?'

'who knows.' Qin Nan rolled her eyes, moved a chair from the side and sat next to teacher Li.

'are you?'

'I'm not leaving today. Just look here and see what surprises that boy can bring me.' Qin Nan crossed her legs and looked at teacher Li. 'Is there any coffee?'

'no! This is the assessment monitoring room!'

'forget it, water is OK.'


facts have proved that waiting for a rabbit is not reliable.

after killing the trampling rock rhinoceros, Lin Su sat on its huge exoskeleton and waited for more than ten minutes. He didn't see the second trampling rock rhinoceros coming to revenge or anything.

it seems that these 20 points are really unexpected.

jumped down from trampling Yan Xi, and Lin Su's eyes turned to the ball on the side, 'let's go, let's continue.'

the first stage of practical assessment lasts for six hours.

about 20 minutes have passed now, and I don't know how other candidates are doing.

the 230 points obtained by yourself should not be too much.

it seems that you can earn points more quickly by changing your mind.

it's too slow to kill animals alone one by one.

if you can meet a nest of monsters and give it a pot, the points you will get will be considerable.

the nest of an alien beast...

Lin Su's eyes lit up.

'ball, go up high and see if there is water near here.'

strange animals also need to eat and drink water. Generally, the probability of strange animals appearing in places with water sources is greater.

before they touch the porcelain, we take the initiative!

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