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Chapter 10 Call mother

Su Xiao: it's just a dress, isn't it...

Su Cheng's nose was sour and his throat choked: 'this is your first time to make clothes for Dad...'


'it's the same.'

but I think it's very different.

Su Xiao looked at his father and didn't know what to do for a moment.

the bully of Xinghua village, who is a natural place, received the cotton padded clothes sent by his daughter. It turned out to be this reaction. You make me unable to pick it up!

Su Cheng was very relieved, and tears flashed at the bottom of his eyes: 'it's different after getting married. My daughter has grown up. Don't worry, I'll be good to my son-in-law.'

no, what's the matter with Wei Ting?

the clothes she bought!

that guy didn't even move his finger!

what are you good to him? Hit him!

'Daya, it's getting late. Go and have a rest.' Su Cheng's novels about Su.

'Oh.' Su Xiaodao, 'then you also go to bed earlier.'

Su Cheng nodded.

Su Xiao turned and walked out.

the moment the door was closed, there was a wow!

- it's father Su holding the cotton padded clothes sent by his daughter in the house... The barbarian cries!

Su Xiao's fat body shook!

this body's crying prone constitution... Does it inherit father Su?

do the villagers know you are such a bully?

Su Xiao went to the backyard again to find Su Ergou.

Su Ergou takes a shower in the backyard. Su Cheng taught him that taking a cold shower in winter can improve his physical fitness.

Su Ergou hasn't taken a hot bath since he was eight years old. He is really in good health!

- Su Xiao seriously suspects that Su Cheng is just too lazy to burn bath water for Su Ergou.

'two dogs.'


as soon as Su Ergou poured a basin of cold water on his head, he found Su Xiao coming.

the wind was cold, and he was wearing only wet underpants all over.

Su Xiao looks cold.

'I bought you a cotton padded jacket and put it in your room. After taking a bath in a while, you can try it. If it doesn't fit, tell me, and I'll take it to town for correction.'


Su Ergou readily responded and continued to take a shower with a wooden tub.

seeing that Su Xiao didn't leave, he still stared at himself, and couldn't help asking, 'sister, what else are you doing?'

Su Xiao looked at him carefully and said, 'do you want to cry?'

'huh?' Su Ergou was stunned and shook his head, 'don't want to, why should I cry?'

Su Xiao waved his hand: 'it's all right. Wash in quickly and don't catch cold.'

it seems that the only person in the family is Su Ergou, who is not easy to cry. Han is Han.

Su Xiao went to Su Ergou's house.

three diced beans are sitting cross legged on the bed playing with wooden blocks.

it was played by the original owner and Su Ergou when they were young. Today, Su Cheng discarded the boss's strength and turned it out from the box, which is somewhat similar to a jigsaw puzzle, but not so standardized.

several children can play by themselves without crying or making trouble, which is much easier to bring than the cow egg next door.

Su Xiao walked over with his clothes in his arms.

Sanxiao just looked up at her with cute eyes and a little shy.

Su Xiao's aunt's heart is about to overflow.

although there is an unreliable father, three small diced beans are really cute!

cuter than the window dolls she bought in her previous life!

Su Xiao put a stack of brand-new clothes on the head of the bed and took three sets of small ones to change for the three.

she dressed them in the morning. She almost knew their sizes, and the cotton padded clothes she bought all fit well.

'stand up and let me see.' She said.

the three stood up obediently and jumped around on the bed.

the pants are also the right size. They will not fall down without stepping on their feet.

'OK, that's all for today. It's time to go to bed.'

Su Xiao put away the toys on the bed, spread the quilt, undressed the three people, and stuffed one into the quilt.

she didn't know that the three little beans were afraid of the black. She was afraid when she was a child.

she left an oil lamp on the table and checked the quilt corners of several people.

just as she was about to turn around and go out, the three of them suddenly called their mother.

Su Xiaoyi stumbled and almost fell!

'who called it?'

she looked at the three little ones in the quilt in amazement.

three people looked at her innocently.

she corrected seriously, 'don't scream, you know? I'm not your mother.'

three little ones still just look at her like this.

she sighed. Forget it, they are still young. I heard that children scream when they first learn to speak.

in previous lives, many preschool children would call strange girls mothers.

they should be the same.

Su Xiao finally went to Wei Ting's house.

she was not so polite to Wei Ting and threw her clothes directly at him.

Wei Ting was almost asleep and suddenly woke up.

'you -'


Su Xiao turned her head proudly and walked away without looking back.

the next day, Su Xiao still tried to get up early in the morning.

she took off the dressing on the back of her hand.

this dressing is close to the texture of the skin, and it can't be seen if it's not close, so no one at home found her injured.

'the new drug in the scientific research building is really easy to use. Such a long cut healed in one night.'

'it seems that you can recover in two days without leaving scars.'

this is really a surprise.

she changed a new dressing and went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

to her surprise, in addition to Wei Ting's patient, everyone else got up and changed into the new cotton padded clothes bought by Su Xiao.

it's not surprising that children wake up early, but isn't it true that Su's father and Su Ergou don't open their eyes before sunrise?

yesterday, she fished up Su Ergou with great efforts!

'the weather is good today, go out!'

Su Cheng said.

'Dad is right!'

Su Ergou said.

the three little ones also nodded.

Su Xiaodao: 'I haven't had breakfast yet.'

'come back and eat!'

after that, Su Cheng took su er Gou and three small diced beans and went out bravely.

the first villager I met was aunt Zhou who went to dig carrots in the field.

Aunt Zhou tightened the basket and shouted, 'I have no money!'

Su Cheng arrogantly walked forward and patted his sleeve: 'new clothes.'

Aunt Zhou looked puzzled.

Su Cheng: 'my daughter bought it.'

Su Ergou: 'my sister bought it.'

three small ones: bought by my mother.

Aunt Zhou: '...

in a hospital in the town, the doctor treated the last injury with Zhang Dao.

Su Xiao did a lot of damage. Three of his ribs were broken!

if he hadn't been practicing martial arts all the year round, I'm afraid he'd be a useless man now!

'big brother!'

the other two brothers also fainted and lamed.

the latter is speaking.

a fierce light flashed at the bottom of Zhang Dao's eyes: 'Su Cheng, your good daughter! Wait for me! I won't let you go!'

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [General, madam called you to farm] online and go to the source website for reading.