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Chapter 132 Seizing the son (second watch)

During the three days when Su Xiaoxiao was away from home, Su's father played his top cooking skills superbly, successfully eating Wei Ting and San Xiaoxiao to self isolation.

father Su loves his daughter Zhou, and after a day's journey, he decides to cook again tonight.

Sanxiao only has no objection in a sensible way.

the family is ready to be poisoned by daddy Su's dark cooking again. Unexpectedly, Lao Li comes to the door.

today, Li Dayong went to the back mountain to cut firewood and caught two fat pheasants by mistake.

the Li family killed the chicken tonight and asked Xiao Su's family to come over for dinner.

Su Chengke said: 'Uncle Li, how nice?'

old head Li hurriedly said: 'Da Ya is the lifesaver of our Li family, so don't talk to me...'

before the words 'Politeness' were finished, Su Cheng, Su Ergou and three little dogs had all come out of the house.

three small people stand in rows, waiting for meals!

Qian's cooking. Originally, she thought about not eating one and leaving one to sell in the town. But when she thought of the large number of people tonight, she was so upset that she stewed both chickens.

Daya's kindness is not equal to two chickens, let alone his own people.

when she was halfway there, Su Xiaoxiao came in with a basket.

Qian looked at her inexplicably.

Su Xiaoxiao opened the dry cloth on the basket, took out the stewed meat and ribs, and let aunt Qian stew them together.

Qian said: 'two chickens! Enough to eat!'

Su Xiaoxiao: you don't know anything about how much a cook eats.

Qian said he didn't want anything. Where did he invite people to dinner and ask them to bring meat?

Su Xiaoxiao didn't say anything, but directly took a machete and chopped the marinated pork ribs into the pot.


old Li toujiang Lizheng also invited me to have a drink with some gentlemen tonight.

Qian stewed the meat dishes in two pots.

one pot is chewy, and several men eat it after drinking. The other pot is eaten by several children and little Zhao, and it is very soft and rotten.

Xiao Zhao is in confinement and eats in the house.

Su Xiaoxiao always eats at the table. Xiao Su's family doesn't have that weird rule.

Qian accompanied the guests and also went to the table.

their table is too high for several children to reach, and the other table can't sit down, so they set up a small table separately.

the eldest granddaughter, qiuni, took several younger brothers to eat and also served them dishes.

Su Xiaoxiao sits between Qian and Wei.

she is controlling her diet and eats less.

Qian thought she was embarrassed to pick up the dishes. He grabbed the iron spoon in the pot and filled it with the fattest and most meaty chicken nuggets.

Qian's family is kind-hearted. It's hard for rural people to see meat. Lean meat is too firewood. This kind of fat and oil is not only fragrant, but also full.

Su Xiaoxiao was puzzled just because she knew her kindness.

eat, and you'll gain ten pounds in one bite.

don't eat it. It's a little hard to refuse.

she looks at her father with small eyes for help.

father Su, Zheng He, Li Zheng and Lao Li hit each other with wine.

'how are you guys... Five Kui chieftains... Six, six, nine... Eight horses...'

several people drank too much, and the seniority was all in chaos!

Su Xiaoxiao looks at the opposite dog, su er.

Su Ergou buried himself in cooking, completely ignoring his sister's death gaze.

Su Xiaoxiao: what about the tacit understanding that blood is thicker than water?

Su Xiaoxiao sighed secretly. It seems that she has lost her fat in recent days.

suddenly, Wei Ting calmly stretched out his chopsticks, took the fattest pieces of chicken from her bowl, and ate them naturally.

Su Xiaoxiao blinked, a little stunned.

Qian gave Su Xiaoxiao another spoonful, and Wei Ting ate the fat in it.

Su Xiaoxiao is drooping her eyes and eating vegetables. Wei Ting doesn't eat much fat meat at home...

Aunt Qian is unhappy: 'why do you always put it in Daya's bowl? Is it more fragrant in Daya's bowl?'

'not...' Su Xiaoxiao explained subconsciously.

Wei Ting: 'yes.'

Su Xiaoxiao stares at me.

do you know what aunt Qian asked you?

Aunt Qian didn't hold her back and smiled.

after eating a full meal, several men drank staggeringly. Li Dayong first carried Li Zheng back, and then he and Su Ergou took Su Cheng back.

why does Su Chengde have two people? Isn't he even more crazy about drinking?

he plays boxing and sword... Three small wooden swords.

the three primary schools only follow his example, and follow him.

Su Xiaoxiao and Wei Ting followed behind them.

the moonlight tonight is very beautiful, reflecting the light reflected in the snow.

the snow is melting these days, and the ground is wet.

'be careful.' Su Xiaodao said, 'don't fall again.'

Wei Ting casually hum.

in view of his act of eating fat meat for himself tonight, Su Xiaoxiao didn't care about his ice face.

she coughed softly and said: 'well... Before I went to the mansion, I told you that I would return the token to you. I was serious. I put it in a place... I can't take it...'

Wei Ting's eyebrows were slightly frowned, and he soon recovered his high coldness.

Su Xiaoxiao was unsure whether he believed it or not, and was hesitating to correct the wording and try not to be so abstract. At that time, there was a clatter of kicks from the old Su family.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at the lights of old Su's house. Her eyes cooled. She said to Wei Ting, 'go back first. I'll go and see Yuniang.'

after she left, a shadow peeled off from the night and came behind Wei Ting silently.

his movements are very light, which can't be noticed by others.

Wei Ting said faintly: 'what am I doing?'

Wei chixiu sighed: 'it's been found again. How did you find it, sir? Where did I reveal my truth? You said, I'll change it.'

Wei Ting: 'you are alive.'

Yuchi Xiu: '......

Yuchi Xiu couldn't stand Wei Ting. He said something about himself and changed the topic decisively:' Sir, the girl just said that she would return the talisman to you. Is it true? '

Wei Ting's eyes are slightly cold: 'I don't know.'

Wei Chi said: 'if it's true, it's great! When we get the military talisman back, we can return to the capital immediately!'

he doesn't want to stay here anymore!

his ass.

his purity...


Su Xiaoxiao went there after hearing Su Yuniang's cry.

the door of old Su's house was closed tightly, and the bolt was inserted from the inside.

she patted the door several times, but no one opened it.

Su Yuniang's house, the whole family is in trouble, and all are honestly crowded inside. No wonder you can't hear the sound of knocking on the door.

'return the child to me!'

it's su Yuniang with a more swallowing voice.

Su can holds the child and takes a step back. Su Yuniang rushes forward and is stopped by Su Dalang and Su Erlang.

Su Dalang said in a long voice: 'sister! Stop making trouble! The child belongs to the Zheng family. It's only natural that people ask us to send the child back! We can't always support the Zheng family's children!'

Su Yuniang refuted: 'the child was born in October when I was pregnant! It was a piece of meat that fell off my body! How could it become his Zheng family! The child ate and drank me. Did it cost you a copper? I took twenty taels for the family! Can't we support our mother?'

Su Dalang evaded the important and ignored the trivial: 'this child's surname is Zheng! It's the Zheng family!'

when she was half killed by a quack doctor, her elder brother beat the quack doctor. How moved she was at that time, how cold she was now.

Su Yuniang gritted her teeth and said: 'give me back the child! Otherwise I will fight with you!'

'Su Yuniang!' Mr. Su called her name in a deep voice.

this is already a very harsh title.

Su Yuniang looks at Mr. Su imploringly, trying to awaken the last bit of affection between them.

'Grandpa, you asked the elder brother to return the child to me. The child was born by me through hard work and belongs to me...'

Master Su said: 'since you can't give up the child, you can go back to Zheng's house with her.'

Su Yuniang smiled coldly: 'you've offended the Zheng family, so you want to take me to pay the debt? I didn't do the work of Feng jiaozi! You have the ability to compensate Su jinniang to the Zheng family!'

Su Erlang said coldly: 'you still dare to mention Feng Guaizi! Would Feng Guaizi live at home if you didn't go back to the Zheng family?'

this is exactly the same as Su jinniang's.

they are really brothers and sisters.

Su Yuniang's heart is extremely cold.

she is completely desperate for this family.

she once thought that her mother's house was her own typhoon shelter, but she was naive.

married daughter, splashed water.

from the moment she sat in the sedan chair, she was already an outsider.

'in order to block the mouths of Feng Guaizi and Zheng Lanxiu, you take me to fill in. Good, good, good.'

Su Yuniang suddenly smiled.

laugh crazily and crazily.

she stumbled out of the room.

no one stopped her.

only when she finally figured it out and was willing to go back to the Zheng family.

at that moment, a sudden change occurred!

Su Yuniang suddenly bumps into the desk in the hall where the spirit tablet is enshrined!

Fang: 'Yuniang!'

Su Sanlang: 'elder sister!'

no one expected this accident and wanted to stop it, but people crowded at the door!

it's too late... Yuniang is going to bump into it -

there's a loud crash, and the gate of old Su's house is kicked open!

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