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Chapter 249 Empress Dowager (second watch)

You hit me in the face, didn't you?

they didn't expect that the dim sum made by their little cousin would be so delicious.

at first, they thought it wasn't very good, and they gave out several. Now they think about it, they really regret it!

Su Xiaoxiao showered: 'but there is not much left. I will make it for you tomorrow.'

Su Ergou tangled for a while and said to them, 'I'll give you a little.'

both of them were overjoyed and got on the carriage with smiles on their faces.

after arriving at the National Academy of Sciences.

the two look at the small half of the cake in their hands, and their smiles solidify in the corners of their lips.

what this kid said... Is really a little...


after lunch, Su Mo brought the results of the election read by the princess.

Su Xiaoxiao chose it.

this is not the result of Su Xiaoxiao's efforts, but the expected result.

the reason why she had to go was to try whether she could be elected even if she was rotten.

sure enough.

king Xuan really didn't care if she married someone.

don't say that she only has a nominal husband, she has a real one. Once her father gets the military power, Emperor Jing Xuan will also give her a royal decree to marry.

'the royal family really plays.'

she flipped through the admission card brought by Su Mo, which was gold foil, engraved with the Royal emblem, stamped with the big seal of the etiquette department, and proper official documents.

'what do you think?' Su Mo said.

'what is the enrollment date?' Asked Su Xiaoxiao.

'do you... Really want to go?' Su Mo was surprised.

she went to run for the election to confirm the guess in her heart. Now that the guess has been confirmed, there is no need to wade into this muddy water.

'you can only choose one of Weiting and military power.'

if you want to defend the court, you have to refuse the marriage of the third prince. Then, Emperor Jing Xuan will definitely choose to let Qin Yanran marry into the royal family with her military power.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled faintly: 'only children make choices.'

Su Mo looked at her in consternation: 'this is a dead end.'

Su Xiaoxiao patted the gold foil post in her hand: 'you can't die until you try.'

if you try, you'll have half the chance of success or failure. But if you don't even try, you'll lose half the chance of success.

Ms. Li once said that you can't spell until you see the result, but only after you spell.

thought flashed.

Su Xiaoxiao suddenly realized that she had not remembered Ms. Li for a long time.

after su Mo left, the nun in the palace came to visit her.

there are two main purposes: to tailor the clothes for Su Xiaoxiao, and to teach the rules of Su Xiaoxiao's palace.

Su Xiaoxiao is not the only one who has such treatment. The other daughters' families have also gone to a teaching mother.

the difference is that the daughters of aristocratic families have studied etiquette since they were young. They have visited the palace several times and are familiar with the rules of the palace. The teachers are only passing the stage.

Su Xiaoxiao's eyes are black. She doesn't even know the emperor's surname.

mother Xi is very disgusted. Even if she grows fat, she is still a native of the countryside. She doesn't know anything about it!

mother Xi gave Su a small size.

'what did you eat to make yourself like this?'

'it's not your rice anyway.'

sister Xi: '...

to be fair, Su Xiaoxiao's facial features are very delicate, and she is a great beauty of thick complexion. This kind of facial features is so beautiful that it's hard to reach, and it's easy to feel a sense of distance. Coincidentally, she has a lovely round face, which brings a little charm.

if it wasn't for her fat, I'm afraid that sister Xi would think she was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

who makes a woman in Dazhou beautiful by being thin? No matter how good-looking she is, she will attract strange eyes.

sister Xi didn't stay much in Lihua lane. She got the size, gave a perfunctory explanation and left.

'it's really unlucky not to have a reward!'

sister Xi went out of the yard and prepared to step on the wooden stool and get on the carriage.

just at this time, the three primary schools were only finishing school. They ran home without waiting for Su Xiaoxiao to pick them up.

the big tiger ran fastest, like a small cannon barrel. It didn't stop at once and crashed into the coach of sister Xi.

sister Xi stepped on the air and fell face down.



in the morning of the next day, after su Ergou was taken to the Imperial College by Su Qi and Su Yu, Su Xiaoxiao sent three small dogs to the house in Dongtou.

Su Xiaoxiao saw Master Zhang again: 'I may not be back until tonight.'

after listening to this, Zhang Qinshi's eyes lit up: 'it's OK! You let them stay here! We'll take care of them!'

he said, looking down at the three children, like a hungry wolf seeing its prey, which made Su Xiaoxiao wonder if she had met a human trafficker.

however, the three primary schools are only very happy to learn here. Zhang Qin and Ling Yun are also good people.

Su Xiaoxiao touched the heads of the three: 'you should be obedient, you know?'

Master Zhang: No, no, you must not be obedient. Toss yourself to death. Don't save your strength.

'I know.' Three little milks chirped in response.

'does my head still hurt?' Su Xiaoxiao touched Dahu's forehead, referring to the accident that Dahu accidentally bumped into a carriage yesterday.

the car board is cracked. Big tiger is OK.

head is real iron.

'no pain.' Big tiger shook his head, thought for a while, then nodded, 'a little pain, mother blowing.'

Su Xiaoxiao bends over and blows.

the little tiger pushed over and patted his little brain with a pair of small hands: 'I want to blow my axe too!'

Su Xiaoxiao blows with a smile.

naturally, the two tigers cannot fall.

the third primary school had no choice but to go to school contentedly.

on the other side, Su Mo has arrived.

Su Xiaoxiao got into his carriage and went to the palace.

they came late. Other daughters had already entered the palace. A young eunuch named sun was waiting at the door.

Su Mo gave the other party a money bag, and sun Gonggong quietly put it into his sleeve and smiled to bring Su Xiaoxiao in.

this time, there were still sedan chairs waiting, and no eunuchs dared to derelict their duties. Su Xiaoxiao took a sedan chair and wandered to the Qilin hall, where the class was held.

the Qilin hall is only separated from the harem by a wall.

when approaching the Qilin hall, the sedan chair suddenly stops.

Su Xiaoxiao opened the curtain and saw that the eunuch carrying the sedan chair and the accompanying sun Gonggong all bowed their heads and eyes, as if avoiding someone.

Su Xiaoxiao subconsciously looks toward the harem.

a phoenix chase, carried by eight eunuchs, walked slowly by. On the Phoenix chase sat a woman dressed in luxurious palace clothes.

Su Xiaoxiao only caught a glimpse of one side face. Feng Chuan turned around and went further back to the palace.

from the side face and body shape, he will not be more than 30 years old, but in his lofty demeanor, there is a trace of maturity wasted by the silence of the deep palace.

'who was that man just now?' Su Xiaoxiao asked sun Gonggong.

Su Xiaoxiao doesn't think she should ask. Sun Gonggong got the benefit of Su Mo, so she must do something.

the sedan chair started again.

sun Gonggong looked around, approached the window and whispered to Su: 'the one just now is the Empress Dowager.'

'eh?' Su Xiaoxiao was shocked. 'So young empress dowager?'

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