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Chapter 1 Little ancestor of dragon palace

In the resplendent Dragon Palace, a young dragon cub who has just turned 50 years old pouts his butt on his father's huge treasure chest and rummages about. The upper part of the body had been stuck in the box, and only the upper part of the body was exposed outside. While digging inside with both hands, he was talking to himself.

'This is not, this is not, where is it?' She threw out the rare objects with all kinds of precious lights one by one, and finally got into the box.

'Ha ha! Found it!' Just listening to her excited little milk sound, she climbed out with one hand holding the edge of the box and holding something in the other hand.

Round Liu's head is combed with two small chirps tied with red ribbons. His fleshy little face, round eyes, smart little nose and ruddy mouth make him like a small soft bun. People can't help but want to pinch him.

A bead the size of a baby's fist was visible on her open little meat hand, emitting a soft light golden light.

After appreciating it, I put it into my pocket with my backhand and ran outside the door, regardless of the mess I had turned over behind me and the room where I had no place to go.

The shrimp soldiers and crab generals standing at the gate were relieved to see the little ancestor come out. Fortunately, I came out soon this time, and I didn't hear the sound of breaking inside. There should be no damage. They don't need to be punished!

As for the overturned treasure house? That's nothing! Someone will come and clean it up later.

The little one twisted his butt and quickly swung his short legs, and soon ran away.

The shrimp soldier said to the crab commander, 'old crab, I'll find someone to clean up. Can you do it alone?'

The crab nodded. 'You go. No problem. The little ancestor just left. He won't come back for a while.'

Other people seldom come here, that is, the little ancestor came here every once in a while to rummage about looking for 'toys'. I don't know what I found this time. When I first came out, I was very happy.

But it is estimated that the Dragon King will not be happy, because every time the little ancestor took away his treasures. I don't know why the little ancestor's eyes are so poisonous. You can tell which is more precious at a glance.

Speaking of it, the origin of the little ancestor is amazing. His father is the Dragon King of Beihai and his mother is the eldest princess of the Phoenix family. However, her mother did not like living in the Dragon Palace. She had always lived in Wutong ridge, the territory of the Phoenix family in Lingshan.

Although the couple separated from each other, they actually had a good relationship. They would get together every once in a while. Of course, the Dragon King usually went to Wutong ridge to find his wife.

The little ancestor is the only daughter of the two. The four seas Dragon King of this generation belongs to their Beihai Dragon King Ao Zhan, who is the most dedicated. The other three Dragon Kings have countless wives, concubines and children.

But if their main room is as tough as the Phoenix Princess, they don't dare to move any crooked thoughts

That's a woman in a bad mood. I'll give you a frustrating woman. No matter how thick the Dragon skin is, it can't help being roasted by the Phoenix flame!

The little dragon cub who got the new toy over there is skipping towards his father's bedroom.

As soon as I entered the bedroom, I saw my father painting at his desk. I didn't need to think about it. He was painting his own body again.

My father likes to paint his own body, and then give it to his mother. In his words, your mother is infatuated with my powerful and majestic dragon body!

She won't tell her father that his mother sent the body he painted to the town

'Father, what is this for?' Hold out your little hand and show the bead to your father.

Ao Zhan felt heartache when he saw the bead in his daughter's hand. He quickly covered his chest with his left hand, 'baby! Why did you turn it out?' I've hidden it clearly. Why did I let my little boy find it out?

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.