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Chapter 104 Punish

'Great mercy, God bless.'

'thank you for Buddha's inspiration and Buddha's blessing.'

at this time, the good news heard the jingling sound inside the broken boundary bead. He took back his divine consciousness and looked inside. He saw that his merits and virtues on the mirror were much more golden!

the remaining number was 155, but now it has suddenly become 367!

the good news happily shook her head. It turns out that sending food can add so much merit and glory! Not bad, not bad. I'll do it again in the future...

seal the north gate of the city. At this time, the people were still thanking the gods for sending food. Some people took out their own empty cloth bags to pack the food in front of them.

this pile of grain is about ten jin, and a few people in a family are dozens of Jin! Save enough to eat for a month or so.

just before they finished packing, five young men came out of the gate. They took the lead in three steps, holding a grass in their mouth. At first sight, it was not a good thing.

they went to the shack and found that these people were loading food! The leader stepped forward, walked to a middle-aged man nearest to him, and grabbed the grain bag in his hand!

'you vagrants have a good life outside! There are still people who send you food. It's a waste to give you people. It's better to let the third master take me to the city to sell it for some money.' With that bag of grain in his hand, he turned to rob another man.

the man who was robbed of food was stunned at first. He immediately came forward and grabbed the gangster who claimed to be the third master. He grabbed his own food with one hand and shouted: 'give me back the food! Give me back the food! This is the food sent by the gods!'

the gangster gave him a heavy kick when he turned around! He cursed and said: 'Damn it! Let go! It was given to you by the immortal. Why don't you say it was given to you by the Jade Emperor?'

the man was kicked to the ground and could not get up for half a day.

the gangster went down to the next shack and muttered, 'the third master looks up to you for the food he wants. He also gives the food to the gods. Why don't the gods give it to me? It's nonsense. It must have been given to you by the big families in the city. I don't know which big benevolent family is so arrogant that he gives so much food at once.'

several people who followed him came forward and said. 'Third brother, I haven't heard of anyone going out to give food today. Those rich people usually come out occasionally to give porridge.'

these people are famous local ruffians and scoundrels in the city. The leader is Lai San, and the rest are all mixed with him. Several people eat, drink, whore, gamble, and live by forcibly collecting money from small vendors in the city.

these refugees outside have also been robbed by them for several times. However, there are too few things here and there is no oil and water. They do not come out to hang around every day, only once in a while. The main reason is that they have to pay the city entrance fee once they go out and then go back. If you don't receive the money, it's too much to lose.

Yes, this city is closed. No matter whether you are a resident of the city or not, as long as you leave the city, you must pay the entrance fee when you return.

several people grabbed the food from several nearby stores, weighed it in their hands, and said: 'it's really a lot. It's a hundred or ten jin. It's a lot of money. Everyone has to give out more than ten jin. It's really a big deal......'

then he put his hand to an old lady. The old lady clung to the food in her hand and said with a trembling voice: 'it's given by the gods. You can't take it away. You'll be punished...'

the three toads tried hard on their hands, He sneered: 'it's from the God of bullshit! You want me to have a try at retribution? I haven't seen him since he is so big. Let me have a look. Give up! Or I will kick you to death!'

at this time, Jiayin had already appreciated her own merits and virtues. She was so happy that she put her divine sense back. She saw this scene.

they dare to rob the food they sent out! That's too bold!

the good news was so angry that he directly attacked with a divine sense. The mangsan fell straight on the ground, spitting white foam at his mouth and twitching his limbs.

if a mortal's knowledge of the sea has been attacked by good news, he will be foolish if he does not die.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.