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Chapter 108 Wild boar meat (first order and monthly ticket)

After thinking about it for a while, I realized that they were ready to camp in advance and collect their prey. Shaoyang felt happy because he had not eaten meat for several days.

although they have prepared a lot of dried meat before, it can only be used in a hurry. It can't compare with the taste of fresh meat.

now that the other party hunts wild boars, pheasants and rabbits, they can buy them at their own expense. I'll be happy to think about it.

Shaoyang used to eat three meals a day, and they would stop to make some food at noon.

now I'm walking with the people of Fangjia village. I find that they don't eat at noon, but only eat morning and evening meals. So the Shao family's motorcade didn't stop at noon. When they were really hungry, they ate some dry food while driving. Or wait until evening.

Shaoyang also asked his servant who knew how to cook to learn cooking skills from Fang's family, thinking that he would learn his stomach and suffer less.

as a result, I studied there for two days. When I came back to make it, the taste was the same. It didn't change at all. The seasoning is the same as that of others, but the taste is very different.

Shaoyang also accepted his fate and always bought food from them. At first, Fang Yunping refused to accept money. Later, Shaoyang, the housekeeper and the guards all wanted to set up a fire here.

the Fang family discussed it for a while. Since they all wanted to form a group, they simply gave out their own food and cooking utensils. Xu Hong helped them master some cooking conditions and the amount of seasonings. It was enough to make a good relationship.

in this way, they finally ate delicious food.

although Shao Yang hurried back to Nanyue to discuss things with his father, he also knew that he could not bear to travel day and night. It's better to go on the road normally. Anyway, the people of Fangjia village keep moving forward. He did not worry that the old and the weak were delaying the trip.

even if they look at the weak old people, they are not sick on the way. And I've been sitting on the bus steadily, and I feel better than them at the end of the day.

because there are so many pheasants, rabbits and wild pigs, we are ready to have a good meal in the evening.

Shao Yang came directly with the silver. Fang Yunping was too embarrassed to accept it. Finally Shao Yang forced it into his arms, saying that it was all right if he was alone. Now more than 30 people here are eating with him. It's not a small amount. I'm sorry for not giving money.

Fang Yunping accepted it now. After all, if it's only one share, how much can you eat? If so many people eat together, it's easier to collect money.

in addition, the wild boar was four or five hundred jin by visual inspection, which was much larger than that pig. It was a pity that it could not be eaten up. And there are so many rabbits and pheasants.

so they stopped just after Shenshi, packed up wild things and prepared dinner.

there is a stream flowing along the official road on the right side when you come here these two days, so you don't need to look for water on the road.

they found a flat place, set up a large iron pot, and then went to the stream a little farther away to clean up the wild boar. If you don't want something, dig a hole and bury it deep so as not to attract fierce animals.

clean the edible viscera, stew the bones in a pot, burn a pot of braised meat, and stew the chicken and rabbit in a large pot.

now the vegetables on their hands have been almost consumed. They dug some old wild vegetables by the stream and put them in the pot to see some green.

this is the best way to go south. The trees on the road are still green, and you can find some wild vegetables from time to time.

it's very cold in the morning and night here. Unlike the cold in Qiyang County, it's dry and cold. It's cold here. It seems to be frozen into the bones of people. But at noon, the sun will become warm again.

the women also found some mushrooms under the trees by the stream, but they didn't know whether the mushrooms were poisonous or not, so they didn't dare to try. Fortunately, there are not many mushrooms. It's not a pity not to pick them.

the four big pots are all stewed with meat, so the main food is cooked on the cooking range of Shao's motorcade.

it has been stewed for an hour. When the pot is opened, the meat smell has been floating for a long time.

more than two hundred feet in front of them, the caravan carrying porcelain was stopping there to rest. Because it was halfway up the mountain and it was windy, the fragrance came slowly.

smelling the attractive fragrance, the ten people could not help swallowing. They haven't eaten meat since they left the city. After five or six days, they suddenly smell the smell of meat and feel greedy.

they come out to transport porcelain every year and are already familiar with this road. In previous years, you would encounter many pheasants, rabbits and sometimes even wild boars on this road. Therefore, they will not waste money to buy meat in the closed city.

but this time, I didn't see any wild animals, and I didn't even hear the wolf howl during the night. It's really strange.

more than a dozen people were swallowing their saliva while smelling the fragrance. Looking at the hard dry food baked on the fire, they felt that these days were really hard.

when you get out of this mountain forest and go to the town below the mountain, you must go to play the tooth ceremony.

they will walk this road every year, and they will not go out until they know this mountain forest for more than 20 days. After leaving the mountain forest, there is a county seat. The county seat is not small, and passers-by have to go to the county seat for supplies. Therefore, the county seat is very complete.

however, the mountain roads in the past 20 days are not so hard to endure. There is also a group of mountain bandits in the mountain forest, who rob the travelling merchants.

they haven't met before. I don't know whether it's a coincidence or their luck. It's just said that many of the merchants died at the hands of the mountain bandits.

this robbery is small. If you are killed, you will have nothing.

this convoy was formed by five merchants who were engaged in porcelain business. Except for the five bosses, all the others are escorts specially hired by them to guard against these mountain bandits.

after finishing the hard to swallow dry food, the escorts have dispersed, arranged the order of the night watch, and went to rest.

the five bosses can't sleep at all. They haven't slept well since they entered the mountain. They have been worried for a few days. They are afraid that the mountain bandits will suddenly rush out and kill them. I can't sleep until I'm really sleepy.

and everyone at Jiayin has had enough food and drink. After packing up, they are ready to rest.

Jiayin is lying in the tent, rubbing his bulging stomach, feeling very happy. It's really smart of me to think of such a good way to eat meat.

thinking this way, she again explored the divine sense to the wild boars. Those wild boars are still there. They haven't changed places. I think I didn't find a pig missing at all.

they will drive all day tomorrow, and her divine sense will definitely be unable to reach the wild boar. I'd better collect two more today.

select two wild boars about the same size as today and put them directly into the space. I'll sleep peacefully.

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