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Chapter 11 Put up a shed

Li Shi was holding her soft little meat hand. It was hard to imagine that the branches with her thick wrists were easily broken off by the little girl.

Jiayin raised her round chin and said proudly, 'I am so strong by nature. My mother also praised me as a female overlord in the future. No one dares to provoke me!'

Li Shixin said that it was not a boast. Your mother was worried that no one would dare to ask for it after you...

because Jiayin joined, there are enough firewood now, so they don't pick it up anymore.

build a fire on the ground between the four trees, spread the fire as far as possible, so that the baking area is larger, dry the open space, and sleep here at night.

Fang Youwei went back and forth several times, cutting dozens of branches with a length of sevenoreight feet and a thick wrist. One time, he brought back a pheasant with bright feathers!

fangzhiyuan ran to his father with two bright eyes, 'Dad! You've got a pheasant! Great! There's chicken to eat in the evening!'

Li also led Jiayin to the front and took the pheasant in the hands of the prime minister, 'how do you eat this chicken? Otherwise, you can paste coarse grain flour cakes on the stewed chicken below?'

Fang Youwei put down the branch he was carrying on the other shoulder and said to Li, 'my wife has the final say. My wife is good at cooking and everything is delicious.'

Li said angrily to him, 'what are you talking about? The child is listening!' He looked down and saw Jiayin blinking at her with big talking eyes. His face turned red and he said: I went to clean up the pheasants and walked away quickly.

Fang Youwei chuckled and waved to Jiayin, 'go, uncle a will take you to wash your hands. After a while, your aunt will pack up the chicken. Uncle a will make you a shuttlecock with those beautiful feathers.'

Jiayin was immediately attracted and asked curiously, 'what is shuttlecock? Is it fun?'

'it's fun to tie chicken feathers together and tie a copper plate under them. When it's done, let your big brother teach you.' Fang Youwei holds her hand. The two have reached the nearest puddle. He washes Jiayin's hands with water and wipes her dry with a layer of clothes inside.

sent the good news to Fang Zhiyuan and said to her, 'well, you are still young. You don't have to work. Play with my brother. I will call you when the meal is cooked.'

after that, he went to build a shed for rest at night.

cut down the twigs on the thicker long branches, put them horizontally on the branches where four trees are one person high, tie them with hemp rope, and then tie them into a square frame. Then, weave the remaining branches on them like baskets, and a simple shed top will be done.

Fang Youwei cut down the thinner branches again, weaving them into three sides in the same way to form a simple wall, and smearing a layer of yellow mud on the outside to keep warm. Although it is summer now, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and it is still very cold at night.

Jiayin and fangzhiyuan stood by and watched. They were very interested in this. Fang Youwei didn't let them follow. They were afraid of hurting their hands. After all, there were many sharp twigs on it.

however, while working, he explained to them how these were done and what effect they played. Both children listened attentively.

Mrs. Yang has set up the pot beside her. The stove below is very simple. It is just to dig a small ditch deep in the middle and with gentle slopes on both sides. Just put the pot on the top and burn the fire below.

water is already burning in the pot, which is made in that small puddle. It looks very clear after sedimentation.

Li returned with the packed pheasant in a wooden basin. The chicken had been chopped into small pieces with a knife and directly poured into the pot and blanched with water.

because the branches are a little wet, there is a lot of smoke. Old madam Yang and Li brush their eyes while cooking.

when she saw the good news, she tilted her head and thought about it. With her small hand, she picked up a branch and tried to extract its water. After a while, the branch became very dry, but she was a little dizzy. It seemed that it would not work. Jiayin sighed. There was no spirit here, and her magic power could not be exerted.

the pheasants over there have been stewed and the cereals have been pasted. Li Shi was the only one left watching the fire.

Mrs. Yang came to move the fire in the shed and try to dry the ground.

Fang Youwei has plastered the yellow mud outside. It has just rained, and the yellow mud is ready-made, which saves him a lot of work.

he washed his hands and went to the woods on the mountain. He came back only after the sun went down. This time he brought back a hare and a tree pier.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.