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Chapter 115 Soul changing stone cultivation (subscription required)

After the three convoys had supplied food and some daily necessities, everyone continued on the road without stopping here.

what we say here is a plain, which is actually not very large, that is, a flat land between two mountains and forests.

after building a county seat and some surrounding villages and towns, you will enter the mountains and forests not far ahead.

of course, they prefer to drive in the mountains and forests. Because there is prey to fight and meat to eat, it is much better than chewing dry food in the plain.

in the next few days, the staple food of the Fang family was brown rice.

they eat good rice in Shaoyang, mainly because they have money and always buy fine grain.

the ceramic team in front is also eating brown rice. However, their brown rice is slightly better than that bought by Jiayin, at least not so broken.

it is also brown rice, which is also graded. Some are grain by grain, and some are broken rice.

and the Fang family bought the cheapest one, so there are many pieces in it. It is also difficult to wash because there is still sand in it. A group of women had to go there for a long time before they could pick it up.

Jia Yin's divine consciousness can now be extended further. She has not been idle all the way, and has been searching for mountain strongholds where there are mountain bandits.

I saw several villages in the mountains, but after I probed them with my divine consciousness, I found that they were ordinary villages. No weapons were found, or there were gold, silver and jewels in cellar.

there are still some cellars, only some grain or coarse grain is kept.

she was disappointed more times, and then Jiayin put her energy into the cultivation of changeling stone.

she thought that she had nothing to do anyway, so it was better to improve her cultivation. By then, the bullying can be put in and out freely, and it won't be so troublesome to have to take wild animals into the space every time.

did what she said. That night, she entered the boundary breaking pearl space and exchanged the golden light of merit for a spirit stone.

the previous steps are the same, saying what you want to exchange, and then saying that you want the cheapest. As a result, there are only three options.

this time she looked up from below.

inferior Lingshi, ten merit points.

medium grade Lingshi, 100 merit points.

top grade Lingshi, 1000 merit points.

excellent Lingshi, 10000 function points!

when Jia Yin saw the last one, she counted the zeros behind it and gasped!

this is too expensive! She has so many merits and honors that she can go home.

after thinking for a while, he exchanged 100 merit points for ten inferior spirit stones. Let's practice first. If we don't succeed, we won't be too distressed.

it seems that we should save more of this meritorious honor!

after that, on the road, see if you can help more people and get more information.

good news directly pulls out its own spirit and puts it into the space. The body left outside is like sleeping, which makes people see nothing unusual.

after that, the little spirit sat cross legged on the ground of the space, holding a piece of spirit stone in one hand, and began to meditate.

within a moment, the spirit of the stone was absorbed and became powder.

the spirit of the good news opens his eyes and looks down at two pinch of powder. He murmured in his heart, 'this spirit is too little. No wonder it's called a low-grade spirit stone.'

however, it is still useful. She found that she absorbed Reiki cultivation, and the Reiki in this boundary breaking bead space was also slightly stronger.

it seems that this boundary breaking bead is really connected with her spirit. There is more spirit in her spirit and space.

then she picked up two more spirit stones and continued to practice. It didn't take long for her to run out of ten spirit stones.

good news exchanged 100 merit points for 10 yuan, and now there are only more than 400 left on the mirror. I bared my teeth painfully. I'd better save it in the future.

this night, he absorbed 20 spirit stones, and then he was reluctant to change them, and directly pulled the spirit out of the space.

when the spirit returns to the body, Jiayin tries to take back the pressure to see if it has any effect. The result is not successful, but because the cultivation of the pressure has expanded further.

Jiayin is a little depressed. This bullying is really disobedient. Looking at several beasts that have gone further, Jiayin is angry with her small mouth and directly catches them in the space.

a big tiger and three black bears suddenly appeared in the space! Directly packed the space to the brim.

after a while, the good news subsided, and I sent them out again. At the same time, I caught some wild animals to eat tomorrow.

this time, she didn't catch wild boar. Instead, she caught four wild animals with horns, including three deer and one animal she saw last time, which looks like a horse and has horns on its head.

the tiger woke up as soon as he went out, roared with fear, and ran further away.

the roar of a tiger came from afar. The frightened night watchman was excited. He quickly got up and looked around with an alert face. It didn't wake the sleeping people.

and Jiayin is still thinking about the unknown strange thing in the space. She is going to release it tomorrow so that adults can see if it can be eaten. Maybe they will know it?

if you can't eat it, you can at most let it go.

then the good news extends the divine consciousness to the limit. After cultivation, the coverage of divine consciousness is even greater. It's ten miles away, isn't it? They have been walking all day today, and she can still see the plain before!

Jiayin scanned the villages he had passed before again, and found nothing unusual. He took back his divine consciousness, and then found a mountain stream not far from them.

there are many ginseng mentioned by uncle a last time in the mountain stream, which are very conspicuous with small red flowers.

Jiayin went down directly with her divine consciousness, wrapped the two largest ones and put them into the space. Uncle said that the bigger the better, it can sell money and cure diseases.

put it in the space first and take it out when it is needed. As for those small ones, let them grow first.

on the sixth day, the four sacks of brown rice on it were finally finished. Jiayin decided to release the deer in the space today.

because the staple food is always brown rice, we used to put some pheasants and rabbits.

today I can finally eat delicious white rice, so I decided to release the deer I collected before and cook venison with white rice.

when setting up camp in the evening, the cook went to fetch rice, took down the sack and opened it. It was a bit silly.

one of them shouted: 'patriarch, patriarch! Come and have a look!'

the sound broke. Fang Yunping thought something was wrong and ran to it.

as a result, we can see that aspiring and beneficial daughters in law are staring at the open sack.

Fang Yunping asked: 'what's the matter? Didn't I come to fetch rice for cooking? Isn't it food?'

Fang Yunping couldn't help thinking about bad places. Could he have been cheated by bad merchants? Are there sand and stones in it?

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