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Chapter 12 field

Everyone was very happy to see the wild rabbit.

Fang Zhiyuan said to his father, 'Dad, you are so powerful that you beat a rabbit before the pheasant ate it! I will learn to hunt from you in the future, just like you!'

'it's nonsense. It's enough to have a father for hunting. After saving enough money, my father will send you to study. My father also pointed to you to honor our family.' Fang Youwei patted his son's ass and said.

Li took the rabbit and looked at it. 'The rabbit is unharmed. He just left the skin for his mother to make a pair of knee pads. In previous years, that pair was rotten.'

Jiayin also looked at the rabbit and asked in doubt, 'how did you get the rabbit without injury?'

Fang Youwei smiled at her and said, 'uncle a used a thin hemp rope to make a cover at the grassy place when he went to cut the branches. As long as he stepped in, the rope would catch him. The more he struggled, the tighter the rope would be.' Then he tied a knot with a rope to show her.

Jiayin looked surprised. She put her hand into the rope sleeve and tried it. As expected, she broke away more and more tightly. This is really magical, just like her mother's Fairy rope!

she took the rope and tied it like Fang Youwei. She succeeded at once.

'Jiayin is so smart that he learned it all at once!' Fang Youwei touched her little head and boasted.

Jiayin is in a great mood to be praised, and looks at fangzhiyuan with a proud face.

fangzhiyuan thought she was waiting for his praise, so he hurriedly said: 'yes, the good news is really good! I must learn everything quickly. Unlike me, I can't learn. I can't remember how many times my father taught me.'

upon hearing the good news, he raised his head higher and straightened his waist. Well, that's good. Just say more if you can! She likes to listen to good words

'dinner is ready, you can eat!' Li's voice broke their praise.

Fang Youwei put the wooden pier just taken back in a flat place to serve as a table.

Li put the pot directly on the wooden pier, and each person shared a coarse grain cake. In this way, everyone ate meat in the pot with chopsticks.

when they came out, they only brought bowls, not plates. The main plates of their family were broken. Before they could go to the town to buy them, it began to rain heavily, and then the flood came.

'after dinner, I will cut a piece from the wooden pier and carve a plate.'

Jiayin looks at him curiously, 'uncle, you can also carve plates!'

Fang Youwei ha ha! With a smile, 'it's just to pull a groove out of the middle. The fine uncle won't. There's no problem with this rough one.'

Jiayin nodded vaguely and decided to wait and see how he made the plate.

after the meal, Li went to wash the pots, dishes and chopsticks. Fang Youwei took out a saw and sawed off a three inch thick log. Dig out the middle wood bit by bit with a knife. Jiayin and fangzhiyuan squat aside and watch.

Mrs. Yang moved the fire outside the shed and cleaned it with branches. Now the ground in the shed is very dry and there is still a stream of heat. In the evening, lay some dried dead leaves, and put mats and bedding on them.

after a while, the plate was carved. He picked up a rough stone and rubbed the burrs on the surface of the wooden plate.

'OK, this can be served later.' Fang Youwei went to wash it with water, handed it to Li Shi and said.

Li took it with a smile and put it together with the pots and pans.

Jiayin is disgusted, 'this is too ugly ~ there are many pits on it.'

fangzhiyuan nodded approvingly. There was no beauty in the hollowed wooden plate. Even the leftover materials carved by his cousin could not compare with it.

Fang Youwei touched his nose and gave a dry cough, 'uncle a, this is the first time to do it. It will be better to carve more times in the future. Well, ah Nai has made the bed. Go to sleep.' Then he carried them into the shed one by one.

Fang Youwei covered the belongings on the cart with oilcloth and tied them with ropes.

he piled firewood at the door and could add firewood to the fire at any time. Then he took off his shoes and went into the shed and slept on the outside.

Jiayin and fangzhiyuan were squeezed in the middle. Fangzhiyuan fell asleep after lying down. Now he has started playing snooe! Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li have also breathed steadily.

Jiayin is not sleepy with her big eyes open. She is sad to think that her life space is gone. With a shriveled mouth and tears in his eyes, all the treasures he searched for from his father are gone...

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.