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Chapter 120 Tanned fur (subscription required)

Jiayin Meimei ate a large bowl of pimple soup and thought that it would be better to have eggs.

although the bottom of the pimple soup is boiled with bones, the taste is still weak. When you put eggs on it, it will be different immediately. The flavor of the eggs is strong.

Fang Yun even praises in her heart while eating. The craftsmanship of red girl is also very good! This ordinary pimple soup is exceptionally delicious.

in her heart, she once again thanked Lord long for his advice, which made her meet such a good person, not only out of the sea of suffering, but also into the nest of happiness.

secretly made up her mind that when she had a rest in the evening, she would help everyone to make those collected fur.

we used to peel off the skins and clean them, so we used them. In fact, that's not right. In that case, if you don't keep the fur for a long time, it's easy to taste, and it's especially easy to lose hair.

the process of tanning leather is actually quite complicated, but there are also simplified ones.

of course, complex processes cannot be used in this wilderness.

if the nitration is carried out according to the process, it should be soaked in water and softened first. Generally, the temperature should be maintained at about 20 degrees.

after drying, the fur should first be scraped off with a blunt blade, and then immersed in clean water for one to two days to restore the fur to the fresh state as far as possible.

degreasing is the key to the quality of fur tanning. The traditional method is to sprinkle alkali on the surface of the leather plate and wash it with clean water after a quarter of an hour. Then mix the alkali with warm water, soak the skin, and wash it with clean water after a quarter of an hour.

after soaking, cleaning and moisture recovery, the fur can be soaked with acid. Soak 20% of mirabilite and 20% of rice flour in a liquid ratio of 1:6:8 for 7 to 15 days, and test with your hand. If the leather is soft and not hard, the salting is completed.

rice flour should be glutinous rice flour or big rice flour, and should not be replaced by flour. Although flour can be fermented, it is easy to stick and bristle, and it is not easy to take off after being salted.

after the fur is put into the nitrate solution, it should be turned once a day to make the temperature in the cylinder uniform. The tanned leather sheets should be taken out in time and dried. When the leather sheets are half dry, they should be stretched around once to avoid excessive shrinkage of the fur sheets.

after pickling, salting and drying, trim the hard edges with a knife, rub the skin with your hands until it is soft and cooked, and pat off the rice flour.

in case of 'salting' of tanned fur with salted surface, that is, Mirabilite in the skin is dissolved after being wet, which makes the skin plate bond and harden, showing a raw skin state, and even hair removal, chrome alum, salt and alkali can be used for treatment. First dissolve chrome alum with hot water 2 and cool it; Warm water dissolves alkali; Cold water dissolves salt.

then slowly add the alkali solution to the chromium alum solution, continuously stir with a wooden stick, and then add the salt solution. Evenly smear the mixed liquid on the 'nitrate walking' leather plate wetted with clean water, stack the coated plates face to face and stand for two or three hours, and repeat the brushing for two to three times until the mixed liquid saturates the leather plate. Then wash the skin with water, remove the salt and tanning solution, flatten it after dehydration, dry it in the air, and rub it until soft.

pat the fur of rice flour, expose it to the sun for several days in a strong day, volatilize the residual fat, remove the peculiar smell, place an appropriate amount of camphor to prevent moths, and wrap it with cloth for summer. The finished product can also be made into various fur clothes.

to simplify it, soak the fur, remove the grease and clean the meat, rub salt, plant ash and saltpeter on the fur, and then tanning and beating for half an hour to make the fur soft and smooth without stink.

therefore, during the evening break that day, some women cooked dinner, and the rest did not wander around the forest looking for wild vegetables and mushrooms, and followed Fang Yun to tanning fur by the water.

they have hunted a lot of wild animals during this period, and they still have a lot of fur.

and now it has entered the twelfth month, and the temperature at night is getting lower and lower. It's OK during the day. At night, people who cover themselves with bedding often wake up from cold.

so if you take out the fur now, you can just add a layer to the bedding, which will be much warmer.

there are ragged fur that is not very neat and has been pierced by bows and arrows. The tanned monkey has also been sewn up.

make knee pads and cotton padded shoes for men so that they won't freeze their legs and feet when they walk.

after all, men are not like them sitting in the car. They can squeeze together and cover themselves with quilts. And the shed is windproof and much warmer.

what makes them happy is that there will be freezing rain here, and every time it will only rain after they walk over.

you should know that freezing rain hurts more than snow, and the snow can be photographed off in time when it falls on you. The freezing rain directly penetrates into the clothes and forms a layer of ice.

it becomes a hanging tree when it goes down on the tree, and forms a thin layer of ice on the ground.

when they were walking forward, they also met those who had finished. But they didn't get caught.

as they walked, they thanked God in their hearts. If it's rained at this time, it's really hard not to get cold.

in this way, the merit and gold of good news are also quietly growing.

I forgot to say that last time I was in the mountain village, I still got credit for meritorious deeds, but not much.

although the good news punishes the wicked, after all, unlike mountain bandits, they will continue to do evil and harm many passers-by.

even if those people want to do evil, except for the couple who were killed by them, they really don't have much chance afterwards.

therefore, in addition to those who have lives on their bodies, they only get a few merits, including two of Fang Yun's.

Yes, Fang Yun has two. One is to save her, and the other is to instruct her to come to the Fang family.

good news has also found that as long as she is thanked for her good deeds, she can still repeat her meritorious deeds.

of course, it can't be the same thing. After all, people will thank one thing in their hearts.

this is no, because she helped the people escape the freezing rain, and got another credit.

these golden lights were all used by her to exchange for spirit stone cultivation. Now her divine consciousness can cover 20 miles.

coercion can also be retracted within a mile. Unlike before, it can be released as far as it can, and it can't be controlled at all.

this has made the good news happy for a long time.

because as long as the good news is received within a mile, there is no need to help collect and release wild animals here.

of course, she will also use her divine consciousness to see if there are tigers and bears around to avoid danger.

those wild boars, deer and so on are free. Anyway, as long as they are not in groups, they can basically handle them.

in this way, we moved forward for more than 20 days.

it's getting colder and colder, and the mountain road is getting harder and harder to walk, especially on that kind of ramp, which will slip down if you don't pay attention to it.

people had to shovel with shovels and hoes in front of them, especially when going uphill, they had to shovel out some grooves first, so that the vehicle would not slip easily.

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