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Chapter 122 Arrive at Nanyue county (subscription required)

After receiving so many meritorious deeds, the good news immediately became energetic and began to search for all kinds of voices among those who were kneeling to pray for the truth, to see if there was anyone like this woman.

however, after listening for a long time, the crowd was almost scattered, and there were no good people like women.

most of them are for the safety of their children and the wealth of their families, which she can't control.

you can't give them any money, can you? She felt sorry for spending ten liang of silver before. Otherwise, he wouldn't have slapped the old man so hard. I even want ten liang of silver, which is so beautiful. Hum!

I know that ten liang of silver can buy a lot of grain. Even if there were more silver, she wouldn't give it to me.

after that, ah Jin and Ah Xiang left with each other.

the old man dared not stay any longer, and he also hurried to the alley.

the onlookers dispersed one after another to do whatever they should.

seeing that there was no miracle after begging for a long time, the people on the ground all stood up, tidied up their clothes and left. However, I made up my mind to worship a statue at home. In the morning and evening, I would burn incense three times. What if it worked...

Fang Yili saw the crowd disperse, so I took the children with me to continue walking. Anyway, there was nothing to stroll around. I went to the grain shop and the people who bought grain would join me, and when they finished buying, I would go out of the city together.

as soon as the children returned to their families, they began to talk about the city with vivid colors to the families who did not go in.

Mrs. Yang and Mrs. Li bowed with their hands folded before saying: 'so, don't do evil things. You must know that there are gods three feet above your head. We all know what we have done.'

Fang Yun bowed in earnest. I thought it seemed that immortals were everywhere.

Shaoyang and the escort also heard what they said, because the people who went in to buy grain walked in front and didn't encounter Ah Xiang and ah Jin. When they came back, the crowd had dispersed.

therefore, although I listened to the vivid words of these children, I didn't believe that it was really an immortal manifestation. I only thought that it was the secret work of some peerless master.

the people loaded the grain separately and put it away, and then continued on the road.

it took me three or four days to walk across the plain. During this time, I passed two or three counties and went in to buy food.

the good news these times has not changed the grain. It's too outrageous that everyone in the grain shop can't make mistakes.

so after that, we all ate brown rice. Fortunately, we bought pork several times, and there was oil and water in the dishes. Otherwise, we could not hunt and eat brown rice. It is estimated that the good news would have to be exploited.

later in the county, the children never followed in. Anyway, they were much the same, and there was nothing interesting.

and they are also in a good hurry. Most of them have just had freezing rain before they arrive at the county. It's cold and slippery, and it's impossible to let the children run around.

although the Chinese New Year is coming in about ten days, the market here has not started before the new year, so the county is not very busy.

only a few days before the new year will there be a large market for people to buy new year's goods.

they did not catch up with the market until they left the last County before the plain. It was already the 23rd of the twelfth month.

according to their algorithm in the north, today should be a small year, but in the south, 24 is.

they just bought maltose in this county. Although they can't worship the kitchen god on the way, they just give the maltose to everyone.

of course, that's what adults mean. Basically, it's all in the children's stomachs.

later, the family went into the mountain again. Fortunately, the mountain was not big. It took them two days and one night to turn it over.

this is still because they have a rest at night. If they travel overnight, they can come out one day and one night.

there are no wild animals in this mountain. It is only when we walk to the center of the mountain that we meet a few pheasants and rabbits.

what they don't know is that these are all good news captured from afar.

because Nanyue county is on one side and several lively counties are on the other, more people come and go, and most of the wild animals in the mountains have moved deeper.

good news: after this period of cultivation, the scope of divine consciousness has been expanded, and the pressure has been reduced to less than 50 feet.

when we got out of the mountains and forests, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

they can see the lofty city from a distance. After all, it is the last big city guarding the imperial city. Beyond this city is the Imperial City, so we can imagine how lofty the city is and how prosperous it is.

the high walls feel different from those before. They seem to be higher and wider, and there are more soldiers coming and going up and down.

of course, this is what Jiayin saw.

the rest only saw a city from a distance.

Jia Yin used her divine sense to probe into the city. She was surprised. This city is more than twice as large as the previous ones.

and it is different from the previous construction of the city.

there were moats in those cities before, but it seems that they were dug by hand. Although they are deep, they are not very wide.

the moat surrounding the city is naturally formed.

I think it is the existing circular river that built the city here.

why do you say so? Because one side of the moat is a high wall, and the other side is indeed a cliff, with waterfalls flowing down.

that is to say, if you want to go to the imperial city through here, you can only enter the city. Even if you take a detour from the other side of the mountain, you can't get around it. The other side of the mountain is a cliff.

unless you can fly, you can't pass at all.

at this time, Fang Yunping had begun to discuss with the people which direction to go.

Nanyue city will not allow refugees to pass through and go to wanghuang city.

or they will try to settle in the north of Nanyue City, which is also under the jurisdiction Nanyue county. You can find a village below the county to settle down.

either go around this mountain and go southwest, which is Xiangyun County.

the imperial city is in the southeast of Nanyue county. They can only go west further.

Xiangyun County is not suitable for these northerners to settle here.

Shaoyang and the escorts said that Xiangyun County lived in the mountains except for the county town. There are many poisonous snakes and insects in the mountains over there. And most of the people there live in the mountains. Mountain people are also poisonous and very xenophobic. They could not live in the past.

after a long discussion, the Fang family finally decided to stay in Nanyue county and settle in a better county north of the county.

Shaoyang also said his true identity at this time. They also told them that they would talk to their father and ask him to say hello to the county magistrate below, so that the county magistrate could settle the people of the Fang family in a better place.

Fang Yunping and others were pleasantly surprised.

I didn't expect that Shaoyang, who came all the way with them, was actually the son of the governor of Nanyue County!

as the saying goes, there are people who are good at doing things.

if they can get a greeting from the sheriff, they will be able to get a good position and rebuild a Fangjia village. There is no need to worry about the exclusion of local people.

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