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Chapter 125 Choose a place to stay (subscription required)

I heard the people inside shout, 'I'll buy it and leave it! I'll buy it and leave it!'

'Big! Big! Big!'

'Small! Small! Small'

'Three fours, leopards! The dealer kills all!'

'Ah... It's a leopard again! Isn't there something fishy?'

'What's the trick? I'm willing to gamble and admit defeat, do you know?'

Hearing this word of gambling, I understood the good news in an instant. This is actually a place for gambling!

Looking at the man again, I only heard the man say to himself, 'I heard that all the silver money I found here is good luck. Today I will definitely get back all the money I lost before!'

The good news made my face swell! If you don't buy medicine for my mother, you won't even have a thank you! Too much!

So Jiayin directly took back the silver and destroyed a small mechanism hidden under the table by the banker

The man looked at the empty hand and rubbed his eyes hard, thinking that he was dazzled and mistaken, but when he looked at it again, there was nothing!

He anxiously looked down on the ground, thinking that he had fallen to the ground.

At this time, there were loud cheers nearby. He looked up. It turned out that the gamblers had won the money. The banker was looking ugly. Fu yinliang

Later, Jiayin saw a thief steal his wallet. The man chased the thief in front of him and cried with tears: 'stop! Give me back my wallet! That's my shuxiu! Sobbing, I can't go to school without shuxiu...'

Jiayin took it directly from him with her divine consciousness and threw it directly at his feet.

As a result, he stopped to pick up his wallet and spat in front of him: 'just your two knives, come out and be a pickpocket! Tui!'

After scolding, I put my wallet in my arms and turned around and left.

Jiayin looks at the exchange desk without any movement and wants to put the bag of silver back into the thief's hand!

But I didn't do it.

After that, she didn't give up and saw a child running straight to the middle of the road. Seeing that he was about to be hit by a cart, Jiayin's divine consciousness gently lifted him to the roadside.

The child's mother ran forward, first looked at the child all over, determined that he was not hurt, and pulled up the child's arm to hit his ass! The child is crying, and I can't bear to watch the good news.

But after waiting for a long time, the child stopped crying, and she did not receive the golden light of merit

In this way, Jiayin will not search for those who need help in the city. I took back my divine consciousness angrily and decided to find someone who really needed help like the refugees before me in the future.

The next morning, Fang Youwei set out with seven people and two cars.

They are going to divide their troops into two groups of four and go to two counties to inquire about the conduct of the county magistrate and officials at the lower levels, as well as the towns and villages they belong to.

Look at the general locations. They need to inquire in advance before they can make a choice.

It's impossible for the county magistrate to know the situation of every village very well.

When the time comes, he will randomly point out the one he thinks is the best. If they are not satisfied, it is not easy to change it. Otherwise, it will not give the county magistrate the impression that things are too troublesome.

If they don't say well in the future, they will always stay here and always make a good impression on their parents.

Until now, eight people came back together.

When I came back, I went directly to Fang Yunping to report the news.

They went to a county in a group of four. Instead of getting together to inquire, they separated.

Some went to the shop to have a cup of tea and asked the waiter for some information. Some went to the old people chatting together on the roadside and listened to some things and said some things.

Fang Yunping asked them to talk about the general situation of the two counties.

Seeing that they didn't speak, Fang Youwei said, 'we went to Nanping County. We had gathered the information on the way back.

Nanping County is about the same size as the county where we went to buy grain before entering the mountains. I won't tell them about the village first. I'll tell you about the county magistrate there.

I heard several people chatting in the teahouse. Some time ago, the brother-in-law of the county magistrate occupied the other courtyard of a wealthy family in the town below.

Rich families came to the county to complain, but the county magistrate hit them and confiscated their property!

If the county magistrate doesn't change, we'd better not go.

Muddleheaded officials like me can't manage any good places, and it's estimated that the officials and yamen servants below will follow suit.

Fang Yunping and the others nodded at his words and agreed with him.

It is so close to the county and city that these people dare to be so brazen. It must be someone on it. I'm not afraid that people will sue him. That's why I dare to act so recklessly.

They are ordinary people. If you can't choose to be born under his jurisdiction, you can only swallow your anger. But now they have a choice, and there is no need to jump into the fire pit.

Then, Fang Yunping looked at Fang Youzhi again and wanted to hear how his investigation was going?

Fang Youzhi replied directly: 'we went to Huayang county to inquire separately. Youlu and his colleagues went to inquire about the situation of the villages and towns. I went to inquire about the county magistrate and the officials below.

I went directly to the county yamen. I wandered around for a while and happened to meet the county magistrate who was promoted to court for trial.

I listened in the crowd, but it was not a big case. One person accused another person of stealing his silver money. The other person refused to admit it, saying that the silver money was his own. It was the man who showed his wealth when he bought meat. Seeing that he was rich, he must have stolen it.

The man exclaimed, 'how can you have so much money when you are poor? It's obviously stolen from me!'

The man shouted: 'I'm a salt worker. This is my salary for two months. I'm going to take it home!'

Later, the county magistrate asked the informer what he did for a living?

The man said he bought groceries.

The magistrate asked the defendant to take out the money bag. As soon as the money bag came out, everyone understood that it was a coarse linen bag with salt grains on it.

After that, the county magistrate punished the false accuser who was interested in wealth by 20 boards and compensated the defendant with one or two silver.

I inquired among the crowd, and those who watched said that the magistrate of Huayang county has a very good reputation as an official. Although I'm not the kind of blue sky master, my handling of cases is standardized and fair. Moreover, my family is from a famous family, so I am not greedy for money.

He also donated a charity hall to take care of the homeless elderly and children. '

After he said that, Fang Liyi, who was next to him, continued: 'we also inquired about the villages over there. The villages are almost the same. Most of them have ponds and paddy fields, but few have dry land.

Large areas of paddy fields are in the hands of those landlords, and the villagers rent them to cultivate them. Only those terraced fields were planted by them.

Fang Yunping thought for a moment, and thought that the counties in front of the mountain were all similar, so they didn't have to go back the same way.

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