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Chapter 127 Snake driving formula (subscription required)

Then Jiayin changed direction and explored it carefully. Finally I found a place.

there is a large flat land, which is also close to the foot of the mountain. There is a bamboo forest not far from the mountain.

this flat stone land is rarely a small piece next to the cliff. There are not so many ponds, but a pool. The pool is next to the stone wall, and there is a small waterfall on the stone wall, which is running down.

the pool is not deep, but the water has not been full. There should be an outlet below.

for those related to water, good news is still relatively sensitive.

the divine consciousness reached into the pool, and sure enough, there was a hole at the bottom of the pool, and the water flowed all the way to the hole.

Jia Yin continued to probe into the deep part of the cave with her divine consciousness, and there was an underground river all the way down. The space of the underground river is very spacious, like a broken one.

her divine awareness has reached the limit, and she has not seen the end. This makes the good news quite reassuring. First, there is no need to be afraid of the rising water in this pool, and second, there is no need to be afraid of heavy rain and floods in the future.

it's just that the good news has some doubts. Why is no one building a village here in such a good place?

I looked around again and found that there were two villages four or five miles away from the open space.

the two villages are almost close to each other. The fields are in the other direction. There is no place to open terraced fields over there, and there is no expansion to this side.

Jia Yin frowned and explored the open space again with her divine consciousness, including the mountains and the ground.

this is the only way to find the problem.

there are many snakes in the stone cave on the hillside and the bamboo forest!

it's winter now, and those snakes are not active. They are all coiled in the cave, and the color is very close to the stone wall. The good news was not found until now.

in particular, the snakes in the bamboo forest are all green and very similar to the bamboo. If you don't look carefully, you can't see them.

I didn't find it in the pool before. It should be cold and I haven't gone inside yet.

good news thought for a while, maybe this is the reason why no one built a village here.

she knew that aunts and women were very afraid of snakes. When they talked about snakes on the road, they all looked pale, not to mention so many. But she is not afraid. She is the ancestor of snakes. No, she is the little ancestor.

Jiayin's eyes turned and she thought about letting Xiaoling tell the patriarch grandpa about this place tomorrow. Let them take this place down. The best she can do is drive away the snakes.

if he didn't want those snakes to leave, she told them to try not to appear in front of people and not to hurt people.

in fact, snakes are in the forest, and they can protect villagers at critical moments.

of course, let them hide a little, because I heard uncle said that some people like to eat snake meat.

although Jiayin likes to eat game, she still can't eat snake meat.

after all, I have a blood relationship with myself. If I eat them, it's like killing each other among my people.

of course, this metaphor is exaggerated, but she just feels that way.

after thinking about this, she looked at a few gold dots scattered on the exchange desk in the border breaking bead and called her father in her mind.

'father, father! Are you here?'

Ao Zhan replied at the first time, 'yes, my father has been there all the time. How is your cultivation now, dear daughter?'

upon hearing this, the good news just got better and my mood dropped again.

we are still good father and daughter without talking about this.

said in a low voice: 'father, my merit and gold have been replaced by spirit stones. Now the remaining merit and gold can't even be replaced by a spirit stone. There are only a few points left. I originally wanted to help others get the gold, but who knows...

so Jiayin told her father the process and results of helping others.

as a result, Ao Zhan not only didn't comfort her, but also laughed.

good news is not stupid. I can hear the ridicule in it at once.

said angrily: 'father! Don't go too far! I'll try to call my mother later. I don't know if she can reply to me...'

Ao Zhan immediately stopped his laughter and almost choked himself to death. He coughed several times before saying: 'dear daughter, father is not laughing at you, father... Father is laughing at those stupid mortals. He doesn't know how to thank the Dragon God. He doesn't know how much chance he missed!'

the dragon people have a divine personality since their birth, and they all have a divine position.

Jiayin is now collecting meritorious deeds, which is itself blessed with good luck. If those people sincerely thank them, not only Jiayin can receive meritorious deeds, but also they will be fed back with good luck.

this is complementary.

if they don't really appreciate it, they can't get it and miss a good opportunity to start.

but Ao Zhan wiped his face when he thought about the story of his daughter's gang.

to be honest, he didn't thank him either.

take a look at these things. I found silver at the door of the medicine shop just after I was driven out. Who would have thought it was a gift from God? I will only think that this medicine shop deserved its bad luck and lost its silver.

and the money bag.

the thief ran in front and the owner ran after him. Suddenly, the wallet fell to the ground. The owner must have thought that the thief didn't take it well or didn't carry it well before he fell down. He only thought that he deserved not to waste money today. The thief was unlucky. Who will thank God for his help?

as for the child, it's better to say.

his mother went later. I guess she didn't see how the child got to the roadside at all. She just thought that the child escaped by himself. Beat the child, teach him a lesson, and let him not run around next time.

therefore, it is said that the way of the girls is wrong, and the people they meet do not believe in the gods and Buddhas.

unless you meet someone who believes in God and Buddha, you will always thank the gods. I will thank God for anything I encounter when I go out. Only then can a girl get credit for her merits.

but that kind of person is a minority after all.

as for his daughter's idea, let everyone build a village near the snake cave.

Ao Zhan thought for a moment and gave Jiayin a pithy formula.

this formula can drive away snakes and communicate with snakes. It can also be taught to ordinary people.

good news will leave sooner or later, and people in the village will live there in the era.

after learning this pithy formula, even if the good news leaves in the future, they can live a good life there.

this is not a magic formula for immortals. It is just a short-term communication with snakes. It is for ordinary people who can't practice.

now Jiayin can control those snakes with coercion there. Once they leave, the old snakes die. Who cares about the new ones?

wait for good news, merit and gold, and then pat your ass and go. It's so immoral for people to be killed by snakes.

as for driving those snakes away or killing them? No, after all, everything has spirits. In particular, these snakes are actually more intelligent.

if you expel them, this must be the most suitable place for them to live. If you expel them, they will come back.

otherwise, why has no village been established here? It must be snakes here, not a year or two.

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Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.