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Chapter 13 Father daughter dialogue

Jiayin was thinking like this, and suddenly her father's voice rang out in her mind!

'good news, father's baby, can you hear me? Good news...'

good news Teng sat up and took a deep breath.

Fang Youwei, who is lying outside, is still awake. When he hears the news, he turns around and looks at her, 'what's the matter with Jiayin?'

Jiayin turned her eyes, pretended to be embarrassed and said, 'uncle, i... I'm going to pee.'

Fang Youwei sat up, reached out his hand to hold her outside and put her shoes on.

asked: 'then you just stay outside, don't go far, just next to the cart.'

Jiayin nodded, ran to the side, hid behind the scooter, and replied to his father in his mind, 'is that you, father?'

Ao Zhan was very happy to hear his daughter's reply, 'good news! Father finally found you! Where did you go with the broken boundary beads?'

he found that his daughter was missing that night. He took people everywhere to look for her, but he couldn't find her.

he suddenly remembered the broken boundary bead his daughter had taken. At that time, his daughter asked him about the usage of beads. He looked for the broken boundary beads again and found that they were also missing. He thought that his daughter might have gone to another world.

hearing the good news, he nodded and thought that his father might not be able to see him. He replied in his mind: 'father, I came to a place called Qiyang County in the mortal world. I don't know which world it is.

but when I came here, the place was suffering from drought. After I came, I gave them rain. But it seems that there is a little more rain. Now they are suffering from floods again...'

Ao Zhan was speechless after hearing his daughter say this, All right! You're going to let people experience all the suffering!

'father, what should I do now? How can I go back?' He asked again after hearing no reply from his father.

'good news, you heard from your father that he tracked you down through the power of blood. Now we are talking through the boundary breaking bead. There is a space in the boundary breaking bead, and you can go in at any time.

you can come back at any time as long as you have accumulated enough merits. There is a line of words on the door of time and space in the boundary breaking bead that says the world of immortals and demons. You can come back when you put your hand on it.

Remember what my father told you? Benefit or save thousands of people, and you can accumulate enough merit.

you have already covered them with rain, which can be regarded as benefiting them. However, because you have covered too much rain, they have not been grateful to you, so they have not received merit.

when the flood recedes, they can grow crops, or when they encounter drought again, you can give rain when they ask for rain, and you will certainly receive merit.

Jiayin nodded her head and said hello to her father, indicating that she understood and thought of another thing, With a cry in his tone, he said: 'father, my space is gone, my life space is gone ~ all the bright crystals in it are gone. What should I do? Sobing! ~

Ao Zhan coaxed painfully:' the good news is not crying, the space is still there. This is an agreement reached between the boundary breaking pearl and the world. There can't be anything from the high-level plane to the low-level plane, otherwise the low-level plane will collapse.

All the treasures in your space are fairy tools, and the lowest one can collapse this plane. So just seal up your space first, and it will be restored when you come back.

you can use the space in the broken boundary bead, but it is empty. You can only put things in it. Of course, you can enter the space when you encounter a life or death crisis. '

what Ao Zhan didn't say is that it's too hard to let his family's cubs encounter life and death disaster by virtue of their rough skin and thick flesh.

Jiayin sniffs in disappointment,' I know, but father, I really want to drink my spirit spring. The water here is astringent, and my tongue is uncomfortable after drinking. '

Wen Yan Ao Zhan sighed and said,' this father really has no choice. He can only talk to you and can't give you anything. Our two worlds are not connected now... Eh? incorrect! I remember it.

there seems to be a window in the space of this broken boundary bead. You can go in and find it. It seems that you can exchange things with merit. Anything that does not exceed the bearing capacity of this plane can be exchanged.

when you have merit in the future, you can go in and exchange it, but only if you know the words first.

find a chance to read, or you won't know what it says. '

Jiayin's eyes lit up when she heard that she could exchange things, but when she heard that she wanted merit, her small expression immediately collapsed. When she heard her father say that she could not read, her expression became even more depressed.

Jiayin clenched her small fist to cheer herself up and said,' don't worry, father, I will be able to read well. '

Jiayin sighed deeply in her heart. She had to be able to read and understand every word. It was too difficult for me...

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.