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Chapter 130 There are people on it who are good at doing things (for subscription)

He personally took the three people to the front yamen, directly took them to the officials who were specially in charge of these, and told them that they must find a suitable place to settle down before leaving.

after all, it is also the head of a county, and we can't catch up too fast. And now it's time to go to work.

Fang Yunping respectfully sent the county magistrate off.

the official didn't dare to neglect him. He turned around and took the record book of the area under his jurisdiction.

looking at the thick pile, Fang Yun looks at Fang Wei calmly.

Fang Yunping said: 'Your Excellency, we asked about a place seven miles northwest from the county seat. There is a vacant land, which is suitable for us to build a village. Do you know where it is? Can there be a name for that vacant land?'

the official was stunned. As a native, he certainly knew where it was.

took out the pamphlet there, opened it, found the place, and said to them, 'are you sure you want to go there? It's called pan she mountain, which belongs to the Qingfeng mountain. The reason why it's empty is because there are snakes. The snakes on the mountain are so entrenched that they get the name.

everyone dares not to build a village there, for fear that those snakes will come down the mountain and attack people and livestock.'

Fang Yunping nodded. 'Yes, we chose the place. Adults don't know. We have the ancestral method of driving snakes, so we are not afraid of snakes.'

the man nodded clearly. It turned out that there was a way to drive away snakes. I can't complain that I dared to choose that place.

there are also those who live by catching snakes, but they are all ancestral crafts of one or two families, and they dare not live there alone. It's really rare for the whole village to meet.

in this way, he won't persuade me.

summon the staff and ask them to bring the volume and measuring tools. Go with me to help them measure the land and register it. In the future, it will be the territory of the Fang family.

as there is no ready-made land over there, it is all wasteland, so there is no need to pay the land deed tax in advance. The land reclaimed by oneself is tax-free within three years, only the silver of the homestead is paid.

Fang Yunping happily paid 150 liang of the house site fees and got the land title. After that, they could build a house there. Later, the county government handled the house title. The house was private property and could be sold.

as for the lack of ready-made fields, Fang Yunping is not worried. They will work harder next spring and open up wasteland by themselves.

after opening the wasteland and planting grain, there will be a harvest in a few months. Now that they have no shortage of money, they can buy food first, and they can still hold on for a few months.

after finishing these, Fang Yunping asked the official about where to find people and buy Bricks and tiles if he wanted to build brick houses. After all, they had not done this before, and their eyes were black.

the official looked surprised. I didn't expect that the family members were quite powerful! It's so amazing that we have to build brick houses directly.

however, considering that this was brought by the magistrate himself, there must be a backstage, and we dare not neglect it, and we dare not underestimate it.

said wait a moment, put away the books on the desk, turned to them and said: 'I'm not busy right now. I'll take you to the dentist, who is responsible for these things. He can help you find the builders who build brick houses and buy bricks. Just give him some profits.'

Fang Yunping nodded his thanks one after another. It was great. The officials took them there. The toothy man dared not pit them if he wanted to come.

after that, the three followed the official and two of his subordinates, the yamen, to the Yahang, which was one street away from the county yamen.

on the way, I learned the name of the official, he Huisheng, and the three called each other why they were adults.

this Yakuza is also an official. It is specially responsible for helping people to pull strings in the middle, buying and selling land and houses or servants can come here.

Fang Yunping and three others followed into the room. When Fang Yunping saw that he Huisheng had brought it, he gave him a warm reception.

he Huisheng pulls the dentist aside and whispers something. After the dentist returns, his attitude is more respectful.

after that, Fang Yunping told the dentist about the general location of their land. It has not been measured yet. As for how to build the house and where to build it, we still have to go there and look at the actual situation before we can determine.

however, I still paid a deposit with the dentist, and the bricks and tiles can be prepared in advance.

the dentist received the deposit and gave them a note. Fang Yunping and he Huisheng left.

he Huisheng said goodbye to them at the gate and returned to the county government, leaving two yamen servants to follow them to measure the land.

the three of Fang Yunping were very happy. They didn't expect that things would go so smoothly. In a short time, things were almost done. It was really easy for someone to do things!

if it had not been written by the sheriff, it would not have been so swift and orderly if it had been done according to the formal process. It might not have been done well even if it had been delayed for several days.

Fang Yunping told the two yamen servants that their clansmen were still waiting not far from the county seat. Can you follow me to measure the land?

the two yamen servants said in a good attitude: 'no problem. It's not far from the pan she mountain in Qingfeng ridge. Then we'll wait at the intersection. You go back and bring the people here. We'll go directly together.'

Fang Yunping hugged his fist and saluted, 'thank you, two adults.'

Fang Youwei runs to the county government and calls the four people who are still waiting there.

after leaving the county seat, Fang Youwei said to Yun Ping: 'Uncle Li and I can just go back. You and Youzhi can wait here with the two adults for a while.'

Fang Yunping thought so. It's OK for Fang Youwei to pick up the clansmen. He can also chat with two yamen servants and get close. On the one hand, it saves people from waiting here, and on the other hand, you can inquire about the customs and habits here, so as not to violate other people's taboos.

thinking through this, Fang Yunping nodded and asked them to go and return quickly.

when Fang Youwei and others trotted back to the station, they found that all the people had been packed up, and they could start at any time when they came back.

a few people are happy, which saves a lot of time.

Fang Youwei quickly told the people what they had just done.

everyone was happy to hear that they could go to the place where they would settle in the future.

I didn't expect it to be so smooth and fast. I can go there to camp today.

all got on the bus happily, the drivers drove the bus, and the walkers trotted along. In a moment, they reached the intersection outside the county.

the two yamen servants looked at it. Ooh! There are ten ox carts and two donkey carts!

if it wasn't for their superior officials to say that these people were refugees from the north, they would have thought that what they saw was a landlord whose family had moved here!

before that, they thought that they would see a group of refugees in a moment. Even if there was some relationship between them, their faces would be slightly better, and they would not suffer from hunger or cold.

I didn't expect that all the people of the family were ruddy, and there were so many animals and luggage.

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