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Chapter 131 New Fangjia Village (subscription required)

They don't have so many animals in the richest village here.

there is so much activity here that the passers-by outside the county stop and look here curiously to see which landlord has settled in Huayang county.

of course, I know that this is not a rich family. After all, there are no magnificent carriages and servants. But these ten cattle in their prime of life, as well as the full luggage on the car, also make people look greedy.

this can't be a passer-by, or a visit to relatives and friends. At first glance, they came to settle down, but they don't know which town they are going to?

those people kept pointing around, and the people in the Fang family didn't care, and they thought it was normal.

Fang Yun, Fang Youzhi and two yamen got on the donkey cart of little grey donkey. Fang Youzhi drove the cart and walked in the front.

the main reason is that they don't know the way. Although Xiaoling said the location when she came back, they have never been there. They can't let Xiaoling fly in front to lead the way.

the two yamen servants also understood that they pointed to the road directly in the front, and the people of the Fang family followed in a mighty way.

Fang Youzhi thought that the little grey donkey was much easier to drive than those cows. He knew how to avoid potholes on the ground.

fortunately, it seems that he can understand what people say. The Yamen behind him said that he turned left in front of him. Before he could react, the little grey donkey turned left himself. It turned very smoothly, making people feel that he was not thrown around.

it seems that I have been with Liuliu for a long time, and I also have spirituality.

in fact, the truth is that Jiayin often feeds space spiritual water on the road, and has been washed by Jiayin's divine consciousness to know the sea, which has opened up wisdom.

although the body is not as strong as Liuliu, it is much better than other donkeys. Pulling several people with ease.

the road here is pretty easy to walk. Although it often rains, it's not like the mud everywhere in the north when it rains.

the road here is paved with crushed stones or crushed stone slabs, which will flow into the grass beside the road when it rains.

it will be very slippery if the ground freezes only in the morning and night or if it rains freezing.

they came at a good time. It didn't rain here these two days, so the ground was dry.

panshe mountain in Qingfeng mountain belongs to Qingfeng town, which is not far from the county seat, that is, seven miles away. After less than half an hour's walk, I arrived in just over two quarters of an hour.

from the county seat, except that there was a village at the beginning, the more you go this way, the more desolate it becomes. I don't know. I think I have gone a long way.

the surrounding area is full of wasteland, and the weeds are growing high. There are many crooked trees on both sides of the path, which are not timber and can only be chopped for firewood. They have to clean it up by themselves.

a better situation is that there are not many ponds like the villages we passed by before, and the fields are separated from each other by boulders.

there is such a large wasteland here. There is only a pool at the foot of the mountain. There is a small waterfall above the pool flowing downward.

the people are very happy when they look around. The land is very fertile. You can tell by the growth of the weeds.

another thing is that after there is this pool, you don't even need to drill a well. When the time comes, you can enclose the pool with stones to prevent children from falling down.

I looked at the mountain again. Although there are stone walls here, there are still places to go up the mountain.

there are many trees on the mountain, and a bamboo forest can be seen not far away.

I thought that Fang Yun said that they could dig winter bamboo shoots in the bamboo forest in winter. Although they had not eaten them, it was very attractive to hear Fang Yun's description.

it's easy to store, and it can also be made into dried bamboo shoots or pickled. Women are eager to try it.

but thinking of what Xiao Ling said, there are many snakes here, I immediately calmed down.

it's better to learn the pithy formula of driving away snakes first.

the two yamen servants measured the land here roughly by walking and registered it in the booklet.

then they listed their total population, the number of strong men and the number of women and children.

as for the age and name of each family, this is what the clan head, that is, the village head in the future, will do.

this is easier, because they have a registered residence booklet before, which is at the head of the clan.

after the house is built, see if there is a separate household, and then hand it over to the registered residence officer of the county government.

on the road before, Fang Yunping had written the good news, Fang Yun and the names of six women on it.

the good news is written in the name of Fang you.

it is worth mentioning that in addition to Fang Yun, Xu Hong and their six women have all met the younger generation in the village.

just wait for them to settle down and hold their wedding.

Dayan's folk customs are still open, and widows' remarriage is not controlled, or even encouraged.

although these women lose their virginity, they are all forced to do so. As long as they do not commit adultery and murder their husbands, they will not be discriminated against.

in addition, the people of the Fang family used to live in the northwest, where the folk custom was more fierce and they were often harassed by wars. There were many widows, and they would not look down upon these women.

will the customs in the south be different? Anyway, their nearest village is a few miles away, so they can't get in touch with it, and they don't have to worry about rumors.

Fang Yun is a real widow, and it's not that no one likes her. It's just that she has been widowed for a while, and she doesn't have the heart to find another one.

in addition, her surname is Fang, and there are still some rules of not marrying people with the same surname.

although they are from the south to the north, it is difficult to guarantee that they were not of the same race a hundred years ago. After all, their Fang family also fled to the north from this pass.

just wait and see how we get along. If we really see each other, it's not impossible.

the two yamen servants will return to the county yamen after registration.

Fang Yunping gave each of them a red envelope of one or two silver, and asked Fang Youzhi to drive them back to the county in a donkey cart.

the little grey donkey is easy to drive and knows the way. It's not too far once and for all.

the two yamen servants were very happy with the red envelope in their hands. They didn't expect this unexpected joy.

I accepted it after a little evasion.

thinking about what will happen in the future, they can run more here.

such a sensible and courteous person will not let them idle...

after the Yamen servant left, the people began to move.

let Xiaoling read the snake driving mantra there first. I'm afraid there are poisonous snakes hidden in the grass.

I have seen the grass with my divine consciousness long before Jiayin. There is no snake in it.

snakes are all on the mountain and in the bamboo forest.

there are not many people coming and going along this road, but there are many villages to the West.

it's just a piece of land.

those snakes won't run into the grass.

but she can't say this. She can only teach Xiaoling the pithy formula sentence by sentence with her mind. Xiaoling's is there to repeat it sentence by sentence.

slightly stuttered, but I still read it down.

because they read very slowly, several smart children in the family have written it down.

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