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Chapter 132 Weeding (subscription required)

This snake driving formula is not difficult to learn. It is much simpler than the snake driving formula. The main thing is that there are a lot of contents in the formula for controlling snakes. The formula is also different when commanding snakes to do different things.

my father said that it's OK to teach the snake driving formula to everyone first, but the snake driving formula is not available now.

later, we will see who has the best talent and pass it on to him / her alone.

Xiao Ling flies low over the grass and reads the formula two or three times.

when we saw that there were no snakes in the grass, and Xiaoling said that there were no snakes in the grass, we were relieved.

took out tools and began weeding.

the first place they should pick up is the place where they camped at night, and the wild is the place where they are going to build houses in the future.

don't worry about the location near the water pool and the land to be reclaimed later, and then take your time.

they are going to build the house on the east side of the water pool, 50 feet away from the water pool. They are too close to fear that the children will be in danger. If they are too far away, it will be inconvenient to carry water in the future.

this piece of open land is very large. When houses are built in the future, land can be reclaimed in front of it.

the outermost part is going to be left uncultivated, that is, the roadside, so as to save the livestock and pedestrians from spoiling their own fields.

the other side of the road can be reclaimed in the future. Before, the Yamen didn't measure it, but I also told them that if you reclaim land in the future, you can report it to the government.

anyway, this is wasteland. After the reclamation, it is tax-free for three years. After three years, it is OK to pay tax normally.

the wasteland on the left side of the township road next to the water pool alone has more than 100 mu. The Yamen measured 50 mu. This is the house site they bought with 150 Liang. It has a land title. After they built a house, they went to deal with the house title.

fifty mu of land is more than enough to build a house, and those with good relations will share a wall next to each other. If you don't want to be next to each other, it's OK to separate them from each other.

at that time, the family will build a unified house, and the layout of the house and the size of the yard will be the same. If there are many people, they can live in two yards. By then, we will build more courtyards, and in the future, there will be places to live for those who have separate families.

of course, those are the last words. Now the first task is to clear up the place where we camped.

everyone moved. The men used hoes, the women used sickles, and the old people bundled up the fallen weeds and moved them aside to make haystacks.

the children are not idle, helping to move back and forth. The bigger one is carried by one person, while the smaller one is carried by two people.

Jiayin runs back and forth easily holding a bundle of hay. She can lift two bales if it's not too big.

originally, she wanted to help pull up the grass, but her small hands were too small, and it was too inefficient to pull up one or two at a time. Seeing that other children helped move the grass, she joined the carrying team.

there were many people and great strength. Before dark, two or three acres of open space were cleared up.

the ground is completely hoed by men with hoes, exposing the red land below, which is very flat.

there are places to camp at night, and others can be cleaned up later.

before they were weeding, they recited the pithy formula taught by Xiaoling. By dinner time, many people were already very proficient. Except for a few who were clumsy, they could not read it neatly, but they could basically read it completely.

fetch back water from the pool, wash your hands, and directly pour the water on the ground with grass. In this way, it will be easier to hoe tomorrow, and the soil will be soft.

knowing that there are many snakes on the mountain, they don't have to worry about hunting or looking for wild vegetables. Anyway, the meat they bought in the county has not been eaten up.

besides, it is so close to the county seat that you can buy it at any time. There is no need to take this risk.

everyone set up a big pot and cooked two big pots of thick rice porridge. Before that, everyone was very tired from weeding all afternoon and was too lazy to cook any fine meals.

anyway, there are meat and vegetables in this porridge. It tastes good. Everyone has eaten a lot.

while eating, a lot of small fires were lit on the ground, burning some hay and dead branches.

although some grass is not completely dry and still emits smoke, the smoke soon dissipates in this open place, and it can't smoke itself.

it is mainly to dry the ground. The ground just exposed is still wet. If you camp and sleep directly on it, it will definitely be uncomfortable.

as soon as they entered the south, they felt that the humidity was very heavy. Every time they camped in the evening, they would bake the ground for a while while while cooking and eating, so that they could sleep more comfortably.

the people also decided that after the house was built, it would still be a heated kang.

although this is not popular in the south, they think it is difficult to adapt to the climate here for a while. They should be able to adapt faster by sleeping on the heated kang to get rid of the moisture on their bodies.

it can also be burned when it is hot. It can be burned in the morning when cooking, dehumidified, and cooled before going to bed at night.

of course, they can also make beds. It is said that bamboo beds are used here in summer, which is very cool.

let some carpenters learn other people's crafts.

in the evening, the camp of the residents is outside, and the car and luggage are put inside. Once someone comes, they will know first.

originally, they wanted to keep someone to watch the night, but Xiaoling volunteered to say that he and Liuliu, as well as Huihui, a small gray donkey, were watching. All they had to do was to take Liuliu and them off the car.

everyone knows that Liuliu's force value is very high. I didn't expect that it could still keep watch!

Fang Youwei asked Xiaoling curiously, 'don't you need to sleep at night?'

Xiao Ling said: 'we can sleep for a while, and we can sleep in three shifts. If there is a situation, they can shout, and I can shout.'

as soon as the people heard that this method was good, they readily agreed.

after that, the people went into the tent and soon fell asleep.

maybe I finally found a place to settle down and put down the big stone in my heart. It may also be that I pulled the grass all afternoon in the afternoon, and I was much more tired than usual just on the way, so I slept very heavily, and even the children snored.

good news didn't sleep.

she is practicing with the newly exchanged spirit stone.

this time, because of the snake driving formula, I got a lot of merit and gold. I can exchange seven or eight holy stones.

but she didn't exchange it all at once. She only exchanged two pieces, which was enough for practicing tonight.

after absorbing the two holy stones, he began to practice divine consciousness and authority.

put the divine consciousness to the extreme, and probed forward, backward, left and right.

Huayang county is in the East, and Nanping County is next door.

in the north, there is wasteland and a mountain, and then there are some towns and villages they passed by when they came.

in the west, there is a village every other section. The villages here are not close to each other. They are basically separated by a distance.

of course, there is no one as far apart as them, usually a mile or two apart.

and the houses are scattered, not next to each other. Neighbors are either separated by a road or vegetable field, or by a pond.

I don't know if it's a bad relationship or if I want to occupy more space.

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