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Chapter 133 See mountain bandits again (subscription required)

Jiayin has been exploring the limit of her divinity, and it is still such a small village or a slightly prosperous town, but no other county has been found.

it seems that the area of Huayang county is still very large.

behind their camp, that is, to the south, there are continuous mountains. Jiayin explored it carefully again. The snakes were still coiled in their nests.

occasionally, a few of them wandered around looking for food, and soon returned.

if you go further to the deep of Qingfeng mountain, it may be because of winter, and you don't find any wild fruits.

I found several mountain depressions, where there were many animals, especially pheasants, rabbits, wild boars and so on.

further down, I saw two tigers, one male and one female, living in the same cave.

in addition, there are many deer that they have eaten before, in groups. There are also many kinds of 'four dissimilarities' that have been released.

suddenly, good news brightened my eyes!

she found a village even deeper in the mountain. No, it should be the stockade!

it is very similar to the mountain bandit's stronghold before. It is also a house built of stone. The whole stockade is surrounded by stones. It should be to prevent wild animals. In addition, bows and arrows are hung on the wall of the room, and knives are also placed on the cabinet.

as soon as the good news bead turns, it starts to search people's cellars directly.

sure enough, there are a lot of gold, silver and jewelry in the cellar, but not a lot of grain.

I looked around the stronghold once and found that there was no official road. It would be strange for the stronghold to be here.

although those mountain bandits were in the mountains before, there were official roads nearby. After walking for a few hours, they could go to the official roads to rob the passing motorcade.

that's why they have so much gold, silver, jewelry and grain.

the mountain stronghold is surrounded by deep mountains. The Qingfeng ridge is very large and the mountains are also very deep. It is close to some ordinary villages. I'm afraid it will take two or three days to walk across mountains and mountains.

you can't rob in the village, can you? What can be snatched from the hands of ordinary villagers?

besides, there are a lot of gold, silver and jewelry in the cellar. Good news is full of questions. Are the villagers around so rich?

she couldn't help exploring the cellar of the villagers' house, and found that there were some vegetables and no grain. The terrain here was low and humid, and the grain was put on the pottery jar or wooden shelf in the house.

I don't understand, and it's not easy to ask Mrs. Yang about them. I guess they won't know either.

I had to turn to my father.

shouted 'father king' twice in his mind.

Ao Zhan replied, 'how's your baby daughter? Has she arrived?'

Jia Yin nodded and replied: 'father, we've arrived, and now we've all camped and slept here. I just found a bandit stronghold in the deep mountain behind.

but there are no official roads nearby. Why are those bandits there? There are still many gold, silver and jewelry in their cellar. What's the matter?'

Ao Zhan listened to his daughter's words, thought for a moment, and said, 'some people occupy mountains in the deep mountains for the purpose of robbing businessmen or rich and noble families, while others robbed more than enough things before, so they took a lot of property to find a place to hide.'

the good news asked vaguely: 'father, do you mean that they have robbed enough and do not want to be mountain bandits, so they find a place to hide?'

Ao Zhan nodded. 'It can also be said that they made a large sum of money before and robbed people with status. They were afraid that the government would arrest them, so they hid.'

Jiayin thought for a moment and thought that this statement behind father Wang was very likely.

because all the people in the stockade were sleeping, she could not feel whether they were bloodthirsty, but she was greedy when she saw that the cellar was full of gold, silver and jewelry.

that's all bright!

the King Wen said: 'if I take their things and destroy them with my divine consciousness, will I get the golden light of merit?'

Ao Zhan was a little surprised. He didn't expect that his son had made such rapid progress that he would attack people with divine consciousness!

the old dragon king didn't know that. It was all his son's self-taught and angry practice.

Ao Zhan quickly replied: 'those who have human lives can. This is an karma barrier. If you eliminate his karma barrier, you will get merit and gold. Those who do not have human lives can't shoot indiscriminately. In that case, your gold may be deducted.'

when I heard the good news, the golden light would be detained, and I immediately became cautious.

you can't deduct the hard won gold points. It's too bad.

after thinking about it, we'd better talk about it later.

anyway, there is no room for gold, silver and jewelry in the boundary breaking pearl space.

we need to find a way to get some money out of the space for the people of the Fang family. I heard aunts say that they will build many houses, and the money will certainly run out. At that time, with this silver, you can spend it freely, and you don't have to be afraid of running out of money.

as for those jewels and gold, they can still fit in a squeeze.

she can't bear her bright and golden.

it is necessary to think of a way not to make them suspicious and take out the silver.

turn your eyes in the dark, or put the silver in the snake hole?

after thinking for a while, no! In that case, if people see too many snakes and dare not go there, won't they let them go for nothing?

she looked in the nearby mountains and forests to see what suitable caves were.

when we finish cleaning up here, we will certainly go around the mountains, get familiar with the environment, catch some prey, and cut down some trees and bamboo.

then they can inadvertently find the boxes in the cave.

but after searching for a circle, except for the snake cave, there are only a few small caves, but they are too shallow to be seen at a glance. It's too obvious to hide silver.

later, a hole was found in a rock wall covered with vines.

the entrance of the cave is hidden behind the vines. If it is not for the good news, it can't be found with the eyes.

this looks very shallow. You can see the stone wall inside at once. In fact, there is also a hole below, which can allow two people to pass through at the same time.

not bad, not bad, this fits me very well.

Jiayin decided to put these boxes in the mountain when they came. Then let Xiao Ling lead people to pass.

I won't let it go now. What if I lose it? I can buy a lot of things!

Jiayin doesn't think about it. She sweeps with her divine consciousness every day. Nobody here dares to come. Who will steal the silver? And who would have thought there was silver?

after thinking about the future arrangement, the good news went to sleep.

the next day, everyone got up early and started weeding after breakfast.

there is no need to put the tent away today. Just light a fire beside the tent and move it to the ground burned by the fire at night.

Warm prompt: This site's novels come from the Internet, You can search [Go through the ancient times to escape from famine, and take the time gate with you] online and go to the source website for reading.