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Chapter 135 New year's Eve (subscription required)

Fang Yun took the winter bamboo shoot and peeled off the skin layer by layer. He said, 'you have to peel off the outer shell. What you eat is the inner core.'

'well, you see, the inside is white. Cut off the hard part and eat the soft part. Fried meat or stewed chicken are very fragrant. They can also be dried or pickled and can be eaten for a long time.'

'the winter bamboo shoots are still hidden after shelling. Are there many bamboo forests? Why don't we dig more tomorrow?' Li said.

other people also echoed, 'yes, yes! This thing is so easy to store. We can always go up to the mountains to dig more.'

'I think it's OK. Tomorrow we'll go with the men. They chop bamboo and we dig winter bamboo shoots.'

'OK, that's settled.'


before dinner in the dark, the bamboo shelf is almost one-fifth of the circumference. It should be completed in two days by putting up the shelf alone. After that, it will be slower to put up a straw curtain.

after all, the area of 50 mu, even if only three sides are enclosed, there is no need to enclose the mountain wall, which is also a big project.

this is just a matter of urgency now. After the house is built, they will go to the mountains to pick up more stones and slowly build a circle of stone walls.

however, that stone can not be saved in a short time. Let's make do with it first.

in this way, the people spent two days to enclose the wall. During this period, the old people and women had been putting up grass curtains to cover the side facing the rural road.

don't worry about East and West. You can take your time.

then they made three big sheds with bamboo and straw curtains, with thatched roofs.

one shed for cattle, one shed for cars and luggage, and one shed for kitchen. Five stoves are built inside.

they still live in tents, so they are not afraid of sudden freezing rain and getting wet with luggage and livestock. It's much warmer when I cook.

two more days have passed, and the next day will be the Chinese New Year.

now 50 mu of land has been surrounded by a bamboo and grass wall with a height of one foot. There is a door left in the southeast. If you walk a hundred feet to the left, you can go up the path. Go right and you'll find the ramp up the hill.

if you look at this side from the road over there, you can only see the wall, but not the inside. The shed they built was the same height as the wall, and it could not be seen from the outside.

the pool has also been enclosed and built with stones and grass mud.

it is half a Zhang high. Adults can see inside, but children can't see anything.

they also made a fence gate with bamboo. The fence gate is relatively high and tied with rope where the children can't reach, so as to ensure that they won't enter from here.

as for climbing the wall into the pool, the children are not so stupid. At least those who are young and not sensible can't climb up. Those who are sensible have been warned by their families and know the dangers inside.

after listening to Jiayin's suggestion, the people made a bamboo with a thigh thick and split it from the middle to open the bamboo joints inside. Directly connect with the waterfall, and the water flows along the bamboo.

everyone is very happy with this little trick. In this way, you don't have to go to the pool to fetch water all the time.

the pool can be used as a reservoir.

of course, men can still go to the pool to carry water in buckets. It's faster to fill the pool with a ladle.

women and the elderly can use this for washing clothes and vegetables.

after that, they dug a ditch to let the used water flow out without accumulating water.

the bamboo does not need to be connected there all the time. When it is not used, it can be pumped down a little, and the water will flow directly into the pool. When it is used, it will be connected by lifting it up.

everyone is still thinking, thinking that after the house is built, we can use this method to lead water to the yard.

anyway, there are many bamboos on the mountain, and then we will run out one by one, without using water.

now you can start saving those rough bamboos.

in recent days, people have cut many bamboos, most of which are relatively thin.

the bamboo forest is very large, and they can't cut a piece of it. They cut a few trees across it. If you don't look carefully, you can't see it. It's just not as dense as before. The area of bamboo forests has not shrunk.

the women also dug a lot of winter bamboo shoots.

dry or pickle the winter bamboo shoots according to the method of Fang yunjiao.

the weather is beautiful these days. It hasn't rained.

however, they felt that it should have rained in the distant village. Because I saw dark clouds floating from there before, they dispersed not far away.

it cleared up before we got here. It should have rained there.

on New Year's Eve, Fang Yunping arranged for several people to drive to the county in the early morning.

they have inquired. Like Qiyang County, the market here is closed from the afternoon of new year's Eve until the fifth day of the lunar new year.

so we have to buy back what we need this morning, otherwise we can only wait until after the fifth day of the ninth lunar month.

there is no need to buy grain. They still have a lot. There is no lard. We need to buy more lard and condiments.

lard can't be broken after boiling, and it can be eaten in the future.

if you have pork, you can buy another pig. They have brought back many pheasants in recent days. They are not greedy for meat. But after all, it's Chinese new year, and it's also necessary to eat more good food.

they don't know that those pheasants were picked up from afar and thrown there. Otherwise, how could pheasants go to the bamboo forest? There is no place to hide them.

people stay in the woods and grass.

we ate pheasant stewed with winter bamboo shoots these days, and everyone thought it was delicious.

now when the house is built, there will be more and more prospects.

and others came back with pork and suet, and everyone began to work in the afternoon.

cooking lard. Make something to eat.

they put several bamboo shelves and a long wooden table in the temporary kitchen. You can put the prepared food or the freshly washed dishes.

unlike in the past, it can only be placed in a wooden basin or on the ground, so you have to squat to cook.

nowadays, the stoves are all made of stone, and there are shelves and tables beside them. There are also stools made of tree piers, which make it easier for people to cook.

the people who went to the county today also bought some drinks. Men also want to have a drink in the new year.

it's not like being on the road now. It's cold tomorrow. You can drink wine to warm your body, but you dare not touch any wine. You're afraid that you won't react to danger.

now that we have reached our own territory and are so close to the county seat, we don't think there will be any mountain bandits and bandits coming suddenly.

Moreover, the villages on both sides are quite far away, so there is no need to be afraid of people from other villages sneaking around.

in addition to Liuliu, Xiaohui donkey and Xiaoling, they will circle around the fence when they have nothing to do, and everyone's heart is steadfast.

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