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Chapter 14 Prey

Fang Youwei had not come back after seeing the good news for a while, so he came out to look for it.

he whispered: 'good news, good news, are you here?'

Jiayin quickly replied, 'I'm here. I'm fine.' Get up and run out from behind the cart.

Fang Youwei walked over and took her hand. 'Let's go back.'

help her take off her shoes, put them between Li and fangzhiyuan, add two branches to the fire, and then lie on the outside.

after that, Jiayin gradually fell asleep.

the night was so quiet that there was no howling of wild animals in the distant mountains and forests.

if Fang Youwei is not too tired and has no energy to pay attention to these things, he will find it abnormal here.

there are many wild animals in the mountains and forests in the distance, otherwise they would not be green now, because people simply dare not go in to find food.

just because there is good news about the little dragon cub here, the suppression on the blood is very strong, especially the beast itself is extremely sensitive to danger.

the tigers, black bears and wolves on the mountain all hid in their nests and dared not make any noise. Even the birds in the trees did not dare to cry...

the next morning, after everyone got up and washed up, Fang Youwei wanted to go to the mountain to see if there was a rabbit in the lower cover.

Jiayin and fangzhiyuan wanted to go with them after listening to the quarrel. Fang Youwei couldn't resist them. He didn't think he was going to the mountains, but just outside, so he took them with him.

one big and two small people walk through the woods. Fang Youwei carries a bow and a basket with ropes and machetes on his back.

Jiayin won't let her hold her. She tosses her little short legs behind her. It was fangzhiyuan who was out of breath after a short run.

fangzhiyuan couldn't help asking, 'Dad, haven't you arrived yet?'

'not far, just at the foot of the mountain ahead.' Fang Youwei deliberately slowed down his pace so that the two little guys could keep up.

fangzhiyuan looked in the direction of his father's finger. The mountain was close in front of him, so he summoned up all his strength and trotted again.

the three people walked for more than half an hour before they reached the place where they put the condom.

fangzhiyuan gasped: 'Dad, why is it so far? I saw it very close before tomorrow.'

Fang Youwei smiled and said to him, 'there is a saying that the mountain looks very close, but in fact it is far away. The mountain we came here is not big. Otherwise, if the towering mountain is close in front of you, you will not be able to walk for a few days.'

fangzhiyuan nodded after being taught and looked at his father admiringly: 'so it is. Dad, you know so much.'

Jiayin nearby also winks big eyes and nods hard. Look at the mountain and die. Well, write this down and tell your father.

when we got to the place where the rope was put, we found a rabbit in the rope. It is estimated that the rabbit has been tied for a long time and has not moved or struggled.

Fang Youwei went to have a look again. Yesterday, when he was digging a tree pier, he was accompanied by a trap.

unexpectedly, there is a black goat inside!

they are located in the northwest. Less than 100 miles to the west, they are outside the pass. There are many social animals such as goats, wild donkeys and wolves. Occasionally, they can see fierce animals such as tigers and black bears.

seeing the goat, Fang Youwei smiled and said, 'this sheep is very fat. I'll roast it for you later!'

fangzhiyuan jumped up with joy and cheered: 'Oh, there are goats to eat! There are goats to eat! Sister Jiayin, we have goats to eat. Goats are much better than pheasants!'

as soon as Jiayin heard the word 'delicious', her eyes lit up, she swallowed her saliva, raised her head and said, 'let's hurry back! I'm hungry.'

'OK, uncle, tie it up now. Let's go back now.' Fang Youwei jumped into the trap, tied up the sheep in twos and threes and threw them up. He also climbed up.

put the sheep on a stick and carry the rabbit in their hands, and the three people go back.

as soon as I took two steps, I heard a rustling sound nearby.

Fang Youwei put down the sheep and the rabbit and asked the two children to stand still. He took out a machete from his basket and walked quietly to the tree. He saw a wild donkey shivering there.

Fang Youwei was relieved and said to himself, 'why is there a wild donkey here?'

one man and one donkey looked at each other for a long time.

when you see that the donkey doesn't move, your eyes will brighten! This is an animal. As long as you train well, you can pull a cart!

as soon as he got up, he grabbed the wild donkey, took out the rope from the basket with one hand, tied it to its neck, then put it in its mouth, got a temporary rein, and pulled it back. As a result, the wild donkey didn't move and was shaking there.

'uncle, what is this? Is it delicious?' Hearing the sound, Fang Youwei lowers his head and sees Jiayin. He doesn't know when he came over.

'how did you get here? How dangerous it would be if there were wild animals!' Fang Youwei said with a worried face.

Jiayin smiled and replied, 'I saw it over there. What is it? Can I eat it?' Then he stretched out his little fat hand and touched it on the donkey's leg.

Fang Youwei found that the donkey was shaking even more.

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